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Last Resource

Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Featuring: John Diggle, Felicity Smoak

Words: 2359

Warnings: angst (I think?)

Tags: none

Request: anonymous request:

“Will u do a oliver queen/ex!reader where she is a police detective n know that he is the green arrow? After they broke up, years later, they met again during a case n r forced to work together much to the reader dismay. She is still not quite over him but he clearly has move on. The case is difficult thus they are going to have to put up with each other. Reader is just itching to finish up so she doesnt have to be in the same room with him anymore. Thanks.”

Notes: none

Originally posted by feilcityqueen

This couldn’t be real. You had spent years avoiding this moment, even when you were 100% sure that it would happen eventually. You didn’t want to do it, you didn’t want to ask for his help, but you knew you had no other choice. This man, whoever he was, was terrorizing Star City and had been doing it for weeks. The police hadn’t been able to catch him and you knew there was one person who could do it.

Your ex-fiancée, aka Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow. You two had been together for 5 years and engaged for six months. Apparently, Oliver Queen was eager to get married but The Green Arrow stopped him. His double identity never was a problem during your time together. You knew how dangerous it was but, being a police, you understood why he did what he did and you were willing to help any time he asked. Everything worked out.

Or used to until he became mayor. You had never felt prouder of him. He even proposed to you in front of everyone, making you feel like you were the only one in a crowd. Your life was just perfect: you had a job you loved, you loved your city, your apartment, your fiancée and had great friends.

But Oliver started to be more and more distant every day. He always said he was busy with his duties as Mayor and his night duties as the Green Arrow. You understood and tried to find the time to be with him. Everything went to hell the day you walked into his office, planning on taking him out for lunch, and you found him making out with Susan Williams, the reporter.

They stepped away from each other when they heard someone coming into the office. Obviously, they never thought it would be you. Oliver’s face changed immediately but you didn’t give him time to say anything. All you did was turn around and walk back out of his office. That was the end of your relationship.

And there you were, two years later, trying to find a way to solve the murder of those seven civilians in seven weeks. The police was desperate, knowing a new murder was coming. The town was terrified, not knowing who this guy was. And you knew exactly what to do, but still was trying to find another way, someone else to help you. Anyone but him.

Yet, you knew you were out of options. So you got up, took your coat and keys and headed towards where the lair was. The drive there passed faster than what you wanted, you needed more time. But before you realized it, you were in front of the old building where the lair was. Old memories of those times you went in there crashed you like a hurricane, making you want to run away. But it wasn’t the time to think about yourself; you had to think about your city and the scared people that lived in it.

So you took a deep breath, and made your way towards the building, wondering if they would have improved the security. Since you were able to get into the elevator and go down with no further problems, you guessed security was still the same. When you stepped out of it, a smile appeared on your face as you saw that the place was just like you remembered.

“No way!” You turned around as you recognized that familiar deep voice. John Diggle.

“John!” You exclaimed with a big smile as you hurried to hug him.

He had always been so protective about you that he felt more like a brother than a friend. You really did miss him.

“How are you?” You smiled. “How are Lyla and the baby?” You asked.

“Well, the baby is not a baby anymore. He’s five now” he informed you with a huge smile.

“Oh my God! He must be huge!” You exclaimed.

“He is” Diggle nodded with a laugh. “And how are you? What are you doing here?”

“Actually, I’m here because I need your help” you said.

My help?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Your help. All of you” you sighed, knowing what he meant. “Is he here?” You asked looking around.

“He’s on his way from the City Hall” he told you.

“Busy as always” you mumbled, trying to ignore how your heart speed up at the thought of facing him again. “I’ll wait then. This is important” you sighed.

“Is it about the murderer?” John asked as he lead you towards a table so you could sit down.

“You always manage to find out about everything right?” You chuckled. Most of the times you came to them for help, they already know what you were going to ask. Some things never change. “And yes”, you nodded. “Seven weeks. Seven murders. The police is desperate. Whoever is doing this, he doesn’t leave anything behind. It’s so frustrating” you said.

“Long time no see”

The moment you heard his voice behind you, you could feel your whole body tensing. Your heart was acting like it wanted to jump out of your chest, you felt nervous and your palms were sweaty, making you curse under your breath. Two years and he still had the same effect on you as always. Too much for moving on.

“Hello Oliver” you said getting up and turning around.

He hadn’t changed a bit. His hair was short as usual, his eyes as blue as always and his tallness as intimidating as it used to be. Even his smile. That damn smile that rocked your world, that made you forget about everything, was still there, causing you to lose the ability to speak. And that suit he was wearing didn’t help at all.

“What a surprise” he said.

And then he just wrapped his arms around you, giving you a quick and tight hug. Where did that come from?

“It’s good to see you” he added with a smile.

“You too” you replied, even though you still didn’t know if it was good. “I need your help” you said.

“Straight to the point” he laughed. “I guess it is about those murders, right?” He said taking a seat as you did the same.

“It is. We have no clue, no lead, we have nothing and it is driving us insane. It is always the same: the victim disappears and it’s found some days later in a random place” you explained. “There’s no connection between the victims or the places, there are no signs of wheels on the pavement or blood. Nothing. It’s like they just appeared there, out of nowhere” you sighed.

“Are you sure there is no leads?” Oliver asked with a frown.

