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Different anon than the one who asked about Iruka and Urahara, but your response got me thinking of just who else in Naruto-verse, besides Oro, has pulled enough shit to deserve the creepy courting rituals of one Mister Hat-and-Clogs, and my evil, broken brain spat (T)Obito at me, so now I'm sharing the pain. Just imagine them though: two overly-strategic, manipulative bastards with a penchant for trolling everybody by masquerading as happy ditzes. (1/4?!)

The cat-and-mouse game between them would be epic and utterly obnoxious to everyone forced to witness it, but Obito without a mask must have a critically weak pokerface and it’d probably take Kisuke no time to tease out that all he needs to break it with a blush is lay the innuendo on thick. That pale Uchiha skin. The rest of the challenge for Urahara is entirely based on managing to contrive excuses to get in Obito’s personal space without him using Kamui to slip away, because I’m of the opinion that every Obi-pairing ever, in any universe, should include touch-starved!Obito eventually getting scooped up and overwhelmed with cuddles. For a side of angst, they’d have to work through Kisuke’s tenuous grasp of scientific ethics when presented with someone with such a fascinating hodgepodge of ridiculous powers, colliding with Obito’s probable PTSD and body-horror from cave time with Madara and Zetsu. :( 

 But since my real OTP is Obito/ANYbody-big-enough-to-cuddle-him, in any universe, eventually Kisuke’s gotta sneak some snuggles. Maybe right after Obito genjutsus the fuck out of Aizen for being another wannabe-god, and it’s the sexiest thing Urahara’s ever seen. Just. If any Naruto character is enough of a karmic mixed-bag  to deserve being affably harrassed and poked at and force-fed sweets by goddamn Urahara Kisuke, isn’t it Obito?

For the record, I hate you muchly and this is now a thing I ship. Whyyyyy. 

Gin knows he’s going to die.

It’s not as if this was ever in question; betraying Aizen isn’t something survivable, and Gin’s been aware of that from the very first. That doesn’t mean he’s going to stop, though.

Rangiku is worth more than that, and so is getting revenge for what was taken from her.

The Hōgyoku pulses in his grip like a heart torn free, and Gin doesn’t think he’s ever hated anything except Aizen himself more.

In the rubble left behind by Kamishini no Yari, something stirs. Gin glances up, muscles winding tight, because of course it wasn’t going to be as easy as snatching the damned thing from Aizen’s chest and beating a retreat; he’s bought himself some breathing room, a calm like the moment before a hurricane hits, and—

The Hōgyoku trembles like it’s going to wink out, and in the same instant a scarred hand closes over Gin’s, all five fingertips glowing incandescent violet.

Gin jerks, startled into flight, but another hand grabs his wrist as his head snaps up. Not Aizen, because he would be dead if it was, but a complete stranger, scarred and grim with eyes like red-and-black pinwheels.

“Seal,” the stranger commands, not so much as looking at Gin, and Gin yelps as a burning heat races across the skin of his abdomen. The Hōgyoku shivers like struck crystal, then winks out of existence, and simultaneously Gin feels it. There’s a rush of heat through his whole body, a tingling awareness that it’s there just beneath the surface, and he collapses to his knees with a gasp.

In the same moment, there’s a scream of pure fury from Aizen, out of sight beyond the rubble, and Gin realizes that the overwhelming pressure of the Hōgyoku on the town around them is entirely gone.

“Sorry,” the stranger says, releasing Gin’s wrist, though he doesn’t sound all that apologetic. “That was the thing all of this is about, right? The perverted bastard’s pet project?”

Well. Gin’s more used to hearing that phrase used to describe him, but in this context he’s going to assume the man means Urahara. “What did ya do?”

“Sealed it,” he says precisely, as if this answers everything. “If the Kyuubi no Kitsune can’t break an Eight Trigrams Seal, neither can that thing. I’m sorry it had to be you I sealed it into, but I was kind of short on options.”

On the list of things Gin truly Does Not Want, having the Hōgyoku sealed inside of him probably ranks up there with kissing Aizen full on the mouth. Still, it’s definitely better than the alternative, and he gets his feet under him with an effort and pushes upright. His shihakusho is already tattered, and he tugs it aside to find dark, heavy lines written across his stomach, a spiral of black ink surrounded by neat characters.

