cavities are expensive

anonymous asked:

This is a stupid question. Why has Harry always a candy or whatever in his mouth? Is it for salivation for when he sings? Or he just likes candies? 😂Thanks!

Not stupid!

I was just thinking today… what kind of gum does Harry chew?

Because he chews gum, all the time, like a bad nervous habit. The kid has a fixation.

Chewing gum does allow more saliva in the mouth, but it’s not ideal for singing. It’s just– an obstacle. No gum chewing while recording, for sure. It’s in the way.

Chewing sugar-free gum (Trident anyway) prevents cavities. Harry has some expensive teeth that he would want to protect. Gum-chewing beats sucking on candy, for sure– it’s healthier.

However, vigorous gum chewing can lead to temporal-mandibular joint syndrome, a painful inflammation of the jaw joint.

People have oral habits when they’re nervous or anxious. Some people chew nails. Some smoke. Some chew gum.

It’s definitely something we have all noticed.