cavill who

Prompt List

1.) 1st I Love You
2.) 1st time having sex with each other
3.) Character of your choice (coyc)taking your virginity
4.) 1st date
5.) COYC friend to lover
6.) Visiting their childhood home and meeting their family (if available)
7.) You vacation together
8.) Your wedding day
9.)Your honeymoon
10.) Meeting in high school (AU)
11.) One of you dies and the other attends the funeral
12.) You get into a fight and both you and COYC get angry
13.) One of you admits to something bad from the past
14.) Teacher (college level only) x Student
15.) Working together
16.) COYC comes to visit you at work
17.) COYC defends you against vulgar comments
18.) Learning a language together
19.) Learning their native language (if available) by them whispering sweet nothings in your ear
20.) Meeting COYC’s family for the first time (if available)
21.) One of you gets jealous due to the other being flirted with
22.) COYC rescues you from a tragic accident
23.) Pearl Harbor plot (You thing that COYC is dead so you move on only to find out they’re not dead)
24.) Forbidden love
25.) COYC asking them to marry them
26.) 1st day you met
27.) Telling them you’re pregnant
28.) COYC holding your baby for first time
29.) Dragging COYC to a musical/play
30.) COYC discovering you can sing
31.) Discovering COYC can sing
32.) Movie night together
33.) One of you discovering the others guilty pleasure
34.) Getting drunk together
35.) Dancing in the rain
36.) Training together
37.) COYC discovering you’re a writer
38.) Adopting a pet together
39.) Finding out you two can’t have children
40.) COYC finding out about your abusive relationship
41.) COYC worrying as you nearly die in a surgery


going soft, peril? what are you talking about?


Together, they destroyed a dozen enemy ships side by side in the battle in Denerim Harbor, cementing their friendship and demonstrating once again that nothing brings Fereldans together like a good fight.

[…] They met again in Denerim at the formal coronation of King Maric. The teyrn of Highever attempted to propose to the Lady of the Storm Coast by singing her all ten verses of “The Soldier and the Seawolf.” She only let him go to three. 


Day 3 of Comic-Con was a HUGE day in our studio! Here are some of our favorite cast portraits. 

Who designed this ad for tumblr? Do they think that the NERDIEST INTERNET POPULATION wouldn’t notice that that’s HENRY CAVILL’S BODY next to the awesome JOHN BRADLEY? 

(Consequently, fyi, neither Henry or John were in the article. And it was dumb. As they are.) 

Why is it that every man I like has to either be

a) around the same age or older than my parents

b) married/ engaged/ taken

c) famous

d) all of the above

I mean why? what is wrong with me? I need help