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A playlist made to discover some bands 

Fossils- Circa waves 
Fire that burns- Circa waves
Contagious- Night riots
Back to your love- Night riots
way it goes- Hippo campus
Suicide saturday- Hippo campus
Kangaroo pocket- Rozwell kid
Bangs- Rozwell kid
Someone else- LANY
She said- Sundara karma
Indigo puff- Sundara karma
Stranger- MOTHXR
She can’t tell- MOTHXR
 Talk too much- COIN
The rhythm of night- Vinyl theatre
 30 seconds- Vinyl theatre
Silhouettes- Colony house
You & I- Colony house
Throw shade- CRUISR
Kidnap me- CRUISR
Making eyes- Saltwater sun
Wild- Saltwater sun
En route- Human resources
Bad news- Human resources
Alive- Glass caves
Out of control- Glass caves
We move like the ocean- Bad suns 
Salt- Bad suns
Alcatraz- King no-one
Philosophical- King no-one
Dark love- High tyde
Do what you want- High tyde

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Pokémon Dietary Requirements

(For anonymous. Hope you like!)

  • Many make the mistake of thinking that grimer and muk are capable of gaining nutrition from any kind of matter, whether organic or inorganic. While it is true that the species is willing to consume most materials, they have trouble digesting metals, rubber, and some kinds of plastic. In areas of Alola where refuse is partly disposed of by being fed to muks and grimers, dustbins are labelled according to what the species is able to digest. 
  • While not a matter of dietary requirements, many serious competitive trainers feed their muks exclusively on fluids; the process of digesting solids can make them heavier and more cumbersome, which impacts on their performance in battle.
  • Some fire-type carnivores (such as pyroar, incineroar and houndooms) can grow ill from eating raw meat. As their typical hunting methods would usually see them ‘cook’ their prey, they never evolved to be able to stomach raw flesh in the way that other predators can. Other fire-type meat eaters - like arcanine and flareon - don’t have this problem. 
  • Although many trainers have tried to convince their kadabras and alakazams to eat ice cream with their spoons, this is ill-advised in regards to dietary requirements. The abra line is lactose intolerant and eats very little. Their minimal diet is composed of smaller bugs, fruits, and lots of water.  
  • Steelix are capable of digesting most rocks, but the high sodium and potassium content of alkalic minerals can make them briefly unwell. 
  • It has been found that the different heads of species like doduo, dodrio and zweilous can have different allergens. This problem is most present in the doduo line; sometimes one head will react adversely to certain kinds of grain, causing the throat and tongue to swell. This can be difficult to deal with, as feeding one head separately from the others - which is necessary when one has allergies - often causes squabbling and aggressive behaviour.   
  • While zoruas and zoroarks may be able to present as human, trainers must prevent them from eating human foods such as chocolate, onions and cheese, as much as they might want to. 
  • Sometimes people take bags of fake gems to scatter and feed to the more adventurous sableye in the caves near Dewford. Clear glass gems aren’t harmful (though they aren’t particularly nutritious), but coloured gems can be toxic owing to the dyes used to create the pigments. Plastic gems are an absolute no-no, though most sableye are savvy enough to turn their nose up at them. 
  • Some make the mistake of thinking that munna and musharna can sustain themselves on dreams alone. Rest assured, they also need a diet of fruit, veg and berries in order to thrive. Eggs are to be avoided.
  • Scrafties will frequently attempt to consume fizzy drinks and alcohol, even though both are toxic to them in large doses. It’s easy enough to keep trained ones away from the stuff, but if a wild scrafty pinches your cider, it’s probably best to just…let them be.  

Alright! You guys asked for it. Boatsex oneshot. I wrote this from Daenery’s POV. This has major spoilers for Season 7. 


Daenerys sat looking out of the window in her cabin in the queen’s chambers on the ship. The ship Rhaego was sailing north towards White Harbor. The journey would be a long one going up North from Dragonstone, long and cold. They were going to sail to White Harbor, and then ride for Winterfell from there. Dany wasn’t looking forward to the biting cold that would await her and the rest of her army when she arrived. She wasn’t looking forward to another war, one she didn’t know could be won. Not just another war, The Great War. She thought.

Arriving in Westeros all those months ago, she never expected things would turn out like this. White Walkers, Night King, and dead ice men come to lay icy death to the place she was trying to liberate with her flames? She had merely come with the notion that she would be facing a Mad Queen, Cersei Lannister. Cersei Lannister proved to be a formidable foe, and the battle had only just begun when Jon Snow came to Dragonstone declaring the world was going to end because ice zombies were marching on some magical wall.

