caveman neanderthal

hey what about stevetony stone age/caveman au? with like homo sapiens tony and neanderthal steve?

tony escapes from his clan who are trying to make him a human sacrifice. led by high priest obadiah, they carve a sun symbol in his chest.

but tony escapes, and runs and runs and runs for days, and he’s exhausted and terrified and the carved wound in his chest is infected and throbbing and he finally collapses when his legs can’t hold him any longer.

when he drifts back into himself, he’s warm and comfortable, lying somewhere safe and dark with red fire-sparks dancing close by. there’s something padded neatly onto the chest wound, and it’s not burning and throbbing like before.

he tosses and shifts a little bit, and then there’s hands pushing him gently back down, an oddly low deep voice hushing him. tony blinks and squints and looks upward.

the stranger is so big, tony catches his breath in fear for a second. but the stranger puts out his hand and strokes tony’s arm, calming him. he has hair like honey and blue eyes, and his face looks different to tony’s tribe somehow, but kind. he goes on making those quiet hushing sounds, petting tony’s hair.

tony’s trembling all over, but the petting feels nice and he slowly melts, nestling into it. steve looks pleased, shifting so he’s curled protectively around tony’s body, and tony cuddles into his chest, deciding to trust this big kind stranger who’s taken him into his cave.

they fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, sharing warmth, as the banked fire burns through the night.

(btw if you’re interested in the interactions between early homo sapiens and neanderthals, do a google search bcs it’s super interesting!)

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Sketchbook Study…

Comparative Anatomy (Neanderthal Female & Female Modern Human)… This was a lot of fun, lately I’ve been really interested in anatomy/extinction theory of early humans, primitive man and particularly Neanderthals. This was just a skull study that I did with sepia micron, accompanied by some quick sketches, a comparison of the two species skeletal structures. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! 



These weren’t natural formations, and they weren’t the work of bears. They were built by people.

Ed Yong reports on a recent, major discovery about the distant ancestors of homo sapiens in A Shocking Find In a Neanderthal Cave In France:

Some 336 meters into the cave, the caver stumbled across something extraordinary—a vast chamber where several stalagmites had been deliberatelybroken. Most of the 400 pieces had been arranged into two rings—a large one between 4 and 7 metres across, and a smaller one just 2 metres wide. Others had been propped up against these donuts. Yet others had been stacked into four piles. Traces of fire were everywhere, and there was a mass of burnt bones.  

These weren’t natural formations, and they weren’t the work of bears. They were built by people.

Recognizing the site’s value, the caver brought in archaeologist Francois Rouzaud. Using carbon-dating, Rouzaud estimated that a burnt bear bone found within the chamber was 47,600 years old, which meant that the stalagmite rings were older than any known cave painting. It also meant that they couldn’t have been the work of Homo sapiens. Their builders must have been the only early humans in the south of France at the time: Neanderthals.

Read the entire story here.