words cannot explain how obsessed i am with firebringer right now, so i have a drawing of my favorite wives instead

Good evening, the whole theme of “Climate Change” in Firebringer represents Jemilla and Zazzalil’s relationship. The climate changes right after the argument and Jemilla leaves the tribe, and 8 cavewomen with sparklers can’t have had that much of an impact on the climate in that short time. The climate changes because Jemilla and Zazzalil are apart, and their relationship is now distant.

The climate change referenced in the finale (Make the Most of it) is not just interweaving the melody from the song “Climate Change”, its talking about how their relationship has become stronger and how they’re now in love, therefore the climate, representing their relationship has changed again. 

Plus, the “Something’s in the air” from these lyrics completely means love, as the usage of fire hasn’t stopped or made a huge impact on the environment, as if it stopped. This is explained through Emberley and Grunt’s lyrics, that the the “thing in the air” is love.

 All in all? These are two cavewomen are completely and utterly in love.

I just wanna say it warms my heart to see so many ppl on here discovering firebringer, recommending it to other blogs, drawing fan art and collectively enjoying this musical about bisexual cavewomen

especially fan artists! When I first started tracking the tags there was hardly anything, now there’s too many to count! Especially for peacebringer content which is amazing. So thank you everyone who spread the word about this musical and liked it enough to draw it again and again! The duck would be proud.

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Don't get me wrong. I like scanitly clad blonde cavewomen as much as the next guy. But are there any pulps that take a more realistic approach to the concept? I mean, the cavewomen on the covers are far too well groomed for people who are living in the wilderness and fighting dinosaurs and mammoths.

A lot more stone age stories are more accurate and researched than you’d think, but that’s very seldom reflected in the cover art. This is something people need to understand about cover art: it’s not designed to accompany or reflect the story, it’s designed to advertise the story. So no matter what’s on the inside of the book, the cover will have stone age societies with highly advanced push-up bra technology and Cover Girl cavewomen (although you won’t hear any complaints at my end about that…that’s the opposite of a problem!)

Cover art is advertising, and uses the principles of psychology and marketing. If you want to understand this better, I recommend reading “Frank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It.” Among other things, this is why covers tend to use the hero-monster-girl cover over and over and over, because it creates emotional involvement. The threatened, vulnerable beautiful girl creates an instinctive need to protect that draws you in, the monster creates a threat, and the hero is someone the reader projects themselves into. Interestingly, research shows the hero-monster-girl cover creates the same reaction in women as it does in men.

As Freas himself said, “advertisers love it when you think you can’t be manipulated, because that means you’re not analyzing all the ways you can be.”

If you want brutal realism and scientific accuracy in your stone age story, you can’t do much better than one written by a true-blue paleoanthropologist, Björn Kurtén, “The Dance of the Tiger” from 1980. It’s yet another novel about Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal contact, the same as the Hok the Mighty stories, Clan of the Cave Bear, and Golding’s “The Inheritors,” except that Kurtén believed the way it all played out was interbreeding. Neanderthals in particular loved the African-originating Homo Sapiens because of how smooth their brows were, which reminds them of children, and therefore looks “cute.”

if you havent seen Firebringer then go fucking watch it its on youtube and its about lesbian and bisexual cavewomen that discover fire and say fuck alot

theres also terrible jokes and its a musical