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*cautiously pokes head out of Dark's trashcan, hands him a king-sized Hershey's special dark chocolate bar, and slowly sinks back down into the depths of the trash with a thumbs up*

Dark snubs the treat at first. He has to watch his weight, after all, but then, he can’t resist it anymore and snatches up the bar, pinching off a piece at sharing it with Elsa.

Lazy Mornings

It was early morning, the first columns of sunlight streaking through the blinds, when a wail of a young infant broke the peaceful silence.
You groaned, burying your head deeper into your pillow, willing the child to sooth itself. The arm thrown across your waist shifted as the man next to you grumbled his annoyance. The duvet was pushed back, the cool air of the room stealing away the precious heat trapped throughout the night.
“Daddy’s coming,” your husband yawned, heavy feet dragging as Tom made his way through the house. You heard the door to the nursery open with a soft ‘click’, and after a minute, the wailing stopped. The door opened again, and the scooting of tired footsteps mapped their way back into the master room.
Peeking from beneath your feathered barrier, you saw Tom rocking a sleepy Ella in his arms, mumbling claiming nuisance down to his now peaceful daughter. Cautiously, Tom crawled across the bed, settling near you head, back against the bed frame. Ella was cradled, head on his shoulder, as Tom shifted around to get comfortable.
“We got to be quiet,” Tom told her, pulling the duvet back over his legs, “so very very quiet, okay baby girl?” Ella, of course, gargled in response, not knowing her words yet.
You rolled onto your side, cheek pressed against Toms thigh as you looked up at your two thirds of your family. Toms head was against the wall, his eyes closed as he dozed although he continued to rock Ella, who was drooling over his neck. She was watching him with full interest, fingers grabbing his night shirt, tugging the fabric in different directions. When she felt your eyes on her, she cooed happily, leaning over to try and get to you. Queue a moment of sheer panic as your daughter fell towards your face, your husband scrambling to keep her upright and you trying to manoeuvre to catch her.
As you moved up to sit next to Tom, he handed her over, and she sat happily on your knees, gargling nuisance as she smiled up at you both. Neither of you said anything, instead pulling stupid faces at her to get her to giggle and clap happily.
This went on for a good five or so minutes, before her head started to drop with fatigue. “I think little missy is tired,” you whispered, slowly moving down the bed to lie down. Tom followed, and Ella lay between you both, one hand grabbing Toms shirt and the other tangled in your hair. The two of you sighed, content as you watched your daughter taking peaceful breaths, having fallen back to sleep. Tom wasn’t long after, trying to fight back yawns but failing. After cuddling close, arm over you two, his eyes closed and he was once again asleep.
That was something you were jealous of, how quickly he could sleep. After traveling so much for work and promotions, Tom could go to sleep near enough anywhere. He had fallen asleep once at a dinner party, much to the hilarity of you and Rachel, who took enough photos to fill a gallery.
You weren’t all to far off going to sleep, your eyes heavy, when you heard a floorboard creak in the hallway. You groaned before lifting your head. Alex stood, in his Fantastic Four PJs (thanks to Harrison), rubbing his eyes tiredly.
“Come on then,” you whispered, and that all it took for him to clamber onto the bed. Tom woke with a start, pulling Ella closer to protect her, as he rolled on his back. He sent a sleepy smile to Alex, who moved into the place Ella had been lying. It took a moment of shuffling, but soon everyone was comfortable, Ella cuddled into her Dads chest whilst Alex was spread out between the two of you.
You all lay like this for a good hour, hearing the birds chirp outside, the sun becoming brighter. You had been dozing most the time, running soft fingers through Alex’s curly hair. Moments like this, where the fame which came with the families name was far away, this is what you truly treasured. No one had to pose for the cameras, had to think of what to say, ensure that they said the right thing at the right time, no, this was what you lived for.
“I need to pee,” Tom grumbled, eyes still closed and arms wrapped protectively around his kids.
“Noooo,” you whined, pouting in his general direction although you knew he wasn’t looking. You didn’t want him to go, because that meant the start of your day. The kids would wake up, demand food, and then play, and then more food, and then ask questions, and then to go see people, and ask why is that there? why does that look like that? “Can’t you wait a bit longer?”
“Babe,” he shuffled, eyes opening as he turned to look at you, “I’ve been holding back the last hour, I really need to pee.”
You sighed dramatically, mentally preparing yourself for the day.
“Sorry,” he winced, slowly sitting up. As if on queue, Ella woke up at the movement, and quickly started whining out of hunger: Alex woke too, wondering what was going on, before asking for pancakes. You glared at Tom, who gave you a sheepish grin as he handed Ella over.
“Your cooking breakfast!” You called after him, as he quickly darted out of the room.

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Pansy/Blaise - "You should leave and never come back!"

She hadn’t remembered to close the blinds and the sun hurt.   In fairness, it had been late - or early - when she fell into bed, and she hadn’t been quite sober.  

She’s been too pissed to walk, if she remembered correctly.  She screwed up her face against the hangover onslaught and then cautiously opened her eyes into the far too bright room when it didn’t come.

“Sleeping beauty stirs, I see.”

Pansy glared at Blaise.  Some things were worse than a hangover, and a perfectly dressed Blaise Zabini stretched out in a chair in her room qualified.

“How did you get in here?”

