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i was thinking about the weirdest phone calls i got when i still worked at the public library and i remembered this one phone call. it was probably less than 20 seconds long, but it still makes me laugh.

anyways, this woman called and without even saying hello after i said the usual “public library, how can i help you?” spiel, she said, “i have a very important question: when you shelve books, do you push them all to the front of the shelf or all the way back?”

it took me a second to process the question and then i answered that, at the library, we always shelve them so that they are even with the front edge so they’re easier to grab and see. she was obviously delighted by this answer and then, as if an afterthought, she asked, “okay, what about you? what do you do at home with your books?” i said i did the same thing. she hummed in obvious agreement and then just like that she said “thank you!” and hung up.

i never heard from her again. i hope she won whatever argument she was having.

Working on: Lost

This is what I have been seriously working on. The software I’m using is RPG Maker MV. This is the first area ‘Ice Cave Of Thoughts’. The Main Character: His name is Alice. He is basically trying to fight against his inner demons along
with defeating actual living breathing forces of evil.

This is a Boy Love RPG. Might just stick with The One Possible Love Interest  (Oni) or Add More Of Them (The Limit Would Be Three) for Alice.

Been mainly working with interacting with objects, dialogue that goes with it, teleporting/walking (Sometimes it’s one or both for certain areas), choices, creating areas, and that kind of stuff.

Still have a ton more to go. I enjoy the whole interacting with objects ^_^; not sure if anyone else loves that a lot too or not. Oh and been trying to make sure the music kind of suits the mood/emotion that I’m trying to give forth in the area. More than likely going to add even more objects in the first area and other areas. Do touch ups.

There’s various dialogue all throughout: Depressing, Thoughtful, Positive, Negative, Humorous, Puns, Flirty, Horror, and more (^_^)/ 

Still have to work on items(got a few done), weapons, armor, monsters(Have a few monsters in the game so far), various skills, and etc.

Can only do so much for I’m just one person ^_^; working all on her own.

Anyway, I started this project on March 25th 2017. I have not kept track of how many hours I have been working on this…

There are 17 places you go at the moment. Some area’s are small while others are large.

He is not being sassy. He is being quite honest and blunt for there is a lot of stuff that Alice believes that no one would desire to steal from Oni. Just wanted to share this ;) for it is one of my many favorite dialogues.

beatthediamond  asked:

7, 10, 11, 15 :0

7) It’s like a very small close together city with a small suburban area with caves and a canyon way out there somewhere

10) a lot of the buildings are just “to measure my abilities” and have never actually gone inside of, and a vast majority of the canyons are unexplored

11) hoooo boy lapis hates it she never says why but she’s very vocal about it
Otherdot is a hit or miss
Jason, he’s the asshole alter™ and desperately wants to get out and we tell him he’s always welcome to get out but he doesn’t
Suprisingly, Asril doesn’t like it sometimes because they’re fronting a majority of the time and never gets to explore anything and just feels trapped where they built their house.

15) This is a hard one uh
Beth/Ryln they’re siblings
Sora/Selene also siblings
Asril/Amethyst amethyst loves annoying Asril and making dumb jokes but it’s a nice combination.


BLM New Mexico Las Cruces District Hosts Girls Summer Camp 

Story by Deborah E. Stevens. Photos by Eileen Davis and McKinney Briske.

Adding to the list of accomplishments for the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative, the BLM Las Cruces District hosted a week-long day camp from June 20-24 for 12 fourth-grade girls from Sunrise Elementary School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The camp focused on field trips and hands-on activities aimed at building the girls’ awareness of their surrounding public lands and natural environment. 

The camp was co-sponsored by the BLM Las Cruces District and Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. The BLM’s Fort Stanton Snowy River Cave Conservation Area, the Lincoln National Forest, and White Sands National Monument also participated. 

“Watching the girls engage and enjoy our public lands is so rewarding and inspiring,” said Eileen Davis, BLM Las Cruces District volunteer coordinator. “And for a week in June, the BLM Las Cruces District and other agencies had the privilege of introducing these girls to a variety of science, technology, engineering, math, and conservation activities, specially designed to build their literacy in these fields.” 