“I don’ think I want ta be a butterfly,” Gin says, a little faintly.

The stranger blinks, clearly startled, and then snorts. “You’re not going to transform. It’s sealed. You can’t use its power, and neither can anyone else.” Apparently dismissing the matter, he turns away, just as a familiar figure staggers around a broken street corner with seething fury in his face.

“You,” Aizen spits, bringing Kyōka Suigetsu up like a threat. “What have you done?”

Despite himself, Gin almost takes a step back. He’s never seen Aizen truly angry, even at the moment of his betrayal, never seen raw shock on his face like this before. It’s…terrifying.

But the stranger just snorts, facing him squarely. His eyes flicker past Aizen’s figure, to where Urahara Kisuke is just stepping down onto the street with narrowed eyes and an unreadable expression, and he smiles.

It’s not a nice expression.

“You’re not the first would-be god I’ve dealt with,” he says flatly. “And compared to the actual god I’ve faced, you don’t even begin to match up.” A step, and the air warps around him like a vortex. He vanishes, winking out of existence, and Gin shifts forward before he can help himself, not entirely sure what he means to do beyond help, and—

Aizen spins, sword slashing through the air, but it passes right through the stranger ass he reappears. Then he’s abruptly solid again, just in time to whirl and kick Aizen in the gut.

A flicker of flash-step and Urahara appears next to Gin, one hand holding his hat in place and a small, quirked smile on his lips. “My, my,” he says, and the tone is light but his eyes are sharp. “It seems our visitor from another dimension has lots of tricks up his sleeve.”

Gin glances at the stranger just in time to see him slam a hand against Aizen’s chest, fingertips glowing again, and Aizen cries out as every last trace of his reiatsu vanishes from the air. “You were keepin’ the kid in reserve?” he asks, because this is definitely not something Aizen knew Urahara had.

It’s hard to tell whether he’s getting more satisfaction from that thought or from watching Aizen get his ass kicked by a man who doesn’t even seem to be trying.

Well. Both, probably. Scratch that, both definitely.

Urahara chuckles, tipping his hat down over his eyes a little more, though his gaze doesn’t leave the rather one-sided fight. Gin had known that Aizen had never excelled at hand-to-hand the way he did at kido, because he’s spent decades learning the bastard’s weaknesses, but even knowing that it’s easy to see the stranger is good, on top of his ability to turn intangible. “No, no. Our cute little visitor didn’t even know about Aizen until a few minutes ago. He must have felt the two of you appearing in the real Karakura and come to find me. Such an adorable tsundere, don’t you think?”

Gin watches the adorable tsundere deliver an uppercut to Aizen’s jaw that audible cracks bone, and refrains from commenting.

There’s no need, anyway; without the Hōgyoku, without his reiatsu, the blow knocks Aizen back on his heels, and a final roundhouse kick catches him in the side of the head. He crumples like a puppet without strings, collapsing into a heap on the ground, and the stranger pulls back, breath still even as if he hadn’t just gone up against a man who practically laid the Gotei 13 to waste.

“Oi, pervert,” he calls, without looking away from Aizen. “You want him gift-wrapped or something?”

Urahara laughs merrily, flash-stepping to the strangers side. “My, my, Obito, you’re certainly thorough.”

Obito turns a dark look on him, though it holds more aggravation than true anger. “I just watched him kick your ass. And Yoruichi’s. Was I supposed to go easy on him?”

“Revenge? For our sakes?” Urahara asks cheerfully, and before Obito can dodge he catches him around the waist and pulls him into what’s either a hug or an octopus’s stranglehold—Gin can’t quite tell. “How sweet of you!”

With a squawk, Obito tries to pry him off, but doesn’t get far. “Let go, you damned creep! Hey! Where do you think you’re putting your hands—hey!”

“Ouch,” Urahara says in mild protest, though his wince isn’t entirely faked. “I’ve already been abused once today, you know.”

Tellingly, Obito stops struggling instantly, practically sinking back into Urahara’s hold. “Idiot,” he says, and there’s more relief than anything in his tone. “You know I would have helped if you had just asked.”

“How was I supposed to know out new freeloader had experience taking out gods?” Urahara protests with something that’s probably supposed to be a pout. “How rude, keeping these things from your lover, Obito.”

“Who’s my lover?” Obito retorts without hesitation. “Stop saying when it’s not even true!”