She thought he was a crazy northern fool when she met him. This man proclaiming himself King in the North. A kingdom that belonged to her. This man who refused to call her Queen, bend the knee, and even had the audacity to call her a child. This man who came in asking for her children, her armies, and her loyalty for help fighting these ice zombies, and he would give nothing in return. She’d be a fool to trust him. Oh, how she was wrong. She brought dragons back to life, walked through flames, and liberated hundreds of thousands of slaves, but she didn’t believe him about the army of the dead?

She didn’t know when she had begun to trust him. Was it when she let him mine the dragon glass, and he asked her if she believed him about the army of the dead? Tyrion saw fit to keeping him here as an ally. Was it when he showed her the paintings in the cave drawn by the Children and first men? She had pledged to fight for the north, or did she pledge to fight for him? Of that, she didn’t know. At the time. Was it when she came back on Drogon’s back to Dragonstone after burning the Lannister army to the ground? Jon has been standing right in front of her child and showed no fear. Did he have the blood of a dragon? Drogon had let him touch his snout. Was it when she saw the ice zombies herself when she came to rescue them from their icy deaths? Daenerys had seen many things, but these creatures symbolized death itself. Was it when he fell into the lake off Drogon’s back, or when Viseron fell from the sky? That she didn’t know either.

She realized then when he returned on his dead uncle’s horse, that she had trusted him all along. She believed him before she even saw it for herself. To say she was relieved when she saw Tormund and Gendry carrying him back in the castle at Eastwatch-by-the-sea would be an understatement. It took him a week to recover, and she was there by his side every second of the way. He told her he would bend the knee after she pledged herself to fight the White Walkers, and end her war with Cersei. For now.

I’d bend the knee but…” He said. He physically couldn’t bend the knee, as he was injured almost to the point of death. He was lying naked in a cot. Daenerys didn’t mind the sight.

“What about those who pledged to you?”, she asked.

“I will tell my people what happened here, and how you risked your life and your children to protect me and my men. The Great War is here, and there is no need a squabble over lands that may lie in ice and ash when the war is done.”

“I don’t want you to bend the knee. When the war is over and we defeat this Night King and burn Cersei Lannister to the ground, The North is yours.”

She didn’t know what compelled her to let the North have their independence after all was done, if there was a North left to rule. She hadn’t realized it until she left his room that night.

Daenerys was a stubborn, hard headed woman. She had lost the ability to feel when her sun and stars was taken from her by that evil witch. She had respect, pride, and admiration for those closest to her. She had love for her children, of course. She even felt lust when she had Daario in her bed back in Essos, although she felt nothing when she let him go.

“He wasn’t the first to love you, and he won’t be the last.” Tyrion’s words echoed in her mind. At the time, just mindless hope from her hand. Daenerys never thought the fire in her could ever be truly lit again. That is until she met Jon Snow.

He was stubborn and hard headed just like herself. He was demanding and self-righteous. He fought with her every step of the way, but he had an intensity and passion for his cause that made her admire him. She had grown to respect and trust him in a very short amount of time. She even heeded his advice when she rode Drogon into the battle at Highgarden.

She knew that she lusted for him from the start. He was handsome, after all. It had been so long since she felt a man’s touch. As she got to know him, that admiration and lust turned into something more. The fire that hadn’t been lit since Drogo had come back with not just a lingering spark, but an explosion. This fire was different from the one she shared with Drogo. Drogo had lit a flame in her that was dim and soft, and she had sometimes felt her love for him was forced. The fire Jon lit within her was burning, piercing, a fire that was as hot as the one that Drogon spewed from his mouth. She had seen that same fire, in his eyes, when she walked towards him in the cave full of dragon glass. He felt that fire too. That much was clear.

It wasn’t until that fire burned in her so hot when he fell from Drogon’s back. That fire could have melted the Night King’s heart.

As she thought of the memory, that was when she realized she didn’t just have a flame for him.

She loved him.

Daenerys was pulled from her thought when there was a knock at her cabin door. She wasn’t expecting anyone this late at night. She only wore a thin black dress, like the ones she wore back in the hotter days in Essos. Her hair was loose and framed her face, she didn’t feel the need to look regal anymore.

She crossed the cabin, and opened the door.