“You invited me up,” he said.  He sounded as damnably amused as he always did and she closed her eyes again.  Had she been drunk enough she could claim alcohol induced memory loss?   Another person who refused to see her, the girl who’d tried to sell out Potter, and she’d ordered another drink. Then another. Then she’d hit on him.  She’d tried to strip his clothes off in the pub while several of his mates - if Zabini could be said to have anything as plebian as mates - hooted.

“Well, you should leave and never come back,” she said.   He must have slipped an anti-hangover potion into her last drink because she should be seeking out death right now and all she wanted was eggs.  Eggs and maybe some coffee and a tomato or two and did that place on the corner have bacon or only sausage? She couldn’t remember.  Either would be fine.  Both would be better.  As soon as Zabini took off, she’d get up and get dressed and - 


As that thought entered her head she realized getting dressed was something she needed to do before she so much as sat up.  She wasn’t even wearing knickers.

“Did we…?” she began. 

“Not for lack of enthusiasm on your part, but no,” he said before she could list off any one of the many things she’d fantasized about doing with the insanely perfect looking Zabini over the years.  She’d written some of them down.  “And I was afraid if I took off you’d follow me and find someone less scrupulous.”

“So you stayed,” she said.   “Wonderful.  Noble.  Now go.”

He made no move to even stand up.  Worse, he curled his mouth up into that little, arrogant half-smile she’d seen him wear back at Hogwarts whenever he felt especially pleased with himself.   “You did show me your journal,” he said.  “Quite good reading for a long night of watching you.”

Pansy considered death.  

“Perhaps we could try page 23 after breakfast,” he said.  “Though I will need a substantial meal to have the energy for that.”

“I - “

His smile grew.   “Be good and some day I’ll tell you one of mine.”

“Am I in it?” she muttered as she pulled the top sheet free and began to wrap it around her torso so she could walk to the shower without showing him every inch of her skin.  She expected the answer to be one of his smug, condescending laughs.  She wasn’t the sort of girl men like Zabini fantasized about.  She was halfway across the room, trailing spare fabric like a bridal train when he answered her.

“In detail.”

She decided as she washed her hair that it made sense to have breakfast with him.  She should treat him after he’d been so gallant as to sit there all night. And after, well, she’d let after take care of itself.

Page 23 wasn’t, after all, an offer a girl got every day. 

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If Hannibal and Bedelia had a child do u think they would be more attached to Bedelia or Hannibal?

Hannibal by far would be the more affectionate and demonstrative parent. I think fatherhood would come quite naturally to him. Bedelia, however, is a different story. I think she would unquestionably love her child, perhaps even with an intensity that scares her–but Bedelia being Bedelia, it would be hard for her to express that love. She’d be extremely protective, though, a real Mama Bear. 

Of course, if Hannibal ended up in prison, the kid would be more attached to Bedelia. And I think she’d make more of an effort to be warm, knowing she had to be mother and father both. Yet, always cautiously watching and waiting to see if the child had any of their father’s peculiar characteristics



He heard his boyfriend’s voice & sighed softly. While overwhelmed with his own thoughts & challenges, something about Levi always brought him a slight relief. Through all of his mistakes & poor choices, through all of the highs & lows of his life, this man still loved him. He still smiled at him & held him close when he needed it; & Levi always knew without words when he needed it. 

Are you alright?

I don’t know, Archer returned softly, finally glancing over at the other man. 

Levi cautiously stepped forward, rubbing his hand to help from fidgeting nervously. Part of him always wondered if Archer would blame him, or blame their relationship itself, for what he was going through now. Grant just left with Micah to go get some lunch. I know none of us have lessons for a while. We should go grab a bite. 

Archer shook his head. I don’t know, Levi. I’m not really…

Hungry? Yeah, I know, the brunette nodded. But you need to eat & so do I. Let’s get out of here for a little while. People don’t have to know we’re ‘together’ together either, ya know? Small town. Everyone knows how close I am to your family & that we’ve been friends for-fucking-ever, he chuckled. 

It’s not that L, Archer replied, his body tensing as he closed his eyes. He didn’t want Levi to feel like some dirty secret. Besides, what use would hiding their relationship have now? I… It’s just… the man sighed again, this time much louder than before. Actually, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to torture myself by thinking about it. I’m doing what I have to do. It’ll just take time. 

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Would you want to see Finnrey or Finnpoe in the movies or do you think Disney/KKKennedy can't be trusted with either?

I’d rather see finnpoe. 

1) Gays of color. 

2) John & Oscar are the best actors in the sequel trilogy and we deserve to see them spend more time on screen together. 

As for lucasfilm… they’re garbage & I understand the cautiousness you’re speaking with in regards to them but… it’d still be great to see them have finnpoe in TLJ or EP9 explicitly. (I don’t mean sex lmao i mean no more “you could interpret them as gays if u look with ur 3rd eye”). 

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grap sword

{[Grab]: [Massive Ancient Claymore]}

You move forward cautiously as Cal trains their Rifle on the claymore.

You feel like you have seen this sword before… a few times before actually… You don’t get how your memories work… you get this vague inkling that places or emotions are familiar somehow even if you know you have never seen or felt them before… 

You get so lost in your thoughts that you barely notice the sudden appearance of a shadow that falls from the rafters of the tower.

Someone launches down towards you like a streak of black lightning and grabs the sword out of the wooden crate. In one mighty swing the stranger levels the sword to your neck.

