Portal 2 Musical Fact #3

The Human Wheatley cameo in the Old Aperture section was very loosely scripted. The script read like this:

Lights up on Wheatley doing something weird in Cave’s office.

Cave: Who are you?

Wheatley: I…

Cave: Never mind. Beat it!

Wheatley runs out of the office.

The Exploding Lemon (I.e. the very fire hazard-y lemon with a sparkler) was my suggestion and I’m honestly still surprised we were able to do that.


Like my father before me.

Before you start an illustration, get reference. As soon as you know the general idea of what you want to draw but even before you draw any sort of thumbnail, get reference, save it, make a pinterest board or a reference folder but just spend some time just grabbing visual inspiration. Props are hard- get reference. Environments are hard- get reference. Drawing characters interacting with an environment is hard- get reference.

your thumbnails and your sketches will be so much better if you just have that reference in your head get reference use reference love reference


Portal Video Diary #10! January 19-26, 2017


A compilation of our final week of rehearsal leading up to the show.  We did a lot of everything, but the thing I seemed to film the most was “Mr. Johnson.”  We had choreo fixes, learned “Under Attack,” did voiceover recording sessions in a walk-in closet, and there was a lot more falling over on my part.  I documented it all much more thoroughly on my Tumblr.

I’m a bit later than I had hoped getting this video out, but I did it!  Next up, behind the scenes at the Rio Theatre when Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical is happening!


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