“But it could be—ow.”

“I changed my mind. Go die,” Obito snarls, shoving Urahara back by the face. “Let me go, you can deal with the butterfly bastard—”


Gin turns quickly, catching a flash of color out of the corner of his eye, and just has time to open his arms before Rangiku plows into him. He huffs, staggering back a step, and feels her hug him impossibly tight for three full seconds. Then she pulls back, expression shading towards fury, and slaps him full across the face.

“You bastard, you knocked me out,” she hisses, though her eyes are distressingly damp. “You can’t just apologize and then disappear, I thought you were going to die!”

“Ah, Ran-chan—”

You were?!”

Rangiku has always been able to read him far too well.

Somehow it’s that thought above all others that makes Gin suddenly realize that—they’re done. Aizen has been beaten, and while Gin won’t relax until the bastard is nothing but ashes, he’s certain Central 46 will take care of that soon enough. The man looks small and pathetic inn defeat, and Gin can’t help but laugh, slumping forward as every muscle goes weak with relief.

Rangiku catches him.

Of course she does.

“It’s over,” he tells her, just in case she missed it.

There’s a long pause, and then a careful kissed pressed to his hair. “It is,” Rangiku agrees. Amusement shades into her tone as she asks, “Their doing?”

Gin doesn’t look to where Urahara and Obito are still bickering, just hums quietly in agreement.

Then, without any warning, a truly massive beacon of reiatsu practically explodes into existence. Gin wrenches around on instinct, shoving Rangiku behind him as he grabs for his zanpakuto, and a figure in black with daylily hair seems to spontaneously appear before them.

There’s a long moment of silence as Kurosaki Ichigo blinks at Gin and Rangiku, at Obito still shoving at Urahara as the exile clings to him, at Aizen unconscious in the dirt. Then, in a tone of utter bewilderment, he says, “What?”

A laugh cracks out of somewhere deep in Gin’s chest. He staggers with the force of his mirth, hanging onto Rangiku to stay upright, and doesn’t stop laughing for a very long time.

It feels better than anything has in almost a hundred years.


*** I only used some parts of the song so that I could try an make it as close to Juice as possible and keep it as realistic as possible. I can’t really see Juice being unfaithful and cheating on someone that he finally had to love him and call his own, unless he was in a reeeeally bad spot, so I’m setting this in season 7 where he’s just a mess. Completely distraught and out of his element, essentially out of his character. Worried about losing everything and without realizing it, ruining whatever little he still had. Hope you guys like it. ***

 (Warning for cheating, mention of attempted suicide and just sadness in general because BITCH 😫💔 ) 

Juice ran his hand over his head as another sob broke from your chest. He’d been sitting with his back to the bathroom door for 30 minutes now, listening to you weep. You’d been through a lot in life, just as everyone had. You had experienced pain and betrayal, but you had never expected it from Juice. You had always been given his love and adoration, and given the same in return. You loved him and took care of him. Gave him a home and a good woman to come home to. You supported him and his club, was always there when you needed him. You had expected his tenderness, not his infidelity. Life had a funny way of doing things though and apparently, some other woman had given him something more than you had and got him to stray.

I wish we could just pretend to be 
Like we always were before, as happy as the Kennedy’s
No one told Jackie about Marilyn’s tendencies

 You had found out that she wasn’t a Croweater, she was just a girl that lived in town and had shopped at his dispensary. She wasn’t a sweet butt that was just being there for a Son, no intentions of hurting you. She was a girl that had gotten with your man because she wanted him and apparently he had wanted her too. You weren’t sure what hurt more. You had your suspicions, his calls coming less frequently, his time at home getting smaller. The thought had been at the back of your mind for weeks, eating at you and ripping apart your heart a little more each day. But you tried to ignore it. To push back the thought of not being enough for the man you loved. You had been with Juice for years, since Queens. Married at 18, not counting the days of how long you’d been together. It felt like you had spent your whole life with him and you found it hard to remember a life before him, without him. You didn’t want to believe that all this time of your life had been in vain. That you would lose the one that meant everything to you. You couldn’t.

