Timeline for “Kubo and the Two Strings” (SPOILERS)

11 Years Prior to the Events of the Movie

  • Sariatu escapes with Kubo

Present Time of the Movie

Day 1

  • Kubo goes down to the village and performs
  • Goes back home to care for Sariatu

Day 2

  • Kubo goes to town
  • Accidentally stays out too late
  • Is sent away by Sariatu to the Far Lands

Day 3

  • Kubo wakes up in the Far Lands. Meets Monkey.
  • Travels to the whale

Day 4

  • Kubo and Monkey meet Beetle
  • Find the Sword Unbreakable
  • Cross the Long Lake with Kubo’s boat
  • Find the Breastplate Impenetrable
  • Take refuge in a cave

Day 5

  • Kubo and company go to Hanzo’s fortress
  • Monkey and Beetle die
  • Kubo flies home

Day 6

  • Kubo arrives in Sun Village
  • Finds the Helmet Invulnerable
  • Battles the Moon King

Day 7

  • Kubo talks to his deceased parents