caw! caw!


*car doors slamming*


“Wilhelm, unload the truck-”

“I was very clear on the phone.  I said use the back drive.”

“Oh…I’m sorry Mr. Steiner, sir.  We’ll just unload quickly and pull the truck around.”

“Nevermind now…just get to work.  I want the repairs done quickly.  And please, don’t make a lot of noise - and don’t go into the main house.”

“Of course, Mr. Steiner.  Of course.”


As Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world, he teams up with fellow Avenger, Black Widow and his new friend, The Falcon, to battle a new threat from history: an assassin known as the Winter Soldier.
                                                                      – Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Notebook Pt. 1 (Bucky x Reader)

I’m back with more Bucky! This is inspired on the summary an anon gave @bovaria a couple months ago and I loved it so much I wrote two parts….

Thank you guys for reading Shifty! I was so overwhelmed with the feedback, please don’t stop! If you haven’t read it, that’s totally cool, if you want to check it out please search Mags writes, I’m still learning how to tag posts and such.

Happy New Year!

Summary: Bucky writes down every moment he has with you, something he never wants to forget.

Warnings: Fighting (physical and vocal) and angst

Words: Lord knows…..

Please let me know if you want to be tagged or just to talk:)

Thank you for reading!

Part 2


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You mutter profanities under your breath as you practically rip your black skater dress off, growl as you throw your shoes at the wall and grit your teeth as you pull your hair out of the mangled ponytail it was in, not caring about the achy feeling the grows when you begin to rub your scalp.

You crawl into your bed and bury your face in your pillow, trying to keep the tears at bay as you recalled what happened tonight.

- 2 hours ago -

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Shit People Say to Service Dog Handlers
  • Man getting on the elevator with me: “Is he… is it safe? I mean, he’s in a muzzle!” (it was his gentle leader)
  • Other man in the elevator: “Man, I’ve always wanted to get a service dog who was also an attack dog!” And after I mention that’s illegal: “What? Why?”
  • Lady in line for the bus: “Oh my god, he’s beautiful!” Me: Yes, he is, thank yo- *completely ignoring me, crouching down to eye level with my dog* “You’re beautiful! And so sweet! And so smart, aren’t you!”
  • Literally so many people that I wanna scream: “Who are you training him for/It’s so nice that you’re training that dog to help people!”
  • After I reveal that he’s my service dog: “What? You’re not blind!/Where did you serve?/But what for? What’s wrong with you?”
  • Loudly, publicly, and right next to me but for some reason not directed towards me: “He’s a service dog, he helps people who are blind… Wait, no, she’s not blind, I dunno what’s wrong with her. How do we know he’s a real service dog?”

…and many more! Literally all of these interactions (or lack thereof) took place in the same day! I constantly scream inside!

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Are you into eye horror? I love it so much I kinda draw eyes on everything,,,, ppl think I'm creepy now,,,,

its aight fam i have like three ocs that have eye horror inspired designs WWW this is chzo~~ they hate their eyes bc different eyes see different futures and he wants it all to STOP IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS