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SnapChat Mishaps -Pt 2

 { I didn’t plan on writing a second part to any of the one shots but this one seems to be one of the favorites so I figured I’d turn it into a mini series. Please message me or comment or something to let me know if I should keep going with it ! Otherwise i might not ,xoxoxo}

Snapchat Mishaps One shot       { Master List}

    WHY?! why would Bucky come to my room? did he think this was a serious invitation?! Fuck.  Rapid knocks on your door startle you out of your thoughts, making your body freeze with panic. Maybe if I don’t answer-

“ Doll, I know youre in there.” Damn It.  You quickly roll off your bed to slid your robe over your bare body . You slowly open your door, and he is right there . His cheeks are slightly flushed, and his eyes are lust blown, the usual blue almost fully over taken with black. Fuck .

“Is there something you need Barnes?” you ask , crossing your arms over your chest as you speak .

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“ Oh I think you know the answer to that Doll.” his voice is dripping with want, theres no denying that.  You raise an eyebrow at him, a dirty smirk spreading across your face. I’m so going to have fun with this. 

Bucky is a little shit on a daily basis , making fun of you ,  annoying the shit of you constantly & then the next second he’s a flirty little jackass. Who thinks like that ? Let me just annoy this shit out of this girl,  then try to flirt my way into her pants . What a fucking ass.

“ Arent you going to invite me in ?” he asks when you don’t answer him .

“ No , I’m not. “you simply answer, making his eyes widen as you add ,” The snaps weren’t an invitation Barnes, and frankly, I don’t think  you’ve earned the right to come in just yet. So no , I’m not inviting in your room . But you know what I am going to do?“ you ask, stepping closer to him , you slowly run your hands up his chest,

” I’m going to go back in my room, drop this robe , and fuck myself . Over and over again . And you know what? Maybe , just maybe, ill think of you while I do it. Maybe ill imagine your hands, running down my body , rolling my nipples between your metal fingers, or maybe ill think about what it would feel like having your fingers fucking my tight, wet pussy . Mmm, ill probably imagine how good it would feel to ride your- “

 ” jesus Christ Y/n.“ Bucky half moans, half growls out . You glide one of your hands down his body , until it lands over his hard bulge  .Holy Fucking Hell .

” Good night Bucky.“ you lean up, gently kissing his cheek  .  He doesn’t move as you step back into your room ,his eyes never leaving you . 

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Before closing your door, you drop your robe, watching as his eyes drink in the sight of your bare body . He releases another growl, sending a new shock of heat straight to your core. You send him a wink before closing the door. You know it was a dick move to be that much of a tease, but God, was it fucking worth it to see the look on his face .

 You crawl back into your bed, immediately opening your snap, Time for the real fun.

  The First Snap : you start recording as you move your free hand to your chest, tugging and rolling your hard nipples between your fingers , letting out breathy moans as you do .  When the video cuts, you send it Bucky without hesitation.

 The Second. : You don’t wait, and start recording the next snap, your hand moving down to your clit, rubbing tight, hard circles around it . you don’t hold in the moans, letting them fall from your lips  . Send.

The Last One: you wait a couple minutes, building yourself up until youre near your finish . When you feel the knot in you tighten , you start the snap . You angle the camera so your mouth , and bare chest are in view as you plunge your fingers in and out of your pussy . You don’t want to show him every part of you , well not yet atleast. The sounds from your movements are obscene , and very audible ,  right as the video is about to end, you finish , Buckys name escaping your lips in moan as you cum all over your fingers. You can see your body arching, as you come undone, and its oddly satisfying when you rewatch it before you send it.  Happy with the outcome, you send to it Bucky . And wait for his response

 He didn’t reply for a few minutes, & it drove you insane. When your notifications finally went off your pulse picked up . you let out a deep breath as you open his video . It was of him, fucking himself with his hand, and moaning your name as he finishs, his cum shooting out over his chest .  They way he moans your name ignites a new fire in you  .  As torturous as this is for him, its just as bad for you now; and you didn’t plan on that. Sure, you always thought he was attractive, but his annoying  habits were difficult to ignore.  You didn’t think watching him do that to himself, would turn you on so much .  I really need to think of the outcomes of things before I do shit like this.

Its been a week, and everyday , you and Bucky would send dirty snaps back and forth . You’ve never been so sexually frustrated in your life, even when you get yourself off , its not enough  . You cant get the image of Bucky fucking you out of your head, and its all you want now . But is that a step you really want to take? Once its done , theres no going back .  I have to work with him, see him everyday , can I do that if I give in? If I let him fuck me, if I let him do whatever he wants to me? Will I be able to look him in the eyes without feeling awkward?  The flirting was limited only to snaps, besides his normal everyday flirting.  Its clear neither of you wanted to let people in on what game the two of you are playing. 

Its finally your day off, which means you sleep in until noon . When you finally wake up, you drag yourself out of your room , deciding against pants . When you walk into the kitchen , you aren’t surprised that its empty, everyone always does their own things in the afternoon, whether its training, a mission or just relaxing.  

 Youre facing the coffee pot, finally taking your first sip of your morning cup of crack when two hands appear on either side on you on the counter . One metal , one flesh . WTF?

” I thought you were going to sleep the entire day away doll.“ Buckys lips are right next to your ear, barely grazing them as he speaks. His lips glide down your neck, barely touching but just enough to make you squirm.

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” well you thought wrong . “  you have to hold in a whimper when he moves closer and his body presses tightly against your back. You can feel his bulge against your ass, making your body want to move back against him. Hes taking this to a new level,  shit. Its been a silent understandment, whoever caves first loses . And by caves, you mean whoever jumps the other one for sex first ,loses. And you aren’t about to give him the satisfaction  of winning .

 You decide to go with  it, moving your ass back against him. His hand jump from the counter to your waist, his grip tight enough that you know youll have bruises; but you don’t care .  He holds you against him, light moans leaving his lips as you grind yourself back against him . Its affecting you as much as it is him, you can feel a wetspot forming on your underwear , and are regretting not wearing pants now .

” Did you think about me Bucky? While you fucked yourself did you think about how tight my pussy would feel, wrapped around you dick as you fuck into me?  “

” Of course I did doll, fuck,  I haven’t been able to think about anything else. did you- did you think of me baby?“ he admits, and you know you have him.  You turn in his arms and lean up , hovering your lips over his.

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” Oh James, I thought of you taking me in every possible way . “ he moves to connect your lips but you back up . You place your hands behind you , lifting yourself up to sit on the counter . He steps forward to place himself between your legs, but you stick your hand up stopping him . He raises an eyebrow in question , but it drops as soon as your hand moves to your pussy . You lift your legs onto the counter, spreading yourself infront of him . His eyes fly to between your legs, watching as your finger draws circles into your clothed clit.  His metal hand moves to his crotch , palming at himself as he watches.

