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A tour through Point Ouerbacker cont’d.

Kim’s Laundromat

First run by coolies during the late 19th century, Kim’s Laundromat was located in various locations throughout Freslock Bay (certain landowners did not want to rent to the ‘Oriental’ disposition), until it finally settled here when the Kim family bought out an entire lot.



Hello people! I am still around occasionally, simming is just kind of on the backburner because I’ve started uni and my computer is a piece of shit. Anyway, this is what I’ve been working on recently (ignore terrible CAW pictures). It’s a world I’ve called Salisbury, in honour of another CAW project of mine that never made it off the ground. And I’m sure a lot of these lots are familiar to you in the sense that I totally nicked them from St. Claire and from some other amazing simmers with their blessing - martinessimblr and onepracticalghost.

My aim was originally to create a world that I can play in that isn’t super taxing on my computer, with all my favourite elements from St. Claire. Although I’m  not sure how well I’ve stuck to that original aim, it’s on a medium map, has no lots that aren’t completely flat to minimise routing issues (except the beaches), and not too many lots. I mean, within reason ;) it’s still a WIP and I have some tweaking to do but I hope for it to be finished soonish. :)

elvhen-glory asked:

Prompt: Pre-romance Lavellan thinks she has some feelings for Solas so she asks Dorian and Varric for advice and of course they give her two totally different approaches to try.

“You seem distracted Inquisitor,” said Dorian and before she even turned, she knew his eyes would be glittering with a borderline evil excitement. He had caught her staring down into Solas’ rotunda. She forced away the blush and began to deny. Then again, she had gotten nowhere on her own trying to figure out what she was feeling. Maybe advice would help.

“Cat got your tongue? Or perhaps you wish an elf would?” Now she did blush and smacked his shoulder as he leaned against the railing beside her, drawing his laugh.

“I don’t know. That’s the problem,” she muttered quietly as if their words could travel down so easily to the apostate’s ears over the shuffle of books and feet or cawing of ravens. His smile softened.

“I do believe that blush gave you away. Or are you opposed to him kissing you?” The blush flamed again as her eyes flicked to the figure bowed over his desk studying some book or paper intently.

“Not opposed…”

“Well then,” said Dorian cheerfully. “It’s quite simple. Flirt. Beguile. Make him want you. You have a rather fine knack for it if I do recall.”

“What just like that?” He laughed loudly at this.

“You are entirely adorable. I have seen you head into a sea of demons with less fear on your face. Just like that. Now go.” He gave her a gentle push towards the stairs. She huffed slightly but headed down the steps. She smiled briefly at Solas who glanced up as she walked past. The corners of his lips curled up slightly in response and she had to fight the blush as she headed down the short corridor to the main hall. Distracted, she very nearly slammed the door into Varric who was walking past. She winced.

“Sorry Varric.”

“Something on your mind Inquisitor?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as he noticed the blush still on her cheeks. A grin tugged at his lips. “Did something happen?”

“Dorian caught me staring at Solas,” she muttered, the new blush coloring her cheeks even darker. “I don’t know what I… well he said I liked him and gave me advice.”

“He said?” asked Varric, an eyebrow raised. “Do you?”


“No dancing around it,” said the dwarf firmly. “Yes or no. Do you like him?”

“…Yes,” she breathed and felt something settle inside her as she found the truth finally. He smiled.

“Good. Then what did Sparkler say?”

“He told me to flirt.”

“Oh, Andraste’s tits,” sighed Varric pinching the bridge of his nose between two fingers. “If I have to watch someone else and their broody elf dance around something they both want again, I’m going to scream. Just tell him.” She blinked, blushing fiercely.


“Tell him,” repeated Varric. “Or kiss him if you want, I don’t really care.” But he sighed and his eyes softened as he looked at her.

“Look, it’s harder and it’s gonna hurt more if it doesn’t work out this way, but you’ll know one way or the other. And besides with everything that’s happened so far and what’s on the horizon, I wouldn’t want to leave something unsaid.”

Images flashed in her mind. The battle at Haven. The struggle through the blizzard. The uncertainty she had carried for days fell away.

“Thank you Varric.” He grinned and inclined his head.

“Any time Inquisitor.”

Taking a deep breath, she turned and walked back into Solas’ study. As the door closed behind her, Varric could hear her asking him to discuss more of himself and his studies. All he could do was grin.






he panics when it first happens and flies off without thinking and hurts his wing, and she finds him in the back yard on the ground cawing pathetically and scared of everything.  she takes him in and sets the wing properly and works a bit of healing magic, and it has the unexpected side effect of healing him a little! she gets so surprised when there’s a boy sitting there instead of a crow.

(”oh no, you won’t be wanting any worms or mice now, would you?? i’ll make more food!”)

and dave is so immensely relieved that for a minute he doesn’t even realize that there’s a girl fiddling with a cell phone in front of him whose kitchen is cooking on its own


“If you say so! Remember we have to kill one!” Henry reminded her, he felt a sliver of pity for his time-traveling daughter, but it was quickly extinguished as she would need to learn sooner or later how to survive when people are depending on them more dinner.
He looked to the trees and with a burst of caws and black crows had flown down, landing upon his shoulders and head, even at their feet, it was a mass confusion of caws but Henry had heard clearly their message.
“Theirs a bear near by, we’ll catch that! Think you can handle this?” Henry asked, though he intended to subdue the bear with or without her consent.

   ”A-A B-BEAR?!” the usually quiet voiced cleric exclaimed, her hands suddenly covered her mouth in an attempt to hide the loud tone that had already escaped her. She repeated her question again, this time in a hushed whisper, “a bear…”

    He could not be serious, surely this was just another one of his odd jests, surely it was just him having a little fun. How could they possibly capture a bear when they could not even trap a simple boar? What was she supposed to do? Just wack at the beast with her healing staff? Furthermore, there was no way they could possibly even carry back if by some miracle they managed to dispatch one.

     ”Father please…” her voice was almost begging, “surely this is a jest… you could not possibly suggest we take on such a dangerous task.” She took a step forward, “such a chore is better suited for someone far more physically capable than us, like Sir Frederick or Mr. Vaike.”