cavendish x luffy

One Piece Reaction Gifs

Luffy x Nami:

Zoro x Robin:

Zoro x Sanji:

Zoro x Sanji x Luffy:

Robin x Nami:

Franky x Robin:

Usopp x Kaya:

Usopp x Nami:

Shanks x Luffy:

Shanks x Mihawk:

Ace x Luffy:

Marco x Ace:

Ace x Vivi:

Luffy x Vivi:

Crocodile x Luffy:

Crocodile x Vivi:

Crocodile x Robin:

Roger x Rouge:

Helmeppo x Coby:

Coby x Luffy:

Hancock x Luffy:

Kid x Law:

Kid x Law x Luffy:

Kid x Killer:

Kid x Killer x Law:

Law x Luffy:

Smoker x Tashigi:

Zoro x Tashigi:

Smoker x Luffy:

Smoker x Law:

Law x Monet:

Kid x Monet: 

Doflamingo x Law:

Doflamingo x Monet:

Vergo x Law:

Vergo x Monet:

Bellamy x Luffy:

Luffy x Rebecca:

Diamante x Rebecca:

Sanji x Violet:

Luffy x Violet:

Bartolomeo x Luffy:

Bartolomeo x Rebecca:

Cavendish x Rebecca:

Bartolomeo x Cavendish:

Sabo x Luffy:

Ace x Sabo x Luffy:

Sabo x Koala:

Sabo x Robin:

Corazon x Law:

Doflamingo x Corazon:

Doflamingo x Corazon x Law:

And okay oh my god I have the Navy here.
Of course this is my opinion, you don’t have to have the same one, and I respect your ships.