” Doll, please -“

” Do you want to see Bucky ? See how I’m dripping for you?’ you purr .  He still hasn’t actually seen you do it yourself , that was your one rule you had for youself . You never sent him a snap of your fingers in you, so hes really only seen your clit.  But at this moment, you want him to see everything. You want him to cave, to fuck you . You want Bucky Barnes to fuck you so badly , you even consider caving first ; but then snap out of your horny daze to realize you can win this without having to give; there’s no way he’ll be able to keep this up that much longer . He frantically nods ‘yes’ to your question , widening the smirk on your face as he does. As you go to pull your panties to the side, the sound of footsteps echoe from the hall . Of fucking course. You quickly hop off the counter, and away from Bucky .

 Steve and Sam walk in, their conversation stopping when they see you .

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“ look who finally woke - whoa whats going on in here?” sam asks . You let out an awkward laugh in response, grabbing your cup of coffee as you go to leave. It feels as if theres a puddle in your underwear, and its extremely uncomfortable , you need to get out here asap .

“ Ill see you boys later . ”

You hear them call their goodbyes as you step onto the elevator, before the  doors close Bucky runs down the hall, stopping infront of the doors as they begin closing. he doesn’t step in , just says,

“ This isn’t over doll .”

“ Oh sweetheart, you wont last much longer.“

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Face the Music - Part 2

Just something short and sweet ‘cough *not* cough’ to tide you guys over for a few days! Let me know what you think, and what you think will happen to our girl!


The entire ride back to Gotham is … awkward … to say the least. Bruce tries to halfheartedly ask you about your time at the Kent farm, all while trying to completely ignore the reason you left Gotham to begin with. When the jet finally gets back to the cave, you immediately jump up and just walk away. The entire ride you had refused to say anything, the anger burning in your stomach so intense that involuntary tears make your eyes glassy, and you know that if you say anything it will be bad. So you remain quiet, you choose to say nothing, instead of hurting your family.

“Y/N … Y/N!!” Bruce’s hand snaps out, locking onto your shoulder, “Where do you think you are going? We still need to talk about your punishment for running away”

Your teeth grind together, everything is shaking, and you know that if you speak now your voice will shake too. The anger is so intense, it’s almost like a living thing inside of you, crawling up your throat, ready to rip and tear, to hurt everyone and anyone. “My punishment?”

“What the fuck, Bruce? You’re gonna punisher her for …”

“Yes, Jason. I’m going to ground my daughter for running away, and not telling me where she was going”

“I’m tired, father. Can it wait until morning?”

Hoping, praying, that your father will be smart enough to let you go, to let you cool down, but unfortunately the ‘great detective’ isn’t picking up on your anger, “No. I’ve had to fly all over this country just to pick you up, and I have to go out on patrol in an hour …” That does it.

You whip around, knocking his hand off your shoulder, “Oh! Am I keeping you from patrol?! Is having to deal with your own daughter too much for you?! Right, because you have to spend time finishing up here with me, so you can pay attention to the kids who are a part of your fucking mission!! You have to, real quick, get through talking to me so you can get back to ignoring me, right?!? If I’m such a fucking burden you should have left me in Kansas!!” You take a shuddering breath, “Maybe …”

An alarm starts going off in the cave, the Joker’s gotten out of Arkham again. Your father turns to look at you, “We’ll finish this when I get back” He turns to Damian and Jason, “Let’s go”

Jason throws a grimace over his shoulder at you, and mouths ‘I’m sorry’ before he takes off after Bruce. Damian doesn’t even look at you. In two minutes flat, the cave is empty save you, who’s still standing where you were left.

“Maybe it would have been better if I was killed by Mother.”

It’s been two months and there’s still no change in any of your family members, even Alfred is too busy for you. The Joker getting out of Arkham seemed to start a chain of events that lead to the whole Justice League fighting aliens. And when that fight was over everything went back to how it was before you left for the summer. You flick open the flip-phone in your hand, scrolling to the only contact listed, and pressing call.

After two rings, she picks up, “Y/N”

“Hello … Mother”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you, my child. Have you decided then?”

“Yes. I – I’d like to join the League, if you’ll still train me”

Your mother hums, “It would be good to have another woman to rule beside me, my daughter. When will you come?”


You can hear the smile in Talia’s voice, the plans she’s already making for you, “Very well. I will meet you at the pier tonight. Bring nothing”

“Of course” The phone clicks in your hand, indicating that the call has ended. Taking a pen, you decide to leave a note:

I’m leaving, and this time I’m not coming back. None of you have changed, even when you are in the Manor I am still ignored.

I’m going back to Mother. She is going to teach me the way of the League. Maybe, if I’m trained to fight I’ll be valuable enough for you to pay attention to. Maybe you’ll want me then.

I’ll miss you. Goodbye.

Placing the note on your pillow you head down to the garage. Picking one of the older cars, one that won’t be missed, you hop in and quickly pull out of the Manor. Putting on cruise control you weave in and out of Gotham traffic, heading for the pier.

Alone to your thoughts once again you whisper, “I wonder how long it will take them to realize I’m gone this time”

so i was thinking about another modern au where the greek gods have had to adapt to modern society and so they’ve picked up mortal jobs and hobbies and interests and i got really into it.

hermes is a late night comedian, since that’s the way that most information is transmitted nowadays, and he still gets to poke fun at his siblings.

poseidon is a high powered eco lawyer. he works on high profile cases along the lines of the bp oil spill. he has beach-side houses all over the world and enjoys thrill-seeking outdoor activities like cliff jumping and cave diving. 

hades teaches high school english, along the lines of the dead poets society. he lives near his school and brings his dog to school every day. he loves teaching british literature like shakespeare and john donne. his wife comes to visit him and they eat lunch together every day in his office, which always has flowers in it. 

apollo works as a librarian at a university, and he moonlights as a slam poet. he teaches archery at the local YMCA and stays in on weekends with a mug of tea and a good book or movie.

vesta makes ceramics professionally. she feels most at home among the wheels and glazes and kilns of her workshop. there are always candles lit in her apartment that don’t seem to go out. she loves hosting dinner parties for her friends, who are her true family. 

dionysus works as a bartender. he owns a vineyard on the side but lets other people handle the corporate side of things. his favorite part of acting mortal is getting to know the people who come to his bar and connecting with them. he never forgets a face and he has a wall of pictures of his favorite customers behind the bar.

athena teaches middle school social studies/history because she’s discovered that she really enjoys working with children. at this age she can impart wisdom upon them and teach them logic and reason before they are too swayed by the opinions of the world.

zeus is a con artist and art thief. he never stays in a city for more than a week, but he has someone new in his bed every night. he frequents casinos and clubs and owns a villa out in California which is filled with more famous works of art than he ought to have.

hera is a very bitter and sarcastic wedding planer, like james marsden in 27 dresses minus the journalism bit. she is most famous among celebrity circles for having just the right “touch” when it comes to decor and menu planning and floral arrangements. she charges a ton but can work magic, from short-term planning to getting the bride’s wishes just right. she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage but it has bought her summer homes in hawaii and costa rica so she’ll sell the idealized vision.

aphrodite runs several dating sites like eharmony and okcupid, but also some like ashley madison that facilitate affairs because she rules more over the sexual side of things than the love side, despite her image to the former. she loves rap and hip hop and takes kick-boxing classes and always looks like she has makeup on. she anonymously supports planned parenthood because she wants to support safe sex and allow people to find the information and resources they need. 

artemis owns a climbing gym and leads outdoor climbing adventures for her clients and also her buddies. she has tons of tattoos and piercings and a secret love for pop punk music like fob and p!atd. on the weekends, she runs lgbtqia+ support groups for children and teens in her neighborhood, and always lets them climb for free in her gym.

hephaestus owns a tattoo parlor and has a reputation for the most lifelike tattoos that always seem to be exactly what someone had in mind, as if he magically could see their thoughts. he’s a total teddybear and has a penchant for classical music and teaches at-risk children in his city how to repair bikes and cars on the weekends.