You barely had a chance to blink before the massive armored stranger has you at their mercy.

Great job watching our back Cal.

The stranger is wearing a suit of rusted green armor that covers every part of their body. They have a tattered green neckerchief covering most of their face and an inky black cloak that flows around them like it is alive. They have sickly pale complexion and steely grey hair, with a single streak of yellow hair.

Their entire body is coated in a thin layer of moss of dirt, their eyes are blood red and deeply encircled with pain. You can’t place how old this person is, they seem both eternally ancient and strangely youthful. You don’t know what to make of them other than ‘Scary’

And then… they speak.

At first their raspy voice speaks only in gibberish… but then…



What Should We Do Now?

(the 400th page!)

Day 3: Darkest Moments, Brightest Lights

(nbReyder. There’s more alcohol in this, but only like…the canon amount of alcohol.)

Reyes held Dani’s hand as they took a seat on the crates with their legs dangling over the side. They trusted him enough to not let them fall. That part was more telling than the kiss they’d shared back there, though his lips still tingled in memory. Maybe that was the whiskey.

Dani made grabby hands for the bottle as he cautiously took a seat diagonal from them. He rolled his eyes and took a long drag before passing it. They flashed that grin that made his heart stutter before lifting the bottle to their lips. When they lowered it again, their gaze panned out over the golden sunset. 

“Gorgeous isn’t it? I sometimes forget.” He turned to look at them, but only saw them in profile, if that. “Is Andromeda everything you hoped it would be?" 

"I came to protect my family. Mission failed, I suppose.” They chuckled at their own dry humor.

“You crossed darkspace for your family?" 

"Somebody had to keep them from dying alone. Mom wanted me to go along to keep dad grounded and my brother sane. I couldn’t say no to her. So here I am." 

"So here you are.” He smiled to himself.

Dani took another long drink then passed the bottle back to him. “Back at you, Reyes. Why’d you come?" 

He lifted the drink for a quick sip. "To be someone." 

They shifted to sit thigh to thigh, taking one of his hands in theirs. "You’re someone to me." 

Reyes looked into their eyes for a moment. There was no pretense of playful flirting. The walls had been stripped away. The titles didn’t matter anymore. Just Reyes Vidal and Dani Ryder. As he leaned in slowly with a hand cupping their cheek, it felt perfect. 

"I’m starting to think that kiss was more than just a distraction." 

Dani met him halfway. Their hand travelled up to his shoulder. They deepened the kiss with leisurely speed. Like the two of them had all the time in the world. He ran a hand through their hair. Sleek and soft. Reyes could feel them smiling still, and when he finally pulled back, the dazed smile on their lips floored him. How could somebody so arrogant and blunt be so gentle when the moment called for it? 

"Been wanting to do that since we met. Just didn’t feel right any other time.” Dani’s voice cracked from nerves. It was the first time he’d ever seen them flustered. He could get used to that. He wanted to get used to that. 

Their omnitool dinged, and both of them jumped. Dani grasped at his jacket for fear that their flinching would send them off the edge. Reyes leaned in and kissed their cheek once. They sighed in resignation and checked their omnitool. 

“Can’t stay long?" He seemed a little disappointed.

"Had Vetra set to ping me if I wasn’t back from the party in three hours. Safety precaution. Nothing serious." 

"Afraid I would whisk you away somewhere?" 

"Well, to be fair." 

Reyes laughed, and they just stared at him in wonder.

"A-Anyways. Good whiskey. But I tried some questionable drinks, and it’s probably best if I get back before I make even more questionable decisions. I’m only coherent right now because biotic metabolism." 

He raised an eyebrow at them. 

"Not to say I regret any of that, I just-" 

Reyes kissed near the corner of their mouth. Dani brought their fingers to their lips. "It’s okay, Ryder. Call me in the morning?" 

"Post-hangover, most likely. Wish me luck.” They pushed themself to their feet and headed back down the pile of crates. 

Reyes sighed to himself and nearly reached for the bottle when he realized it was no longer with him. He chuckled darkly before hopping up and scurrying after them. Dani’d made it out of the cargo area and to the docking bay before he caught up with them. He caught them by the shoulder. 

“You are not subtle. Or cute." 

"I am definitely one of those things. Thought I’d see if you were paying attention.” They handed over the bottle. “Until we meet again, my dear." 

Reyes watched them disappear up the Tempest’s docking ramp. He swished the bottle around only to find it empty. Maybe they really did know this game. 

You cautiously trekked through the unfamiliar terrain, searching for a source of drinking water as you reminisce on how you got in this situation. You lived on this large forested island for your entire life but had never journeyed to the beachy shores at the edge of the island, always staying in the lush forested area with the other centaurs. One day your friend dared you to travel to the edge of the island, not wanting to appear a coward you foolishly accepted the dare and headed out on a trip to the shores. So right now you were someone you’ve never been with no sign of food or water in sight. Great.

You looked forward and saw the forest stop and an expanse of sand begin. You excitedly galloped over to where the sand was and pranced around the new feeling of sand under you, then you walked over to the water and bent down to take a drink. You immediately spat out the foul-tasting water, but then you heard what you thought to be a laugh. Panicking you grabbed a handful of the sand to prove your journey and ran back into the trees.

