(Saturday Breakfast)

I had a waxing appointment.

Cavallero is conveniently situated on Smith street, across the road from my waxing studio of choice. Apart from its convenient location, its also a fantastic place to have breakfast (something I have done there many a time before).

Being the creature of habit that I am, I always seem to get the same thing every time – A skinny latte, date and walnut bread with espresso butter (which is relatively new-ish to the menu) and croquettes on the side.

My Darwin friend, decided on a cappuccino and a more daring breakfast option of the baked ricotta, tomato, basil and prosciutto on toasted sourdough with aged balsamic.

Coffees were fantastic as always – mild and smooth.

Meal options were also fantastic. The date and walnut bread is moist, dense and not too sweet the melted espresso butter is the perfect accompaniment . It’s a winner for me. Every time.

The croquettes are also amazing! So good, that my friend couldn’t resist the temptation to steal one/ try one. Definitely recommend.

My friend was quite impressed with her meal too. She said it was a great combination of fresh flavours. Her only criticism being the portion size was a bit too small for her liking.

Overall, Cavallero is a consistently great place for breakfast, with a seasonal menu to keep things exciting. They also do lunch and dinner (which I have yet to try, but looks promising). The space is large, and staff are friendly. Prices are average and parking is ample, but metered (except on Sundays). There is also the option of a tram.

Verdict: One of my breakfast faves! Definitely recommend!

What we had:

  •  2 Skinny lattes
  • 1 Cappuccino
  • 1 Warm date and walnut bread with espresso butter
  • 1 baked ricotta, tomato, basil and prosciutto on toasted sourdough with aged balsamic
  • 1 side of pancetta pea and parmesan croquette


200 Smith Street, Collingwood 3066
03 9417 1377

Cavallero Concepts

Hmm guess I should writes notes somewhere right?

Cavallero is part of the Twilight Order of Saints or Twilight Saints for short.  As elite exorcists they have a special status and support themselves by going on missions as bodyguards and peacekeeping missions because of their neutral status and because of how well trained the order is.  But all of the orders efforts are really for exorcism and to fight disciples of demons (sorcerers, witches and warlocks).  Because of their special status they naturally overturn the rule that the Vatican must approve excorcisms and the Twilight Saints with the power of their surplices are allowed to decide for themselves when and where an exorcism is appropriate.  Subordinates below the Saints must ask for their permission if they want to perform the ritual. 

The Order defines demons as supernatural beings that endanger a human being’s immortal soul.  And as such there are four categories of demons:

The First Type are Fallen Angels, those who fell with Lucifer during the Fall.  These are the Demon Lords and the strongest type.  But even so they are still strongly bound to rules and orders and purging their presence is often simply a matter of invoking the right channels.

The Second Type are demons who naturally form from negative energy or from the sins of Man.  These are psychic beings and tend to prey upon the minds and hearts of the people.  Upon defeat, their sway is broken.

The Third Type can be considered Cosmic Horror types and can be divided into two subtypes:

The first subtype are those beings foreign to this universe, or Invaders for short.  Their very presence drives men to madness and often enough they cannot act directly but through their mediums though ultimately their goal is to materialize into this universe and subjugate it.  These come in a variety of forms and abilities.  It is often considered that if such a being does materialize in our world, then all hope may be lost.  The strategy for dealing with these types is to cut off their link to our world.

The second subtype are those cosmic horrors born in this universe.  This means that they probably have organic origins but have somehow grown in such power that they can bend the rules of physics and may attack psychically or even spiritually.  A difficult type to deal with because of their physical position in this realm but rarely encountered.

Sorcerors such as witches and warlocks often tend to be humans who have given up their humanity to become something more.  They’ve transcended human limits to the point that this new being might be considered something new and different because of their altered abilities and understanding.  They ‘wear’ their former human selves much like puppets and no longer have human souls.  It is a being that is separate yet the same.

Everything else falls into the broader category of Daemon or Spirits and depending on their threat or beneficiality will be treated as such.


The Order utilizes two 'concepts’ as their greatest weapon against these Demons no matter what the type.  The Buddhist concept of Tulpa.  To quote:

“In as much as the mind creates the world of appearances, it can create any particular object desired. The process consists of giving palpable being to a visualization, in very much the same manner as an architect gives concrete expression in three dimensions to his abstract concepts after first having given them expression in the two-dimensions of his blue-print.” -Evan Wentz

The second concept is the early Jewish concept of Naming.  God created the world by using true names (i.e. Let there be light, thus there was light, etc.) and because humans have the 'image of God’ so they named things in order to have power over them.  Yet knowing the true names of things lets one have power.  It is said that once before in the old times, the Jews knew the true name of God and thus were able to call upon His favor.  So by naming demons there is power granted over them.

