caw! caw!


Sebastian *I’m not in this movie* Stan

ps: i’m sure Black Panther movie will not be in anyway overshadowed by Bucky. He will probably be in the post-credit scene (waking up from cryo since Infinity War will be cluttered with so many characters and they won’t have time for that scene)


Nothing better than these soldiers in suits

Just stumbled across a little secret Avengers rehearsal by the @therussobrothers 

[Chris Hemsworth on IG]

Reblog if you think Bucky isn't a useless character!!

My brothers are literally telling me right now, as I type this, that Bucky is a useless character and that he needed a whole movie to “just be saved.” (like homie, what? )help me prove a point to them and reblog if you think that Bucky is not a useless character!!