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They speak of him in hushed whispers across the kingdom of York- a bandit, emptying the coffers from the town treasuries, only to give all that was stolen back to to those it was originally taken from. He’s known only as “the Outlaw McCree”. King Shimada is not happy with the acts of thievery going unpunished, and sends his eldest son to take care of their bandit problem.

the prologue to what i’ve been working on recently 
a mchanzo robin hood au B) 

I wanna apologize for tagging a lot of my older fics with the word “sin” because I’ve realized now that describing queer content with that word is to make it seem like queer couples and queer sex is “"unnatural”“ or ”“sinful”“, which it obviously isn’t. I’ve gone through and removed tags and instances of when I referred to sexual content as sinful in my fics, and I do apologize, again, for consistently referring to queer content as ”“sinful”“. As a queer woman myself, I should’ve been more aware of how that word can affect people.