uhm,,, guys,,,, 

so in the trailer we have this scene with coran looking a massive wormhole/blackhole that closes and he is looking shocked almost his position is that of someone who knows whats happening,, and you can see an enemy ship going through it

and immediately after

we see the blue lion falling alone, on a barren planet into a cavern of ancient structure of some point, clearly offline,,,,, 

and jeremy a while ago stated lance was going to “die” and y’know seeing someone go through a wormhole like that, or sacrificing themselves by getting the enemy through it might lead the team to think they are dead….

this scene could be the result of lance going through that large worm hole with the enemy ship,,,, yall i swear to god,,, 

Below The Sewers

(inspired by @greenish-orange :))

The Forbiddance is so old it is not even a magic anymore. And the danger of such a thing is that one can learn to take it for granted, to assume that what has been before will always remain. We should know better. Our history is made of knowing better. But we forget. In this, we are like the humans. We also can forget, can choose to remember memories over facts. Sometimes there are holes, gaps caused by our comings and goings. The humans have stories of us, of course. Some have seen our city, and call it civilization.

It is nothing. Far under the earth, in caverns of evermoss and the old waters, made of trees and stones and sands. It is large, larger than the vast city that hums above us, but it is all that is left. Once the surface was ours. They say other worlds, too, sometimes, in the very old stories. The ones that contain only the truth that is myth. Once the world was ours, or nearly so. No one agrees about what changed. But one day the world turned against us, and none of our magics could stop the future. We turned inward. Fled to one point. Built our city far under the earth.

We were safe, until the humans came. We killed them, at first, but each death put a hole in the Forbiddance. Allowed them entry into our city. After the first place, we fell back. Rebuilt the old magic. Became stories that never quite dwindled into legend. Cultivated our freedom at the expense of many things. It is more important to be safe than to be free. Safety was survival. Still, some came, with curiosity deep enough to push through the Forbiddance. Some we left live. Others we drove out or tricked.

And still more humans came. The land above us became a city, the weight of it a promise. But we were not forever. They will not be forever. We can wait, until the world forgives us. Until we can reclaim what was lost. We cultivate detachment. We discover respect. We try to become a deeper part of the is that is the world.

The boy. The boy comes walking down one of the old tunnels. He is belting out a human song at the top of his lungs as if the darkness was never a thing to be feared, as though he was not lost far beyond the lands he knows. I move closer, blending into shadow and stone. There are tricks and snares to force him away. I slow. He is eleven. I do not know how I know this, or why it matters.

He stops. Smiles, showing mammal teeth, but it is even so a smile. “Hi! I’m Jay!” 

“I am Hkri,” I say, and only after realize he has spoken in our tongue. No human knows the tongue of the People. It is not taught.

“I’m having an adventure and maybe got lost, but that’s an important part of adventures.” He holds up a human contraption in one hand. “I brought a flashlight,” he says proudly, and his pride is as old as any scale I have known. I think, sometimes, that we are the source of their stories about dragons, but Jay’s pride would put a dragon to shame.

“You should not be here.”

“But if I only went where I should be, I wouldn’t have adventures! And did you know I’ve never met a lizard person before?”

“I did not. We’ve never met,” I add, though it seems absurd.

“Oh! But we just did, and we’re friends,” he says, and I would swear the saying makes it so.

There is power here that goes deeper than any I know. “It is dangerous to our magic if you remain.”

Jay scratches his head. “I don’t think so? It had lots of holes and I fixed those bindings like a jayboss does.”

I still a moment, as if under the sun or before a kill. I sing a fragment of the old Work, and listen to the Forbiddance. It is clear, whole in a way so deep I did not known it was broken until now. “What are you?” I ask, and I’m so shocked I speak in a human tongue.

“I’m Jay,” he says, as if that was an explanation enough. “Also! I have some friends who might want to meet you and I bet if you cultivate jaysome then it will be okay!”

I have no idea what he means.

I find myself saying yes.

Some things, there is no detachment from, and his smile of joy is one of those.  

Feeling The Puppy Love

So I am seriously feeling alive with all this Inuchiyo love going around! It’s about damn time this poor puppy gets some love! First @yoolee has been on a roll with all these amazing Inu drabbles and then @cavern-of-bells drops this really hot and steamy masterpiece.

