stilldoingscience asked:


Why I like them: He’s?? Cave Johnson. He’s great. How do you not??

Why I don’t: Problematic asshole

Favorite line: "Why not marry safe science if you love it so much?"

Favorite outfit: 60s Cave, sideburns and a turtle neck, yo

OTP: Caveline of course 

Brotp: Greg and Cave tbh

Head Canon: He’s not a big man on talk or romance, but if someone asks about Caroline, he could ramble on a little longer than usual about how great of a worker she is. Always ends it in “a great kid, she’s a great kid.”

Unpopular opinion: Hhhhh idk?? I see him as very loyal I guess

A wish: Make a prequel with more history on Caroline, Cave, and all of our problematic faves, Valve.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Don’t make combustible lemons, ya dingus

5 words to best describe them: Problematic, Handsome, Persausive, Charming, Ignorant 

My nickname for them: Caveeeeeeeeeee