rewatching the first avenger, it never occurred to me the full extent of bucky’s words of ‘this isn’t payback is it’ when planning to capture zola on the train, looking over the edge of the cavern. i never realized he was afraid of heights??? he goes with steve, despite his fears, and falls when he can’t reach out to steve in time… he faces his fear, only to fall victim to it…

A feeling of dread settled over him as Sneaky turned back from the entrance to Hotlands. He was heading back into Waterfall, farther into its rainy, cavernous interior, and it was clear that he was anxious.

His gaze darted, left-right, left-right, behind and forward again as brown-colored magic lit his surroundings faintly. Couldn’t see much with something so dark and murky.

A figure up ahead caught his attention, and the skeleton flared his magic to see who it was.

“… SANS…?” he tried, noticing the red scarf around his neck. The other monster just shrugged and stepped forward.


It was then that he was acutely aware of the other, familiar presence, and he stiffened.

Wait by the Cavern

Light slowly creeping up from its hiding place
Its presence powerful, the cold of night still lingers
An eye, carefully opened in morning
Digesting all things unpleasant and unseen

I keep the truth to myself these days
If they only knew the real me
Unlike you do, blue eyes with their clarity
A bond stronger than they would approve

I handed you my letter delicately
They wouldn’t like it if they only knew
With the knife, you cautiously cut
The paper for the message within

‘I want to see you’ it reads in blue ink
Desperate yet demanding maybe you understood
A proposition I no longer had to hide

So I washed off all the ruin
Shed the secrets off my skin
It’s a love, frowned upon
From people incapable of understanding

Putting on your best dress
An image of you draped around myself
Inseparable, or so I thought
Upper class beauty ruined by dirty rogues

The misty memory of a Friday night
Threatened your fingers, night time vision
How I waited for you, roses in my arms
Alone by the hotel, hoping you were only late

Artist: Alfred Wahlberg


 I’ve often wondered why she laughed

On thinking why I wondered so;

It seemed such waste that long white hands

Should touch my hands and let them go.

And once when we were parting there,

Unseen of anything but trees,

I touched her fingers, thoughtfully,

For more than simple niceties.

But for some futile things unsaid

I should say all is done for us;

Yet I have wondered how she smiled

Beholding what was cavernous.

Allen Tate

also i find it funny that theres, “amnesia: the dark descent”, and also a completely unrelated thing i like, “akagi: the genius who descended into the darkness”. and also fucking.  fallen london, which is, a whole city Descending into Darkness (said darkness being due to the fact that its in a giant subterranean cavern)

how many things are going to descend into the darkness. seriously theres limited space down here. at least reserve a room beforehand

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What are your thoughts on batponies, anyway? Batponies mostly seem to just be employed by Luna, not given genesis by her.

Oh yeah definitely. That’d be kinda weird if she was the sole source of the batpony epideMIC SWEEPING THE NATION. :V But no seriously.

I’d like to think Batponies have always existed. Perhaps they were a genetic or evolution offshoot of pegasi at one point long, long ago. Haven’t thought about the ancient past too much.

I kinda like the idea that they live in deep caves, with elaborate homes built into the sides of open cavern surfaces with dim lighting, but a warm, homely feel about it. Given that they live in caves, the other pony races would probably rarely bump into them, and when they did, it really wasn’t much of a problem. The batponies probably wouldn’t be excessively friendly like the other ponies, but they wouldn’t be terribly opposed to visitors either. Probably curious more than anything.

A special case though, would be the more immediate batponies of Canterlot Mountain. Which would have been there since Canterlot’s inception. They would have had a lot more time nearby the other pony races. Still keeping to themselves however, just that a visitor to their caves would hardly be a special event. I’d think that these batponies could be seen sometimes in Canterlot at night as well, maybe exploring the nightlife, or under Canterlot speakeasies or clubs. The city of Canterlot and the batponies of Canterlot Mountain (of course they wouldn’t be called this, perhaps they’d even called the mountain something else!) would have a fairly stable relationship.

I’d also think that Celestia at some point or another tried to locate all of the batpony colonies to try to unite them or something, but they declined. However, they did agree to be allies with the other pony races, they just would rather keep existing in their own townships. Perhaps they send envoys back to Canterlot on occasion to keep friendly relations or even send traders to bring goods back to their homes. Main exports from batpony towns would be exotic foodstuffs, strange deep cave herbs/flora, and jewelry/trinkets. The relationship between ponies and batponies would be stable and friendly, just distanced.

Only a salt kiss remains of the drowned arm, that lifts a spray: a humid scent, of the damp flower, is left, from the bodies of men. Your energies form, in a trickle that is not spent, form, in retreat into silence. The falling wave, arch of identity, shattering feathers, is only spume when it clears, and returns to its source, unconsumed. Your whole force heads for its origin. You fill your true self with your substance. The vessel trembles with your salt and sweetness, the universal cavern of waters, and nothing is lost from you, as it is from the desolate crater, or the bay of a hill, those empty heights, signs, scars, guarding the wounded air. Your petals throbbing against the Earth, trembling your submarine harvests, your menace thickening the smooth swell, with pulsations and swarming of schools, and only the thread of the net raises the dead lightning of fish-scale, one wounded millimetre, in the space of your crystal completeness. // ind. rin matsuoka as told by cher // art.

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Date a Terf that's just as passionate as you are. Map the stars, delve into the deepest caverns of the earth, marvel at the universe together! There's a whole galaxy out there to explore and stars to weave through her hair. Teach, learn, grow! Get excited with her! Fuel her passions! Let her fuel your own! Grow in a mutual, healthy relationship built on things that set your heart alight with excitement! Have fun! Date a Terf that makes every day a new adventure!

The world’s deepest, darkest, oldest, and quietest motel room is 220 feet underground, at Grand Canyon Caverns, in a 65-million-year-old cave. 

The largest, oldest, deepest, darkest, quietest, driest motel room in the world:

Largest: 200 feet by 400 feet with 70-foot ceiling
Oldest: Caverns and walls over 65 million years old
Deepest: 220 feet below the surfaces, accessed by elevator
Darkest: absent of any light
Quietest: the only sound is your heart beating and your breath. You are the only living thing in the caverns… The only living thing
Driest: zero humidity, nothing lives in the caverns, not a fly, not bat, nothing!