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Elemental Ritual of Self Blessing

Day 1 of @chaosundone‘s 31 Days of Pop Culture Spells Challenge - Write a spell inspired by the first character/fandom that made you interested in Pop Culture Witchcraft.

I was drawn to witchcraft initially by Kate Forsyth’s The Witches of Eileanan series, which are a fantastic series of books. The titular witches work in a Wiccan-esque style of magic, worshipping a nature goddess, casting circles, working with the five spiritual elements. It is what got me interested in Wicca, and though I now practice a secular craft, it is still very much influenced by those early readings of Forsyth’s witches. (If you haven’t checked them out, you really should. I cannot recommend them highly enough.)

This ritual is designed to take place in the hours before dawn, so that the completion of the rite happens as the sun rises. A period of fasting should take place before the ritual commences. Draw on the floor (or trace in the dirt if you are outside, ideally) a five pointed star inside a circle, large enough for you to move and work in, with the top point pointing in a north-east direction. At this top point place seeds of a plant that represents you, or that you identify with. This is to represent your Spirit. Working clockwise, place incense or a feather at the next point for Air, a candle or cauldron fire at the next point for Fire, a large bowl of water for Water at the next point, and a pot of soil at the next point for Earth. Gather any other ritual items that you usually use to cast a Circle.

Cast a Circle in your usual manner.

Sit at the top point of the star and meditate on the ritual, on what you wish to achieve, on what the purpose of the ritual is. You are blessing, cleansing, and empowering yourself with the power of the five spiritual Elements. Breathe deeply and slowly, allow yourself to slip into a trance-like state. When you are ready, say:

“I come to a sacred junction of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, to bless myself with the powers of the Elements. I bring the Spirit. May my heart be kind, may my mind be fierce, may my spirit be brave.”

Go to the eastern point of the star and circle, and waft the incense about you, or wave the feather around your body.

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Air.” Breathe deeply of the air, feel the oxygen fill your lungs and flood your cells through your blood. Think of the life giving power of air, and acknowledge it’s destructive power; in your mind, find the balance between the two. “I breathe deep and give thanks, for without Air we would surely die.”

Go to the southern point of the star and circle, and hold your hands out over the flames. 

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Fire.” Feel the warmth of the fire spread through your body. Think of all the ways in which fire gives us life by keeping us warm, giving us life, and even being able to cook food with it. Acknowledge as well the dangerous elements of fire, of how easily it can turn from a tool to a weapon. Find the balance in your mind. “I warm myself and give thanks, for without Fire we would surely die.”

Go to the western point of the star and circle, and anoint your forehead with the water.

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Water.” Take a drink of the water, feel the coolness flow down your throat. Think of the life giving powers of water, that it makes up the majority of our planet and of our own bodies. Think also of the destructive power of water, of floods and tsunamis. Find the balance. “I drink deeply and give thanks, for without Water we would surely die.”

Go to the northern point of the star and circle, and immerse your hands in the soil.

“I bless and cleanse myself with the Element of Earth.” Feel and absorb the earth’s nourishment though your hands. Think of our planet, which sustains all life. Think too of the danger of earth, of earthquakes and landslides. Find the balance. “I take nourishment and give thanks, for without Earth we would surely die.”

Return to the top point of the star and circle, and take your seeds, the source of life and growth, and consecrate them and name them for yourself. As you do this, reflect on why you selected this particular plant, on what it means to you, on how it relates to you as a person. As the sun rises over the horizon, plant the seeds in the pot, and water it deeply with the water.

“I plant myself in the womb of the earth, nourished by the water of life, to grow strong by the fire of the sun, to breathe back the air of the world. As this [name of plant] grows, so do I grow. As this [name of plant] is strengthened by the Elements, so am I strengthened. May my heart by kind, may my mind be fierce, may my spirit be brave.”

Close the Circle in your usual way. Care for your plant, for it is a representation now of yourself and your connection to the Elements and to the world.

Medicine - Kaldur x Reader

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Requested by Anon -  a kaldur fic where the reader is taking care of him because he still isn’t used to the surface so he gets really ill.

You were walking down the hallway at the cave, heading towards the kitchen for breakfast when you heard a horrid, hacking cough. Pausing in your walk, you waited until the cough sounded again. You followed the sound to find yourself at Kaldur’s door. 

“Kaldur, are you okay,” you ask, knocking quietly on his door. 

Another cough erupted from behind the door before you heard a rough voice from within. “I’m fine,” the voice reassured. It took you a second, but you realized the voice was Kaldur’s. He didn’t sound like himself at all.

“Kaldur, let me in,” you insist, knowing he wasn’t fine. 

He sighed loudly before admitting, “The door is open.” His voice cracked painfully. You winced before opening the door to find Kaldur laying on the floor. Letting yourself in, you went to kneel next to him. 

“What’s wrong,” you question while gently placing a hand on his forehead. He was very warm, warmer than he should be. 

“I think I caught one of the surface dweller’s colds,” Kaldur explained before breaking into a harsh cough. Once the cough subsided, he continued, “I am still not used to the illnesses of the surface.” 

You hummed in response, slightly worried about the fact this was his first cold. “Come on, let’s get you back into bed,” you order, helping Kaldur to stand up and stagger to his bed. Tucking him in, you kiss his forehead making him blush. “Don’t worry. I’ll go get you some tea and honey to help your throat. Maybe medicine?” You didn’t know if Kaldur could have human cold medicine. Turning to leave the room, you were stopped by Kaldur.

“You don’t have to take care of me, (Y/N),” he protests, not wanting to be fussed over. You smile at him, giving him a wink.

