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You’ve been doing well, and you’re enduring. You will be going forward. Plus you have me.

“It’s Kinda Distracting...” (Joji)

Anon Request: I really would like to read a post about the reader trying to get Joji to stop editing for a bit and to pay attention to her, like he’s trying to focus but he eventually gives in? Like maybe reader just starts to give him the succ and he can’t help it? I just love this blog it’s chill if you have other stuff to do too dude

I sat in bed, patiently waiting for Joji to finish whatever he was doing on the computer and climb in bed next to me. I had been libidinous for the past week and a half, craving his touch and wanting his hands all over me. At first, I left him alone, wanting him to finish whatever project he had himself set on. But as time went on, the less he came to bed. I would hear the water of the shower on, signaling he was occupying the bathroom, but he would come out newly dressed in some sleepwear and then go back to his “man cave” to proceed with what he was doing earlier. I laid there on my back, trying to make myself engaged in some other activity other than just staring blankly at nothing. The TV bored me and made me lethargic, my eyes drooping slowly. I sat up rapidly, slapping myself out of it, I went over to Joji’s little “man cave”, opening the door, I saw him behind his desk on his laptop in nothing but his plaid, flannel pajama pants. I leaned on the doorframe using my shoulder as I crossed my arms over my chest. I bit my lip as I watched him: his damp hair slightly getting in his view as his eyes concentrated on the screen, his bare torso exposed as he sat there unbothered.

“Hey.” I let out softly letting my fingers dance across the wooden frame of the door, “You coming to bed?”

“Uh…what time is it?” he asked without looking up, the mouse clicking louder than usual.

“Currently, it is twelve o’ three a.m.” I answered looking at the nearby clock.

Fearlessly, I walked into the room hoping I’d catch his eye, but I didn’t succeed. I sat on the edge of his desk and he sighed, telling me he wasn’t finished with what he was working on. With my bare legs, and being in nothing but my underwear, he wasn’t paying attention. Joji loved it when I showed off this much skin and would refuse to keep his hands off of my body. He was not even close to finishing up his work, but that didn’t mean he had to put me off the way he was. I brought myself back onto my feet and walked behind the chair he was seated on, I placed my hands-on his shoulders and massaged them lightly. Leaning into him a little slightly, I placed a soft kiss on the skin of his neck, earning an annoyed groan from him.

“Baby, not right now, okay? I’m not done editing yet. And after I’m done with this I need to edit a video I’m uploading soon.” he whined as he shrugged me off, “We can continue this tomorrow, okay? I promise.”

“You promised me yesterday…” I muttered.

Although it dawned on me that I should leave him alone so he can edit at his own pace without feeling rushed, I couldn’t help but grow more impatient as the minutes, hours, seconds, went by. I sighed and brought myself to my knees, not wanting to let any more time to go to waste. I made sure to make quick movements before I changed my mind completely. Joji was always one to cherish his time alone when it came to editing, and I was the one to always respect that, but he’s never edited this long before. Crawling my way around his desk in order to enter through the open front part of it, I was pretty bothered by the fact he hadn’t noticed me duck down onto my hands and knees or noticed me as I crawled away. My chin came in contact with his knee lightly as I placed it on there, hoping he’d get the gist of what my actions were trying to show him. Joji seemed to not have any reaction to what I was doing so I amped up my motions: I let my hand trail up his clothed leg, the loose fabric so thin I could manage to feel his leg hairs through his pants. My hand stopped at his crotch, to which he then sat up straighter with a jolt, “Whoa, hey…what are you doing under there?” he asked me confused.

“I just wanna touch you a little bit…” I admitted as I continued to caress his groin area.

“Babe, come on out from under there. It’s kinda distracting…I told you I’m busy editing.” he sighed in his ‘I told you already not to do that’ tone.

“Keep editing…I promise you wont get too distracted.” I explained as I somehow found my hand creeping it’s way into his pants.

Joji agreed to letting me touch him as he worked. There were a few times, within the couple of minutes that I sat there jerking him off, I felt him suppress moans and grunts. As he grew harder I decided to let my mouth do the rest of the work. I took his length from out of his boxers and his pants, the cold air making him feel relieved due to the temperature rising in his pants. The clicks of his mouse continued as I begin licking up his shaft slowly, then taking him in my mouth as I swirled my tongue along his tip. Joji gasped then cleared his throat, as if he didn’t want me to know how good it made him feel because he was too busy focusing on his bright screen. Taking more of him in my mouth was always challenging since he was big in size but it was well worth it if it meant getting a reaction out of him. He groaned in a rough manner, his clenched fists now lying beside him. With one hand on his shaft, I made swift movements with my wrist skillfully as I carried on sucking. Sooner than expected, his hands found their way into my hair, entangling in the nest on my head as he tried putting my hair in a ponytail. It wasn’t long enough until his moans became irregular and more notable as they got louder. He sucked in a breath as I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him. His eyes were dark as he bit his lip, motioning me to keep going. I knew he was close and instead of me making a witty comment, I went back to sucking him off. Using my tongue to massage his length as I bobbed my head up and down with his help, he cussed in Japanese. It turned me on when he did that and even if this was just me sucking him off and not him fucking me after, I didn’t care…he was a sight to see what he was in pleasure.