 Ignorance is bliss when you’re married half a century
Life is too short, trying to hold it all together 

 You pulled your head up and looked at your reflection in the mirror. Your eyes were red and puffy, the tip of your nose pink from all your rubbing at it. You sucked in a breath and blew it out shakily. You weren’t sure what you were going to do. You didn’t want to stand for the betrayal and humiliation, you deserved better than that. However, you weren’t sure if you wanted to let this relationship go to waste. You knew you had to make a big decision and you weren’t sure if you trusted yourself to make the right one in this state of mind. Your heart was in shambles and you knew nothing good ever came from making choices like that. You needed a nights sleep before you determined what you were going to do. 

 I want to love you
But if it’s not right what can I do?
Everything will be alright
So baby get some sleep tonight 

 You wiped at your swollen eyes once more before you turned towards the door, unlocking it and pulling it open. Juice immediately turned to look at you but you simply stepped over him, walking into the bedroom and going towards the bed. He stood slowly and watched you as you climbed into bed, slipping under the covers and sitting up. He slowly walked towards you, roughly swiping at the tear in his own lashes as he sat at the foot of the bed, wanting to give you some space. He still knew he had to speak to you though. He had to try to make things right. 


 You didn’t say anything, just sniffled.

 "Baby, please, say something. Anything.”

 "What do you want me to say Juice? What is there to say?“ "I don’t know just…just say something. Yell at me or something." 

 You rolled your eyes, your anger finally starting to seep in.

 "I don’t need to yell at you. You know you fucked up." 

 He nodded and looked down at his lap. 

 "I know. I never meant to hurt you though. I was just stressed with the club. I know I should’ve gone to you but she just, she was a breath of fresh air kinda.”

 You scoffed in disgust at his words, his eyes going wide as he realized how that sounded. 

 "I didn’t mean it like that! I meant a breath of fresh air from the club, not you. I didn’t mean I needed a break from you, I just…“ 

 His words trailed off and he took a deep breath to steady himself, knowing he was just going to dig himself deeper if he kept on that route. He’d kept you entirely in the dark with everything going in with Roosevelt and the club. You had no idea about him giving up info or trying to kill himself or being weak and a rat in the clubs eyes. He hadn’t wanted to bring that home to you. He never wanted to involve you in his mess and put any more weight on your shoulders. He wanted to let you continue to be happy without the added stress of what was going on with him but he was the only one hurting you now. 

 She said, you’re always gone.
I said, The fuck do you expect from me? 

 "I didn’t mean to hurt you or betray you. I wasn’t thinking. I just, I needed to just get away from everything and we kept getting in fights over how distant I became with you. You kept getting mad at me, telling me I was always gone and I got pissed because it was true. I knew I wasn’t giving you the attention you deserved. I was neglecting you and I felt like shit. I was tired of fights at the club and I was tired of fights with you. I got drunk and I fucked up. She caught me at a weak moment. She knew I was in a bad place and she gave me that opportunity to completely take my mind off of everything and I’m a fucking idiot so I took it. She kept trying and I caved." 

 I swear my intentions aren’t as evil as you think
But temptation’s always pushing people to the brink
Fuck, I always lose my judgment when I drink
My only wish is you would settle down and hear me out
I know I haven’t been completely honest and devout
It’s difficult for me, these girls try to seek me out 

 You sniffled again as you felt your eyes welling up once more. You didn’t know what you were going to do and it scared you. It scared you to think of having to think of a life that didn’t have him in it. But could you live with the nagging at the back of your mind from the betrayal? Could you live with that little voice constantly telling you that you weren’t enough and that’s why he’d actually strayed? That even with you giving him everything, giving him all of you, giving him your best, that it just wasn’t enough? That you at your best wasn’t enough? 

 With a shake of your head, you willed your tears back and blew out a breath, running your fingers through your hair and pushing it out of your face.

 "I just need to sleep Juice. I’m really hurting right now. I don’t wanna think about this anymore." 

 Your voice cracked as you finished and Juice closed his eyes, hating the sheer pain in your tone.

 "Can I stay here tonight? Please? Just give me tonight with you. Then tomorrow you can do whatever is best for you. We can talk tomorrow. I just don’t want you to be alone tonight. Let me try to comfort you. I never meant to hurt you." 

