Tahm x Kindred. Commission of an unusual pairing.

I don’t care much for Tahm, but I wouldn’t pass a chance to draw Lamb. It’s helpful to not think of objects as objects, but rather shapes and forms you can play around with. Simplifying the cliff faces in the background and painting it Light > Shadow > Reflected Light in that order really kept things from going too crazy at once. The grass I treated as if it had the same lighting properties as a lit candle (similar to the light scattering in the wax), then threw in some strands here and there. 

I don’t really have a focus for what to write in these descriptions aside from quick things that come to mind. If anyone’s interested in the process of have any questions, maybe I can respond to them here in the future!

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Just realized that I never posted these on tumblr. I did these a couple of months ago when I was having some trouble painting digitally. It was a great way to let loose and try new things. I was also inspired by  Mike Jasnowski. His paintings are AMAZING!

 Not to mention, I love love LOVE Pikmin and Pikmin 3 is no exception!

Available on my storenvy (as a set of 3) 


“Gravekeeper’s Anger” from Deathsmiles, arcade / Xbox 360.


Peace… by Jacques de Vos


An Ice Cave inside Iceland’s Vatnajokull Glacier


Waves of the Atlantic Ocean striking the coastline in Barbados.