“Y/N…fuck.” he breathed.

Placing my hands on either side of his thighs, I took more of him into my mouth, earning moans from him, I took it as my sign of approval.

“Y/N..” he moaned with his hand entangled in my hair as the other was clenching the arm of the chair, “Fuck, stop…I- I’m gonna cum.”

The thing I loved most about sucking Joji off was that he would always try and cut it short for fear that he might cum too quickly but would give in anyway if it meant that at the end of the day it would be me getting the job done. His grip on my hair got tighter and he cussed once more in his foreign language before whispering, “Fuck, just like that, baby.”

Doing as I was told, he moaned, his cock twitching in my mouth as his cum doused the back of my throat. Letting out a chain of cuss words from his lips, he lightly panted as I persisted to suck him off. Joji let out a grunt and removed my lips from his cock. I studied him attentively as he got up from his chair and held out his hand to me. Thinking he was going to help me up from my spot under his desk, I was in for a wild ride when he instead yanked me up on my feet and turned me around so that my butt was facing him and my hips were pressed against his desk. It was as though he’d finally snapped out of his trance and acknowledged me, as he should.

“Thought you didn’t wanna get distracted?” I provoked, turning my head to look at him.

Joji was strenuously removing my underwear from under the oversized shirt but soon stopped once it fell to my ankles. He chuckled to himself, “Thought this was what you wanted?” he told me in a taunting manner as he slipped a finger inside me.

I gasped and gripped the desk so hard it made my knuckles turn white. Joji went on and added another finger, he pumped them inside me vigorously. Hanging my head low as my moans grew louder, he suddenly stopped. About a few seconds passed by with no action or motion from him so I turned around to see what it was he was doing and I witnessed him sucking his fingers before he grasped his cock and pushed himself inside me at a fast pace. I grabbed one of his hands that was placed on my waist and tightened my clutch on it as he filled me with every inch of him, clouding my mind with euphoria. Joji grunted in an animalistic manner when he began thrusting faster and rougher, taking my leg and propping it up on the desk made it more so he had more access and could go deeper than he already was. I removed my hand from his and slammed it flat back on the desk, letting my hands and arms glide forward so that the upper part of my body was occupying the desk. Joji’s fingers worked my clit earning a loud moan from me.

“Joji..” I warned him with my eyes shut tightly as I focused on how sensual he was making me feel.

Alternatively, he took this as his signal to get rougher and faster, which is exactly what he did. I brought my self back up on my hands and Joji began ramming me with his thick cock, turning me into a spastic moaning disaster. My moans became consistent and as did his. Gripping his hands tightly, I came all over him as he continued thrusting distortedly, letting me know he was going to cum, so I turned around and took his length into my mouth once more as I planted my my knees on the floor. Joji’s hands went straight for my hair as I sucked him off, he moaned in a raspy deep tone. Once he came, I swallowed willingly and got up, observing his panting figure as he plopped himself into his swivel chair, tucking his dick away. He was sweaty and so was I. Picking my underwear up with his fingers, he smiled and threw them at me, “You gonna go back to editing?” I asked with my eyebrow raised as I began putting my underwear on.

“I’m not done with you yet…that was round one, I’m taking a small break. So there’s no use in putting those back on.” he laughed referring to my lace underwear as they were hooked with my fingertips.

I slid them down and went to sit on his lap, “Let’s move this somewhere more comfortable.” he winked at me.

Distracting him was my best idea yet, and even Joji agreed.

Context: We (A Warlock (me), A fighter, a ranger, and a bard) had just emerged from a long cave system back into open sky to find dawn breaking. In the distance we see a fuzzy black cloud approaching

GM: Ok so a swarm of bats happens to be attempting to enter the cave you just left, and -rolls behind sheet- they didn’t get anything to eat last night, so guess who’s on the menu…

Fighter: don’t worry, I got this -unsheathes massive greatsword- 

Fighter (OOC): So I could technically target an individual member of a swarm right

DM:….I…-proceeds to read swarm rules for 10 minutes-…uhh….yes but it wouldn’t really do anything

Fighter, with mischievous grin: I attack the closest bat to me -rolls not a 1-

DM: You hit. It dies

Fighter: Awesome. Now I’m gonna great cleave


Fighter: -proceeds to great cleave all 56 bats in the swarm over the course of several minutes of rolls, somehow not rolling a 1-

Bard: My god how did you do that

Fighter: I learned that in the great mosquito plague of ‘89

-entire table proceeds to lose their shit laughing-

duskhaze  asked:

Honestly I'm just trying to figure out how lup got INTO the umbrella??? knowing what we know of her character i can't imagine she'd just go, "wellp im just going to lay down by this wall and die while somehow getting my soul sucked into this umbrella!!" the only thing i can think of is that she's a lich like Barry (since it SEEMS to b implied that Barry wasn't a lich at the start at least) and when she died the umbra staff ate her against her will since that form is pure magical energy??