“Aw, you scared her off!” A voice yelled in an unfamiliar accent.
“Relax, she’ll be back,” another voiced stated, much calmer than the first. The one who spoke had black hair, long but tied up to stay out of his face.
“How d’ya know that?”
“Because ” he looked over et the other mer in the water next to him. “And take off the hat,”
“You get rid of the ribbon,” the second mer quipped back, grinning.

The next day you nervously walked back to the shore, the fear of yesterday, melding into curiosity. Once you arrived on the shore you quietly called out, half not wanting anyone to respond. “Howdy darlin’”. You jumped at the sudden voice and quickly spotted the person it was coming from.
“Who are you?” you asked while slowly walking over to him.
“My names McCree, Jesse McCree,” the creature replied a cheesy grin spreading across his face. You couldn’t help but laugh at the man’s antics.
“Stop making a fool of yourself,” a stern sounding voice suddenly entered the conversation. You saw a second man’s head emerge from the water.
“What exactly are you?” you then asked feeling the conversation take a serious turn at the introduction of the new person.
“We’re mers,” the first man replied “See?” he asked gesturing to the water, when you looked down you saw instead of horse legs or human legs they had fish tails.

Done With You Part 5 (KBTBB Angst)

Me as OC Hana
hobo4lyfe11 as Eisuke 

Eisuke’s POV 

HANA! I’M COMING TO GET YOU!” were the last words spoken. The last words that captivated the attention of every man below. The last words uttered before the dance of bullets began, and first-blood was shed.

Nothing screams, “Come ambush me,” more than Ota literally screaming, “Anyone who wants to stop me can come and get me!” I guess thats why he was in charge of being the decoy.

Within a fraction of a second, several hundreds of gunshots can be heard. From the trees and bushes, flies swarms of projectiles that follow purposeful paths. The night is lit up from the sparks of light bouncing off of our cover. What better distraction is there than a full, blown-out war?

I use the diversion to disappear into the building through the back door and ascend the dark infrastructure slowly and cautiously. Finding my way up to the top floor, all evidence of the stealth approach is thrown out of the window as the sound of a resounding bang forces my pace to quicken, faster than I’ve ever moved before. Should I not die from the rescue mission itself, I felt like I was sure to die from worry and desperation alone.

The locked door separating me, from my Hana, may as well have not existed at all, because the adrenaline rushing through my blood, broke down the barrier like it was nothing. It felt effortless and easy, but promised a painful morning the next day. Before I even had a chance to assess my surroundings, a shadow looms over me, increasing in size as a dark red clothed body flies in my direction and throws me off balance.

“Baba?” I grunt, shoving him off of me.

“OH! Boss, you made it!” the thief sings cheerfully, all smiles, unbefitting of the situation and the fact that he was hurled across the room just a second ago. His light-hearted laugh is interrupted by the sound of a cocking of a gun. A man in grey has us held at point-blank range, “Hello, Mr Ichinomiya. It’s so nice to finally meet the man who ruined my father’s business and, as a result, destroyed my life. I wanted to return the favour by taking the thing most precious to you as you did, me!”

I stare at the man with a neutral expression. Half not wanting to boost his ego, knowing he held an advantage over us, half in thought. “Ah, you must not recognise me. Apologies on my part, I rudely forgot to introduce myself. Nice to meet you, I’m Keiji Ozaki, son of the the man you wrongfully stole the Burj Khalifa from, here to get my revenge.” He snickers, transitioning to a maniac, hysterical laugh, thinking he’s defeated us. How naive. Unfortunately for him, I always win.

I swiftly shoot his leg and he falls to the ground dramatically. His inexperience in this sort of matter clearly evident from not checking me for weapons.

“What an amateur,” I scoff defiantly, “It’s a shame you were destined for failure, being brought up under the control of your idiot-father. Too bad, I’m not one to pity, especially for those who think they can overthrow me so easily.” With my finger on the trigger and the barrel of my gun to his forehead, I’m prepared to end this once and for al—


The ground shakes with incredible magnitude and I’m knocked onto the floor by the force. Keiji, expecting the bomb below, quickly dashes towards the bed and grabs a hold of Hana’s unconscious body. “Let go of her!” I yell, as shakily as the crumbling floor below me. Baba makes a half step forward with a gun directed at Ozaki by which he reclaims the distance by taking a half step back, towards the window.

“I’ll let her go, if you let me go,” he bargains as he presses his gun to the temple of her head.

Coward. Using a defenceless girl as a scapegoat, I guess he isn’t brainless after all. Baba and I are left powerless as we eye each other. He takes a chance and abruptly pushes Hana towards us, catching us off guard and making his escape out of the window.

Glass shards scatter in every direction, another bomb explodes and the ground quakes violently. “We have to get out of here!” concerns Baba, “The building is going to collapse. We have no choice but to jump!”

“WHAT?! Are you insane, Baba?”

“Relax Boss, if that clown escaped out that window then I’m sure we can, too!” he chirps, all, too happily.

“Fine, but you’re going first,” I say, “Wait, WH—“ I push him out of the window and he lands on the inflatable crash pad at the foot of the building. Well, I guess it’s our turn. I hold Hana in my arms and take a leap. Mid-air, stray bullets from the feud between the others and the enemy, pierce the crash pad in what feels like slow motion.

Crap! no. No. NO! No matter what, I have to protect her. Shifting our bodies hastily, I circle my arms around her tiny, fragile frame and tuck her head comfortably into my chest, embracing for the colossal impact that await our arrival below.