“We’ve searched all the places a million times. If there was any, we would have found it” you said, ruder than what you meant to.

He narrowed his eyes at your tone, but you didn’t apologized or anything. You were just doing this as your last resource, you didn’t even want to be sitting at the same table as Oliver. Especially, when obviously he was over you and you still felt like a fifteen-year-old next to him.

“I’m going to call Felicity to see what she can find” Diggle said getting up from the table and leaving you alone with Oliver.

Silence came in-between you like a storm. You looked away from him but you could feel his eyes on you the whole time. Staring. Making you nervous.

“How have you been?” He finally asked.

“Fine. Thank you” you replied. You looked at him when you heard him laughing. “What?” You snapped.

“Nice as always” he shrugged.

“Asshole as always” you said getting up from the chair. “I’ll tell Diggle to call me if Felicity finds something”

“I can call you” he frowned getting up as well.

“I changed my number” you replied simply before turning around and heading towards Diggle.

You could feel Oliver’s eyes on your back while you talked to Diggle. He told you he would call you the moment they knew something so you thanked him and went to the elevator, just wanting to be out of there and away from him. But that was too much to ask for. Just when the doors were about to close, Oliver’s hand stopped them and he walked in the elevator with you.

“I have to get back to the City Hall” he explained when you looked at him.

“I see” you said leaning against the wall.

Luckily, the ride back up wasn’t long. The moment the doors opened, you said goodbye and walked out of that cage.


“Can’t you just leave me alone?” You snapped turning to look at him.

“What’s wrong with you?” He frowned.

“Do you think I came here because I wanted to? Do you think this was my first choice?” You asked, trying to keep your voice down.

“Since you’re asking, I guess not” he said crossing his arms. “It’s been two years, (Y/N)” he added.

“And you’re obviously over it” you laughed.

“You’re not?” He frowned even more. You chuckled and shook your head. He could be so stupid.

“How’s Susan?” You asked looking back at him.

“I haven’t seen her in a long time. Answer me” he demanded as he took a step towards you. “Aren’t you over me? Over us?”

“I thought I was” you said meeting his eyes. “Obviously, I was wrong” you added before turning around to go to your car. You really needed to put some distance between you two.

The next few hours were a complete hell for you. You spent the whole time trying to focus on your work so you wouldn’t think about him, but the whole time those blue eyes came back to hunt you. Over him? How were you supposed to be over him when he had been everything for you? When he had been the love of your life. You knew you would never feel for anyone what you felt for him, and the fact that he had forget about you was painful, since it made you think that you hadn’t mean that much to him. But you had to work with him this time. Just this time. And never see him again.

Before you expected it, you got a message from Diggle saying they had something. Bless Felicity and her skills. Once again, you took your keys and headed towards your car and towards the lair. This time you didn’t have to think that much before going down but the moment you saw him, you felt your knees weak again.

“(Y/N)!” Felicity exclaimed hurrying over you to hug you.

You two used to be very close back in the time when you and Oliver were together. But after your break up you decided to take some distance from everyone in the team. You knew she understood, all of them did, but you still missed them.

“How are you? You look so great! Oliver filled us in and I think I might have a lead. It’s not much but maybe it can help” she said.

“I’m sure it will be so helpful. Thank you Felicity” you smiled at her before following her to her ‘office’ where she sat down.

“(Y/N)”, Oliver’s voice said behind you. With a sigh, you turned around. “Can we talk?”

“I’m kind of busy now” you replied.

“It will be just a minute. I promise” he insisted. You sighed and looked at Felicity.

“Go. I’ll still be here” she smiled at you.

With a nod you followed Oliver back to where the training room was. You stopped in the middle of it, looking around as you remembered all the times you trained with Oliver. He would always kick your ass but from time to time he would let you win. A smile appeared on your lips at the memory.

“Were you being honest?” He asked behind you.

“About what?” You asked back, still not looking at him.

“Not being over us…over me” he said walking around you so he was standing in front of you.

“Why do you want to talk about it?” You asked crossing your arms.

“It’s important to me” he shrugged.

“As important as our engagement was?” You snapped sarcastic.

“How many times do I have to apologize because of that? It was a mistake. A horrible one. The worst one but…I never meant to hurt you” he frowned looking down at you.

“You did a great work with that” you said rolling your eyes. He was about to say something else, but you stopped him. “No Oliver. I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to talk about the past. The only reason I came here asking for your help, was because I was desperate and I want to save my city, just like you do. But the moment we’re done, I’ll be walking out of that elevator and never coming back, understand?” You told him. “You hurt me really bad, Oliver. I spent days without leaving my apartment. I didn’t know what to do or how to move on. Eventually I managed to keep on going with my life and I never was over you. You were and are the love of my life, and there’s nothing I can do to change that. That’s why I won’t be in the same room as you for more time than necessary. So please, stop this attempts to be friendly with me. I don’t want your friendship. All I ever wanted was your love and your respect. And even that was too much for you to give.”

Once you finished your speech, Oliver didn’t know what to say so he just stood there, watching you leave the room, not really knowing what to do. The moment he saw you there at the lair, earlier that day, he thought he could make it right and be your friend, but obviously you weren’t willing to have any kind of relationship. Not now, not ever. He really lost you and he was an idiot for it.