things we know about lupbrella:
- is aware of her surroundings in there, since she blasted her name into the wall and tried to defend herself from kravitz
-is able to move the umbrella independently, although shes only ever used this to get herself back to taako, so this ability might be limited
-is all the same not in full control of the umbrella, since it still ate jenkins wand and edwards edward (the function of normal, non-possessed umbra staffs) (although maybe she just allowed this to happen bc she had no reason not to)

things we know about lups corpse situation:
-she was locked in a cave only openable with merle/gundrans blood. whether she was trapped there or deliberately hid herself there is unknown.
-they found her corpse “huddled” against the wall, with the umbrella stashed deep in her robes. it felt very set up and tidy, no sign of a struggle.
-when she was communicating telepathically with taako, she only did so when they were still outside barrys hideout, which we know was close to wave echo cave - and griffin described the voice as sounding distant, like it wsa coming from a cave a couple hundred feet away (not an exact quote, but he did say cave and gave a certain distance). we also know taakos telepathy bracelet has a specific range

reasons lup could or would give up her physical form:
-lucretia erased all memory of their mission with a voidfish. the voidfishes powers dont work on you if youre dead. lup would have wanted to remember more than she would have wanted to stay alive
-kravitz said he detected a lich, and that it wasnt taako. the way liches work is that they have to store their soul in an object at which they can reform when their body is destroyed, effectively making them able to exist permanently in the material plane despite being dead. barrys phylactery is presumably his coin. lup was close to barry and thus could have learned from him the same soul-binding spell. barry didnt know where she was or even that she was dead, so if she did cast that spell she did it all herself

so my current theory is: lup sealed herself in the cave and turned herself into a lich as a last ditch effort to escape lucretias mutiny

the only thing i dont get is, if her soul is in the umbrella, why was her voice coming from the cave? otherwise, it all checks out.

Candle Lit Dinner

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1800ish

Warnings: Age difference ?, it’s really just fluff with some angst, hateful comments

Requests open!

A/N: Thanks so much for the request! It was fun to write this and I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by richard-graysons

Tom’s POV

The sunlight streaming through the window had woken Tom up an thirty minutes ago, yet he was still lying in bed. The only reason he wasn’t moving about was because someone had their body tangled up in his. That someone was his girlfriend, Y/N.

She had her head resting the crook of his arm and torso, her body facing his. Her left hand was resting on Tom’s lower stomach while the other was wrapped around his back underneath him. That along with how her legs are tangled with his, it made it near impossible for Tom to move without her waking up. It didn’t bother him in the slightest though; he loved being next to her.

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A Bathhouse in Hyrule

“Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.”

- Pablo Picasso

Notwithstanding the somewhat facetious quote above, bathing has always proved a persistent and critical element of health in many of the world’s longest-standing civilizations, evidenced by bathhouses from the Japanese onsen to the Roman thermae. Bathing is the servant of Cleanliness, and has always taken various cultural forms, adopting different rituals and serving different functions. Bathing can be done out of necessity - the simple need to become clean, so as to be free from dirt, dust, and disease - but it can also take on a sacred aspect, often serving in purification rituals and ablutions in many religions, from Islam to Shinto. In the Hyrule of Twilight Princess, there is also evidence of an ancient bathhouse, though whether it was created for respite and pleasure or for ceremony and spirituality is as yet undetermined.

Behind an unassuming rock facade on a path leading to Zora’s Domain from North Hyrule Field is a small series of chambers hollowed into a cave. It consists of five small rooms - three main chambers, an antechamber, and a far room - arranged on a single axis. The rooms, when divided horizontally from the very center, are laid-out symmetrically, with the three baths in the three central chambers. And these are not truly separate chambers, as the walls which divide them do not actually make contact with the cave above, creating open, individual spaces under one large ceiling.

Much of the cave has been left in a natural state, and a constructed shell has been built within its space. Low, flat walls with protruding arches, lintels, and pillars extend to all five rooms, separating the baths from the stark cave walls, giving it a distinctly man-made environment under an organic roof. Rough masonry of oddly-fitted stones creates the corner piers and parts of the wall, while other areas are covered by a carved arabesque or screen. Other pieces of stonework are decorated with an opus reticulatum theme of green and pink tiles, which give off the distinct feel of a bathhouse; they seem an incredibly modern element when compared to rather traditional design of this building. The screens, done in a diamond-and cross pattern, often carry the crest of the Royal Family as seen at Snowpeak, and many of the alcoves (designated by the gentle arches above them) are hung with a tapestry bearing the royal symbol of Hyrule: the Wingcrest. Weapons are hung upon the walls, much the same as at Snowpeak, creating a clear cultural connection between the two far-flung structures.

With its clear connections to both lowland Hylian architecture and to the mansion at Snowpeak, this bathhouse might seem rather straightforward. But, then one notices the gates which separate each room from the others. They are Zoran gates, of the same design as those found within the Lakebed Temple, with their curvilinear forging, aquatic themes, and nautical coloration. At first, this may seem puzzling, but, in reality, it makes perfect sense. Twilight Princess, as has been noted several times, displays an incredible depth of cosmopolitanism and trade relations; because of the location of this bathhouse in Lanayru Province, given its proximity both to Hyrule Castle and to Zora’s Domain, and given the close relations between the royal families of Hyrule and the Zora, that the Zora should have had a hand in the construction of this water-dependent building is completely logical. The Zora, with their river, give the land its life and nourishment, and they likely created the water-channeling devices which made this bathhouse function. Architecturally, their legacy is bound up in this space alongside Hylian tradition, which gives us a magnificent look at cultural dispersion and connections within Hyrule - and in a place that was likely meant only as a simple puzzle.