That was all I could hear in the midst of the gunfire and explosion before I felt the crack of my body against the deflating pad and the concrete ground. Ears ringing, sight fading, body breaking, Baba and Ota make their way to my paralysed body. “Take Hana and get back to the car, I’ll meet you there,” I groan with much difficulty. The dark lure of unconsciousness is so enticing but I’m doing everything I can to resist the temptation. “Not a chance! Ota you take Hana and I’ll support boss.”

We struggle on, back to our vehicle with Soryu, Mamoru and the Ice Dragon covering our backs. Heh, and they say they don’t care about each other… Seems like my trust in the bidders was absolute because in the protection of their hands, my body gives in and the darkness of slumber consumes me.

Light leaks into the slit of my eyes and the smell of chemicals stir me from my sleep. I open my heavy eyelids and prop myself up as more of my vision begins to return. “Where am I?” I question, striking pain flowing throughout my whole body. Pathetic. I can barely breathe without feeling like my lungs are about to collapse on themselves.

“You’re in my medical office.” Luke answers, “Hana’s being treated in the hospital. I knew you wouldn’t want to be held there and risk the public, catching wind of the situation, so I took the initiative of tending to you myself, here, in private.”

I’m thankful that Luke understands me so well, even during our boarding school days, he always seemed aloof, but could read everyone like a book.

“You have 3 broken ribs and about 4 fractures. I’m surprised you’re not completely paralysed, let alone able to move as you are.”

“Hmph, as if a few broken bones could stop me,” I banter, not sure if I believe myself.

“Just take it easy. I would advise bedrest for a couple of weeks at minimum, but you have a tendency of not listening, so I’ll leave you with some painkillers instead.”

“Thanks Luke,” I chuckle.

I make my way to the Hana’s hospital room with great effort, no thanks to my injuries, to make sure she is truly okay. The doctors inform me of her condition and the fact that she wasn’t defiled by those vile creatures. Thank God.

She looks beautiful. Despite the cuts and bruises that stain her fair skin, she still exudes an ethereal glow that draws my hand to her cheeks. Stunning. The slight flutter of her lashes that follows my soft caress, brings a smile to my face, one so unlike me, and one that is soon replaced by a frown.

I did this to her. I hurt her. I brought her into this life of suffering. I destroyed her.

I’m disgusted by my hand upon her pure form, “I need to fix this.”

Hana has returned to the penthouse after a long and lonely week. I’ve been tracking down Keiji and his father, who annoyingly escaped from prison, to make sure they can never go after her again. I haven’t had the chance to see her yet, and it pains me to send her to the guest room instead of our shared bedroom, but I couldn’t risk letting her seeing the papers flooding my bed about the very people who put her through hell. The countless weeks of sleepless nights feel extra difficult to conquer without her coffee and presence, but I need to do this to keep her safe. That is my sole motivation.

The next morning seems brighter than usual and my heavily beaten body feels lighter, knowing justice would be served today. I found the two troublemakers and sent Soryu to retrieve them. Selling them at our next auction would surely teach them the consequences of angering me. Feeling fulfilled knowing this whole mess was finally over, was naive of me and couldn’t prepare me for what was coming next.

I prepare to get up to finally see the woman I love, before the door swings open and, there in front of me, appears the said woman. Why? Why does she look so livid?

With tears streaming down her flushed cheeks; soaking into the carpet, eyes once innocent, clear and kind, now filled to the brim with rage, lifelessness and sadness. She spits words of venom at me louder than she has ever sounded. “Go to hell, Eisuke!” was all I could comprehend in her outburst before she leaves like a passing storm. I squeeze my eyes shut in reflection and my heart follows. Squeezing and squeezing, so tight my breathing hitches and I feel suffocated by, what I tell myself is, the pain of my injuries.

An uncharacteristic tear forms and rolls down my face. I was supposed to fix all of this, but again, I couldn’t even be there to comfort her when she needed me most. I’m a rotten bastard. She’s right, I should just go straight to hell, where I belong. But I can’t, “I can’t go to hell,” I whisper with a wry smile and a tear-stained cheek,

“I can’t, because you’re not there…”

“Thats a strange favour for you to ask of me. I guess trying to understand you and your antics was my mistake but—“

“She deserves better than me. I need you to protect her. With you and the Ice Dragons around her, I can rest, assured, nothing like this can ever happen again.”

“You really love her don’t you?”

“More than anything, but I need to preserve the light in her eyes. It dulled a little after what happened, but should it darken anymore… I don’t know if i could live with myself.”

A long silence ensues as Soryu carefully analyses my depressed form, never seeing me so vulnerable in the many years we’ve known each other; as a partner and a friend.

“Fine, I’ll keep her with me but, I’ll kick your ass if you think you can just drown in your sorrows and revel in pain just because she’s not around.”

I throw him a quick, thankful glance, but it’s easier said than done. She was my whole life, and without her, guiding me to the light, I don’t know if I can find my way out of this dark abyss.

You may be done with me, but my heart will always beat here, for you.

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

SO BLESSED and thankful to have rp with hobo4lyfe11 , driving our best to complete this story and we look forward to our next fic, hope you’re too!

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Help the knight up

{[Help]: [The Knight]}

You decide to help the old knight to their feet.

