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“Ten, back off!” You put a finger up in warning as you cautiously stepped backwards, away from Ten. He was giggling maliciously, holding huge handfuls of crispy orange leaves in each of his gloved hands as he approached you slowly. “Don’t do it.” You told him, not being able to suppress a smile at his childish behaviour. Suddenly, Ten leaped forward, throwing the leaves towards you as you ran and screamed, giggling as you did so. Your hair and clothes became decorated with pieces of orange and brown as they rained down on you. You turned to Ten, who was nearly rolling on the floor in his laughter. As he noticed you looking at him, he suddenly stopped, staring at you with a hint of fear. 

“Dawn?” He asked cautiously. The tables had been turned now as you smirked, taking a step closer to him as you gathered a pile of leaves in your own hand. Before you could throw it, however, Ten had taken you by the waste and hung you over his shoulder, causing you to drop the leaves and laugh uncontrollably as he swung you around. The sounds of both of your giggles and squeals echoed down the street as your leaf fight continued until you were both too out of breath to continue. You opted for laying in the pile of fallen leaves, comfortable in each other’s arms, instead.

Stuck(y) In The Elevator

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by jaydarose

At first he thought he had imagined it, that maybe it was his anxiety overcoming his logic, that the elevator didn’t just stop abruptly midway down in between two floors.

“Steve?” Bucky looked at him cautiously, wondering if Steve was seeing this too or maybe he was just crazy.

“Don’t worry Buck, we’ll get out of here just stay calm.”

“I am calm!” Bucky yelled a bit louder than he intended. He wasn’t scared. He wasn’t. He’s fine. He’s fine, he’s fine, he’s fine.
One shot where Steve and Bucky get stuck in the elevator in Civil War.

Words: 4126, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Case Update

So, the caseworker e-mailed me to tell me the plan for court next month is the goal is officially being changed from concurrent reunification and adoption to adoption. She said one the goal changes the TPR trial will be within three to six months.

Then she said biomom is enraged and is saying she’s going to fight to get them back. Then she said, “you know, she doesn’t ask how they’re doing or what they’re doing she just wants to win against you.”

I’m cautiously optimistic about the case. Y'all know foster care though, nothing happens until it happens.

Prestige Class - Elementalist

Fire crackled and spit, dancing shadows playing across men and map alike, pebbles as makeshift front lines strewn across worn paper.

“Why don’t we send patrols there?” A manicured finger stabbed at a gap on the map, a small patch of empty space in an otherwise unbroken line.

Tired eyes turned to stare at him, their owner eventually deciding to forgive the newcomer for his ignorance. “Don’t need to. Demons don’t go there.”

“Why not?” Oblivious to the disdain, the noble son of someplace or other kept up, earning him a disdainful snort. Scratching the weeks worth of growth on his chin, the veteran took his time to reply, fixing the young man with a piercing stare.

“Even demons are afraid of ghosts.”

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Sabrina never really intend to get out and go to the event. But her mother insisted she went, it was something about ‘going out and getting her life back’, whatever THAT meant. So, the brunette walked awkwardly around the hall, cautiously looking around the people that were present in the event. She didn’t know most of the people and she certainly didn’t want to feel awkward so she dashed to where the drinks were and hung out there, unsure of how the night would turn out for her.

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So I know that Brigitte Hales is one overly excited writer and will hype up literally anything, but she actually co-wrote this next episode and tweeted about it during the process and I can't help but get my hopes up. Like I assumed that the emotional scenes she talked about were maybe Emma & Hook, but since they don't have a storyline together in the episode, if we get emotional Captain Cobra I might cry happy tears.

I am cautiously excited about how they’ll handle this episode. Very cautiously.

I am extremely excited for the flashbacks though. That’s something I don’t really care what happens, I’m excited to see what’s going on there.

The tweets for an emotional scene could be literally anything, Brigitte tends to be a woobifier and thinks really fucked up moments show emotional depth and humanity and blah blah blah. She suffers from the same thing I’ve noticed a lot of them suffer from and that is that what they say doesn’t line up with what is actualized on the show, and it doesn’t necessarily line up with how sane rational people view these types of relationships.

So I don’t really put a lot of stock in anything she says.

That said, I do really really WANT an emotional Captain Cobra scene, maybe something like we’ve been expecting with the very cliche “I’m not trying to replace your father but I will always be there for you” or them just talking out their very complex feelings and relationship.

But I also want a Captain Swan scene. I don’t want to wait a million episodes for them to confront this situation.

I feel like it’s too much to ask to get both.

I dunno I’ll take what I can get though. I would just like some kind of emotional resolution or growth from one of those three, or a real conversation but this episode also seems like they have a lot going on too, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

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Hugs for everyone~

Awww thank you ~ Rave. *Malik, Altair, Shawn, and Connor look at you funny but allow the hug* YAY HUGS!!!!!! ~ Desmond. *Haytham cautiously hugs you back* Thank you *hugs you too* ~Evie.         Me too? ~ Author 

Her gaze swept the yacht while her brow was furrowed in concentration as if she was searching for someone. A server came into her view, offering a glass of wine. Ariah took one of the glasses off the tray, cautiously sipping while looking out into the sea of beautiful people.