I suppose the remaining question is: what happened to this place? It is readily apparent that these baths have seen no visitors for many years, as the entrance was closed off with a massive boulder. And, any cursory inspection of the interior must take note of the old frost and ice upon the walls. The baths themselves have frozen solid, creating mirrored pools of an unknown depth. There are many spots for torches upon the walls, and we can easily imagine steaming baths, the warm vapors rising overhead and filling the cave ceiling, slowly dripping back down to the floor in an endless cycle. The freeze could have been a side-effect of the icing-over of Zora’s Domain, or it could have happened after the cave was sealed - the fires slowly dying and giving way to the creeping ice. We could speculate for hours about the nature and history of this bathhouse, which would likely come to naught, or we could simply enjoy it for what it is: a symbol of relaxation, purity, and cultural synthesis.

I can’t believe I actually wrote this. WC: 1414

They said he was crazy. They said he’d never find him, that he was just some myth. That his sightings were just the result of some people taking one too many drugs.

But he knows he’s real, and he is going to be the one to find him.

He’s never gonna give up, not until he finds him.

Not until he finds Mothman.

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The world’s largest man-made ice cave is now open in Iceland where tourists can travel over 2,500 feet into the heart of one of the world’s largest glaciers, Langjökull  in the midwest highlands of Iceland.


These caves contain the longest subterranean river known in the world, the Rubicon (not to be confused with the Rubicon in Italy). The caves opened in 1912 and were originally equipped with torches. 8,000 years ago Paleolithic hunters sheltered themselves in the caves; much later the same area was used as a wine shelter. More recently the caves were used as a shelter during World War II.


In which Klaus is besotted with the new girl and Caroline wants to know how the hell she ended up in Viking times.

Okay, so this is my obligatory time travel drabble and I don’t really think there’s anything special to say about this one that would constitute an author’s note, but it’s definitely one of the fluffier things I’ve written, and kind of short too (at least, for me). Be warned, there is smut here and some Viking-esque misogyny as well but not so much, but if any of this offends you, I suggest you scroll past. Oh, and by the way, my Viking name for Mystic Falls was a result of searching through Old Norse dictionaries for the translation of ‘Mystic Falls’; from what I could tell, they didn’t have a word for ‘mystic’, so I just went with ‘mysterious’ as a close synonym. One last note, when I say ‘Klaus’, I’m mostly referring to our friendly neighbourhood Original Hybrid, and when I say ‘Niklaus’, I’m mostly referring to human Klaus. In circumstances where this is not true, it should be obvious which Klaus I’m referring to. Hopefully.

When Caroline’s eyes finally fluttered open, she almost wished that she was still knocked out, considering the anvil that was currently being dropped on her skull, again and again and again. A hand (female, by the feel of it) spanned her forehead and brushed her hair back against whatever her head was lying on. It was the touch that prompted her to pluck up the courage, push past the splitting headache and open her eyes. Only to scramble upwards and hurtle backwards.

“Hell.” She breathed, because Esther Mikaelson (dead Esther Mikaelson) was leaning over her.

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Robin’s Nest: Part 11

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1334

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

The question comes out of nowhere, but you’re not really surprised. You expected it to come eventually. “How did you meet Dad?”

          Your eyes meet Tim’s, before they slide to Bruce. He’s still pretending to read the paper, but you can see the smirk from where you’re sitting.

          Then, almost as if by magic, your other kids appear. You smile as they all plop down around you and Bruce and just stare. You’ve never told them this story. It had just never been the right time.

          “Ask your father.”

          Mouths drop open and Jason says, “You’re finally going to tell us?”

          You just smile and say, “It’s up to your dad.”

          Bruce lowers his paper as Damian snuggles into one of your sides, and Tim takes the other. Jason plops down on one side of your legs, while Dick takes the other.  Helena and Cass immediately snuggle up next to Bruce, Daddy’s girls to the core the both of them. Your husband just smiles, “Well, since the entire family is all here …”  

          “Not quite.” You say as Alfred comes into the room, Terry in his arms. He passes the baby to you as Dick and Jason go to sit next to the old butler. Bruce looks a bit surprised, but Alfred just smiles and says, “This is perhaps my favorite story of all time. I’m certainly not going to miss it.”

          Bruce simply sets his paper to the side and starts in on the story. “We were ten, and we went to school together. Your mother was a scholarship student; she was living with her grandmother. Alfred had forced me back to school after two years of homeschooling. He was worried about my socialization skills.”

          Jason scoffs, “I can’t imagine why.”

          Bruce ignores him and continues, “At that point the importance of contacts had been fully stressed to our peers.”