 His voice quivered as he thought about all the pain that was swimming in your eyes and he felt like he could hear that warm heart of gold you had, crumbling from what he’d done to you. You nodded softly and he crawled his way to his side of the bed, climbing beneath the covers with you, pulling you to him closely. He held your head to his chest, his other arms wrapped around you tightly, almost as if he was scared that you’d leave him in the middle of the night and if he was being honest, he was. He didn’t want to ever have to let you go. In that moment, he spilled out everything to you. Told you every single little detail, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you would see where he had been. Maybe see what a wreck he was and even though he knew he didn’t deserve it, you would grant him another chance. Another chance to be the man that you deserved. The man that his mother had raised him to be. 

 You laid there quietly as he bared his soul. Listened as he told you what he had been through. He didn’t mention what he did that night in the forest, he would never hurt you even more by telling you that. He would take that to the grave, but everything else he let come to the surface and when he was done, he pulled your face up by the chin, laying the most gentle kiss you’d felt upon your lips. It was slow, drawn out as if he didn’t want to stop, because he didn’t. It felt as if time had stopped and the universe had given you a chance to feel his love. He pulled his lips from yours, the tears in your lashes glittering in the moonlight that cascaded through the curtains and onto your face, almost as if the moon herself was reaching out to soothe you. As he looked down at you, he tried to memorize every single detail of your face, just in case it was the last time he ever saw it. 

 So if tonight turns out to be
The last night before you peaced then walked out on me
Let’s let it all hang out like a balcony
One last time, the best is what you about to see
So make it worth it tonight, only so you know I never hurt you in spite
Love me like you never will again, it’s our last time
Tonight forget about the pastime 

 You cuddled into his chest, the both of you lost. 

 "I don’t know if I can stay Juice. I love you, but i don’t know." 

 He nodded in understanding, leaning to kiss the top of your head. 

 "I know baby. Just sleep. Tomorrow we’ll see." 

 You let your eyes slip closed and let Juice hold you for all that he was worth. His happiness was something long forgotten, lost in the sweep of fate from his wrong doings, but yours was still there. Weak and tattered, but there. He’d do everything he could to make sure that light in your eyes never died out.

 Everything will be alright
So baby get some sleep tonight

12x11 Down the Rabbit Hole

While Meredith Glynn certainly had a better time around with this episode than her first, and while I enjoyed it (is enjoyed the right word for having your heart break? Of course it is…this is SPN…), there were a few things I would have liked to see expanded on. Overall, though, it was a solid episode, and while a lot of this season has been making callbacks to Season 6 (I believe @elizabethrobertajones and @mittensmorgul have been talking about this a lot), this one is an interesting companion piece to some Season 4 episodes, namely 4x06 “Yellow Fever" and 4x17 “It’s a Terrible Life" (with honorable mention to 4x14 “Sex and Violence" for the siren reference — although, considering the way Dean was queer coded in this episode, “honorable mention" might not do it justice).

My thoughts under the cut:

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OK friend, I'm obviously biased here, but in your opinion, out of all the unluckier characters, who least deserved their fate?

I’m slow and useless and this may have made me tear up to think about on a couple occasions so thanks for that! This one was really hard for me to consider. I even had to rewatch a few scenes to help with my decision! I should add that I had to consider their previous actions leading up to where they were, their immediate actions before their fate, if they are relevant. Lastly, I had to consider the type of fate and how it compares to their actions.

We can all pretty much agree that most of Katie’s characters are quite tragic in some way. So let’s list those to consider with the unluckiest of fates. We’ve got Harriet, Lucy, Morgana, Oriane and Zara. My poor bbys.

Harriet Chambers

Originally posted by gr8stoneddragon

Harriet did not have a ton of development but I still had enough to work with. In a previous analysis, I mentioned how Harriet was definitely guilty of bullying Kenneth. Even though she was acting out in defense of her friend, it still wasn’t the way to handle the situation. Although it was unintentional, she was part of the reason Kenneth had his seizure and ended up in a coma. Whoops. DJ Harriet, cut the strobes please. Harriet did not argue much and was part of the group the stood by and agreed it would be best to leave Kenneth on the side of the road, outside the ER to save her own ass. Down the line, she showed only a little hesitation and remorse when she became of aware of Kenneth’s status and yet still decided it was best not to become clean. I can fully understand that she was trying to protect herself, her education, her status and her future career, but leaving someone to die because “Nobody gave a rats ass,” yeah, not cool. I think Harriet definitely deserved to be punished for her actions. However, how she died was horrid and completely unnecessary. That she did not deserve. Sigh… a moment of silence for our beautiful Irish doctor… thank you. Now let us move on.

