cavallone decimo

I’m re-reading Dino’s debut chapter in the manga for reference (chapter 27), and he’s kind of a total asshole to Tsuna at first (for all of like three minutes), and I can’t stop laughing because I just realized that’s probably the jealousy talking???

I mean, he did say “Truth be told, there are still many things I wanted to learn, but he insisted on coming to Japan to teach you so I had to let him go.”

Reborn must have been teaching him for several years at this point, and it’s obvious Dino still needs a bit more training (he’s a wonderful boss, but he still has that whole clumsiness thing to work out) so can you just imagine he wakes up one day, to find that his beloved tutor is ditching him to go to Japan to teach another kid?

It must have hurt, if his relationship with Reborn was anywhere near as close as Reborn and Tsuna’s becomes (and all the signs say it was).

So just imagine this dork shows up in Japan, totally ready to bully the new kid who stole his tutor from him, and then he sees this total cinnamon bun.

And he’s just like “oh no.”

And like, long story short, he accidentally ends up adopting him as a little brother.

Tutor Troubles [Chaotic-sol]

Why was he in a situation like this? How did this all even start? He didn’t ask to be this way, he didn’t want this. He was miserable, frustrated. Plain and simple, he didn’t want to be here. Though now that he was of age -that being 14 years of age- Dino was now ready to brace himself for the leadership that he would be granted. Unfortunately…here he was, alone, rendered useless. Dino didn’t mean to act so rude in front of his father, but he finally needed to speak his mind. The blonde didn’t want to be Cavallone Decimo, no way, no how. Never in a million years could he agree to this, and now he was being forced into it! He despised the mafia, despised its vulgar ways. Why should he have to dirty his hands for another? Why should he have to gain this responsibility, knowing the consequences? It was ludicrous, pure insanity. Plus the fight with his ill father made this no better. Dino never saw eye to eye with him. He never understood his ways, and frankly..he didn’t want to. Never would he be Cavallone Decimo, and he would make sure of that.

With all this chaos came another surprise. Great could the Italian eve take another surprise? A tutor? They had to be joking. They had to be pulling his strings, pissing him off more. That’s it, this was his fathers way of getting back at him. Well it wasn’t going to work. Dino would make sure he gave this tutor hell. However, little did he know, this man was legit. Dino would be playing with the wrong deck, barking up the wrong tree. This tutor was like no other, he would whip the blonde into shape. This would be against his will, and Dino would have to succumb to the future torture that would bestow upon him.

Now he was outside in the garden, trying to clear his mind and relax. Lying on the ground and allowing the beauty and tranquility of nature to soothe him, he hummed and allowed a smile to grace him lips. He would try and apologize to his father. After all, the poor man was terribly ill.

“This is all crazy..” he sighed heavily, “My father is crazy if he thinks I’ll do this for him, why can’t the old man just pick someone else? It doesn’t have to be blood related, just loyal..I guess…” He then huffed a laugh, “and this so called ‘tutor’ give me a break..this is just a joke, I bet he’s gonna try and act all tough in front of me, but sorry, I’m not in the mood, I’ll make sure you won’t last here..” Little did Dino know, this man meant business.

Dozing off, finally able to achieve peace, he was soon abruptly alerted by the presence of another. Jolting up, Dino looked around, scanning the area. “Hello?..” he called out, waiting for an answer back, not in the mood for anymore surprises.