The beauty of the Mad Max game is it expands the mythos of some of the clans that didn’t really get explained in the movie.  For example the Buzzards are essentially C.H.U.D.s that live underground and only scavenge at night, and are cannibals.  In the movie you see them attacking in daylight so it’s not really meshing with their background, but in the game you have to go to underlit caverns to deal with the red eyed devils, and it’s pretty cool.  They’re essentially demonic Tuskan Raiders. 


It feels like my pixel art style kind of evolved a bit overnight! xD

I’m pretty happy with this, but it’s by all means not done yet. I realize that I’ll have to keep an extra mind about contrast when I create more detailed stuff. It might be a good idea to create some simpler floor tiles for the cavern…

I’ve got some cool buildings coming up next. Stay tuned!

Also; creating detailed cavern auto-tiles is both quite wonderful and frightening at the same time.

Don’t think about how it’s very likely that with Lup’s dead body in the cavern that the gauntlet was in, on a person, sealed away behind a door, that it’s very likely she had to put that dwarf there to die to contain the power and save what would have been the eighth town destroyed because of her.

Don’t think about her making the active decision to doom this dwarf by sealing him away (like the robots of the 17th year) to protect the countless people that could be killed by the gauntlet (all the planets that followed that one).

Don’t think about her choosing to die on this hill, probably being mortally wounded by this dwarf, not wanting to let so many people die ever again.

Don’t think about how her death was in vain, since the town of Phandalin was destroyed anyway, how she’s probably still in that umbrastaff, how she saw what happened despite her efforts and knowing she made the active decision to call someone’s fate and it didn’t even work.

Don’t think about Lucretia saying 12000 deaths caused by her creation, 120x the number of people she saved from the ruin city.

Just please don’t I beg of you I’m sobbing don’t join me in this I want to die Lup deserved to live more than anyone.

pretty convincing

I was thinking ‘what would happen if Fiddleford and Ford only got together after the finale’ so heres some old man first kisses (400 words)

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Working Title - Prologue

You wander into a large cavern that you know from your guided tour to be the council’s chambers. You are not supposed to be here. And yet, here you are, wandering into the very place you are not supposed to be.

Like in the rest of the labyrinthian cave system this clan resides in, stalactites glitter on the ceiling, sharp and crystalline. At the head of the room, there is a large table of carved stone, inscribed with runes that haven’t been part of the common language for many, many years. Scrolls litter its surface haphazardly. Behind the table is a glass case, with a large, lustrous pearl inside.

As you approach the case with some trepidation, you hear a voice and wince involuntarily. A Guardian dragon of average size stands in the cavern’s entrance with a rather large grin on her face. Her razor sharp teeth make it look more menacing than friendly.

“You’re that newcomer, aren’t you? I saw Wysteria leading you around today. What are you doing in here at such a late hour?” She gestures toward the moondial in the middle of the room with a sweep of her strong tail. The hour is late, indeed. You explain your sleeplessness to the Guardian.

“Ah, I can understand a bout of insomnia in this place - happened to me when I first arrived. Time still runs a bit differently in these caves…” She leaves the thought there and it hangs heavily in the air, as though she was prompting you to ask about it.

You ask.


Yesterday and Today style photos of the Beatles and Liverpool by photographer, Keith Jones. 

‘Ask anybody from New York to Nepal, Auckland to the Arctic, to name someone or something from Liverpool and I imagine John, Paul, George and Ringo would be right out in front.

'I feel our city should be proud and thankful for their music, their impact and their message, and blending their image back into the modern day scenes makes me smile and also wish I had been around to be in that queue for a lunchtime show at The Cavern Club!’

I went back as close to the same vantage point to 'rephotograph’ the same view, to compare the scenes.

'It struck me that I found it equally fascinating whether the scene was unchanged in one hundred years, completely different or now a mixture of modern and historic elements.

'I’m lucky to live and work here in that the City of Liverpool has an amazing history, with everything from incredibly grand architecture from the most prosperous times in the 19th Century, to the most modern designs, quite often already placed side by side.

'When I get the chance to 'change the timeline’ by blending in people from different eras to a modern day scene, it fascinates me to imagine how life was for city residents in decades gone by.’  
[Keith Jones, Daily Mail, 7th Nov 2016]

Pics: Keith Jones /