Lucy Westenra

Originally posted by madqirl

Can I ever type or say that name without feeling like I’m being hit by a freight train?!?! Maybe some day. Today is not that day. Lucy had a pretty rough time. I mean her sole purpose in this show was to suffer and make us cry with her. It worked. Well done, Katie. When this all started, Lucy was simply a young girl in love that could do no wrong. As time went on, and we started to learn more about her, her internal struggles with her life and self became so clear. She was basically living a life that was chosen for her and she was happy with very little of it. Despite her feelings for Mina and jealousy toward Harker, Lucy still played her part as the best friend and was constantly there for Mina (although she did take a deserved jab at Harker on occasion).

Again, let us consider Lucy’s actions that led to her fate. After being hurt and rejected by the woman she loved, she seduced Harker after being convinced that Mina deserved to understand the pain of being hurt by someone she loved. She came to this decision and was coached by Lady Jayne. After going through with it, she felt terrible for what she did and confessed her actions to Mina out of guilt. Mina’s understandable reaction caused Lucy to feel even worse and it showed. While contemplating herself and everything that had unfolded, she was suddenly attacked by a livid Grayson. That sad look in her eyes will always kills me. Grayson told Lucy that if she insisted on behaving like a monster, he would make her into one, and he turned her. That meant that Lucy was doomed to live the harsh, cruel life of a vampire, but must also live eternally with the guilt of how she hurt Mina and the sorrow of not being loved in return. That is to assume that she and Mina never made amends (I think they would have eventually). Truly, I think Grayson needs to chill the hell out because that is a very harsh punishment for a mistake that a very trusting and naive Lucy made when she was in pain.

Lucy’s fate turned out to be incredibly tragic and was somewhat treated as one. However, Grayson’s words and reaction were intended to make us believe that she deserved what he gave her. Didn’t work, Grayson. You’re just rude and rash. Let us mourn our poor bby gay Vampire!Lucy. We could have had it all!

Morgana Pendragon

Originally posted by fan-imagines

I won’t let myself get into everything that led to Morgana becoming evil. A lot of you already sat and cried with me through that. Now I need to focus on her actions after she became evil. I need to focus on what she did after becoming a powerful, dark, magical presence. In season 4, we know that Morgana had come into her own as a sorceress. She no longer had Uther directly abusing her or Morgause manipulating her. She still had Merlin being dishonest with her, but part of me thinks by this point it would have been too late. That is especially so by season 5. As much as I loathe to admit, we have to consider the fact that all the decisions she made after becoming as powerful as she was were her own. All of the hell that rained on Camelot was her doing and hers alone. She no longer had Morgause whispering in her ear or pulling the strings. Morgana still, however, suffered a lot over the final 4 years of her life. Her anger and hatred for all of those against magic, and her drive for revenge only grew after being imprisoned and tortured for 3 years. After three years, I feel like the need to make those that wronged her suffer and bleed was greater than her original desire to take the throne to ensure people like her would live in peace.

When she finally had the opportunity to try and ensure her victory over Arthur and Camelot, events unfolded that caused her rage to fully consume her. Sadly, she became sloppy, no longer being “old friends” with patience. Part of her was even a little arrogant when she went out to finish the job and get her revenge. Finally, in that fateful moment she was vindictive to the very end. She knew her brother was doomed, “Don’t worry dear brother, I won’t let you die alone. I will stay and watch over you.” She could have left it there… however… “Until the wolves gorge on your carcass and bathe in your blood.” WHOA! Way to send off the one man that was always there for you before your fates forked off. Sad face! She also made the terrible mistake of underestimating Merlin. Again, this would have never happened if she knew the truth. I think a final showdown between these two was an opportunity missed. I would like to petition for a re-write.

Merlin was right to blame himself but was also right in saying the bloodshed had to end. At that point, what other way could there have been? Morgana went through so much pain in her life and we will never get over that. But objectively speaking, she caused a lot of pain as well. Even if she felt her actions were justified, even though there were some earlier times where she wasn’t always happy with her actions, she let her arrogance, rage, and need for vengeance take over. She did deserve punishment, and part of me will say that her actions immediately before her fate led to it. But I will never think her death was fair. Long live the Queen.