          You smile, “They were trying to get in good with the Wayne heir.”

          Bruce nods, “Everyone but your mother. Her nose was always in a book. It was always a new book too. And she usually had several more in her bag. But I noticed her because she never once approached me. Despite being in a position where contacts would come in handy. She just kept to herself.”

          “Scholarship students weren’t exactly welcomed.”

          Bruce nods, “We got paired for a project one day, and instead of doing it here, she insisted we do it at her apartment. This was strange as well, because everyone wanted to come to the manor. It gave their parents a chance to pick them up, and try and put their faces in my mind. Your grandmother, however, invited me to this tiny little apartment. It was decorated with bright colors, and the smell of baked goods was always in the air. I smiled there, and that was the amazing thing. I smiled freely, I hadn’t done that since my parents died.

          “I found out that we had a lot in common, and I was sad when the project was over. I was immediately absorbed by my peers again. Your mother went back to reading.”

          You shrug, “I liked my books, and I didn’t exactly fit in with his crowd.”

          Bruce just scoffs, “They weren’t my crowd.”

          “They certainly thought they were,” you tease. The boys are laughing by this point. Bruce had never been one for socialization, especially now that he had a family. As far he was concerned, you guys were all he needed.

          “All right, on with the story.” Tim says with a smile as the laughter dies down.

          Bruce clears his throat, “About two weeks after the project ended I stumbled across some kids talking about my parents… and me. Not nice things either. I knew that most of it had been fake, I’d figured that out when my parents were still alive. But it still hurt. Anyways, one of them said something about your mother. They called her a love sick puppy before they started talking about how she wasn’t worthy, and something in me snapped. I couldn’t protect my parents, but I could protect her.”

          You smile at that before saying: “Of course, he was a scrawny, outnumbered ten-year-old boy at the time, without any skills for fighting.”

          Bruce just smiles, “You mother saved my butt. She threw some rocks, and nailed the boys, she hit another one with a book, the Odyssey I believe.”

          The boys all turn to look at you, and you just smile and say, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

          “So I’m covered in bruises, and we still have three periods left, and your mother decides to drag me home instead of to the nurse’s office. We took the bus all the way across town. My clothes were torn, I had a black eye, and split lip. We get to her apartment, her grandmother takes one look at me and breaks open the first aid kit. She never asked what happened, and she didn’t send us back to school.”

          You smile at the memory. “My grandmother was unusually perceptive. She had been a nurse during World War Two. She always knew what a person was about to do before they did it.”

          “She was the first one to teach me how to observe. To notice the little details a lot of people let slip by.”

          A moment of silence passes while you and Bruce get lost in the memory of the woman. Damian shifting brings you back and you clear your throat before looking at Bruce, “She always said you would do great things. Said you’d be the one to save Gotham.”

          Bruce just smiles, “Strange, she said you’d be the one to save me. She said you’d keep me from getting lost. She said that you’d save me. I miss her, wish she could have seen all of you.”

          You laugh, “She never would have believed it, and she would have killed the both of us for graduating early and going off to travel the world.”

          Bruce nods, “That woman scared the dickens out me at times.”

          Alfred just laughs, “The two of you were mischief makers. Thick as thieves from that moment on. They had every class together, and were constantly competing for the top spot!”

          “So you left after Gran died?” Helena asks.

          Bruce gives her a one armed hug, “Almost immediately after it happened. Your mother got herself emancipated, and then we left. We both needed a change. It was while we were gone that the idea of Batman was born.”

          “You got married overseas? Right?” Dick asks

          You nod, “In Tibet. I wore a pair of three-year-old jeans, that were falling apart, and this blue shirt. It was right after your father had finished his major training. We were nineteen. We came home after that. Alfred thought we were crazy.”

          Alfred just scoffs, “I still think you’re crazy.”

          You smirk, “You got your grandkids, be happy.”

          Alfred smiles, “You, Mrs. Wayne, made an honest man out of my boy. You helped him overcome. You gave him a wonderful set of children. I honestly believe you made all the difference.”

          Bruce smiles before leaning over and grabbing your hand, “I do too.”

          You can feel yourself on the verge of tears, when you sniff them back and turn to the girls, “I still have that shirt if either one of you would like to wear it on your wedding day.”

          There’s a round of laughter, before you hear the entrance to the cave open. Bruce, Dick, and Jason are on their feet in a matter of seconds before Clark appears. The look on his face tells you that something has happened. “Bruce, we have a problem.”

          Bruce raises an eyebrow and asks, “What sort of problem?”

          Then a voice that you’d know anywhere say, “Us.” And several different versions of your husband and children step into the light. From the corner of your eye you watch as Cass signs, “This is not good.”

The Crawling Spider

A drow themed tavern mostly for iblith non-drow in Waterdeep. It came up in conversation and I don’t think many who follow this blog know of it.

The Crawling Spider tavern

This strange place has a mock underground decor done with plaster slurry and rock rubble. Glowing mosses and lichens have been placed on the walls and ceiling and are watered regularly. These, plus a few netted glowing globes, provide a dim light for the place. Stuffed spiders have been affixed to the ceiling or hang from threads. The staff, hired for their sensuous walks and love of company, wear black bodysuits and masks to make them look like drow.

