Back up
Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word count: 2,166

Theme song: Demons by Imagine Dragons

Warning: fluff and swearing

Request by: Anon:Hey I was wondering can you do one where the reader was lucifers back up in the apocalypse, she was tortured in hell and make it dean x reader? Add a dramatic event. 

WMASX:Thanks for request. I haven’t been well recently sorry it took so long. Sorry if it isn’t good :?

Outside the forest was dark and mysterious yet scary and full of terrors, you had just finished a wendigo hunt. It was night and there wasn’t a motel for miles. You didn’t feel like walking all the way back to the Impala, so you got the tent you had planned on using the night before if only Sam hadn’t been taken. Dean and Sam set up the tent, you all had to share a tent since the two others were apparently stolen by some stupid kids according to Dean. He grabbed a couple of beers and handed you one. You opened it, drank and realised everything was quite calm and peaceful. You smiled thinking back at all the happy memories you had with the boys, you let out a sigh. Not wanting it ever to end but you knew it would, because someone would eventually die. It was part of the job.

“What’s wrong y/n?” Sam cared too much for your well being.

“Nothing I’m just tiered. I’m going to sleep” you answered

“But it’s only 9pm. Are you sick?” Dean said stubbornly

“We’ve been awake for 28 hours approximately! I am going to sleep” 

You got your giant fluffy cover and pillow and headed in the tent. You never liked sleeping bags they were too restricting. After a couple of minutes of deep thoughts, you fell into a deep and painful asleep.

Dean and Sam stayed up for at least two more hours. Then they got into the tent to realise you were having a nightmare and they could see that it was a pretty bad one. You were sweating, screaming into your pillow, telling someone to stop or help you.

“Stop… stop now. please stop" you mumbled.

“Hot aaaaah hot no too hawt" you screamed.

“STOP NOW! Alastair please” you were pleading, the tears poured down your face. Dean suddenly looked at Sam, your words reminded him of the terrible memories of hell. “No I won’t! I won’t!” you paused two seconds “He’s gone.” a sigh of reliefs “ Gosh I feel like my dreams are failing” pause “Crap he’s back, these ones are the worst of all. Well I guess that I’ll manage. There’s no point Alastair my blood runs stale.” You stopped. Dean cringed for a moment. Then he and Sam sighed in relief thinking it was over but they were so wrong “Dean Sam” you whispered gently they noticed you were still asleep “I wanna hide the truth. I just can’t. I wanna shelter you.I can’t with the beast inside, there’s nowhere I can hide. He’s coming. Lucifer is back for me! Go! Now!” You yelled. Dean started to get really worried he looked at sammy “What is she talking about sammy?” he asked but sam could not answered because you started talking again “they are made of greed the hole lot of them!” you were angry.

"When you feel my heat, Look into my eyes! They’re black! They are black dean kill me before it’s too late. My eyes! It’s where my demons hide dean!! It’s where my demons hide Sam!! Don’t get too close!! Go away!! It’s dark, it’s blurry inside!! Help me! Help! Help!” you sobbed.

You started having a panic attack. You had only done this once before but it wasn’t as bad as this time. Sam poured holy water on your face just to check. Nothing happened. Dean shook you to wake you up, he yelled “y/n wake up. wake up!”. You woke up screaming. Dean hugged you tightly he was so scared, what had happened? you had forgotten. What was wrong? You remembered. You tried to calm down for 10 minutes "sorry boys I just-” you were cut off by dean’s reassuring voice “you have nothing to be sorry about it’s not your fault. We will talk about it in the morning but for now sleep in between me and Sam. We won’t let anything happen to you” Dean smiled. You hopped in between the boys and snuggled back to sleep. You woke up and Dean was in your covers, his head was on your chest, he was asleep and his arm was wrapped around your waist. You couldn’t help but smile. Dean woke up, you pretended to sleep to not make him feel awkward because you knew he would. You felt a kiss on your forehead and a whisper “Please don’t leave me. I’ll be lost without you” you weren’t supposed to hear it but you had. 

You eventually decided to pretend to wake up “do you wanna talk about last night?” He asked. Sammy was still asleep, you didn’t want to wake him, he looked happy and peaceful.  You got out of the tent, Dean followed. You started walking “I’ve been to hell Dean just like you except I was 16 years old”. You felt pain in your chest, like someone had stabbed you. "How long? If you don’t mind me asking?” Dean put his arm around your shoulder to comfort you “two earth years” you frowned at the unpleasant memory. “Shit that’s long” Dean was shocked he brought you closer. “I was a back up for Sam” you blurted out. Dean stopped and looked in your eyes with a very serious face “wait what?” He lifted one eyebrow. “For Lucifer. I was his back up in case Sam didn’t work, you know in the apocalypse" you were bad at explaining things. “Then why were you in hell? And why did he get that other guy? Are you related to us?” Dean asked, he obviously didn’t like the last question by the look on this face. "Because I said no, dean. I wouldn’t give in. They tortured me until I would give up. But I didn’t after the two earth years, Sam had just said yes and they let me go. I’m not related to you, my sister was back up for you and Adam. They always have back ups, I think. ” tears started to form. Dean hugged you and you rested your head on his chest “don’t worry I got you it’s ok”. You looked up “you shouldn’t stay near me your digging your graves, they will come calling out at the mess i made. I don’t wanna let you down.But I am hell bound.” You cried harder. “Hush y/n no one is hell bound we’ll sort something out. Dying comes with the job anyway” he tried to comfort you. "I say it’s up to fate. It’s woven in my soul Dean, I need to let you go” you felt more pain in your chest . “Honey, your eyes shine so bright.” he cupped your cheek  “we can still save that light. You are not going back to hell. I wanna save you y/n! let me!” he hugged you one last time. You felt weak and suddenly dean pick up bridal style. “We should get back to Sam and then find a dinner or something.” 