*Suspicious Niffler* Newt x reader

L◘ Anonymous asked:

Hellooooo! May I request an imagine where the reader is pregnant and is scared to tell Newt cause she thinks that he might not want the baby. However, Niffler somehow finds out and starts to take care of her and always cuddle which makes Newt suspicious. Very fluffy ending❤ *sending virtual hug to this amazing writer👐🏻*

*sending virtual hug back in return!* Thanks, hun!

You sat on the couch in your hotel room awaiting Newt’s return. He had head out that afternoon in to the country of Hungary to examine the mating of Hungarian Horntails up close. He advised you to stay and sit this one out; afraid you would get hurt. 

Playing with the lace on your nightgown, you eagerly waited for the door to open and to see the wizard come in. You had some big life changing news for him. You were pregnant! Normally this would call for celebration, but seeing as Newt was currently in the middle of writing his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you were afraid that this news would only cause his dream to be put on hold. Newt was working so hard on this book and you knew he was excited to finally finish it. 

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MA / 5939 words

A series of one-shots / One / Two

Childhood friends - January 2017

Part One

Little Lulu Lamb, are you making brews?

With dead eyes, I scowled silently down to the opposite side of the sofa, seeing Harry with his phone still in his hand, and his dimple there even though he was straining his smile. You could always tell when Harry was trying to hide his laughter, because his dimple would appear as proof, no matter how much he tried to conceal it.
But I played along, not saying a word as I text him back.

You make brews! It
’s your house, I’m the guest here.

’ve been here for almost a week now. You’re no longer a guest, you practically live here. Now get off your arse and make me a brew.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. Could you write more Jason-centric Hurt/Comfort? I really enjoyed your previous fic in which Jason has pneumonia. So I was wondering if you are willing to write more sick!Jason with respiratory illness? Like, he has bronchitis on top of abdominal wounds so every time he coughs (and he coughs A LOT), it's extremely painful for his wounds (also his chest hurts and coughing sucks). And Batfamily try to take care of him during his recovery.

I hope this is to your liking anon :) Sorry it took so long to get done, Jason was being very stubborn about accepting care from his family…

The gash across his stomach alone wouldn’t be a problem; it’s far from the worst injury he’s sustained. But of course he doesn’t just have an abdominal wound because his body likes to be really - what’s that word Tim is always throwing around? - Extra™ about punishing him. For what, he has yet to figure out. Alfred seems to think it was going on patrol while he had (what he thought was) a mere cold. But that couldn’t possibly be it. Must be because of all those cardinal sins Bruce is so disappointed he broke (like the man himself is such a damn saint).

Although, in hindsight, maybe the fever did have a little bit to do with it because apparently he’d gone out without his armour, just in the leather jacket and a long sleeved shirt which, in his defence, does kinda look like the Kevlar-reinforced one he usually wears as the Red Hood. Jason is sure he checked that he was properly outfitted before leaving his apartment (through the door apparently, which, yeah, he’s starting to see how the fever might have been a little higher than he thought and messed with his decision making a little more than he remembers) but the whole night is hazy in his memory. He can accept, begrudgingly and only in his mind, that the version of events Tim and Alfred retell is probably correct.

He’d been surprised to wake up in the Cave. Even more surprised to see the Replacement slouched over a tablet beside the bed, looking like he wanted to be anywhere else but stubbornly not moving in a way that probably meant Alfred had ordered him to keep an eye on Jason. (Or he was worried, which, weird. It was only an unlucky slash across his abdomen.) Then Jason had tried to speak and any surprise had vanished beneath the fire that ignited in his chest.

Tim’s head had snapped up immediately, wide eyed and so damn concerned as he stuttered through some soothing bullshit about being okay and calming down and just breathing. Easy enough for him to say; he’s not the one who’s entire body from waist up is protesting every incremental movement with agonising pain.

(“You’re being dramatic.”

“You wanna swap places and see how fucking dramatic you are when even breathing hurts?”

“I’ve had bronchitis before, Jason. It sucks but it’s not that bad.

“Oh yeah? And did you have thirteen stitches across your stomach at the same time?”

“You know, maybe if you stopped complaining and got some rest you’d feel better.”)

All Jason wants is to curl up beneath two or three blankets - preferably one of those fancy electric throw rug ones - but, unfortunately, curling up isn’t exactly possible. Not without pain. Stupid fricken knife wound.

And Alfred probably wouldn’t give him an electric blanket anyway because apparently his fever is “worryingly high”. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Surely if his body was trying to bake his brain, he wouldn’t feel so dann cold all the time? There had been brief warmth when Titus had got into the Cave and jumped onto the bed with him, but Alfred had put a stop to that real quick.


There’s an oxygen tube irritating his nose and a pulse oximeter clamped around his finger. He suspects its more so Alfred will be alerted if he tries to leave than for any actual medical necessity. He’s not that badly hurt.

(He’s stubbornly not including the severe case of bronchitis Alfred had informed him he had. With his disapproving eyebrows and everything. It’s not fair how that man can make Jason feel guilty about things that aren’t even his fault.)

“When can I get outta here?” he asks.

“If your vitals remain stable, you can move to one of the guest rooms upstairs at the end of the day,” Alfred replies.

Which they both know isn’t what he actually meant but. Whatever. Nobody argues with Alfred. Jason is just glad he didn’t suggest moving into his old mausoleum of a bedroom.

Even with the painkillers Alfred is pumping through his system, coughing really fucking hurts. And it feels like he’s constantly coughing.

“You should drink some more water,” Dick says after a particularly bad fit that has his muscles aching and his eyes stinging with tears he refuses to shed.

“You should fuck off,” Jason rasps, so not in the mood to deal with Mr Sunshine’s mother henning. It’s approaching midnight and he’d been looking forward to the peace and quiet and lack of suffocating caring while all the Bats were on patrol, but Dick, out of the goodness of his oversized heart, had decided to stay back and keep his little brother company. No amount of grouchiness and swearing have managed to drive him away yet.