The Spider never seems to close. The visitor soon discovers that one of the cave mouths leads to the jakes and another to a cellar dance floor. Many cave mouths open off this floor and lead to tiny private caverns used for intimatepersonal conferencesand for planning shady business.


Dwarves, half-orcs, and other subterranean dwellers who miss home, adventurers, and priests of all faiths, looking for a thrill! They form a regular clientele, and have ever since this place opened. The Crawling Spider has the most dedicated patrons. They will come clear across the city to drink here, ignoring other places. If visitors cause trouble, patrons will leap to take care of it. And they include many veteran adventurers among their number.


1 sp/head includes soup, a loaf of bread, meat, and fried greens.
Ale: 2 cp/tankard
Stout 4 cp
Zzar or wine 5cp/tallglass.
Whiskey is 1 sp/flagon


(CN halfling) Welvreene Thalmit is a romantic who loves adventurers. She is petite, with a low purring, raw voice and alluring dark eyes. Danger is the spice she seeks, and she has been known to seek out the company of known thieves, slavers, maniacs, lycanthropes, and killers.

Source: Volo’s Guide To Waterdeep


(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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Chocobros reactions to s/o was half daemon n half human. She lost her sense of sanity during a battle and the only way to stop her chaos is to heavily injure her. (Could end it with her death or surviving. Up to you ^^) love your work! Keep it coming! 👍🏼

Goodness me! This is gonna be fun! These have become some of my favorites to write.



Noctis watched as you turned away from the large deamon you went after, after it tried to ambush the two of you while he was fishing for dinner. The deamon struck so fast and quickly that you only had time quickly shifted from your human guise to your deamon form, it often remind him of Carbuncle, yet instead of the smaller fennec, you rose to the Prince’s chest, yet everything else the same from the red stone, large ears and fur.

Your pure silver fur now only marked by the blood of the deamon you quickly struck down ,yet now instead of reverting back to yourself, you turned those hollow black eyes to the Prince, your mouth opening in a hissing roar.

“Y/n,” Noctis called, only to quickly dodge out the way as you leapt going for his throat. “Y/n, what’s wrong! I’m not going to fight you!”

Noctis watched as you lowered your head, hissing angrily in the back of your throat, tail lashing behind you, he had never seen you like this. You always were in such control of your other half, able to shift in and out. Yet there was something wrong! Horribly wrong.

The young man wasn’t given much time to think, as you suddenly launched again your muzzle open to show your large sharp teeth. Only for them to clench down on a summoned lance, your strong jaw in this form almost went through it.

Noctis took this as a distraction, scrambling away from you, as you shook the long weapon in your mouth much like a dog with a chew toy. Drawing a sword he knew he had to defend himself, yet refused to hurt you. Noctis turned to you, as your jaws went through the staff of the lance, before turning your head back to him.

“Y/N, I know you’re still in there.”

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Angst MM

“No… No…Nooooo! Don’t reset!” I bolted up in my bed. My clothes stuck to my skin from all the sweat. Frantically I looked to my side.

On the other pillow laid my phone.

“No,” I pressed my palms to my eyes,“ I can’t take this anymore.”

‘At first, it was supposed to be fun. Getting to meet her and talking to her; I didn’t mean to fall in love with her.’

Every time she completed a route, she would reset. Every time, she picked someone else and showed a different side to her. She won them over like the angel she was and every time, it broke my heart a little bit more.

First, with Yoosung, she helped him move on from Rika. Next, it was Zen and the scandal. Then Jaehee, who she helped go after her dreams. Then Jumin, who she completely accepted with all his yandere demands. But never me. She never picked me. She never ignored me but she never gave me much attention in the chat.

I waited patiently, hoping every time she would pick me but she never did. While she and everyone else forgot when she reset, I was stuck remembering. I didn’t know why I was the only one. Was this my punishment from God for abandoning him back then?

“Seven? Oops. Saeyoung?”

I snapped my head towards the door and there she stood.

“You’re here,” I spoke in disbelief. How was she here? Why? When?

She rushed over to me and hugged me.

“What’s wrong? I heard you screaming reset.”

Her warmth enveloped me and I felt the cold and loneliness slip away.

“I dreamed you reset and left me,” I clung to her tightly. If I didn’t hold her to confirm she was here, she would disappear. Maybe this was a dream too. If so, I wished to never wake up.

“Reset? What are you talking about?”

I pulled away slightly and looked up at her. Her face expressed her worry and confusion, but mostly love. She was waiting patiently for me to explain even if she didn’t understand.

“I dreamed you got abducted by aliens during our space wedding and they were making you reset to the first day when you joined RFA,” I smiled.

I couldn’t tell her. Telling her would only make it more real. I didn’t want her to even think about resetting.

It was selfish but I wouldn’t, no, couldn’t let her go. It would kill me now that I finally had her.

She giggled, “I’m sure the defender of justice 707 would come and rescue me.”

“Of course!” I grinned.

“Now go to sleep,” She kissed my cheek, “I won’t reset, Saeyoung. You’re the last.”