Oriane Congost

Originally posted by ajfflsqhtpdy

Pfffft! Oriane… I just… Wow. Much less conflicted with her. I once said, that I always try to find a way to sympathize with characters. Katie and my thoughts of what Oriane most likely experienced prior to the narrative made it a little easier to sympathize with her. But… that doesn’t stop the fact that she was terrible! Just terrible!! She treated her younger sister with undeserved disdain, simply because she felt Alais was “the favorite.” She manipulated literally everyone she came into contact with in the series. She killed her father with poison and had some lovely words for him on his death bed, “The agony you’re feeling is my hatred twisting in your guts like a serpent. I know you’re not my real father. But your death alone with not satisfy me. Alais will suffer for your sins.” Damn.

Following that heartwarming moment, she held her niece (a toddler) hostage and put a blade to her throat, and she tried to kill her sister. Pretty much every bad thing that unfolded in the final moment in that cave were of her doing. Big old blood bath and Oriane was lighting the candles, setting the mood, and filling the tub. Yeah, I would say she deserved what happened to her. Sorry Ori. Don’t hate me. And please don’t stab me!

Zara Young

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I think all of us agree that poor, sweet Zara did not deserve what happened to her. I mean, literally all she did was show up for work that day. Zara had some extra responsibility thrown her way in the form of two kids. Sure, she lost track of them after they ran off, but I will always state that is not relevant to what happened to her. I still don’t believe that people out there make that argument. Get outta here!

Realistically speaking, Zara was simply a casualty of the chaos. However, she had the most gruesome death in the movie. It was torture! Getting picked up, fought over, dropped, dunked, picked pack up, dunked again, picked back up and then gone. Whyyyyy was that necessary? I mean other than showing off that Katie is a badass that does her own stunts and letting her live out what is most likely one of her top geek out moments. But why!? I will say, that you know, being aware of the things that have happened with Jurassic Park, Zara, love, maybe it wasn’t the best job to take? Let us say goodbye, to Zara Young, Jurassic World Employee of the Year. She will be missed.


Right so the verdict then! Who do I think was the least deserving of what happened to them. This was hard. Like really hard. I have a feeling some of you will hate me for my choice, but it is my final answer! I’ve been battling this for hours people!


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Again, Lucy literally existed in this telling of Dracula to be sad, suffering, pining, cast aside and technically killed. I am a bit of a romantic at times, and all I could think was how badly I just wanted Lucy to be happy with someone that deserved her affections and gave her the world. Seeing her go through the emotional turmoil that she did, while still trying to keep a brave and sassy front was hard. She was not driven by hate or revenge, she simply was young, naive, inexperienced and hurting. Yet she was viewed as a monster. That just doesn’t sit with me.

For those that want to kill me for not choosing them, Zara was my runner up! Followed by Morgana. Please direct hate mail here.

Thanks for the ask, friend! It was brilliant!