She let out a surprised shock to see Jon standing at her door in the middle of night with nothing but pants and a thin shirt on. His hair was loose, falling out of the bun he usually wore on his head. He looked like he had just walked through the flaming desert in the Red Waste. He had a wild look in his eyes, and she found it hard to look into them. His eyes had shined with a fire she had never seen in any man before, not even her sun and stars. Her breath stopped short.

“Jon?” was all she could say. You couldn’t cut the tension between them, even with Ser Beric’s flaming sword. Daenerys could only stare at him. The fire exploding through her stomach and down to her thighs. She felt like a young, inexperienced girl who had never been touch by a man before, not the powerful queen she had become. No man had ever made her feel like Jon Snow did.

She opened the door to the cabin and he stepped in still not saying a word. He just strode toward her like a wolf coming for its prey.

She didn’t know who kissed the other first. All she knew was that his lips were on hers, and she had never felt more alive. He bit her bottom lip, and entered his hot tongue into her mouth. She almost exploded just from that. He cradled her face in his hands, and her hands glided through his hair and untied the bun. She didn’t realize he had such beautiful curls. His hands roamed her body, and she a burned every time he would touch her exposed skin. Was this some kind of dream? Would she wake up in her bed alone, sticky and dripping with sweat, from the sweetest dream she’d ever known?

He backed her against the cabin wall with hard thud. She knew this was no dream.

He kissed her deeply and harder than any man had ever before. She kissed him back with just as much passion. His lips moved from her lips down to her neck and collarbone. She moaned in pure pleasure.

It all happened in a blur after that. He ripped her dress off her body, and threw her on the small bed. She ripped his shirt of him when he came on top of her. She saw the jagged scars that covered his chest. So, this was what Ser Davos meant when he took a knife in the heart for his people.

She slowed their movements. Tears swelling her eyes. She looked at him.

“How could they do this you?’

He said nothing, but his demeanor had softened and he wasn’t the wolf anymore.

He wasn’t a king then, nor was she a queen. Just Dany, just Jon.

She flipped them over, and kissed her way down his chest, not missing any scar.

She looked into his eyes, and saw that they swirled with nothing but desire, and dare she say it? Love.

Daenerys had always been a woman who loved to be in control when it came to making love. She loved the feeling of a man losing control underneath her as she rode them as fiercely as she rode her dragons.

Jon flipped them over, and Daenerys was the one to lost control.

He entwined her hands behind her head and looked deep into her eyes.

Gone was the stoic, brooding king. He was just Jon now.

He kissed her again all over her body, and then kissed her there. Something Missandei told her about when Greyworm had made love to her. “The Lord’s Kiss” she had called it.

It was a feeling she never wanted to go away. She screamed in pleasure and clenched her first into the furs.

When they finally came together, she saw stars. White, hot, burning pleasure filled her body. The flames had burned their way into her soul.

When he finally collapsed next her, and she calmed her breath. She looked at him.

He was staring up at the ceiling with a dazed look on his face.

She has never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

He winded his arm around her, and she settled into his chest.

She could feel his wild heartbeat, and the sound was more beautiful than any song she’d ever heard.

She loved him with her entire being. She knew that now. She wondered why it took so long for her to see that.

She didn’t say anything to him as she drifted to sleep.

She felt the ghost a kiss on her forehead.

Even though death was surely coming upon the world, she had never felt more safe.

an Ao3 fic rec list

I am collecting a handful of my favourite YOI fics in one list so I can keep track and maybe you’ll find something to read. Due to my lack of planning and my growing to-read list, this post will be updated.

Most of these are very well known as is but I’ll feature them anyway.

soldier boy, tripping over himself to win my praise by @thissupposedcrime

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
Rating: T
Tags: Slow Burn, Post-Canon, Mutual Pining, Aged-Up Character(s), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, canon until grand prix 2016

*throws rose petals on this fic* Soldier Boy is my favourite canon-verse Otayuri fic and I am comfortable admitting it. Renée is a wonderful wonderful writer, the characterization in this story is so beautifully done and I cannot wait to see the next chapter when it’s complete.

every time I try, every time I win by @thissupposedcrime

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
Rating: T
Tags: Fluff, Post-Canon, Friends to Lovers

This is a mini side fic for Soldier Boy and it has become my comfort read if I’m feeling restless for whatever reason.

