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Not Like This - Cawaiiey - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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“What is it, McCree?” His voice is strained.

“Once we get back, let’s go to the cafe in Gibraltar proper. Wanna treat ya right, Han, if you’ll let me!”

Hi all !! This was my piece for the Bullseye mchanzine and, if you’ve seen tumblr or twitter, the entire thing is going up in flames so I’m posting it along with the rest of the contributors :) I was a part of the “Only Fools Rush In” portion, where Hanzo and McCree are falling in love! I got the confession scene! Please check out starscry / @kenway for her portion, where McCree realizes he’s in love, and @kerfufflewatch for their portion, which is the first kiss scene ;) !! I hope you enjoy it!
What's Another Day? - Cawaiiey - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“I am scared to lose you.”

The words rush out of his mouth before he can stop them.

“What d’ya mean, Han?”

hello hello i have a new mchanzo fic here for y’all after a long ass hiatus 


give it a read

  • Gon: I want to become a Hunter to find out why my father left me behind to become a Hunter himself! (๑・v・๑)
  • Leorio: I want to become a Hunter to get money! Because a friend of mine died from a treatable disease when we were younger, and I could have saved him if I could have paid for the operation. (〒︿〒)
  • Kurapika: I want to become a Hunter to avenge the Kurta bloodline, who were slaughtered by the Phantom Troupe for our unique scarlet eyes, which were then sold on the Black Market. ヽ(`Д´)ノ
  • Kilua:
  • Kilua:
  • Kilua:
  • Kilua: lol i thought itd be fun ╮(╯▽╰)╭
Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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He watched McCree jump through multiple mental hoops while standing there in the middle of the forest, rigidly awaiting an answer as to what the outlaw meant by, “ you’re not who you say you are .”

HEre it is !! The next chapter of The Outlaw McCree !! Please give it a read!!

Have you ever forgotten what you looked like?

It’s an absurd question, really, who would ever forget what they look like?
Our facial features are engraved into our minds, of course.
We are always able to recall the curve of our cheekbones
And the arch of our brows
And the shape of our face
Or the Cupid’s bow of our lips
And how pronounced our noses are
We could never forget that, could we?
Of course not, we wouldn’t, not now, not ever.

But I have.

There are times when I feel like I’m floating
And not that sort of elated, happy, floaty feeling,
More like a suspended in time, with no where to go and no one to talk to,
Sort of floating.
When all I hear is my voice,
And my skin tingles like stars are dancing along my flesh,
And my insides are the void.
My thoughts are sucked into myself and all I am is

When times like this come about,
I can never seem to recall what I look like.

Who was I before?
Before the constellations broke apart
Into a shower of shooting stars
And fell on my body
And used my skin as their stage
And then proceeded to dance the night away,
Doing flips and twirls along my flesh
And piercing me with their otherworldly heat,
Burning off the image of who I was
Until my skin is gone and I am

Who was I before?
Before my mouth and eyes and ears disappeared
And the sound that emerges from
My nonexistent throat is there in front of me,
Gently swaying in a breeze caused by my soft breathing
But it doesn’t sound like my voice or my breath
And my mind can’t seem to comprehend anything anymore
And I’ve fallen into

Who was I before?
Before my heart and my stomach
My lungs and my guts
All turned charcoal black and encompassed my being
And spilled out of me because there is no longer skin to contain it.
The thickness of it sucks everything into its void
And remaining thoughts turn to mush
While any remnants of who I was are now

And I make this sound beautiful
With talk of stars and the void and breezes
When, really, I’m afraid of who I’m not in that nothingness.
I’m terrified that I’ll never come back
And I’ll end up just
With no memory of who I was or who I ought to be
All of me just melts away into

I want to know if anyone else is out there with me.
Floating along right beside me,
But we can’t even introduce ourselves without any name to say.
So I need to know who you are now
Before I lose myself once more.
So we can lead each other back to something
And breathe easy again.

And that’s why I ask you,
Have you ever forgotten what you’ve looked like?

—  Nothing, Cade Walley