Quando você ama alguém é como se seus mundos se juntassem e melhor ainda se esse amor corresponder, é como acordar sem nem pensar em você e sim pensar primeiramente na pessoa em que amas, o amor é inexplicável, as vezes nem sentimos o amor, mas ele está presente dentro de nós em pequenos significados, nomes, rostos, atitudes e outras coisas.

O amor é você, o amor é Deus, é seu próximo, é sua família, o Amor é tudo à sua volta que te faça bem.

O amor é simplesmente o AMOR ! 

                        - Tamires Albuquerque dos Santos.

Should I even manage to convince someone into having a massive party to celebrate some sort of formal commitment to me (and me to them), this is the cake I would like. Saw it at the Emirates Palace. It is close to two meters tall and defies physics. 


Bludhannah lacks skyscrapers but there are plenty of bookcases and shelves to perch on. Cake however, has decided that kneading the pillow next to me and staring soulfully at me while purring is a great way to get my attention. I actually had to move my head back so the camera could focus on her.


This is Cake. I started fostering her for a friend in January and just recently made the decision to adopt her. Cake is a little neurotic and kinda odd and I love her for it. When she was fostered in previous homes, other cats kinda messed with her and she got so nervous she licked off her own fur, hence the weird patchy spots. It’s growing back in now but she’s a few years old so it’s definitely more gray than black. Cake is also rather silly looking with a short, ROUND body, a long, skinny tail, missing tooth, and eyes that are almost always surprised looking. She’s a bit bowlegged and loves to cuddle but hates it when she gets picked up. Her favorite activity is staring at other things. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up to something like the picture on the left, green dragon eyes staring into my soul. In spite of all this, she tolerates my very young and hyper cat Grayson with incredible patience.

All Cake needed was a little bit of love and space to do her own thing and now she’s one of the cuddliest cats I’ve known, even up to snuggling with me on cold nights. Her quirks just make her more unique (and adorable). Special cats need love too!