Dick’s face falls a little, settling into an expression somewhere between subdued and downcast, which is so not fair because Jason knows that he knows that Jason wasn’t being serious. Well, not completely serious. His brother’s company (and the laptop and movies he’d brought with him) has actually been a mostly pleasant distraction from the itch in his lungs and the pinch of his stitches every time he moves too much. But Jason has a reputation as an arsehole that he needs to maintain. He can’t just go around reciprocating mushy feelings with other mushy feelings.

He sighs. Grumbles, “Okay, fine, I’ll drink the damned water. Just. Shut up yeah? You’re almost tolerable when you’re quiet.”

Dick’s answering smile is so soft and fond and fucking loving that it makes his chest ache for reasons entirely unrelated to bronchitis.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to blame the damn bronchitis anyway.

Someone pauses outside his door and Jason knows who it is without even thinking about it. He can imagine the pensive frown carved into a tired face, the hand hovering over the doorknob, the silent sigh. Then the steady beat of footsteps moving further along the hallway.

Restless and sore and craving a distraction from his own scattered thoughts, Jason makes a snap decision and rolls out of bed, landing with a much-too-loud thump on the hardwood floor. The whole movement is uncoordinated and clumsy and it makes his abdomen scream and triggers another round of dry, chesty coughs (what doesn’t these days?). So by the time he stumbles across his bedroom to the door, it’s already opening, Bruce’s brows furrowed with concern as he sticks his head in.


“I’m fine,” Jason says immediately, pretends it’s gruff dismissal instead of the hasty reassurance that it is. He’s not entirely sure why he was suddenly so desperate to see Bruce when he’s been avoiding him most of the week Alfred has had him coupled up in the Manor (most of his new life, even) and now that they’re face to face words stick behind his teeth. He runs his tongue along cracked lips. Asks, “How was patrol?”

“It was fine.” Bruce is still frowning a little, still worried, hand tightening on the doorknob because he wants to reach out but he’s sure Jason will just shrug it off. “What are you doing up?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I was just.” Jason rubs his chest, hopes it will quell another cough. “I don’t know. I heard you walk past. I thought.” He coughs into his elbow. Shrugs. He has no real reason for being out of bed except that his irritated chest was keeping him awake and his abdominal wound was keeping him from getting comfortable. And maybe Bruce pausing outside his door made him remember when he was a kid and he used to check in on him before going to bed. And maybe it made him miss it. Just a little bit.

Bruce nods, as though the stilted answer made any sense, and then he offers, cautious and hopeful and, goddamit, fatherly, “Would you like a cup of tea?”

Jason opens his mouth to say yes, a cup of tea would be lovely on his sore throat, just what he needs to relax his body enough to maybe get some sleep. But then his mind flashes to memories of being younger, of sitting on a stool wiping tears away with his pyjama sleeve, of Bruce setting a mug of camomile in front of him and telling him that he doesn’t have to talk about the nightmare, but if he wants to he’s here to listen. Memories of comfortable silences turned awkward except not really because they don’t even spend enough time alone together for there to be silences anymore. And he steps back, turns toward his bed, says “no thanks, I’m going to try get some sleep”, because he’s an arsehole and he doesn’t want Bruce’s worry or love or care.

Doesn’t deserve it.

The door clicks shut and Jason pretends that he doesn’t notice the long pause (the pensive frown, the hovering hand, the silent sigh) before Bruce walks away.

“Don’t be stupid next time.”

Jason rolls his eyes, shoves another freshly-laundered shirt in his bag, checks that his wallet and phone are still in his pocket so he doesn’t have to meet Cass’s gaze. Of all the Bats, she’s the one who manages to make him feel guilty about not making more of an effort to do the bullshit happy-families crap instead of just feeling irritated like he does whenever the others bring it up.

“Thanks for the advice,” he retorts sarcastically. “I’ll make sure

"Hey,” she grabs his arm, forces him to turn around and look at her, pokes a finger against his chest because - and this is one of his favourite things about Cass - she’s not afraid to fight dirty. “Take care of yourself. Or we will.”

Jason winces. Partly because his chest is still a bit sore and she pokes hard, but mostly because he knows that’s a promise as much as a threat. “Okay, okay. Jesus. Fine.”

Cass nods, satisfied, then steps back and smiles. Small and beautiful and gentle and overflowing with compassion. If Jason had to have someone looking out for him, he reckons he probably couldn’t do much better than her. And since he’s being sappy and sentimental, he can admit that the rest of them aren’t too bad either.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not glad to finally be getting out of the Manor and going back to his safehouse to finish recovering in peace.

Title: To You, I Give My Word that I Will Return, Chapter 1 / 2

Pairing: Sidlink

Tags: Implied / Referenced (eventual) character death, reincarnation, angst with a happy ending 

Summary:  All mortals must die and Link is no different but in an attempt to lengthen his life until both he and Sidon can pass into the next world together, the two seek out a spirit who is said to grant wishes. However, breaking the laws of nature itself isn’t something easily done and it comes with a hefty price tag

Also posted on my AO3 so if you’d like to read it there! Comments, reblogs and kudos are very much appreciated!

It was when they were standing before the mouth of the cave, the air around them cold, still and stale, that the full weight of just what they were about to do slammed hard onto Sidon’s shoulders.

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Yep,that’s right, I caved. I’m jumping on the bandwagon of pastel rainbowcy challenges. Seeing all those challenges on my dash made me want to start my own and even though I basically have no time at all for another save, I just had to create this lovely little lady.

I’ll probably put together a little queue within the next few days. You will probably see this more often than the Flourish EP Rainbowcy because I really don’t like that one right now. 

sweatertwins  asked:

so i saw that you mentioned that you don't like the shattered medallion too much as a game. how come??

i actually just recently replayed this game so this is a wonderful time for me to talk about this!