Heart Break Beat by @boxwineconfession

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
Rating: Mature
Tags: Pool Hustler AU, Pool & Billiards, gender fluid Yuri Plisetsky, Homophobic Language, Underage Drinking, Yuri is 20, Otabek is 23, Established Relationship, Childhood Friends, high school sweethearts, smoking mention, Blow Jobs, Hair Pulling, Anal Sex, Crying During Sex, Valentines Day Fic

If you haven’t read HBB; crawl out of your cave, grab yourself a glass of wine and make yourself comfortable. Sarah always floors me with her way with words but this fic is my favourite of all her fics. It’s raw, emotional, gritty, heart breaking and sexy. I love the way she fits side characters into the story, I love the way the story sucks you in and makes you stalk the characters around instead of just watching them. Every tiny detail works so well and I can’t say enough good things about it. (It also made me read The Hustler which is a decision I do not regret.)

Oh My God I Think I Like You by @machinewithoutfeelings

Yuri Okisetsky/Jean-Jacques Leroy
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Porn with Feelings, Dirty Talk, Skype, Sexting, Feelings Realization, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Long-Distance Relationship, Rimming, Future Fic, Fuckboy with a Heart of Gold, Spanking

This fic introduced me to @machinewithoutfeelings so I am thankful for it but it also features the most frustrating sexting attempt of all time so do yourselves a favour and read it. It’s so hot and so funny, I absolutely love Pliroy and I’ll hear nothing against it. Characterization is so damn good, I’ve waited every chapter of this with bated breath and it did not disappoint me once.

1,674 Days by @seeyounextlevel

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
Rating: T
Tags: Marriage, Angst

Fuck you Ronnie. This is Proper Angst, read it at your own risk. It is so good but maybe it would not do you good if you are feeling fragile, because it broke my heart in all the good ways and I am still sad about it. Ronnie is a fantastic writer, it’s a shame we cannot make her sit down and hand us devastating fic over devastating fic while we invested in Kleenex.

They Done Made Porno by @babypeche

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
Rating: Explicit
Tags: bad morals, Bad Friends, Comedy, Porn Watching, Non-Consensual Voyeurism, Crack, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

This is a recent favourite but I have strong feelings for it. Someone help JJ.
If there is a winner combo, it is otapliroy to me, establishing of it in this fic is hysterical and exactly the situation I can imagine JJ being in. Otabek is hot, Yuri is a boss, JJ is hot and bothered, it is so freaking good.

Prima’s Pleasures by @cashryley

Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Alternate Universe – Escorts, Alternate Universe – Prostitution, Escort Service, Aged-Up Character(s), POV Otabek, showering together, Anal Sex, Otabek is a bit of a voyeur, Voyeurism, Yuri is referred to by a different name for most of the first chapter, Blow Jobs, Anal Fingering, Spanking, Flexibility, Hair-pulling, Unsafe Sex, (and many more)

Escort!Yuri-AU was something I have been purposefully looking for when I found this fic and it was a good discovery. 6 chapters in and more to come, I am loving the big boss businessman Otabek and escort Yuri.

To be continued.

Creepypasta #1128: The Most Beautiful Garden

Length: Long

There are very few completely untouched places left in this world. Everywhere you go, you find evidence of mankind’s encroachment; on a disused hiking trail you’ll find a bottlecap or a crushed aluminium can, letting you know that you are not the first – and definitely won’t be the last – human to visit that place. 

Certainly, there are some areas which are more untouched than others. I always watch with intense fascination when documentary crews descend into some rare piece of jungle that has never before been explored. I picture being one of the first to lay eyes upon previously unseen places, and imagine what it’s like to breath air untainted by car exhaust and pollution.

Those places are all almost gone now, or virtually inaccessible to someone like me – an unremarkable nineteen-year-old girl from New Zealand.
But that lust for natural discovery never left me, and so I found my own realm of mostly unexplored, unpolluted wonders.

The ocean.

Getting a diver’s certificate isn’t actually all that hard. The PADI Advanced Open Water certification is basically all you need to free dive in local waters, and as long as you’re medically sound, it’s just a matter of time and equipment – both of which I had.

Around the coastlines you still find plenty of the same human garbage littering the sea; floating scraps of net, rusty pieces of wreckage, beer bottles filled with silt, and tangles of plastic. But the farther out you go, away from civilisation, the more pristine things become – the more beautiful.