An exorcism is performed using the concept of form (tulpa) and name, an exorcist is able to materialize a demon into a physical form.  And then by calling upon the power of the Lord and the prayers of Heaven can destroy that form and banish the demon.  In the same way a person can bleed to death, the existence of a demon can 'bleed’ away and be banished by the power of God.  This is why the Saints are well armed warriors who bear holy artifacts.  Saints must have great willpower and mental strength in order to utilize form and name and strong physical prowess in order to do battle.  This is a strenuous and difficult task often enough and often times Saints do not live very long lives. 


I’ve had a lot of different sources over the years to develop these ideas, perhaps some forgotten but the influences I can recall are Flatland, various myths and religious traditions, that one episode of Tales from the Darkside, Ayakashi/Mononoke, HP Lovecraft, When Seagulls Cry, Type-Moon, and most recently the Slenderman mythos.  I’m thankful because Tulpa was something I had a vague concept of and didn’t realize there was a word for it.

La consulente del lavoro Nicoletta Fiorese presente all'incontro letterario di Padre Enzo Fortunato con Caterina Caselli, Giorgio Mulé e Riccardo Cavallero

La consulente del lavoro Nicoletta Fiorese presente all’incontro letterario di Padre Enzo Fortunato con Caterina Caselli, Giorgio Mulé e Riccardo Cavallero

External image

Nicoletta Fiorese, rinomata consulente del lavoro,  Lunedì 31 Marzo 2014, è stata ospite alla presentazione dell’ultimo successo letterario di Padre Enzo Fortunato, dal titolo “Vado da Francesco”, tenutasi presso la libreria Mondadori Multicenter Duomo di Milano. Intervenuti all’incontro di Fortunato, Direttore della Sala Stampa del Sacro Convento di Assisi, numerose illustri personalità, tra le…

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La banda Cavallero: il terzo pezzo dei luoghi della Milano in nero

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La banda Cavallero: il terzo pezzo dei luoghi della Milano in nero

External image

External image
Ieri sulle pagine milanesi del Corriere della Sera è apparso il terzo pezzo della serie “i luoghi della Milano in nero” curata dal sottoscritto.

Dopo Rina Fort e la rapina di via Osoppo stavolta è toccato alla banda Cavallero, il cui capo era soprannominato il bandito dai denti di lupo.
Potete leggere il pezzo integrale (e sfogliare la gallery) qui.
Prossimo appuntamento la settima prossima con il quarto e ultimo articolo di questa miniserie.

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Prix de Lausanne: la Suissesse Laura Fernandez parmi les lauréats

Sept jeunes danseurs sont les lauréats 2016 du Prix de Lausanne. Ils reçoivent une bourse qui leur permettra de poursuivre durant un an leur formation dans une école ou une compagnie partenaire. La Zurichoise Laura Fernandez, 18 ans, en fait partie. A l’issue de la finale samedi, la Chinoise Hang Yu, 16 ans, s’est classée première, devant l’Américaine Madison Young (17 ans) et l’Italien Vincenzo Di Primo (18 ans). Suivent Leroy Mokgatle (16 ans, Afrique du Sud), Laura Fernandez, Junnosuke Nakamura (16 ans, Japon) et Dingkai Bai (16 ans, Chine). “Tous gagnent une bourse d’études équivalente. Le premier aura la priorité sur le choix de l’école ou de la compagnie”, a expliqué Stéphanie Cavallero, porte-parole de la manifestation. Laura Fernandez, qui s’est formée à Zurich mais vient de passer un an à St-Petersbourg, a reçu le Prix de la meilleure Suissesse. Ex-aequo avec Vincenzo Di Primo, elle obtient aussi celui de danse contemporaine, pour ses aptitudes … Source:–la-suissesse-laura-fernandez-parmi-les-laur%C3%A9ats/41945146?ns_mchannel=rss&srg_evsource=rss

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un chico le dice algo a una chica, la chica se rie.
un chico llega con una chica linda, los dos en musculosa,
el va primero, ella lo sigue, por el azar de la dispocision
ella gana la delantera y le indica a donde sentarse, dos altos luares,
de vuelta por el azar de la dispocision,
el agarra las riendas, emtran a la fila de sillas cuasi cine,
hay dos sillas libres, el pasa primero y se sienta en la primera silla,
dejandola a ella que pase por delante y se siente en la segunda.
no va, si eres el cavallero que tienes que ser se sobreentiende que tienes o,
que dejarla pasar a la segunda, o vos sentarte en la segunda pero nunca,
sentarte vos en la primera y que ella pase,
ya le decia Sony a calogero, cuando los autos eran viejos y genuinos,
pasala a buscar, abrile la puerta pero deja tu seguro cerrado,
si ella te abre el seguro va a ser la mujer de tu vida!