Anders: “Daaaaddydaddydaaaaaaad dooodaddydaddad DEEEEEE-AAAhhhHhhhhhHHH-DEEEEE dad dad daddy-dad-dad-doo-dude DAAAADDY doodad doodaddy DOODA–
Techrat: “Can you please not sing for five seconds, Emmett?!”
Anders: “*wails*”
Techrat: “Anders…”

Anders: “I was singing you a song and you hate it and I don’t know why you cawed me Emmett and I want mommy!”
Techrat: “I’m sorry, Anderpants; I didn’t mean to snap at you.  I’m just extremely tired and have had a headache for three days now.”
Anders: “You don’t wuv me!”

Techrat: “That’s not true.  I love you very much, in fact.  You can sing your song for me now if you want.”
Anders: “Don’t wanna.”
Techrat: “I’m very sorry.  Can I give you a hug?”
Anders: “Yeah…”

Techrat: “I love you so much, Anders.”
Anders: “I wuv you, too, daddy.”


24 july 2015(金) taking a detour home from work @ Biwa-ko Canal / Shira-kawa , Kyoto.

White-cheeked Starlings,
mountains in the east, canal and the zoo (on the left),
Common Kingfisher male at the pond behind the municipal museum of art, (i saw a kingfisher for the first time in weeks. and so far, i haven’t seen any parent with kids this summer :|)
huge torii (shrine gate) and intersting clouds,
mixed Mallards and Spot-billed Ducks at Shira-kawa (canal tributary),
Jungle Crow cawing.

Garnet vs a spider
  • Steven:GARNEEET
  • Garnet:what is it steven
  • Steven:(points at a spider on the floor while crying from fear) SPIDER
  • Garnet:(sees spider)
  • Garnet:(summons gauntlets and makes them as huge as she did at the end of "Warp Tour")
  • Garnet:you come into MY house...and scare my baby...aND I SQUISH YOUR SKETCHY LIL 8-LEGGED ASS TO D E A T H
  • Garnet:Q U I E T P E A R L T H I S I S P E R S O N A L
some pretty. odd. things
  • the ‘here we come’ at the beginning of we’re so starving
  • kids laughing at the end of when the day met the night
  • caws throughout do you know what im seeing
  • the way brendon says ‘a ballet’ in piano knows something i dont know
  • folkin around sounds like a square dance song
  • brendon barely sings on behind the sea
  • u cant tell if its ‘innocence’ or ‘in a sense’ in shes a handsome woman
  • birds chirping at the end of do you know what im seeing
  • ryan singing on mad as rabbits
  • french horn on from a mountain in the middle of the cabins
  • crying on northern downpour

Finally I can reveal the first full pictures and information of my new project! 

It’s a semi-fantastic, roadless, wild and tropical world. It has no name yet, but sool I’ll choose one.

I’ve posted a thread on Modthesims with all the information about the theme, technical details, backstory, parts of the world, possible names and more pictures. So if you want to know more about it visit my thread on MTS: click here

If you have any idea or suggestion for the world, please leave me a comment or send me a message. I hope you like it and I’ll show you more things soon! :)

i can just imagine when bap finally has a comeback all of the bap fans r just gonna come back from the dead like some sort of signal like a giant CA-CAW sounds and they all just drop their groceries or exit their cars bc their bap senses r tingling

So I was thinking about the whole Bruce/Nat debacle from AoU and the fact that in the comics Nat had two official romances: Matt Murdock and Bucky Barnes.

Of course that is to say that on the Winter Soldier, Nat and James didn’t recognize or know each other aside from being assassins and that Nat had been injured once when James had been sent to kill one of her charges.

The more I thought about how the Russo’s could attempt to fix Whedon’s error the more it dawned on me that in the comics The Red Room had ways of altering memories much like Hydra had and that James and Natasha had been punished after their relationship had been discovered…

And then I realized that all the Russos could do… Was just tie it back to that simple matter of memories being manipulated. Natasha could easily not remember her relationship with James because of the punishment she suffered and they could have merely manipulated her memories to believe that her worst memory had been of being sterilized where in truth she had been forced to kill her own friends and ripped apart from the only love she had then

And then it’s like

They had this relationship before it all went down and then their memories were wiped and that just makes their fight scenes in CAWS all the more sad and excuse me I need to leave