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The caved in area of this brain is where a stroke occurred. A stroke is a “brain attack”. It can happen to anyone at any time. It occurs when blood flow to an area of brain is cut off. When this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die. When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that area of the brain such as memory and muscle control are lost.

My Favorite VideoGame Moment

The YUME 2KKI realistic beach has to be probably my favorite part of any game ever!   

The area is made up of seemingly real photographs of a beach. In the background of many of these pictures, strange things appear, like a giant monolith structure and huge deformed animals. In the middle of the area, A series of tetrapods form a barrier. You can enter the barrier through a hole in the side, using the Child or Fairy effect. This path leads you to a cave-like area with glowing scenery and a different soundtrack.

it’s probably the most dreamlike part of the game, its so empty and it gives such a lonely vibe. its really relaxing with the sounds of the beach echoing the visuals.

if you want to see what this all looks like here is a link

May Dev Update #1

Hi everyone! It’s been a few weeks since our last update but we’re back with more stuff to share. Last month we revealed some new Beard Style powers that Beard Blade can utilize to defeat his enemies, such as the Block Beard and the Brawl Beard. This month we’re not going to focus on a specific theme, but instead just share some new tidbits or interesting changes. Let’s start off by taking a look at the WIP cave area. Hope you like purple!

These creepy caverns feature mechanized platforms, tougher baddies, instant-kill spikes and a lot more. This old mine is sure to have a lot of traps and surprises in store for Beard Blade. What else lies beneath?

A new feature, that’s what! Pushable blocks! Your brawny beard can move these weighty whatsits with relative ease. Think there will be any classic block puzzles? Oh, and if there’s an enemy nearby…

You can crush those little suckers! There are still some bugs to fix with these pushable objects, so expect an update on these later on.

We haven’t shown the world map in a long time, so since we’re taking a look at the cave area this update, let’s look at the WIP of the cave map, shall we?

The best way to describe how the world map works in Beard Blade is like a free-roaming Super Mario World map, with one general large island map that occasionally transitions to enclosed areas such as this one. A better way to describe it might be a 2D Super Mario 3D World world map (whoa, that’s a lot to process). Or more like a traditional JRPG map where you can move in eight directions? Whatever! As you can see here, stepping near/on the stage token (the yellow thing) brings up the stage number and collection status as well as a small image showcasing a bit of what to expect from the stage.

You can also hold down the run button to quickly travel from level to level (when the little dust poof appears, that’s when BB starts bookin’ it). 

Expect some more tweaks later on as the map shapes up. World Maps have been a lot of fun to work on for some reason.

Well that about does it for this update! We’ll be bringing a second update very soon! Stay tuned!

See you next update!

- Dev “The Other D-Dog” Dog


Freaking Out - Mystery Skulls Animated


I’m not sure how many people have come to this conclusion in regards to the pink tiling in the cave in the new MSA vid “Freaking Out”, but Imma just put my two cents in here:

Some people have speculated that the tiling represents where the mansion used to be after Lewis blew up in an explosion of pink fiery glory. But here’s the thing. When Shiromori went into the cave and used Lewis’ flower, it lead her OUTSIDE the cave into an area with a brick wall where it closely resembles the one that bordered the mansion in “Ghost”. So the cave ISN’T where the mansion used to be.

So why the pink tiling?

If you look at the first two pictures where the pink tiling is seen, and then at the last two pictures where Arthur and Lewis are exploring the cave, notice how the pink tiling leads in the EXACT SAME DIRECTION that Lewis and Arthur went. Not only that, the pink tiling leads ALL THE WAY DOWN the cliff to the stalagmites where Lewis fell to his death.

So what is the pink tiling for? Well, if anything, I believe it’s marking the trail that leads up to where Lewis had died.

Why is it there?

Well, that I’m not entirely sure, but I guess it’s left entirely up to our interpretation as of now! and we’re gonna have to wait find out the truth later on as the videos proceed I suppose. This is just my thought. But I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this or has come to this conclusion. 8U And if you have, I’m probably sounding very repetitive then. ;; But this was just something I felt I needed to say cuz it’s been bugging me for days and I also wanted to know other people’s thoughts on this as well.

