Bertha Parker Pallan (1907-1978) was a Native American archaeologist, of Abenaki and Seneca descent. Her parents were Behula Tahamont, a Native American actress, and Arthur C. Parker, the first president for the Society of American Archaeology. 

Parker discovered and participated in many archaeological sites during her career, but she is best known for her work at the site of Gypsum Cave. Although she was originally hired her as the expedition cook and secretary, she was allowed to explore the cave and was able to reach more inaccessible areas. It is here that she uncovered the first giant ground sloth remains in association with humans, a discovery that received national attention among anthropologists. After her time at Gypsum Cave, she discovered two additional sites: Corn Creek Campsite, and a pueblo site at Scorpion Hill. She worked for over 10 years as an Assistant in Archaeology and Ethnology at the Southwest Museum, where she published a number of archaeological and ethnological papers in the museum journal. In her later years, she acted as a technical advisory and consultant on TV shows and movies depicting American Indians, and hosted her own TV show on Native American history and folklore.

Bertha Parker Pallan was a ground-breaker in many aspects. She is considered the first female Native American archaeologist, and she is one of the first women  recognized for conducting her work at a high level of skill in the field without a university education. Additionally, her role as a consultant for TV and movies influenced how American Indian cultures and their histories were depicted in the media.





here she is….the love of my life…….afsdjklg i meant to make this YEARS ago and today i thought about it again like “OH MY GOD I NEVER…..I NEVER UPDATED MY DOLOROSA SPRITE……ITS BEEN YEARS!!! so yeah i owe it to 16-17 year old me to make this

here you go you gay teenage fuck. sincerely, future ashley. now all my dreams have been realized and i can finally die 

everyone i was talking to today wanted to be SURE i had not forgotten about this one, so don’t worry, i didn’t:

this is a remake of my old dolorosa sprite (which i made before act 6!! back when we had to make our OWN ancestors sprites like cave men):

(the original porrim sprite is by @chazzerpan of course)

pretty sure listening to female led metal while i slept last night made me want to do this so yeah i basically made this because of my lesbian astral visions. which, ironically, is also why i suddenly care about hs ancestors again, but i think i already told that story? 


& never can let me in

your heart is this house, of abandon, of dust
in a field of drought - i, dreadful, stand just
watching the locked door, crooked, rusted shut
key forever gone, none new can be cut
scarecrow walk slow, the smell of must

caress rough doorknob, flaking off rust
lean in on warped wall, with no great trust
that it will hold, feeble & creaking, but -
your heart is this house

can no longer move, straw desire thrust
slow falling apart in each flailing wind gust
these feet slide sure in dry mud rut
as you cave in, i now realize what
come back too late! too late from wanderlust
your heart is this house

Wait… if Orson Krennic gave Galen Erso his first kyber crystal, and Lyra later gave a crystal to Jyn… Is it possible that Galen gave Krennic’s token to his wife as a gift of love (since they were exploring the crystal caves together when they fell in love), who eventually passed it on to Jyn as a token of her parents’ love?

And so every time Krennic saw Lyra, he would see the evidence of their love. And when he sees Jyn again for the last time, proclaiming herself as the daughter of Galen and Lyra, he’s forced to acknowledge for the last time that Galen always loved Lyra and their daughter more than he did him.