You got back the tent was torn to shreds “SAM!” you yelled as you hopped out of Dean’s arms, you were terrified. “SAM” you kept yelling. “Sammy!”dean yelled looking around. “Y/n!Dean! there you are I was looking for you” sam came from the forest you felt like smacking him for making you worry. “Woah what happened to the tent?” he was surprised. You and Dean were relieved. You turned to look at both the boys, when you heard a gun shot. You realised you were falling to the ground, vision was slightly blurred and Dean pulled his gun and shot what had got you. “Dean she’s loosing too much blood” sammy was panicking. Dean grabbed you and lifted you up trying to get to the impala, you knew you wouldn’t make it, you were too far away and if you did the bullet most likely went through a vital organ. You looked up at Dean, Sam was running a head “I never told you how I died the first time and went to hell” you sighed “I was shot. You probably heard of it, it was all over the news”. You kissed Dean on the sensitive part of his neck “Bye Dean. I had fun.” you cuddled into his shoulder, shut your eyes and didn’t open them again.

Dean got to the Impala when Sam saw you. He tried to tell dean that you were dead, you were gone. But Dean yelled and then fell silent. They drove back to the bunker and took you inside. “Cas” dean was in pain. Castiel was there looking at your body “How could you allow such a thing to happen?” Cas asked looking at dean in disapproval. “Get her back” dean whimpered. “Dean I can’t she’s… in hell” cas hesitated knowing dean would protest but before he could “You boys should really do your research look her up and then look up Mary Venon, Susan Cayer, Danny Crow and Emilia Delacroix” Cas left. Sam got out his laptop looked up y/n l/n. “Well, y/n died at the age of sixteen a month after her older sister killed herself.” sam read “How did she die sammy?”dean was angry at cas and most of all at himself. “She was shot 12 times, first in the foot then both knees, five in the abdominal area, one in the hand, two in shoulder and finally the one that killed her was a head shot, the father witnessed it all.” sam was shocked and saw Dean tearing up “Look up Mary Venon, Susan Cayer, Danny Crow and Emilia Delacroix.” dean said “Wow dean you might want to check his out, there all y/n. Well they have the same physical features and they all died. In each case there are crime scene pictures. They’re all real. Mary Venon died aged 19, stabbed in a locked apartment. Susan Cayer also 19 but it was suicide. Danny Crow age 21, shot. Emilia Delacroix last year suicide” Sam said. Dean walked over to sam “So there is probably a chance she’ll come back?” dean hoped you would. “Don’t get your hopes up dean”.

He walked over to you with a kit of bandages he was going to remove the bullet. “Sammy, did you touch her?”. Sam looked at dean curiously “No why?” he walked over to dean “There’s no bullet hole” they both said in sync.

It had been two months since you died and the boys gave up on you. Dean and Sam started digging a hole. They were going to give you a hunters funeal since there was the possibility you’d come back they didn’t. They stop digging for a minute. Then as they were resting, they heard a voice behind them “Wow You guys think that hole is big enough and really you haven’t buried me yet?” they turned around surprised to see you. Dean’s jaw dropped “How?” he asked. you smiled and walked off leaving dean pissed off that you hadn’t answered him. The boys headed back to the bunker, they had searched for you but gave up. They thought you had left them. When they got back you were in the library “What?” you asked

“I’m sorry but I think we are owed an explanation” sam voice was low

“Explanation to what?”

“Why do you keep coming back to life?” dean was staring right at you

“OH that. I guess someone doesn’t want me dead yet”

“How can you be so careless? You’ve died 6 time.” sam was really angry

“6 times is that all? I’m pretty sure it was 10” you confirmed

Sam stormed out “I’m going to get a beer”

“Cas told us you were in hell” dean looked at you 

“He lied. For the first time ever I wasn’t.”  

“Why? where were you?”
“My heaven”

“Why did Cas lie? y/n please tell me” he got closer he cupped your cheek

“Because I wasn’t supposed to come back and if  you thought I was in hell you would try get me back. He wanted you to get me back”

“But we didn’t so how?”

“I don’t know” you walk towards the impala “Dean where is my bike?”

He ran your way so you wouldn’t do anything stupid “I took it to a friend. Get in the Impala” You both got in the Impala.

He was driving and there was an awkward silence, he looked at you.

“What Dean?” you asked. 

“Nothing I was just wondering what your heaven was?”

“It was that case in New york. Sam went out to the bar by himself and you and I just stayed in the motel”

“That’s your heaven?” 

“Yeah it might surprise you-“ you stopped when Dean’s hand rested on your thigh stroking it. He pulled the car over “That’s one of my happiest memories too” dean leaned in sealing the cap between the both of you. “Please don’t leave me. I’ll be lost without you” his lips crashed in yours.