Henry doesn't approve of SuperWonder???

I saw this tweet and was wondering when did he ever say that?

This is not true. LOL. He never said anything bad about the ship. In fact he was evasive when they asked him about a toss up between Lois or Diana. 

In an interview the interview asked Who is Clark’s lobster. ( recall in Friends Phoebe calls a soulmate a lobster) 

Now since generally people normally assume Lois is the one and only ( though comics have put him with Diana too) one would assume Henry would have said with no hesitation. Lois is the only one for Clark. He didn’t say that. This is what he said.

“This is a very long discussion because there are a lot of questions to be asked and answered,” Cavill said. “I mean who is better for a super-powered alien, a human or a goddess? “Yes, the goddess can do all the normal things, which we would think are normal in a relationship, and not have any fear of Superman. But you also need to have that baseline of humanity, which Lois provides. And literally keeps his feet on the ground, keeps him down to earth. So that’s more of a debate than an answer.”

More a debate? Someone is not committing to one answer. ;)  And he is right. Different people see the two women as being their choice for him for different reasons. I mean why do you think this tumblr exists? We see Diana as being Clark’s equal and having the ability to push more challenges for someone like him. We never saw one person as being responsible for giving any person their humanity. That comes with living and connecting with the world and everyone you encounter and all your experiences.  It trivializes the concept of having humanity. A demi God can do exceptional things but they still feel the same emotions we all do. Love, anger, sorrow, disappointment, failure, pride, loneliness, etc etc.It’s experience that humanizes us. 

And we all know how well Lois keeping his feet on the ground turned out in Batman v Superman. She was a damsel who made him drop this job to save her from Africa to the spear. That was not humanizing. That was irritating asf.

It’s funny how some people need to lie to get attention. 

Plus he was excited for Wonder Woman in the movies. 

“Strong women are nothing new for the comic book world,” he said. “I’m glad they are being represented a bit more in film and on TV. Wonder Woman has been around forever, she is an incredibly strong character. She can go toe-to-toe with Superman sometimes.​”

And he was on record to say his favorite part was when she showed up. Not the  tub scene or saving Lois. ;)

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...>.< no, I meant would you ever write yourself, snarkydarkling as the love interest for the darkling instead of Alina? Like Darkles x snarky? That would be interest to read, no? ;)

O M G   L O L

this is so ridiculous that i have to write it immediately: 

Snarky sighed as she wistfully put down her copy of R&R. She shook her fist in the air. The injustice! How could the author have killed off the hottest villain she’d ever read about? How could the protagonist have ended up marrying garbage personified? 

There was obviously only one thing left to do: furiously write vindictive alarkling smut and post it to the internet. 

Not long after her sinfics were uploaded, she got a knock on the door. She opened it to reveal a tall, dark, stranger (who looked suspiciously like Sean O’Pry and Henry Cavill had a baby). 

“Snarky,” he said, in a voice reminiscent of whoever the fuck voices Richard Strand on The Black Tapes (I will find you, goddammit). “I’ve read all your naughty smut. I’ve travelled across the barriers of reality and fiction to find you.” 

“Wait…let me get this straight. You have an account on AO3? You actually read fanfic….about yourself?”

“…That’s not important. What’s important is—”

“Okay, but what’s your username tho.” 

The Darkling sighed. Snarky watched as his soul physically left this body, leaving behind a shell of his former self. 

“It’s DarklesXSparkles. It was during my emo pop phase. I can’t figure out how to change it.” 


Alice Warren Family Template

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Henry Warren - Father
Jennifer Connelly as Cordelia Warren - Mother
Henry Cavill as Nicholas Warren - Eldest Brother
Phoebe Tonkin as Alice Warren
Lauren Cohan as Cecilia Warren - Elder Sister
Chris Wood as William Warren - Elder Brother
Willa Holland as Philippa Warren - Younger Sister
Hunter Parrish as Thomas the Gardener - Lover
Richard Madden as Duke James Randolph - Her Once Betrothed

All Deceased

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Hey, have you ever seen The Man From U.N.C.L.E.? One of the leads is played by Henry Cavill, and there is this beautiful olicity spoof trailer based on the tmfu trailer. I think you would enjoy both.

I HAVE seen The Man From U.N.C.L.E and I love it! Henry is so hot! I have NOT seen the olicity vid though! I’ll have to go look for it! 

If you liked the movie, you should read Loving Your Work. It’s an Olicity fic based on the movie by @dettiot and I freaking love it!

Thanks for the ask!