This is the idea I had for some time, finally did it~ Since I love Wallace, I decided to draw a polyptych featuring all of his roles and outfis I know.
So from left there are: Hoenn League champion (Emerald), Sootopolis city Gym leader (ORAS), coordinator (in the outfit from anime), the protector of Cave of Origin (I like to think he’s a priest, and his outfit is from beta ORAS), and the last one is from Pokemon Adventures manga.
This polyptych is perfect for a wallpaper~ enjoy :)

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Resurrecting Siberia's extinct lions
The cave lion was a highly successful and adaptable predator that ruled the steppes of Ice Age Eurasia with an iron paw. Now, with the discovery of two cubs in the Siberian permafrost there is talk of bringing this magnificent creature to life. But should we?

The two baby cave lions Uyan and Dina were found by a local worker in the area who discovered them in Siberia’s massive Sakha Republic.