As I mentioned a couple posts back. The Band ‘Caylee’s Killer were in the process of making some of their material available on youtube. I’m happy to say they have now so you can check out their song 'Endeavor’ above and if you want to subscribe to their channel here is the link: CayleesKiller’s Channel - YouTube


Time for something a bit different on here. This my not be to everybody’s taste but the point of this blog is to promote all aspiring musicians of all genres, and I have been asked to do this one for them, so here it is :)

This is ‘Caylee’s Killer’ who are a melodic metal/hardcore band from Putnam Valley, New York. They are a four piece band who are still looking for a 5th member (a guitarist) who list their influences as: August Burns Red, Texas in July, Victims of Tragedy and many more.

I would normally show you a video of them for you to watch, however the band are currently working on making videos so as soon as they are ready I shall let you all know. In the mean time you can check out their music on the link to their Facebook page where there are 4 free tracks available to download.

You can also follow them on Tumblr here: Caylee’s Killer Band