  • this is one of those games that i believe was churned out a little too fast to meet a deadline. this plot has so many loose threads and unanswered questions in it and UNTAPPED POTENTIAL that it genuinely upsets me that it didn’t turn out as nicely as i wanted it to.
  • the entire reality show game aspect is so unnecessary, and honestly takes away from the true plot of this game: sonny and his grandfather’s quest. shattered medallion could EASILY have just been about that, and then we could’ve devoted more time to actually understanding the details of jin’s mission and the history of the relics. we have a lot of build up here that leads to a very unsatisfactory ending. is sonny satisfied with what happened with that relic in the cave? what exactly did the relic in the cave represent or do anyway? what does any of this mean for sonny?
  • as a matter of fact, this game is so sparse with giving us information about the main crux of this plot that half of the explanation is given to us via a huge exposition-dump from jamila. this is not exactly subtle or all that well done.
  • incorporating pacific run into this game created stress that honestly didn’t have to be there. the first time i played this game, i genuinely thought we were up against a clock and that the game wasn’t fixed; this caused me to practically run through the game trying to get the tasks done as quickly as possible in order to get those medallion pieces. and never mind the fact that patrick and leena were really leading the pack there in terms of points up until suddenly, it’s sudden death between nancy & bess and kiri. okay?
  • the soundtrack lacked a bit for me. kind of a small issue, but an issue nonetheless since the music plays a big part in creating atmosphere.
  • the culprit in this game is virtually nonexistent. kiri decides to play the role of Evil Reality Show Staple halfway through and sees this through to the end for some weird reason, and decides to go as far as killing us by trapping us in that cave for yet again some weird reason. why? i haven’t the faintest idea.
  • pacific run is such a cheap rip-off from amazing race that i kind of want to cry.
  • those random things falling around us, like that boulder at doubtful sound or the giant cube in the puzzle palace—was that kiri trying to take us out or was that just the dangers of new zealand? i have no clue, because nancy never comments on any of it.
  • speaking of nancy not commenting on things, it seems to be a universal frustration among people here that nancy never mentions recognizing sonny to sonny. 
  • in what world would a reality show like this have a “non-participating teammate.” what purpose would that even serve. how would that be interesting for the viewers. following that vein of thought, why would george choose sitting around researching on a tablet versus actually getting involved in the action? (at least, up until the rope bridge. up until that point, she was clearly the non-participating teammate until suddenly—oop.)
  • here’s my most nit-picky problem: the water animation is seriously lacking here. it is rarely ever moving when it should be moving (ie: the water under the bridge, the water in the cave after patrick jumps in, the way it then drains after patrick finds a way to unplug the whole thing) and that’s the sort of graphic work i would’ve expected from her maybe ten games ago.

in my opinion, the only shining light in this game are the characters. they’re all interesting, and bess especially gets a gold medal here for complexity and going below surface level. meeting sonny was also a serious plus, and after games and games of build-up, he lived up to my expectations of him. SHAME THAT THIS GAME DIDN’T

The violinist and the drummer

Requested by: anonymous 

 Summary: Your a violinist and Josh is a drummer and you guys try to teach each other how to play your instruments 


Your Pov: 

It was a  late Friday afternoon and I was on my way home from violin practice. I was a professional violinist. I have been playing the instrument since I was five years old. My boyfriend, Josh Dun, was a drummer for the band Twenty One Pilots. They weren’t very popular yet but I was sure that in the near future they were going to blow up. I was interrupted from my thoughts by my phone ringing.

“Hello?” I answered it. 

“Hey baby.” The voice said on the other end. Josh. 

“Hey babe, what’s sup?” I asked him. 

“Are you on your way home?” He asked me. 

“Yeah. I’m about fifteen minutes away.” I told him. “Why, do you need anything?” I asked curiously. 

“I do.” He paused. “Do you think you could stop at Taco bell and get us dinner?” He asked me. 

I could go for some Taco Bell. I nodded even though he couldn’t see it. 

“Sure.” I said to him. “Do you want your usual?” I asked him just to make sure. 

“Yeah that’s fine.” He said. I was about to say something but he cut me off. 

“Tyler’s here by the way so do you think you could get him his usual too?” He asked. 

“Of course.” I said. “Why is Tyler there?” I asked him. 

“Band practice.” He responded. That made sense. 

“Speaking of practice, how did yours go?” He asked me. 

I sighed. “It went alright but I couldn’t get one note down and it was really frustrating.” I told him. 

“That stinks.” He said. “Maybe when you get home you can practice with us.” He suggested. I laughed at this. 

“Maybe baby.” I told him as I pulled into the Taco Bell drive through. 

“I gotta go babe, I’m at Taco Bell and it’s almost my turn to order.” I told him. 

“Okay babe. See you soon, Love you.” He told me. 

I nodded. “Love you too.” I said back. Just as I hung up the phone it was my turn to order. 

Time Skip 

Your Pov: 

I pulled into the driveway and parked besides Tyler’s car. I grabbed the Taco Bell, my purse and violin. I got out of the car, locked it and started making my way to the front door. Once I got there I opened it without dropping anything. I closed the door softly behind me and made my way into the house. I dropped all the stuff on the kitchen table. From downstairs I could hear the banging of drums and Tyler singing. I shook my head and laughed to myself. These boys I thought with a smile. 

I made my way downstairs to the basement. Once I got down there I just stood to the side and watched with a smile dancing on my lips. They didn’t notice me for a while, but when they did, Josh was the first to notice me. He stopped drumming and Tyler looked at him confused. He cut the music off as well. 

“Dude, why did you stop?” Tyler asked him. 

He smiled and made eye contact with me. He nodded in my direction. “Y/N’s here.” He said happily. 

Tyler turned around and smiled once he saw me. 

“Hey Y/N.” He said walking over to me. 

“Hey Ty,” I smiled at him. He pulled me into a tight hug. Once we pulled away I started speaking. 

“You guys sound good.” I told him. 

“Thanks.” He said, his eyes shinning bright. 

“Taco Bell’s upstairs on the kitchen table.” I told him. 

He nodded at me. “Okay, thanks for the Taco Bell. I will pay you back when were eating.” He said to me while heading upstairs. Before I had the chance to protest he was gone. 

I turned my head towards Josh who was silent this whole time. He stood up from his drum stool and walked towards me. Once he got close to me he pulled me into a much needed kiss. Once we broke away he smiled at me. 

“I missed you today.” He told me. 

“I missed you too.” I said back to him. He chuckled at that. 

“Let’s go upstairs.” He said while nodding upstairs. 

I nodded agreeing with him. He grabbed my hand and we made our way upstairs to the kitchen. Once we got there Tyler was almost done with his meal. Josh and I just chuckled at that. Typical Tyler. 

Once we were done eating we made our way back to the basement again. Of course I brought my violin with to practice. When we got down there and got all situated Tyler was the first to speak up. 

“I just came up with a really great idea.” He said with a smirk. Oh no, that wasn’t good, I thought to myself. 

Josh just laughed and shook his head. “Well what is it?” He asked. I could tell he was curious. 

Tyler was still smirking. “You should teach Y/N how to play the drums and she should teach you how to play the violin.” He said. 

Josh started laughing. “That’s a great idea.” He smiled at me. 

I was a little weary. I did not want to embarrass myself in front of Tyler or Josh. I shook my head indicating that I didn’t want to. Josh frowned at this. 

“Please babe, I promise I won’t laugh at you if you mess up.” He said. “If I do laugh at you, you have the right to laugh at me then too if I mess up.” He tried to comprise. 

I sighed. He wasn’t giving up easily. “Alright, fine.” I said finally caving in. Tyler jumped up and down in joy and Josh just smiled. 

“Alright then, come on over and sit on my lap.” He said patting his lap. I shook my head and placed my violin down on the ground. Once I sat on his lap he nodded over to Tyler. 

“Can you get my drumsticks?” He asked him. Ty nodded. 

“Sure.” He said while walking over to the table where the drumsticks were. Tyler grabbed them but I noticed that they weren’t the only thing that he grabbed. I decided to ask him about it. 

