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The Diary of Cat Cavaris - Entry 3

Dearest Diary;

What a first day of work! It is not quite so hard as I had expected, but it is menial and tedious. I worked in the gardens back in the Emperor’s castle, so all this cleaning and tidying and dusting and washing is new to me. Luckily, Ashley and I were working together, so I had someone to talk to!

I considered, for a time, confessing to her my feelings for the Queen. I thought better of it, though. I like Ashley, and I trust her, but not enough to divulge these feelings. Plus, if someone else had been listening, they might have told the King and he’d have my head.

I encountered the Queen twice today. It was uncomfortable for me, as all I could think about was my dream last night. First I saw her in the throne room - I was given the task of polishing the thrones before the King and Queen awoke, and Deedee was responsible for mopping the floor. We were just finishing up when the Queen entered, without her husband. She thanked us for cleaning the throne room and then told us that we could leave.

The second time I saw her was a mere passing in the hallway. She gave me a smile and a nod, and I gave her a quick curtsy and a “M’lady”. She is so kind - she treats her servants with such respect, it is remarkable to me. Her father, the Emperor, was never so kind to us - I do not think he ever spoke more than two words to me in the entire time I was at his castle.

Ashley saw an attractive man early in the morning, she said, and kept talking about him all day. She didn’t get to talk to him, so she didn’t know his name, but she kept looking out for him. He’d been in the castle, so she figured he was probably a servant or an off-duty guard, she just had to figure out which one. And who he was. And if he was available. I had listened rather absent-mindedly. My only thoughts were on the Queen. I feel like I have such a one-track mind since I came here, but she is so beautiful! I’m just smitten.

I need something to take my mind off the Queen. On my lunch break tomorrow, I think that I’ll head into the town and check out the market. We don’t have a lot of storage space in our quarters, but I could use a few new dresses - perhaps something lovely that will catch the Queen’s eye? No - I have to stop thinking about her!

Goodnight, diary!

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iceyscarf  asked:

also unf for shinil to u and ikonzi!

TO ME?? TO ME?? SUSIE. SUSIE YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME. YOU CANT DO THIS I WILL DIE. KIND OF but i can throw my sona at him instead and… he’ll also die. 

Cavari fucking dies in embarrassment. 


Your breath hitches as you feel yourself get trapped between the wall and Shinil, eyes blinking under your hair as you try to figure out what’s going on. It doesn’t take you long to put two and two together and.. The thought of what’s happening makes your face flush, one eye faintly catching the outline of your lover.

“Oh! Oh… Oh boy.”