“What was that?” I asked. I didn’t catch the last thing she said as I slowly felt exhaustion take over.

“I love you Saeyoung. I won’t reset,” she smiled kindly as she walked out the door.

I smiled and closed my eyes. She had already completed the other routes. I was her last and with that I didn’t have to worry about her resetting.

I peaked into Seven’s room. He had fallen back asleep. The slow rising and falling of his chest proved that.

I looked down at my phone. I didn’t really understand but I knew. Every time I reset, I lost all my memories.

But this time, I was done. By subconscious choice or maybe, I had those memories repressed somewhere and saved Seven for last.

Now that it was finished, I could stay with him forever-

My phone buzzed and I looked at the screen.

“Mystic Messenger updated. New characters added.”

I felt tears blur my vision.

“I’m sorry Seven… I didn’t-”

“You’re going to reset.”

I looked to see Saeran looking at me.

“You know-”

“Don’t make me go through it again. I’m finally with Saeyoung. Don’t take me away from him,” he looked frantic and grabbed my arms.

“Saeran,” I looked at him shocked.

“I can’t remember but I feel it! I feel his pain! Don’t separate us!” He shouted.


I looked at Seven’s door and it was opened and Seven looking angrily at his brother.

I was shocked at the sight in front of me. Saeran was clinging onto her and there was desperation in his eyes. Once she looked at me and our eyes locked she looked away guiltily.

“You’re going to reset,” I felt my heart shattering once again.

“I’m sorry,” she looked sad.

It hurt. It hurt when she reset but it hurt more to see my angel in so much pain, and to know that I was the cause of that pain? That was even worse.

“It’s okay,” I forced a smile.

“Saeyoung! What are you saying?! I rather let her die than have her reset!” Saeran looked at me desperately.

“Saeran! It’s her choice!” I shouted.

He flinched and let go of her.

“Are you okay?” I reached out my hand towards her.

“I’m fine…”

“It’s okay.”

She looked at me shocked.

“Don’t feel bad about it. It’s something you have to do right?” I smiled.

Everything in me was screaming at her not to.

“Yeah,” she spoke quietly.

I tilted her chin up.

“Hey, why are you so sad? It’s not like anyone is dying,” I grinned.

I had to send her off with a smile. I didn’t want our last memory together would be her being so tormented and sad. I wanted to see her smile at me while still loving me.


“I love you,” I smiled. I felt tears in my eyes but I hoped she didn’t notice.

Tears were streaming down her face, “Saeyoung-”

“I’ll be waiting, okay?” I grinned.

She probably figured out what I was doing because she always had the uncanny ability to do so and it showed since she wiped her tears away and smiled.

“I’ll be back,” she smiled.

As she began fading, I lost my smile. I knew she wouldn’t be back. After all, she was going to forget everything. She never went back to the others once she completed them so what made me so different?

“Saeyoung….” My brother looked at me worriedly.

“Dammit!” I shouted and slammed my fist on the ground, “Why can’t I forget? Why am I the only one who remembers?! It’s not fair! Why are you punishing me God?!”

“Saeyoung, don’t think like that! I forgive-” I never heard what my brother was going to say as the world around me faded.

Once my vision was restored, I tried not to look at my phone as it began buzzing. I loved her and I lost her. She wasn’t coming back. I closed my eyes and tried to void my emotions like Jumin suggested.

It didn’t work. Memories of her flashed through my mind.

“Dammit all,” I laughed,“I should have pushed her away when she was on my route. Why did I cave?”

I opened a bag of honey Buddha chips then looked at my phone. I shouldn’t keep her waiting.

“Did someone download the app twice?”

In the Cave

so after much badgering from @ashethehedgehog, i’ve been bullied into writing out the beginning of 3 gods au. that being said, it’s JUST the beginning that’ll be in fic form, bc pffft, the whole thing is way too long. each lifetime might as well be a full-length novel and man, thesis is kicking my ass as it is. but um, hey, enjoy.

warnings: mentioned major character death, a little non-consensual touching (yami being an incredibly huge creep)

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Five minute ficlet

It was cold. The kind of cold that made your bones ache because of the humidity, and made your skin burn with tightness. Communications were down and as the sun was setting, it was just getting colder.

You shivered and rubbed your hands against your arms, the futile universal sign for trying to warm up. When that didn’t work, you tried cupping your hands over your mouth and blowing on them while stamping your feet.

It was fucking freezing.

“Lieutenant, have we had any luck hailing Scotty?” Jim Kirk appeared from behind a copse of trees, startling you. The tiny shot of adrenaline made you just a touch warmer.

“None whatsoever, Captain,” you replied. “Did you find shelter?” 

“I found a cave, it’s not far. We’ll collect some wood on the way there, and we can start a fire with my phaser.” He pointed back the direction he’d come from. “Where’s your survival kit?”

“In the wreckage of the shuttle,” you replied, gesturing vaguely behind you. When the shuttle had mysteriously lost power, the crash-landing had caused a radiation leak that forced you to abandon the area immediately. Kirk sighed and reached into his kit, pulling out a pair of thermal ponchos. He pulled one over his head and handed the other to you.