“Hey, what else did you grab?” I asked curiously. 

He smirked at my question and handed the drumsticks to Josh. 

“Just my phone so I could take pictures of this iconic moment.” He said. I scoffed at him. He couldn’t be serious. 

“Your mean.” I told him glaring at him. He just laughed at me. 

“Ready to start drumming babe.” Josh interrupted our conversation. 

“I guess.” I said as my voice wavered a bit. 

It has been about an hour of Josh teaching me how to play the drums and let me tell ya, it’s not easy. Between Tyler taking pictures and videos of me failing I was fed up with the whole thing. I just wanted to be done with it, and I could tell that Josh noticed. 

“I think that’s enough drumming for you today.” He said placing the sticks on the ground by our feet. 

I let out a sigh of relief. “Finally, I thought it was never going to end.” I said with a smile. Josh just chuckled and kissed my forehead lovingly. Tyler on the other hand looked upset. 

“Awe come on Josh, I was enjoying watching her struggle.” He said. 

Josh just shook his head. “Well if you enjoyed watching her struggle your definitely going to enjoy watching me struggle.” He said back to him.

That’s right! I thought. I almost forgot that I had to teach him how to play the violin. I was excited now. “Thanks for reminding me babe.” I said hopping up out of his lap to go get the instrument. He just groaned. 

I grabbed the instrument and made my way back to the boys. Josh stood up from the drum stool and made his way over to Tyler and I. 

“Now, before I give this to you, you have to promise me your going to be very careful with.” I warned him. 

He nodded his head. “I promise baby.” I sighed. 

“Okay.” I said handing it to him. He grabbed the violin and the stick from my hand and held it up to his neck. 

I showed him where to position it so it was comfortable. Once he got it in the correct position I tried to teach him a couple of easy chords. He was having trouble at first but after a while he started to get the hang of it. Of course Tyler was taking pictures the whole time and teasing Josh. By the end of it Josh could play half of a song. He was pretty proud of himself and I was proud of him as well. 

It was about ten thirty by the time that we finished and Tyler had to go home. We cleaned up and said goodbye to Tyler. After we said goodbye we made our way upstairs to our shared bedroom. 

“That was fun.” Josh said while taking of his pants. 

“Yeah it was really fun.” I agreed with him while also taking off my pants to change into my pajamas. Once we were changed we lifted up the covers and got into bed. When we were both comfortable I layed my head on Josh’s naked chest. I heard him take a deep breath. 

“We should do that more often.” He said breaking the silence. 

“We should.” I nodded my head. “Except the part where you teach me the drums.” I added in. He laughed at this. 

“Okay.” He agreed with me. 

After about ten minutes of comfortable silence I decided to close my eyes.

“Goodnight Josh.” I said to him before I fell asleep. 

“Goodnight babe, I love you.” He said back. 

“I love you too.” I replied before I felt my breathing close. What a beautiful ending to a beautiful day was the last thing that I thought before I let my body fall asleep. 

A/N: Here it is! I am sooo sorry it’s so late. I hope it’s good enough! Thank you to the anon that requested this, it was so fun to write. The cafe story with Josh is going to go up tomorrow. I am sorry these imagines are taking so long, schools getting in the way with it being the end of the year and all. Hope you can understand! I am still taking request by the way! Thank you guys for over 200 followers! That’s a lot! I am glad that you guys like my writing. Hope you guys have a great day/night wherever you are:)      

anonymous asked:

More Smol Sole please? (Teenage Sole) Perhaps the companions getting overprotective of them?

((Here’s the original post, for those of you who haven’t already read it.))

Thirteen-year-old Sole has a habit of getting cocky. They’ve made it this far on their own. Clearly they are invincible! Young teenagers were bad enough Pre-War, but armed with a gun and a sense of immortality, this kiddo is a handful. In combat, or otherwise, Sole sometimes needs a little looking-after.

Cait: The Irish brawler isn’t in the habit of being protective. Sole can handle themselves, a fact they’ve proven time and time again. Though they can be an irritating turd at times. “Look, neither of us’re gonna get anywhere if you end up dead. And that’s too big for you.” Pursing her lips, Cait shoots the kid a scowl, smacking the over-sized shotgun from their grubby little hands and taking it for herself.

“Hey!” Sole bats at her grip, trying to tug the weapon back towards them.

“It’s bigger than you are, damn it,” Cait growls. “Look. You let me ‘ave this’un, and I’ll show you how to throw someone.”

Sole pauses, arches an eyebrow. “’Throw someone’?”

Cait grins. “Yeah. Y’hook ‘em up over your back, and slam ‘em right back down against the ground. Broken a few necks that way.”

Sole decides giving up the shotgun is worth the potential lesson.

Codsworth: “Oh, goodness, Sole, er, please-” The Mr. Handy sighs as Sole devours a plateful of meat and fruits. He’s managed to get them to eat off of plates, at least, but the silverware he’s so carefully laid out remains untouched.

Honestly. The baddies roaming the wasteland are one thing, but convincing a stubborn teenager to eat with a knife and fork? That’s the real battle of the ages. “Could you at least use a napkin, Mx. Sole?” 

Sole narrows their eyes, giving him a sour look, lips smeared with a mix of mutfruit juice and meat grease. “Why? I have a sleeve.” Licking their lips, they wipe their mouth off on a matted sleeve, prompting a helpless groan to rattle from the Mr. Handy’s voicebox.

“Mx. Sole, you’ll be the death of me. I appreciate that you are more than capable of taking care of yourself, physically, but if you were ever to go out in anything resembling polite society-”

“Oh, not this again, Codsworth. For fuck’s sakes!”

Curie: She wipes a tissue over Sole’s dripping nose, making them flinch back and try and push her away. “Sole, my dear, you are not well! If you would let me-”

“Christ, Curie, it’s just a little snot. I won’t die.” Getting away from her insistent, motherly coos, Sole wipes off their face with the inside of their shirt, ignoring the stuffiness in their nose and their slight headache. Pssh. Like they’d get sick. What kind of loser gets a cold?

“But you may have a weakened immune system, or dulled senses! It is not good to go out when you are not yourself. It is dangerous!” Curie insists, pulling on their arm. “Let me give you a hot bath. A salt scrub may be just what you need!”

“A bath?” Sole recoils in horror. “No, no, Curie, don’t, you don’t need to- Someone help me!” They flail, shouting out into the crowded center of the marketplace. “This crazy lady is kidnapping me!”

Later, in the bathtub, Sole crossed their arms and glared at the wall as Curie washed them clean before swaddling them in a towel, placing them in bed and providing a warm bowl of soup.

Danse: Pinned down behind some meager cover, Danse stifled a growl as Sole refused to fall back. “I’ve got it,” they insisted, fumbling with their gun and hissing curses as a few precious bullets tumbled from their fingers and vanished into the grass. As Sole reached down to pick them up, a cry tore from their throat instead as Danse curled a hand into the back of their shirt and yanked them up off the ground. 

