((did a gemstuck fusion between Bhavan/Covellite & kissmekismesis’s Elixza/Indicolite~))

((and they make a fucked up lookin’ gem, of course~! their fusion is Cavansite. chose that one because it’s considered a toxic gem, & mixing Bhav & Eli’s colors together got something close to it’s shade of blue.))

((Cav kinda alternates between Eli & Bhav’s voices, depending which second mouth they’re using at the time. also Bhav & Eli’s eyes would be able to look around on their own while the big middle eye does it’s own thing. ^v^))


This is my gorgeous hunk of calcite that I got not long ago, calcite is the perfect tool for cleansing other crystals and tools you wish to use in rituals or on yourself. Cleansing stations are easy to use just place the crystals or objects on the calcite and place in a quiet place, this can be inside or outside.

Calcite is also a really good tool to use to cleanse yourself, it works great with the mid-section/ stomach area and our emotional centre. It promotes proper elimination and encourages calcium uptake in bones. 

Calcite is also great for meditation and uplifting your emotions.

This is my little charging station working away outside with my new collection of crystals. There is Raw Emerald at the back, Black obsidian/ dragon glass arrow head, agate ball and my favourite cavansite in matrix