Kirkhelleren is a cave on the island of Sanna, which is Norway’s oldest fishing village. Sanna has a 9000 year old hunting station and mass graves that date back to the Black Death. The island also has around 20 overhanging rocks and caves.

Kirkhelleren is 32 metres high, 20 metres wide and 45 metres deep. It is known as a cathedral formed by nature as it has an alter in the middle of the cave, as well as a pulpit and pulpit stairs. It has cathedral-like acoustics so is used for acoustic concerts. Remnants of one of Norway’s oldest settlements have been found in here, confirmed by bone remnants and tools. The cave also served as a burial site for 33 people, most of who were buried in mass graves dating back to the 14th century CE (Common Era).

The stars visible in this image are Jupiter and the red giant star Aldeberan rising to the east. The photographer, Tommy Eliassen Photography, is the person standing in the cave. Eliassen used a Nikon D700, 14-24mm f/2,8 to capture the image at 5:24pm, Jan 10, 2013.




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Sawn Rocks: Nature’s Organ Pipes

Situated in the Mt Kaputar National Park, NSW, Australia is a towering face of trachyte columns, resembling organ pipes rising 40 metres high.

They are the result of slow and evenly cooled lava, which as it cooled shrunk slightly, causing jointing across several planes. At Sawn Rocks, the columns are mostly pentagonal in shape.

Mt. Kaputar is an extinct volcano, last active around 18 million years ago however, its past activity is still clearly visible today.


Image credit: Marcus Arnold.