“Let’s go, before the sun sets and we freeze,” he directed. You followed him, stopping to gather deadfall when he did. Soon, he was leading you into a small cave that was more a crack in the side of the hill than a cavern. But it was out of the wind and it felt marginally warmer. Kirk sat you down in a corner, shaking with the cold, and started on the fire. Once it was cheerfully crackling, he helped you move closer to the flames and sat beside you. 

You were so cold, you couldn’t stop your teeth from chattering. The heat from the fire was only penetrating so deep, but it wasn’t getting to your core. Kirk looked you over and sighed. 

“Take the poncho off,” he ordered. You looked at him like he was crazy. And then you thought he must be crazy because he was pulling his poncho off. “Take the poncho off, Lieutenant, that’s an order.” 

You struggled to comply and handed it to him when it was finally free of your head. Kirk struggled with the two crinkly sheets of thermal plastic for a few minutes, but eventually managed whatever it was he was trying to accomplish. He fished around in his survival kit for something else and before you realized what was going on, he’d rigged up a small thermal sheet as a heat reflector on the side of the cave leading outside, blocking the cold just enough that air exchange could still happen, but immediately bringing the temperature up.

You watched in astonishment as he started to strip out of his clothes, and laid them out near the fire, right down to his bare feet. You forced yourself to look away when he started to shuck his underwear. 

“Uh, Captain, are you delirious?” You gasped, staring intently at the fire.

“Up you get, Y/N, strip down,” he ordered, standing stark naked in front of you.

“Are you out of your mind?” You exploded in surprise. He laughed.

“You sound like Bones,” he commented. “Now strip down, or I’ll strip you myself. Your clothes are damp and are insulating you against the warmth. Strip down. I was an eagle scout, I know what I’m doing.”

Hesitantly, and without breaking eye contact with him the whole time, you pulled your clothing off, handing each item to him to lay out with his clothes. You stopped when you got to your bra and panties, faltering.

“All of them, Y/N.” He held his hand out. You cringed and pulled off the rest of your things, handing them to him. “Climb into the bag.”

“The bag?” You repeated.

“The ponchos turn into a sleeping bag. Climb in,” he explained, gesturing at the heap of crinkly fabric on the dark side of the cave. You found the opening and crawled into it, managing not to yelp in surprise when he joined you moments later. You didn’t manage to muffle your shriek of astonishment when he pulled you into his arms.

“Jim!” You exclaimed, trying to pull out of his grip.

“This is not a romantic excursion, Y/N, I’m well aware of that. But if I can’t get your temperature up soon, you’ll die. So calm down and let me be the big spoon.” He was still using his command voice, but there was a softer edge to it, like he understood how uncomfortable and awkward the situation was. “Try to get some rest.”

You wakened in the morning, at first aware of a cold patch on your shoulder, and then, as you came awake, aware that the spot on your shoulder felt cold because of how warm the rest of you was. And how warm whoever you were sprawled across was. You groaned and snuggled in a little closer before drifting back to sleep.

The second time you wakened, it was to the disgusted scoff of Leonard McCoy. “Good god, Jim, you could have froze to death and you still had time to romance the poor lieutenant?”

You shot to a sitting position, holding the thermal bag against your chest, and stared up at Doctor McCoy before looking back at Captain Kirk. Jim looked smug. McCoy looked exasperated.

“Nothing happened,” you explained, feeling your cheeks flush. 

“She was hypothermic, Bones,” Jim offered, climbing out of the thermal bag and walking over to his clothes. He shivered as he pulled them on, and then poked the fire back to life. “Maybe wait a few minutes until the cave warms up again before you dress.”

“Scotty can you beam us from where I am right now?” McCoy countered.

“I’ve got a signal for three of you?” Scotty’s reply warbled through the comm. Jim leaned over and grabbed your clothes as McCoy confirmed your location, and you found yourself back aboard the Enterprise without your clothes on, wrapped in nothing but a thermal bag while Jim held your clothes.




Ame no Uzume [天鈿女命] is the goddess of dawn, mirth and revelry in the Shinto religion of Japan. She famously relates to the tale of the missing sun deity, Amaterasu.

Amaterasu’s brother, the storm god Susanoo, had vandalized her rice fields, threw a flayed horse at her loom, and brutally killed one of her maidens due to a quarrel between them. In turn, Amaterasu became furious with him and retreated into the Heavenly Rock Cave, Amano-Iwato. The world, without the illumination of the sun, became dark and the gods could not lure Amaterasu out of her hiding place.

It was then that the clever Uzume overturned a tub near the cave entrance and began a dance on it, tearing off her clothing in front of the other deities. They considered this so comical that they laughed heartily at the sight. Amaterasu heard them, and peered out to see what all the fuss was about. When she opened the cave, she saw her glorious reflection in a mirror which Uzume had placed on a tree, and slowly emerged from her hiding spot. At that moment, the god Ame no Tajikarawo dashed forth and closed the cave behind her, refusing to budge so that she could no longer retreat. Another god tied a magic straw rope across the entrance. Other deities then asked Amaterasu to rejoin the divine. She agreed, and light was restored to the earth.