'Justice League,' 'Aquaman' Coming to Virtual Reality Via Imax, Warner Bros. Deal
Imax and Warners have inked a three VR-title agreement.

sarellathesandsnake  asked:

Since we now know your thoughts on Henry Cavill (which I agree with, horrible casting, plus he looks constipated 90% of the time), what are your thoughts on Batfleck? Just the casting btw. I think it's horrible how they let him just casually kill bad guys left and right.

There are some genuinely intriguing creative decisions going on with Batfleck (most of them ripped from worthier source texts, admittedly), and I think the casting was great. Affleck’s a talented performer who’s invested in the character. But yeah, the actual execution of his story in the context of the larger happenings of the DCEU fell flat for me.