Wrapping his arms around them, Danse used his own power-armored body as protection, dwarfing their smaller body with his torso and running from their attackers, grunting as laser fire welted his back and make the metal hiss and bubble. Rounding a corner, he dropped Sole to the ground, leaning back to catch his breath.

Surprised and unsteady, Sole brushed themselves off indignantly. “What the fuck was that?” they snapped. “I said I got it.”

Danse lifted his head, matching Sole’s eyes. His glare could be felt even through his helmet. “All due respect, Sole, you did not. And I did not plan on waiting to see you die.”

Refusing to see the truth in his words, Sole let out a stubborn huff of air, grabbing their gun and peering around the corner to resume the fight. Wry smirk curving his lips, Danse couldn’t resist patting their shoulder, if only to hear them complain and bitch about being treated like a child.

Deacon: “You gonna buy me a drink?” Sole questioned, slipping into the barstool beside him as Deacon ordered his first beer of the night.

Deacon laughed. “Uh, last time I checked, you weren’t old enough to drink.”

Sole rolled their eyes. “Last time I checked, they don’t card you if you have the caps. Come on. One beer.”

“Nope.” Waiting for the drink to be poured, Deacon pulled a carton of cigarettes from his shirt pocket, pulling one out and lighting it. He noticed Sole do the same in the corner of his eye, and quickly snatched the carton away, flicking the cigarette from Sole’s lips.

“Dude!” Sole exclaimed, looking offended. “The hell? We’re all adults here.”

“Smoking’ll kill you, you know.” Call him old-fashioned, but he does try to keep Sole on the straight and narrow. Kids shouldn’t be smoking and drinking, even if bartenders allow it. It’s not good for them, and Deacon does have a soft spot for the kid.

“Yeah, but we’re all going to die sometime.” Again, Sole rolled their eyes. “So. You won’t let me smoke or drink. I literally shot a guy in the face today. Why do I get to do that but not this?”

“Because I said so.” A grin split Deacon’s face, even as Sole let out a dramatic groan and laid their head on the bar counter. Deacon’s pint arrived, and he sipped it with a smug sigh.

Dogmeat: Trapped inside a hotel room, a cluster of strung-out raiders on the verge of kicking down the door, Sole set their jaw and pushed together some furniture to make a last-stand blockade, crouching behind it and wrapping their shaking hands around their weapon. 

As the raiders broke down the door, Dogmeat lunged forward, sinking his teeth into the first attacker and growling, holding them still as Sole closed one eye and fired. Between the narrow channel of the doorway and Dogmeat distracting them, Sole picked them off one by one. But one broke through, brandishing a rusty machete and jumping at Sole, prompting a terrified scream.

Dogmeat changed tactics, barking and snarling, snapping his jaws and attacking the raider, wrestling him to the ground and tearing him to bits. When all went quiet, the canine walked to Sole, whimpering softly. Muzzle stained with blood, he snuffled for Sole’s hand, offering a paw and soft bark as near-human reassurance. Sole hugged the dog very tightly, each of them taking deep breaths.

“Thanks, Dogmeat,” Sole breathes, thin shoulders shaking. 

Hancock: “Why don’t you ever let me look at the strippers?”

The ghoul nearly spits out his morning vodka. “Excuse me?”

“When you bring people to the Statehouse,” Sole replies, lazily stretched out over one of the couches in Hancock’s office. “You always kick me out before they come over. It’s not like I don’t know what people look like naked, man. Besides. I’m basically an adult. Why can’t I have a little fun too?”

“Uh, I don’t think-” Hancock downs the vodka, suddenly feeling he’s going to need it. “I don’t think thirteen counts as adult.”

Sole glowers, sitting up to look at the ghoul. “It pretty much does. Adult enough, anyway. Come on. Pleeeeeease? I won’t get in your way.”

Hancock laughs, and pops two pills between his lips, swallowing them with another gulp of vodka. “Having a kid at an orgy kind of dampers the mood, Sole. Get back to me when you’re sixteen and full-grown. I don’t want to have to kick any kid-touchers out of my parties.”

He’s joking, but the thought does bother him sometimes. Goodneighbor’s not the most family-friendly place, and Sole has a habit of getting in over their head. In future, he spreads word to make sure Sole doesn’t get into any clubs after dark, though this means he has to endure more than one temper tantrum from the young adult in question.

Nick Valentine: “I know you’re a good shot, kiddo, but try not to be offended when I say you could use a little practice.”

Taking the heavy pistol the synth offers, Sole scowls. “If I can shoot straight, what’s the point?”

“If you have to use all your strength to hold it up, and stop moving in order to shoot straight, you’ll get yourself killed pretty easy.” He gestures to the way Sole has to cradle the weapon in their hands, smaller fingers barely wrapped around the grip. “Just try not to shoot me. I might be made of nuts and bolts, but bullets still sting.”

Nick and Sole head out to the back of Diamond City, to some old piled up stones, where Nick sets out beer bottles and teaches Sole how to jump from cover to cover without being pinned down. Nick’s pistol in their hands, Sole almost looks like the miniature version of the detective. Even more so at sundown when the two head back to the office, and Nick takes off his fedora, placing it on Sole’s head with a faint smile.

MacCready: “I… don’t think that’s such a good idea, boss.”

“Why not?” Sole stops at the mouth of the cave, ominous blackness behind them with faint drips and whispers of wind coming from the dark. “Come on. I’ll turn on this Pipboy, we’ll go on in, it’ll be fine. That guy in the Third Rail told us there was a bunch of stuff stashed here. We’ll be rich!”

“Yeaaah…” MacCready’s brow furrows. “Somehow I don’t trust a card shark, though. Are you sure we can’t just go somewhere else?” A strange groan rumbles from the cave mouth, Sole jumping and taking a few unsteady steps from the cave entrance. “Yeah, no. We’re not going in there.”

“Mac, come on!” Sole whines, extending their hands. “Don’t do this to me! W-We can do this!”

MacCready crosses his arms. “Sole.”


“Don’t copy me.”

Don’t copy me.”

“Oh my god, you just did it.”

Oh my god, you ju-”


Sole! … Wait, what are you- No! Let go of me!” Sole flailed and squirmed as MacCready stomped over, picking up the teen by the scruff of their neck and carting them up and away from the hill. “MacCready!”

Piper: Having grown up with a little sister, the older Wright girl didn’t get too upset over Sole’s antics, already knowing how to handle strong-willed teenagers. Sole wasn’t used to being ‘handled’, however, and chose to seek vengeance when they could.

Sole! Give me that back!”

Sole proceeded to stuff the entire candy bar into their mouth, chocolate melting and staining around their lips. “Oo mean ‘is?”

Piper let out a despairing cry. “Sole, that was my last one! Not the gumdrops! Not the-!” She lunges forward, wrestling with Sole’s hands for control of the battered box of candy. Struggling to keep Sole from upturning the box and emptying it into their mouth, she lets out a desperate shout as the box tumbles from their hands, hitting the floor with the hard candies skidding across the ground. “What have you done!” she wails, falling to her knees.

