||Crit Heal My Loneliness|| Frankly, Sir, the heart is a bullshit organ… From the bad to the good of Codex and Fawkes

Part 1 (Can’t Stand You)

01. Disaster Hearts [I Fight Dragons] // 02. Somewhere In The Dark [Punchline] // 03. I Can Talk [Two Door Cinema Club] // 04. Swimming Pool [The Front Bottoms] // 05. Mercy [Matt Nathanson] // 06. Distance [Andrew Jackson Jihad] // 07. Twelve Feet Deep [The Front Bottoms] // 08. Fallout (Acoustic) [Marianas Trench] // 09. Nicotine [Panic! At the Disco] // 10. Thnks fr the Mmrs [Fall Out Boy]

Part 2 (Can’t Live Without You)

01. Weirdo [Starhook] // 02. All The Pretty Girls [Fun.] // 03. Collar Full [Panic! At the Disco] // 04. Big Jet Plane [Angus & Julia Stone] // 05. All To Myself [Marianas Trench] // 06. Game Freak (Acoustic) [Ghost Town] // 07. Let’s Fall in Love [Mother Mother] // 08. Alone Together [Fall Out Boy] // 09. You Can’t 2 Step in Mid Air [Stuck in Your Radio] // 10. Walk Through Hell [Say Anything] // 11. With You [I Fight Dragons] // 12. All I Need [Louden Swain] // 13. Universe [Punchline]

I’m in so many great fandoms on here and there are always fans of things i love but

my actual One True Pairing is Cawkes (codex/fawkes) and THE TAG HASN’T EVEN BEEN POSTED IN SINCE SEPTEMBER and there are so few fanfics of them and I just

I feel like they’re the kind of pairing people usually like? They’re the kind of pairing I always ship, which means they have a dynamic of “I hate you let’s get married” and she’s the first person who’s made him actually want to try for a relationship and I just? I don’t know why more people don’t watch the guild it’s amazing.

Okay, so I was re-watching parts of the last (fifth) season (mainly the ones with Fawkes in them) and I totally forgot about him saying “We once…shared sexy time together.” and I BURST out laughing. I don’t know what came over me no why I thought it was so funny (which I still do), but my word, I haven’t laughed like that in awhile. It was nice.

Also, I think I like kilts. Yes, kilts are nice.

Title: Achievement Unlocked
Author: codexfawkes

Fandom: Guild
Genre: Drama/Romance
Word Count: 7,096 words
Rating: T/Teen
Pairing: Codex/Fawkes
Summary: “Well, they tell you never hit a man with a closed fist, but it is on occasion hilarious.” Fawkes quoted with a smirk. “Mal, bad in the Latin.” Codex returned smiling at him over the prone body of her ex-boyfriend. “As bad as you want me baby, and you know you want me.” Fawkes replied his voice deepening in the way that made her shiver as he offered her his arm.

Comment: Fawkes loooves her, he soo loves her!

[6:28:21 PM] <acrazedcrow> cawcaw
[6:28:39 PM] <Knobgobblin> CAWK 
[6:28:47 PM] <Knobgobblin> CHRISTOPHER CAWLKIN
[6:28:49 PM] <acrazedcrow> CaW
[6:28:55 PM] <Knobgobblin> WAC