My first dive near Great Barrier Island was an especially exquisite experience, and I ended up signing up to do conservation work so I could access the waters that were off limits to regular visitors. I’d do days of back-breaking labour, carving walking tracks in the sides of cliffs, then I’d have three days of bliss, diving in waters where few other people had ever been before.

It really is like another realm down there. Spiky sea urchins crust the rocks, sharp amongst branching corals and sea sponges. Shoals of fish swim around you curiously, not recognising a human as anything more than an interesting anomaly. They nibble at your fingers, then dart away. Everything is coloured a strange yellow-blue-green, as though all red light has been stripped from existence, and all is enchantingly serene – in that slow, soft world where even sound must succumb to the calming depths of the syrupy seas.

Yet it was on one such diving trip that I found the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

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The butcher’s knife is sheathed

here be spoilers for Star Trek Discovery. 

Michael Burnham is no one’s butcher’s knife. Also, no way in hell is Philippa Georgiou’s final resting place going to be the bellies of Klingons.

@kc749​ - maybe a bit relevant to your interests. :)

Hmm. I may post this to AO3 too. It’s patchy, but I think it holds together okay.

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#4 Mitch Marner

can u do a mitch marner one where ur like the assistant medical trainer and he gets concussed during a game and while he’s on pain meds/ loopy bc he’s concussed he talks about how in love with u he’s in because he doesn’t realize it’s you he’s talking to please?? omg

just also health psa im using creative license. they dont give you strong pain meds when you get concussed so like if you ever do get concussed just take a panadol, Please do not take strong pain medication and also definitely see a doctor asap. THIS HAS BEEN A HEALTH PSA FROM YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD PHARMACY ASSISTANT. Also don’t take any anti-inflam (jfc do not) 


song suggestion of the day: Out of Control by Glass Caves (this is a good song that i discovered today)

Originally posted by werenskiz

Your job was definitely not an easy one. In all your years of working in professional hockey, it had been a hard slog. You’d moved to the Maple leafs this season and to be honest, you liked it so much better than your previous jobs. At least with the leafs everyone was so open and supportive and the boys themselves were always so polite too (even if your help wasn’t always appreciated). During your time in the NHL, you’d gotten to know which teams you should be wary of when it came to player safety. You also knew which players to be concerned about and yes, one of which was most definitely Mitchell Marner. As such you really shouldn’t have been too surprised but dear god, that was an awkward fall. He didn’t look too good and Tyler Bozak skated over to help him too his feet. The nineteen year old clutched his head and was quickly pulled off the ice and whisked down to you and the rest of the leafs medical team. After a lot of groaning and complaining, he was eventually given some drugs to help calm him down so that you could assess him properly. The groggy brunet didn’t shut up, even faced with injury and a probable 3 weeks out of the game. It was a good sign, even if his speech was slightly slurred. You made sure to prompt him with questions every so often to keep him doing so, checking for any other injuries that he may have suffered from the impact.

“How’m I doing, Doc?”

“You’re doing great, Mitch.” you replied with a smile as you gently checked his shoulder flexibility for any signs of stiffness in the joint.

He nodded blankly, leaning back against the wall. “Where’s Y/N?’ he questioned.

“Here, Mitch.” you replied, trying to hide your smile at how out of it he was.

“Huh,” Mitch replied, nodding a little and falling silent for a bit. “Y/N’s really pretty.” he added after a bit. “Like really pretty.”

You weren’t really sure how to respond to that so you just mumured a quiet “okay,” and continued your assessment, keeping your head down to hide your blush.

“Those eyes!” Mitch grinned. “oh and that smile! I love her smile. She smiles a lot.” he informed you. “and she’s always so nice. And funny too!”

“Okay, Mitch.” you replied with a quiet laugh of disbelief.

“You’d understand what I’m talking about if you met her. Her laugh is literally the best thing I’ve ever heard. I love making her laugh.” Mitch blabbed.

“Okay, Mitch, how about we get you up to the hospital for some tests.” you told him. Reluctantly, he agreed, letting you help him to his feet and pass him on to some of your colleagues. 

“If you see Y/N, can you tell her that I’m okay?”

“Will do, Marner.” you chuckled.

The Hero

Fandom: Hetalia

Pairing: USUK

Rating: T (there’s blood and swearing)

Summary: When Arthur was stood up yet again, he was ready to chew out his boyfriend. However, he was not expecting to see a villain in his apartment. He also wasn’t expecting to get kidnapped. Arthur realizes quickly he has some choice words the next time he sees his boyfriend.

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