To the next girl who loves him 7/12/15

He doesn’t like pictures of himself, he will literally hide away from the camera. I tried taking pictures with him a couple times, just make sure you both make funny faces and catch it when he laughs. His laughing smiling face is the face that turned my melancholy into serenity. He’s afraid to compliment you all the time, calling you beautiful or baby girl because he thinks it ruins it. Don’t ask him why he’s afraid, he gets mad if you do. He’ll instead look at you with that smirk and you know what he’s thinking of you. You won’t need to beg for compliments after that. He is obsessed, OBSESSED with video games. Respect that. Let him be in his man cave and when he’s done he’ll text you back. Or if you’re over his house, ask to sit on his lap and it’ll be good for the both of you. He loves his dog Pudge so much, so you better love Pudge too. His family is the sassiest and wittiest of them all. His pap is the most entertaining out of all of them. He has many sisters, 2 brothers, and a lot of other family members that are so loving and adorable. If you can’t handle the shenanigans and can’t go out with his mother all day for shopping and hanging out, don’t stick around. He’s going into the Marine Corps. He wants to go into active duty. Be prepared for that. He’ll throw jokes at you left and right, teasing you endlessly because he loves when you get mad like that. He won’t pressure you into anything, he’s not that kind of guy. He’s like a big teddy bear. His hugs are the kind that can cure cancer, and his funny soul shines through always. He never, EVER (I am so dead serious here) failed to make me smile from ear to ear or crack up laughing, even at my lowest. I’ll never have enough thank you’s in the world for how much he helped me get through so many emotional issues I went through this past year. But right now, he’s gone. My bestfriend and then boyfriend that I’ve come to know got lost along the way. His behavior with me changed, his demeanor was different. He started looking at me like I was some task or burden instead of the girl who gave him happiness. And because of that, I told him to beat it. I was mean and cruel in the way I did it, but I felt betrayed. And so, so hurt by him. I may be very young, and he is younger than me. He maybe wasn’t ready for a relationship because he doesn’t know how to put work into someone he cares about. Maybe our timing was off. Maybe as time goes by and he realizes what he lost, he’ll come back to me. Maybe. I’ll miss him so much as I go through my life without him for a little bit. I swear I’ll think of him everyday. I’ll never stop loving him no matter how many people tell me how much of an asshole he was, or to forget him because he doesn’t deserve my love. But I remember our good times. All the times we hung out, the times when I cried into his chest until 4 am, when we’d be together making out and he’d kiss me funny so I’d start giggling and he’d kiss my whole face laughing with me. The way it was after we got tired out but still ever so softly kiss each other until I breathed into his neck to let him know I wanted to just lay there. I’d run my fingers through his hair and tap my fingers ever so softly tracing his bones. I miss when he’d hold my hand and run his thumb alongside mine. And I remember our first time together wasn’t perfect, or ideal, but in that moment everything fell into place. I always thought we fit together so well like a puzzle, but I guess things change. I loved seeing him happy, and I never wanted to stop making him happy. It still feels like I committed suicide by choosing to let him go. Heartbreak is the most evil thing in the world…. and I imagine it’s worse than breaking your femur. I just do NOT wish this deep pitting pain on anyone. So you BETTER treat him just as good, better than me if you even can. Remind him that he is good enough. That he is worthy. That it’s okay to put your all into someone, to love another just as much as you love yourself. I can’t tell you how much this kills me writing all this. I feel my chest rising with knots and there are tears all over my cheeks. My heart aches for him. I thought my future was going to be with him. I imagined when I would come home for Christmas break next year, I would’ve bought him that Gotcha Knife that he wanted. And I’d be so stuck on whether to give it to him as a birthday gift or a Christmas gift. Finally I would’ve been home completing my externship and graduating, and then in June-July he would be sent out for Marine boot camp. By then I’ll have my career, and I would send him so many letters and care packages letting him know he isn’t missing much. Letting him know I supported him 10000% and I hope he becomes the best Marine no one has ever seen. But now, I’m not on that path anymore. Maybe that’s okay. I know he may not care about me anymore, that’s how selfish and immature he is as of right now. I got drunk on his funny ways and I fell hard. I miss being intoxicated by him, I will for a long ass time. I hope with time maybe we can salvage whatever we both destroyed, because I’ll always love him. I’ll love him until I find another soul to love, however long that will take.

title: what it exposed

rating: t

a/n: so i noticed this bit of realization in the echo cave scene, where emma reaches out to him, and it just sparked this. it’s been a while since my last fic, but captain swan, amirite?


It’s been a week after the whole whirlwind of miscommunication with Elsa, and they decide to warm up and celebrate in the Rabbit Hole after dinner.

Killian goes to get them drinks, and before she even realizes, a man she’s never seen before slides smoothly into the seat opposite her, hazel eyes twinkling bright.

“So, once again we have you to thank for keeping us safe, eh? Name’s Darren by the way, I apologize for intruding but I wanted to thank you personally.”

He sounds Canadian, and she can’t pick up an ounce of creepiness from him (must have been the Canadian in him), so she responds, “You’re welcome, but really, Killian did most of it.”

“Killian?” he asks, eyebrow raised in polite confusion.

Emma waves her hand. “You know, Captain Hook?”

“Captain Hook? The man who murdered my father? He’s here?

Emma starts – it’s not like she’d been ignorant of Killian’s past villainy, but to have such a stark reminder throws her for a loop all the same.

She opens her mouth, but shuts it abruptly when she realizes not only doesn’t she know how to respond to that, but she is completely unaware of the context. Well, except for the murder bit.

Darren’s previously friendly smile hardens, eyes boring into her with startling intensity.


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