“I know, but I want to,” you say before disappearing out of the room.

After giving Kaldur the tea, you convinced him to try to sleep while you figured out whether he could have cold medicine. Since this was the Justice League, you thought this could be a easy thing to figure out, but it wasn’t. You were bounced around from the Flash to Green Lantern to Martian Manhunter, the list went on and on. Even when you got Aquaman on the phone, he didn’t know anything either. Seriously, it was nuts.

Finally, after painfully convincing Aquaman that Kaldur only had a simple cold and was not dying, you got Batman. It turns out Kaldur could have cold medicine, just in smaller doses. The fact that Batman knew the answer right away while everyone else knew nothing really did say something about the league’s competency. 

You carry the dose of medicine along with a bowl of chicken noodle soup on a tray to Kaldur’s room, hoping he hadn’t died in the time it took you to deal with the league. Opening the door, you found Kaldur awake, reading a book. He attempted to greet you, but broke into coughs again.

“I brought you some soup and medicine,” you say, offering him the tray. “Sorry, I took so long, but the league is impossible.” 

Kaldur shot you a questioning look before taking the tray from you, setting it in his lap. “Thank you,” he whispered. His voice was almost gone now. “You didn’t have to do this for me.”

You rolled your eyes at him, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I know I didn’t have to, but I want to,” you explain. “You’re not a burden to me, Kaldur.” Kaldur blushes at your words, glancing away from you. He took a sip of your soup.

“This is good,” he complements, making you smile. You glance around the room in thought.

“Hey,” you say to get his attention. “We could watch that movie I was telling you about, I can drag my T.V. in here.” You stand ready to leave the room again, but Kaldur stops you.

“(Y/N),” he says with his cold-ridden voice. “Thank you.” 

You give him a dazzling smile before saying, “It’s my pleasure, Kaldur.” 

When you got the T.V. in the room, Kaldur and you watched movies for the rest of the day. Eventually, you both ended up asleep in each other’s arms. While Kaldur would never admit it, he found the best medicine for his cold was you.        

First Christmas With The Team
  • You don’t understand Christmas.
  • Since you just came from space.
  • M’gann tried to explain.
  • But it just confused you more.
  • Because she tells you all about the other holidays too.
  • Like Yule and Hanukkah.
  • Artemis drags a ranting M’gann away to work on Christmas dinner.
  • “Robin. What is Christmas?”
  • “It’s a holiday that you spend with the people you care about.”
  • “Ah. We had an event like that on my planet.”
  • “Did you give gift sweetness?” Wally asked with a gift in his hand.
  • “Does the head of the hell creature count?”
  • Wally and Dick look at each other then you.
  • You giggle.
  • “I joke. We gave each other handmade gift. If it wasn’t handmade then it was thought that you didn’t care for the person enough.”
  • “That’s sweet,” Kaldur said as he passed by with Rocket.
  • You help throughout the day around the cave.
  • Except the kitchen.
  • Artemis will not allow you or anyone but her and M’gann in the kitchen.
  • You watch Christmas specials as you wait.
  • “Who is Santa?” You ask.
  • “He gives good kids gift and bad kids coal.” Wally said.
  • “How?”
  • “He leave them in their house Christmas Eve.” 
  • “So he breaks into people home and judges the children?”
  • “Umm yes?” Robin answers.
  • “This planet is weird.”
  • “So you don’t have anything like Santa?” Kaldur asked.
  • You shake your head no.
  • “We don’t have a person that judges the children. If a child acts out we judge the parents because they are not raising them right.”
  • “Wow. That makes a lot of sense.” Wally says
The Movie That's Ready To Make "Bro" Less Of A Bad Word
Richard Linklater's '80s-set college movie is the coziest bawdy jock comedy you'll see all year.
By Alison Willmore

The best player on the 1980 Texas college baseball team lovingly depicted in Everybody Wants Some is a senior named Glen McReynolds, a guy who looks like he walked right off a faded Topps card and into a keg party. Played by former Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin, Glen has the bulgiest muscles, the most luxuriant mustache, and the shit-eating grin of a guy who’s sure he’s going to go on as a pro athlete, that his life is going to become even more sweet than it already is. He’s introduced by almost caving in a kitchen ceiling with the waterbed he’s been setting up in the room above. He grinds every newcomer — including freshman main character Jake (Blake Jenner) — into the dirt to establish his dominance, and he handles losing very, very poorly. He’s the distilled essence of sporty douchebaggery.

But during a lazy afternoon hang-out around the baseball team houses (a pair of much-abused buildings donated by the city to house its players), Glen proposes a bet: wielding an axe as a baseball bat, he can cut a baseball in half midair. The teammate who takes up his wager tosses the ball, and as Glen hefts the axe above his shoulder and whirls it around, the movie slows down as if — like everyone else there — it can’t help but admire the easy certainty with which he pulls of this feat of strength and accuracy. Glen may be a asshole, but he’s enthralling in his physical magnificence, and in that moment, you can’t help but like him, even as he smirkingly offers to go two out of three.

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“Overall he’s a pretty good kid but-” “Can I tell the yo-yo story?” [laughing] “Go ahead.” “Me and Matt were fighting- it was his yo-yo. So I got mad at him, flushed it down the toilet, two hours later the ceiling in the kitchen is dripping…” “Niagara Falls.” “Her and my dads not home and the babysitters there… like within twenty minutes the whole kitchen caved in. Literally flooded. We were like.. I’m just sitting there like… ‘I wanna be dead’ like theres nothing, like I don’t even wanna be here when they come home. Babysitter quit that afternoon. It was just an absolute disaster over a yo-yo.” (x)