They weight much more than you expected, their armor is rough to the touch and it takes a lot of effort to prop them up.

Cal puts away their gun cautiously.

The Knight seems to be in a great amount of pain, but they stand tall, almost a full head above you. They smell of fresh dirt and old books, there is something comforting about them.

It looks like they try to say something, but they decide against it.

It seems like they are no longer trying to kill you. That’s a start.


What Should We Do Now?

Okay, so like how when sheep/kids baaa at you and you baaa back and they all baaa again?? How would aliens react is if a human on their mission started making the creatures noise back at them until they all doing it.


The mission was fairly simple in Grutona’s mind: follow the tracks of certain creatures and use environmental clues to discern aspects of the creature’s lifestyle and needs. The group had been following the large, octagonal shaped prints of a swutonaton for the past several standard hours, and up to this point, they still hadn’t actually encountered the beast.

Good. Grutona was not keen on being eaten alive today, which would surely be the result of disturbing the beast. Protocol on the mission was to leave should contact be breached with any species that was not fully documented.

However, there was one member of the team that made Grutona worry. Maria seemed to take things like Protocol as more of a… guideline. Already today Maria had disregarded rules about eating wild tree fruit claiming “they have these on my planet, don’t worry!” Grutona did worry. Especially when Maria added: “Besides, they’re delicious.” Grutona knew what type of treefruit Maria was eating, and xhe was skeptical of the claim. These deadly fruits humans called “lemons” were HIGHLY acidic and sour. On xer home world, a fruit like that would be used by deadly criminals as a poison.

Needless to say, having a human on the crew had been an eye-opening, mind-boggling experience. Grutona was learning more about universal cultures on this mission than ever before, that was for certain.

It was a few more minutes of walking along the path, Grutona taking note of the way the plant life was smashed down to the side of the path of the tracks as if the swutonaton had stopped for a time and rested.

“Ah, so it appears swutonaton are a restful breed, and likely a predator species as evident by their choice location being one leaving them so vulnerable.” Kerip, another member of the team, said this clinically, xis eyes dilating further as his species was wont to do in order to get a magnified look at things. As he was examining he spoke to his partner, Bepin who recorded xis observations on a datapad.

There was a noise further down the trail, strangely like a yawn. Grutona looked over cautiously. Maria was gone. Grutona frowned and made toward the sound hoping it was just Maria doing some sort of human thing xhe was unfamiliar with and not the beast hiding in the plant life beyond planning an attack on the mission crew.

But when had luck ever been on Grutona’s side?

As xhe rounded the bend in the trail xhe was met with the horrifying sight. Xhe would have screamed if it were a characteristic of xer race. Instead, xhe stood there in shock.

Maria stood in front of the creature they were tracking all right. The only thing was, the team was entirely wrong about what they thought they were following here. They had assumed the animal was very large, at least nine or ten times the actual size of the creatures in front of them now. And creatures they were. There were at least fifteen of these creatures and they were all piled atop one another, drooling heavily, spiked tails and trunks laying anywhere. 

“I’d definitely call this a dog-pile.” Maria chuckled, completely unconcerned at the reality that basically everything they had assumed about these creatures was wrong. Maria turned to look at Grutona, eyes gleaming in mischief. “Guess we were wrong about the elephant-sized animal with forty pig-sized feet, huh?” Grutona said nothing, still reeling. They needed to leave, Protocol demanded it, and they needed to go soon before more of the creatures woke up as one was doing now.

“Hey, look! They’re starting to wake up! They’re so cute!” Maria took another step closer to them, making cooing noises as Grutona watched in horror as more of the swutonatons started to rouse. Footsteps behind xer alerted xer to the rest of the team arriving to the scene finally. 

There was a moment of stunned silence before an exasperated sound came from Bepin and Kerip started mumbling in astonishments about all the things they had wrongly ascertained. 

“We should leave,” a voice of reason finally called from the back of the group: Teriwald, the ranked officer from the ship who had been tasked with “protecting the scientists” on the expedition.

Grutona found xer voice again, finally. “You’re–”

There was a sudden, loud sound from the pile of creatures “Meeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrm.”

“Okay, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard,” Maria was watching the herd of swutonaton with complete adoration in her gaze. Grutona had been warned to be wary of humans when they assumed a look like this one. There was no telling what kind of things they might do next. 

Whatever Grutona had expected, it was not what Maria did next. Maybe xhe thought she would have started running in circles around the group or walk over and touch one, but xhe certainly did not predict that  Maria would raise her arms in imitation of a swutonaton trunk and repeat the noise back at them in perfect imitation. “Meeeeeeeerrrrrm!”

“What are you doing, we need to go!” Teriwald reminded in an increasingly demanding tone. 

“Calm down, Waldo, we’re fi–” Maria was cut off by several cries of the swutonaton calling back at her.


“Oh, this is too good!” More of the swutonaton had stirred now, and they were climbing off of each other and standing in a herd before Maria who laughed and made the noise again. 


“MEEEEEEEEERRRRRM!!!” The entire herd of seventeen (Grutona had counted in xer moments of horror earlier) swutonaton were now calling back at Maria’s prompting. 

Nobody on the team said anything as they all watched in rapt attention Maria and the herd of swutonaton yell at each other for the next ten standard minutes. 

Humans, Grutona concluded, still half horrified, are weird.