Her dramatic gasps and sighs made Sole feel guilty enough to give up the box of Snack Cakes they’d also stolen.

Preston: It didn’t take much to make Preston protective. “No, Sole, don’t- Don’t touch that.” 

“Touch this?”  And it didn’t take much to make Sole want to mess with him.

“Ah… Yes, that. Please don’t- Sole. Sole, please, I’d really appreciate if you-”

“Yeah. I just really want to touch this right now. Thanks, Preston.”

“No, please, Sole-” Preston forcefully pulled Sole’s hands away from the rack of rifles. “Okay. Just, stand still. I need to put this up.” Preston turned around to put a box on a nearby shelf, and turned around to find Sole disappeared. “Sole?” he asked, almost helplessly.

Someone screamed out in the castle yard. Preston sprinted out to find Sole, somehow in a set of Power Armor, holding up a chunk of wires accidentally torn out of the castle radio tower. Sole’s voice, robotic from the Power Armor helmet, wafted over to Preston’s ears across the yard. “Oops?”

Preston had never taken drugs in his life, but during the course of his relationship with Sole, he seriously considered it multiple times.

Strong: We’ve discussed this. No teen survivor is gonna be carting around a giant fuckin’ mutie. Just no. Besides the fact that Sole would definitely not fight their way through a skyscraper full of mutants fives times their size, there’s no way they’re traveling with something that could eat them without stopping to chew. Nope. Fuck that.

… ‘Course, if the two ever did end up together, it might be interesting if Sole rode on Strong’s shoulders. Real intimidating vision, there.

X6-88: It’s unlikely they’d ever work together. Sole would be more of a liability than a benefit to X6, and X6 is a little too intense and intimidating for a young, hot-headed teen to work with. But if X6 got assigned to be Sole’s protection, for whatever reason, it’d be more frustrating than helpful.

“Can you untie me now? Fucker.”

“You have proven you can’t be trusted to walk around alone. Until we reach the next place of rest, you will have to remain constrained.”

Sole let out a long, tortured groan, drawing it out as long as possible, in the hopes of irritating the Courser in front of them. “I have to pee.”

“No, you do not.”

“You don’t know that! How do you know? Maybe I’m on the verge of pissing myself!”

“It is a classic escape tactic to ask for a bathroom break. As your protector, I’m obligated to keep you safe.”

“By making sure I don’t escape.”

X6 didn’t reply.


When Showers Fail to Clean You

Author’s Note: I was literally taking a shower, shampooing my hair when I got this idea. Like, I could totally go for some shower loving, but alas, my shower is too tiny! Ah well, a girl can dream. Ignis X fem reader, NSFW, 2817 words.

When the two of you shopped for a new place to live, Ignis had two stipulations: a large bedroom, and a decent-sized shower. The bedroom request made sense. There was no hiding the fact that the two of you tended to spend more time in the bedroom than any other place in the house. Neither of you could keep your hands off each other long enough to occupy any of the other rooms for too long. Sometimes, he took you right then and there, wherever you happened to be, bedroom be damned.

You assumed his other stipulation would be a cavernous kitchen. Aside from the bedroom, Ignis Scientia spent a great deal of time concocting new recipes and whipping up magnificent dinners for the two of you. You were shocked when he mentioned the need for a roomy shower.

Keep reading

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Is "instant cycling" really a thing that works? Could I take the filter media from a current tank and put in the filter of one that I just set up to cycle it, and if so, how would I know if it works?

that’s how i’ve cycled all of my tanks except for my first one (i impulse bought a betta from walmart at 3am…i had a tank, filter, heater, but my parent’s said “NO FISH” so it had just been sitting empty with some fake plastic fish in it for a while but my mom caved so i jumped at the chance to bring a fish home and did a fish-in cycle…now i keep multiple bags of ceramic media in all of my filters + an extra sponge filter so i can set up a new tank pretty much whenever i need / want to) :p

So with this method, you have to ensure that you’re adding a source of ammonia for that bacteria to eat, whether that be adding some fish right away or some fish food in a panty hose or whatever because if you don’t add some ‘food’ for them soon, they’ll die off and you’ll lose the cycle.

an important thing to consider, though, is the bioload of the new tank relative to the bioload of the old tank:

– let’s say you have 6 fish in the old tank, and you have 10 fish in the new tank. if you use all the media from the old tank and put it in the new tank you might need to add some more media for the bacteria to colonize in order to compensate for the extra 4 fish’s bioload. You also have to watch for ammonia/nitrite/nitrate spikes since you’re adding more bioload than the current bacteria can handle. To remedy this, add more media, and then add fish slowly / a few at a time so that the bacteria has time to increase and spikes will be less likely. If you do have some spikes, do a water change :)

– Now let’s look at the opposite of that situation: you have 6 fish in the old tank but only 1 fish in the new tank. that filter media you’ve added will have plenty of bacteria to process 1 fish’s waste and you shouldn’t have any spikes. However, the bacteria colony just lost 5/6 of it’s food source, so the bacteria colony will shrink significantly. this isn’t a bad thing, its just what happens :p

– now let’s look at the ½ and ½ (which is what i do). Let’s say you have one tank all cycled, been up and running for 6 months to a year. You want to set up a new tank, but you don’t want to wait for it to fully cycle cuz thats like 3-6 weeks. you have 2 bags of media in the old tank, so you take one bag of media from the old tank and put it in the new tank. You then add a new bag of media to both tanks (so that each tank has ½ old + colonized and ½ new + uncolonized media). you can kind of think of this as a “seeded” tank :p you can add a few fish right away, but you’ll need to add the rest very slowly so that the bacteria has time to colonize. this is similar to the first situation, but because you’re only using a portion of the media, it’s called “seeding” a new tank :p you have to monitor everything closely for spikes and you might have to do some more water changes, but the bacteria should finish colonizing / should be able to handle the full bioload of the new tank within 3-14 days (variable based on how much old media you started with and how large the bioload of the new tank is)

lastly i just want to mention that “seeding” a tank isn’t going to instantly cycle it.  some people will “seed” their tanks with only a very small portion of “cycled” media. using only a very small portion of “cycled” media will help to add beneficial bacteria (you’ll have that bacteria #1 that turns ammonia into nitrite, and bacteria #2 that turns nitrite into nitrate), so they’ll colonize more rapidly as long as there’s enough food, so it shortens the cycling time, but you tank is only “instantly cycled” if the media you add to the new tank can process the entire bioload of the new tank.

you’ll know your tank is fully cycled when your parameters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, X nitrates, just like with a regular cycling process ^-^ oh! and i’d recommend using prime to help with any small ammonia/nitrite/nitrate spikes as well :p

hopefully i explained all that okay ^-^”” if you need clarification or more info, please let me know! :p

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