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Are you into eye horror? I love it so much I kinda draw eyes on everything,,,, ppl think I'm creepy now,,,,

its aight fam i have like three ocs that have eye horror inspired designs WWW this is chzo~~ they hate their eyes bc different eyes see different futures and he wants it all to STOP IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS

“hello i am popular tumblr artist and changing a dark character’s skin to light is NOT racist tumblr users need to realize the difference of what’s for fun/racist!! :)”

yeah hi sorry to break it to you but

THIS is awful it’s not fun/creative it’s whitewashing and that’s erasure of characters with colored skin tones


Those who imagine the future,

my psychotherapist friend Jane says,

tend toward anxiety.

Those who examine the past,


I am in the first group,

my camp always on the horizon,

storm clouds overhead.

In this moment it is spring.

Jane and I, in yoga spandex,

walk along a stream,




over rocks,

sharp air, the caw of a crow.

The moment slips. I rush ahead to my return home,

an unlocked door, real or imagined.

A passing car brings me back,

pulse thumping,

before I have had time to work out specific details

of the devastating home invasion.

watching forrest gump and crying because he’s like a goddamn dog in that he is genuinely good and doing his best and he is aware of his disability and cares so hard and has a beautiful unwavering focus about the things he cares about and I could write a freaking essay about this movie if I could get my thoughts together  

*:・゚✧ Meet Angwusi:

Breed: crow

Best friend: Rayin

Favorite food: corn muffins

Favorite passtime: harassing Rayin and stealing his corn muffins

Mortal enemies: Ferdy, bees, televisions

Relationship status: unmarried but would like to marry corn muffins

Best human invention: shiny things

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see anon, izsak is nicer than me. i just block these kinds of asks. because you haven’t read a word he’s written.

i’m the biggest meanest murder crow cawing angrily at everyone. i should just block because it’s true they really don’t read a word i say

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honestly do people just send you notes without ever reading one thing you’ve ever put on your blog

honestly they really don’t read anything it’s true

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Okay, literally, their heigh difference is Matt’s forehead…. That’s it. No “reaching” no “pulling down”… like… dude…

seriously it’s not even a full head, and their proportions are different so they are nose to nose i don’t get it

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this is a gross ask. are we watching the same show????? get your isms outta here

apparently they’re watching some version where magnus is 5′4

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hihihi you've probably been asked this before but what do the wwwww's mean? i dont know if its just weird on my computer but thats what i see

ooooo nope! you’re actually the first to ask me that! in Japan, the equivalent to the the slang ‘lol’/’ha’ is ‘w’. so ‘lololololol’/’hahahahaha’ = ‘wwwww’

i use wwwww bc its easier since its just one letter and im lazy af to alternate between two letters. :’>