That Night

I had just come out the shower and was now chilling in my boxers. There I was laying in my bed watching the Justice League DVD on a Saturday night while my room mate was out having fun at the club on this rainy night. In my opinion, this was a better way to spend my night instead of going out in the rain to get sick. I am Derek, a slender light skinned black male with brown eyes. I’m not much of a party enthusiast as most in my age category of 18 are but I am human and my dick was starting to make me aware of that fact as it ascended from slumber. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m a virgin. I lowered the TV volume and just as I was about to give it some attention, there was a text notification sound on my phone .

Me (Derek Towers)

My friend AJ hit me up on whatsapp. Now AJ was an attractive guy with an amazing ass and what I had to guess was a pretty good size dick. I could only imagine as I saw the outline once while we were on the beach. AJ was an easygoing fellow about a year older than myself. We met at my job at the hotel where I was a waiter and he was a lifeguard. He was cool and we got along great but he was ridiculously homophobic and there was no way I was going to let him know that I played for both teams.

After our conversation, I still had my little problem. I opened the tumblr app on my phone and scrolled down looking at sexy guys for hours, occasionally watching some porn video. Eventually, I saw a new story by my favorite author @morrisondauthor​ entitled  “Freak by Night 7: Freaky Sneaky.” His stories are always so sexy that I find myself ejaculating before I get to the end. I get so upset when he takes a while to post his stories because they give me life and take me to a world I could never imagine. For some reason, the context usually gets me hornier than the images he uses. I got to the good part and it made me so close to my climax when my phone notification alarmed me. If you haven’t guessed, it was AJ letting me know he got home safely. He went on to tell me about his night and how he had four rounds of sex with his date in her car and she came all 4 times. I was so jealous, I was trying to come once to satisfy myself and he interrupted me boasting about his extravagant time. Now all I had in my mind were images of his sexy ass f***ing her sexy ass in the car and my vivid imagination made me ten times hornier. I had to get my nut so I told him the truth.

Me: You got your nut now I’m going to work on mine

Him: With Pamela? 😂😂😂 Night. Don’t forget the jergens.

I didn’t dignify him with a response. Instead I went to the living room and sat in the couch with nothing on but my boxer briefs. My dick stuck fully erect through the hole in my boxers and I jacked away once again replaying Morrison’s story in my head imagining it was me coming down the stairs to a sexy surprise. The sound of the thunderstorm outside with sprinkles of rain violently pelleting the window fueled my hormones and I could feel my balls ready to release the seed from their constraints. Suddenly there was a loud crash at my doorstep synonymous with a lightning bolt outside which ignited fear into my heart and caused me to forget that I was horny. Cautiously I approached the door and peered through the peep hole to notice nobody standing in the hallway. Still my curiosity wouldn’t let me rest so I opened the door ready to put my self defense skills to the test if I needed it. Imagine my disappointment when I viewed my roommate, Kevin wet from head to toe lying at our doorstep in the fetal position. He appeared to be highly intoxicated and since he doesn’t have a car, I can only assume that a Good Samaritan literally dropped him at the door. As the epinephrine wore off, I started to realize that I was once again disturbed from achieving my natural high.

Even though I was upset, I couldn’t leave him there like that so I dragged him inside. Like AJ, Kevin was straight, usually requesting that I keep the “gay shit” to myself. Yes, he knew about me. I’ve known him since we were kids because we were neighbors and grew up living in each other’s homes. When I found out that I had a taste for both girls and boys, I was around 13 and Kevin was the only person I told at the time. His reaction to the news could have been better. He called me a faggot and stormed out of my house. We didn’t speak for weeks afterward. Eventually he came to me randomly one day and apologized. I couldn’t forgive him and asked him to leave letting him know just how much he hurt me. He didn’t give up though and proved himself from that day forth that he wanted to be my best friend again. He fought off bullies, walked with me home from school and acted like the friend he was before I told him. I forgave him after a while and we were boys again. He constantly tries to get me to go out and drink with him but like I said before, I really don’t have a taste for it. We got this apartment when we moved to Florida for college and we get along well despite his occasional battles with alcoholism. Even so, it’s never been this bad.Kevin loved the gym and he worked out every weekday evening at 5 and went jogging every morning at 6. He took his physical health very seriously which is why I never understood why he drank alcohol. He also managed to maintain above average grades for his track and field scholarship at UCF.

Kevin Dill

I lifted Kevin off the floor and even though he was rather heavy, got him to the bathtub and removed the wet clothes from his barely responsive body. I haven’t seen him naked since we took baths together as kids but when I saw his naked body I had to step back and admire the marvelous muscular masterpiece. My eyes wandered to his dick which wasn’t even hard yet his uncircumcised attachment was 7 inches long and fatter towards the base. I finally snapped back into reality left to get a glass of warm water and an empty bucket in case he vomited. I ran some warm water in the bathtub and thoroughly bathed him. I couldn’t believe I was cleaning a grown man, but I didn’t want him to go into hypothermia. Not only was he drunk, but he was also wet from the cold rain. He started to gain a reasonable level of consciousness.

“Derek? What are you doing?”

“You’re drunk and cold just relax and drink this.”

I gave him an aspirin and the glass of warm water and watched him take it.

“I’m naked”

“I know”


“You were wet and unconscious”

“You couldn’t let me sleep it off?”

