Avitus Rix and Macen Barro deserved better. Enter Fix-it fic! With a side of Rydaal and hurt/comfort.


Note: I have not finished the game, please refrain from spoilers when commenting please!

Climbing aboard the Turian ark had left Erika feeling one way.


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This is a magic formula from a Norwegian black book (Ca 1670).

It’s written in a weird mix between Danish-Norwegain and a local dialect. Here’s a rough translation: 

To Win With Dice

Then write these words on a piece of paper with a new pen, and tie them to yourself underneath your clothes with a new hemp string, and write first on your left hand 

Vax Pax Cax 

and let it dry
The other words that shall be written on the paper are the following

Aranis Arcccmus Arabor Osto Asn Sus