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Alright. Hey, guys. So, I’m sure a lot of you guys reading this have no idea who O2L (our2ndlife) is. This is because they broke up a year ago on this day. Our2ndlife was the biggest collab channel on YouTube consisting of six/seven guys. Our2nd started off with Jc Caylen, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff, Ricardo Ordieres, Trevor Moran, Connor Franta, and Kian Lawley. They each had their own day of the week to post a scheduled (or not-so-scheduled) video to the channel. Ricardo was removed from the channel eight months after it started. The remaining six guys continued brightening the lives of millions of teenage girls and guys day after day. They did it all. They went on several tours, Trevor’s music career really took off and he released several original songs, four of them moved into a house together which will always be known as the “O2L house”, they had their very own song written, Ricky started making music himself, their fan base got bigger and bigger. They put a smile on their viewers’ faces each time they posted. Many of us trudged through each day knowing that when they got home, they could watch their idols. These guys truly were incredible.

Soon, this all got to be a bit much for one of the members. He was known as the “dad” of O2L. Always silly but mature at the same time. He wore a smile that could literally brighten a room in each video he created. This man was Connor Franta. It broke our little hearts when he posted his Monday video entitled “Goodbye O2L” where he informed us that he was depressed and needed to cut some stress out of his life. The stress of our2ndlife. I remember crying for two hours straight and being sad for the entire week when Connor left O2L.

This event kind of turned O2L in the opposite direction. While the five members were (for the most part) posting their weekly videos like normal and acting pretty much the same. Something still didn’t seem… Right. They all seemed to be a little stressed as well. Their fan base kept growing as new people continued to find out about these amazing guys.

December 28th, 2014 was the night that the entire O2L fandom went ballistic. I stayed up the entire night biting my nails and leaking tears and constantly update and refreshing all of my social media accounts. I was messaging every fandom member I could. We were all going crazy because we had this… Thought that O2L might come to an end the next day. There was so much evidence. Between their snapchat stories, tweets, etc. we could tell that the “Surprise Sunday” wasn’t going to be a silly Q&A or a wacky skit. Something was going to happen. I spend all day refreshing YouTube while running on 2 ½ hours of sleep waiting for the video that would make or break all 3+ million of our hearts.

The video was posted and it had the title “This Is Not Goodbye”. Ha! That’s a good sign. -_- Anyways, the five people whom I looked up to and idolized over with every cell of my being had, in fact, made the agonizing announcement to end their channel on December 29, 2014. I’m still not fully over it.

Today is their one year anniversary of being broken up. Many of us are still expecting the “We’re Back” video. Kian and Jc now have a very successful channel. Trevor has come out as gay and his music career has really progressed. Ricky is very focused on his main channel and his music career. Sam is traveling everywhere and Connor has come out as gay and written a book and also has his own website for his brand Common Culture and he’s running strong with his charity campaign The Thirst Project. They are all doing great but we all know where they started.

When all is said and done, our2ndlife has really touched the lives of 3 million+ people. Many are still finding out about them which is still great. They will always be known to us as O2L. They truly changed my life for the better and they’ve taught me many valuable life lessons that I’m not going to get into now. Our2ndLife always put a huge smile on my face and made me happy when I wasn’t. Thanks so much for reading and remember to STAY CLOUDY!