Any edits and gifs you have of the following Henry Cavill projects, post them away:

Please tag your posts with CAVILL101 and CAVILLEDITS. This will last a week.

[Good luck finding the materials. Yes, that is actually a challenge.]

- A

anonymous asked:

What other themes will the Cavill 101 project have? :-)

Hi there!

Yes, the Cavill101 project which we started this week currently has LAGUNA and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO as themes. So any sorts of edits and gifs you make of these films, you are free to share all through out the week.

Next week we’ll have a different theme which I will post about sometime during the weekend :) 

Also, don’t forget when you tag your post, make sure to not include a space between CAVILL and 101 [cavill101.]

Thank you for the interest!