@iamdover Henry Cakevill….Man of Steel commentary all night!! #datass

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It has been a really amazing year for Henry Cavill and for this blog as well but it wouldn’t have been as much fun without the support, crazy posts, comments, advice, and most of all - friendship of the following people.

This is Amancanfly’s Follow Forever List of 2013:

Partners-in-Crime: chanmanthe2nd, of-misadventure, laissezfaireall, henry-cavill-verse

Amazing people: teamchrishemsworth, adriennetyler, emberbrushiebrushie, darlingdukeofsuffolk, dru-zodsbetterhalf, kitharingtonruinedmylife, rustyryans, yrprock66, gabispn13, stayawesomegotham, lust-for-gaia, frompawntoqueen, todaysdaydream, iamdover, henrycavillstinkface, likalel, sexyshehulk, uncaleeza, henricavyll, andnowcavill, henrycavillworld, thecinemafanatic, thewatchtowerdc, angry25, thisiscloisforever, robyndtf

Favorite Blogs: fyeahsupermanandloislane , batman-nolanverse, manofsteel, manofsteelfilms, henrycavillorgfuckyeahamyadams

Fun Blogs: cavillfacts, doeshenrylovemeyet, onafaarm 

And of course, THANK YOU TO ALL FOLLOWERS OF THIS BLOG! I wish I could follow each and everyone of you back. You guys are awesome! We have another year together and I hope to bring you guys more fun posts of whatever’s in store for Henry and us in 2014. 




Sources say Henry gave his in between jobs beard a Vikings funeral after shaving it off. ‘It’s been a difficult time for Henry but he’ll overcome. He always does’.

The doctor is in!

Hello lovers! We, the admins, are back in business. Admin J made lovely fashion and life is starting to slow down for us both! Thanks for being patient! We should be back to regular posting facts for you wonderful followers tomorrow! Don’t forget our ask/submit is open if you happen to know of any facts about our darling Henry. We have  a few in our inbox we haven’t gotten to yet (because we can be slow oops). Once again, thanks for being patient with us!

-Admin D

thefaultinourdivergentminds  asked:

I love your blog. Your sense of humor is just what the Cavillry needed.

AHHHH!!! WE LOVE YOU!! Glad you find us funny! We are honored to know you love our blog and find us useful to the Cavillry community. Half of the time we are cackling making the manips and wondering if everyone else would find it as funny. So Thank you, your message means a lot.

- Admin J