cave hotels

Rare image of Duckworth laughing. Seen, but unfortunately not heard (but that’s the same for everyone else in it).

Another moment like this is in Hotel Strangeduck when he’s polishing the suit of armor and chuckles right before he says, “That’s an improvement.” That’s the only time Duckworth is actually heard laughing.

In the reboot I want to hear him REALLY laugh out loud. That would be awesome. I don’t care if it’s not butler-like.

This cap taken from Ali Bubba’s Cave, aka Time is Money part 5

  • Jin: doesn't team up with anyone, cares about his looks more than finding food, tries to hunt an animal and it kills him
  • Jimin: gets the most items sent to him after becoming the favourite of the competition. Hides in a tree for weeks, dies from sacrificing himself for Jungkook
  • Taehyung: allies with the most people, goes vegetarian because he doesn't have the heart to kill animals, killed by other contestants because he was found after cheering and screaming randomly to himself
  • Jhope: pretends to be best friends with everyone and gain their trust, proceeds to get them killed before him, master with the bow and arrow, eventually dies after a something poisonous biting him
  • Namjoon: smartest player, but reading up doesn't give you the skills to not break all your supplies...Sets a trap and kills multiple players at once, makes a 4 star cave hotel to stay in and comes 2nd in the Hunger Games
  • Suga: salty af and doesn't get the fans/allies, but when videos of him are sent to his district he talks directly to Min Holly, knows how to use weapons well, sleeps through the day and is found and killed, 3rd in the games.
  • Jungkook: volunteers himself and obviously wins the Hunger games. After the games are over, jungkook becomes a popular meme for things he did as a contestant.

Hotel Hell

The Maribel Caves Hotel, also called ‘Hotel Hell, was built in 1900 on the site of a health spa in Wisconsin. It eventually became a tavern, until a fire in 1985 effectively destroyed the interior. Rumors have persisted around the hotel for decades, however, giving it it’s nickname. Some say three fires have blasted the hotel, all at the same time of day and date. It’s rumored someone murdered all the guests at some point, and committed suicide themselves. Some also believe the hotel was owned by Al Capone during prohibition, and served as a hideout and bootlegging business for him. The hotel has since been gutted and only the exterior shell remains.

Playlist Q&A

As requested on twitter, I’ll do another one of these before I pass out and probably in the morning. 

Basically, you know the WicDiv playlist? It’s on spotify and I’ll put it all beneath the cut?

Go to my ask box. Name a track. I’ll say who it’s connected to or why it’s on there.

Some are clearly huge spoilers, so I won’t answer. Others I won’t answer just because I haven’t much to say. Others I won’t answer as I’m very tired.


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