So, any thoughts?


Okay then.

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ewan and i just hashed out a theory:

1. the timeframe of the show, fraggle rock, from the war between fraggle rock and fraggle cave to present, is approximately 200 years, if not less, due to the presence of underground pipes prior to the colonization of the greater fraggle rock/cave area by fraggles of some undisclosed fraggle homeland.

2. the world’s oldest fraggle is this old, if not older

3. the world’s oldest fraggle rules by force and is often seen being physically and emotionally aggressive to his subordinates

3. modern fraggles do not remember, or have any oral tradition of, the fraggle war. therefore, fraggles have a lifespan of eight to ten years, allowing dissolution of oral tradition into nonsensical song within the time between the two fraggle wars.

4. the world’s oldest fraggle is never seen eating radishes, or any radish byproduct, and seemingly has a significantly longer lifespan than other fraggles.

5. fraggles have both textiles and a dye industry. the only other lifeforms within fraggle rock that are less than entirely sentient are the rodents; their hair is most likely too short to weave into fabric. outside of plant fiber, which is hard to come by underground, there is no source of fiber long enough to weave outside of fraggle hair or meticulously knotted rodent hair.

6. the world’s oldest fraggle most likely needs to eat.

7. fraggles understand the idea of consumption of another living being, as referenced by uncle travelling matt’s avoidance of doc’s dog, sprocket.

8. fraggles are born on a regular basis, and most likely die on a regular basis as well.

9. world’s oldest fraggle eats fraggle meat.

10. world’s oldest fraggle eats fraggle meat.

11. world’s oldest fraggle eats fraggle meat.

The Rat Witch

Ash years before she joins the Inquisition. 

Excerpt from Ash’s Bio:
Ash lived for many years in the caves and surrounding swamp areas within the forest. Due to this extended isolation Ash lost her ability to speak properly and mostly resorts to animalistic sounds when communicating. She also stopped wearing clothes and ran around naked with her nug brethren at night where they squeak at the moon and look for food. In the few times she came into contact with others people her feral appearance and behaviour startled them and over time she became known as “The Rat Witch”. As time passed she became a bit of an urban legend amongst nearby dalish clans.

“It is believed that if you venture too far into the forest that the Rat Witch will catch you and turn you into a nug. Then you have no choice but to stay with her forever. If you try to escape she’ll feed you to the wolves.”

“Six-spotted Cockroach” (Eublaberus distanti

Also known as the Four-spotted Cockroach or Trinidad Bat-cave Cockroach, the six-spotted cockroach is a species of Blaberid cockroach that is native to Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Brazil, and Peru. Six-spotted cockroaches typically are observed in relatively dry guano-rich areas in caves (thus the name “bat-cave”) but are also found in rotting logs, decaying litter and epiphytes. Like many other cockroach species, E. distanti is a scavenger feeding on any animal or vegetable matter readily available. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Blattodea-Blaberidae-Eublaberus-E. distanti

Image: Ltshears


Cave and Karst Training Promotes Protection of Fragile Resources  

The BLM manages over 1,500 caves and karst (an area of limestone terrain characterized by sinks, ravines, and underground streams) in eleven states across the west.

Last week, ten BLM and three U.S. Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Specialists participated in a full-day training session on Cave & Karst Management, led by two BLM cave specialists. The course included a short classroom session about the Federal Cave Protection Act of 1988 and other Cave/Karst Management laws, regulations, policies and procedures as well as the background and policies specific to preventing the spread of White Nose Syndrome among bat colonies.

For the field portion of the training, the group visited a lava tube east of Bend, Oregon. They looked for evidence that the cave meets the criteria for “Significant Cave status under the Federal Cave Protection Act.“  Prior to leaving the site, the group practiced decontamination procedures designed to prevent any spread of WNS from cave to cave.  

CLICK HERE to view all photos from the training, and to read about the management techniques BLM uses to balance land use activities and the protection of the nation’s fragile cave and karst resources.