(I also happen to have a little Inu drabble I just wrote not too long ago. It’s not smutty, but if you want, you can read it!)

And of course there’s this beauty  by @otome-microwave that corresponds to this gorgeouesly smutty fanart of MC and Inuchiyo by @jane-runs-fast!

So thanks to all these wonderful people for being just as in love with Inuchiyo as I am and creating all these wonderful masterpieces that allow me to continue to indulge in my sweet puppy husband!

Also tagging these people who love Inuchiyo too: @saizoswifey @hajeema @fooljshgirl @arimii

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Horner’s Syndrome

A rare condition arising from damage to nerves from the sympathetic trunk supplying the eye. Symptoms are ipsilateral to the damage, and is characterised by; (1) miosis (constricted pupil), (2) ptosis (drooping eyelid) and (3) anhidrosis (loss of sweating). There may also be an apparent enopthalmos (sunken eye). 

Various causes best divided in to; Congenital (look for heterochromia), Central (stroke, MS, tumours, syringomyelia), Pre-ganglionic (pancoast tumour, cervical rib, trauma, thyroidectomy) and Post-ganglionic (carotid dissection/aneurysm, cavernous sinus thrombosis)

Oh, by the way, the people of Lakeshire are a bunch of godless Lightless heathens.  They don’t have a church!  I had to go the Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad and take screenshots inside the church in Tarren Mill for this project!

Shame on you, Lakeshire.  SHAME.

(But for the purposes of my fic we’ll pretend there is a lovely little chapel there.  Towns in WoW are much bigger in lore than in game, anyway.)


Yesterday and Today style photos of the Beatles and Liverpool by photographer, Keith Jones. 

‘Ask anybody from New York to Nepal, Auckland to the Arctic, to name someone or something from Liverpool and I imagine John, Paul, George and Ringo would be right out in front.

'I feel our city should be proud and thankful for their music, their impact and their message, and blending their image back into the modern day scenes makes me smile and also wish I had been around to be in that queue for a lunchtime show at The Cavern Club!’

I went back as close to the same vantage point to 'rephotograph’ the same view, to compare the scenes.

'It struck me that I found it equally fascinating whether the scene was unchanged in one hundred years, completely different or now a mixture of modern and historic elements.

'I’m lucky to live and work here in that the City of Liverpool has an amazing history, with everything from incredibly grand architecture from the most prosperous times in the 19th Century, to the most modern designs, quite often already placed side by side.

'When I get the chance to 'change the timeline’ by blending in people from different eras to a modern day scene, it fascinates me to imagine how life was for city residents in decades gone by.’  
[Keith Jones, Daily Mail, 7th Nov 2016]

Pics: Keith Jones /

hap dad day!


Sterek Little Mermaid AU: Stiles’ home has always been the sea, but for years he’s longed to be on the surface with the humans he loves to observe, to be a part of them just as they’ve always been a part of him. Still, he has never dared to step outside the water, much less find a way to be just like them. That is, of course, until he meets the human that grabs his heart at first sight and naively makes a deal with the Darach hiding in the forbidden caverns, trading his joyful, captivating personality for a pair of legs. (For @pale-silver-comb ♡)

I was playing a game run by my dad.  The only really relevant character to this story is a human fire wizard named Pero.  We had been trying to find and kill a werewolf and had tracked him to a cave and had been exploring parts of the cave to find him.

DM: You enter the cavern and it is covered in spider webs from ceiling to floor.  If you try to move through it your movement speed will be cut in half.

Pero: Webs are flammable, right?  I’m gonna light it up!

DM: Are you sure?

Pero: Flame on.

DM: Alright, you throw your fire and it goes ‘pewwwww’ as it flies through the air.  When it lands on the webs, the whole cave lights up instantly and you are momentarily blinded by the brightness of it.

Later we came upon a charred spider carcass and another nearly dead and extremely burnt spider.  My dad later told me that the fight with the spiders was meant to take up the entire session and there was supposed to be a lot of loot and scrolls, but our resident pyro burnt them all to a crisp.