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What would your OTP do on a date...
  1. At an aquarium?
  2. At an art museum?
  3. At a coffee shop?
  4. At a book shop?
  5. In a hat shop?
  6. At the movies during a good movie?
  7. At the movies during a bad movie?
  8. At a drive-thru movie?
  9. At a local park?
  10. At a zoo?
  11. At home with parents?
  12. At home alone?
  13. At a school dance?
  14. In a forest?
  15. In a cave full of crystals?
  16. At the beach at night?
  17. At the beach during the day?
  18. At the boardwalk?
  19. During an after-school club?
  20. At an amusement park?
  21. At an orchestra concert?
  22. At a popular band concert?
  23. At a pizza parlor?
  24. At a soda fountain?
  25. At a magic show?

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In honor of Nick Cave’s performance yesterday in Zurich  - it was amazing

so I was totally ready to be blessed by the lord, last night. buuuuut….I wasn’t. I tried to be as early as possible, but it wasn’t enough. I was too far away from god. but it was a spiritual experience anyway. I already had tears in my eyes, as he merely entered the stage. he was that majestic. I just wish I could have been closer to him.

oh and is it a normal thing for him to say ‘fuck you’ to his fans a lot? or is that how you say ‘hi’ in Australia? not that I mind. wish he’d told me to fuck myself. I would have felt honoured…

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