“I’m sorry would you rather get a cold or die from dehydration and hypothermia?”

He sucked his teeth, “you didn’t have to remove my boxers.”

“Hey if it’s wet it comes off.”

“Get out,” he said covering his private area.

“Nope, you could pass out at any minute. Look, I already lifted your heavy ass in here, removed your clothes by myself then took my bare hands and wiped your dirty ass. In fact it was my hands that peeled back your foreskin and cleaned your penis. It’s a little too late for modesty.”

He was speechless so I said, “What’s that on the floor? Pick it up you’re making a mess.”

He looked down, “What? What are you talking about?”

“Your bottom lip, now get out the tub and come dry off”

“Ha Ha…very funny,” he sarcastically mumbled as he stumbled out the bathtub.

I was right there to catch him with a towel and prevent him from falling. I began to dry his body when he smartly remarked, “I can do it myself you know”

I removed my body support and he dropped to the ground barely breaking his fall with his forearms.

“I thought you had it.”

“Help me up”

“Help me up what?”

“Help me up please”

“Help me up please what?”

“D’, I’m not saying that”

“Ok,” I began to leave the room.

“Fine, Please help me up Supreme Overlord Towers”

“No problem.” I helped him up and noticed he had an erection.

“Friend of yours?” I teased.

“Shut up!”

I assisted him to his bedside and helped him slide on his boxers.

“I feel so embarrassed,” he admitted

“Why? It’s just us here, chill.”

“This is not fair. You’ve seen me naked now and I even got hard,” he slapped his face in embarrassment.

“We used to bathe together all the time, washing each other’s backs and laughing at each other’s nakedness. What’s the big deal?”

He couldn’t make eye contact and stayed quiet so after sucking my teeth, I slid off my boxers, threw them to the side and danced around in a circle wagging my dick from left to right.

“Woah!” He exclaimed.

“Now I don’t have on anything. Are you happy now?”

He laughed hysterically, “that’s not what I meant.”

“Go to bed.” I helped him lay down and covered him with a warm blanket.

I turned around to leave but to my surprise, he grabbed my hand, “Please, don’t leave me again.”

“Again? I never left you.”

He burst into tears, “yes you did. When I called you by that word and you got upset with me, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I never wanted to lose my best friend. Those were the hardest months of my life, I never even cried over a girl like that.”

Confused, all I could say was, “This must be the alcohol talking.” I turned to leave again.

“Please!” He shouted.

“Okay, okay, just don’t yell like that again. The neighbors are sleeping.”

“Sleep here tonight.”

“If that would make you feel better, fine, but don’t vomit on me please.” I went to the corner to get my boxers.

“You don’t need those.”

Once again, confused but internally contented. I happily obliged, turned off the light went on the other side of his queen sized bed, pulling the covers over my exposed body.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

The sound of rain pattering on the window echoed in the room and I was falling asleep. Unexpectedly, I felt a warm gentle touch on my dick that slammed the emergency brake of the train to dreamland. My dick was being massaged by none other than my best friend. I silently protested in my head not wanting to disturb the amazing sensation I was feeling which caused me to leak pre-ejaculation fluid. My brain finally gained control and I managed to stop him.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“Shh. Just let it happen.”

“Now you sound like a rapist. This has to be the alcohol affecting you. You are not in your right frame of mind.” I got up and as I was standing up to leave, he pulled my hand and I landed supine right on the side of him. He lay against me leaning on his side I could see the shadow of his head in front of me and I could feel he was staring at me. Lightning flashed and I saw the look in his eyes that paralyzed me for that moment. I felt the heat radiating from his head increasing in intensity as he slowly approached my face. I felt like Chris from Get Out in the hypnosis scene, helplessly watching this happen through the windows of my eyes. When the eternity passed and he connected with my lips, the curtains closed but I could sense the brightest flashes of lightning outside. I regained control and participated in the best kiss of my life. Opening our eyes and pulling apart met us with nature’s fireworks applauding our performance.

“Wow,” we chorused.

He grabbed my body and brought me into a passionate make out session, rubbing his well toned body against mine allowing me to once again feel it’s shape, this time against my own. He went down to the left side of my neck and started sucking on it while rubbing his hands all over my back down to my bare ass. I hate hickeys but the euphoria was too intense to stop. I felt electricity flowing through my body as he continued. He kissed his way down to my left nipple and I expressed a soft moan. It felt like there was a string directly attached to the pleasure nerves in my dickhead. He continued kissing down my abs until he got to my pubic hairs and he got up. My eyes opened reacting to the sudden pause. We breathed deeply and synchronized.

“I never did anything with a dude before,” he admitted

“I’m still a virgin,” I countered.

“I know.”

I felt my face blush with embarrassment only to be aroused with pleasure at the immediate moist warm sensation that came from the head of my dick. Did he really just put my dick in his mouth? I looked down and he continued down the nine and a half inch solid shaft managing to get half of it in his mouth. That was the most mind blowing feeling in my life.

“You sure you never did this before?”

He chuckled and continued up and down repetitively sending me to a new level of heaven. He paused again and I couldn’t handle any more suspense. I reversed our positions and did exactly as he did to me in the same sequence. I thought my reaction was intense but as I sucked his neck his hands went all over my body and their favorite place was my ass. I worked my way to his nipples and he let out the sexiest deep moan that I couldn’t compare to all my years of watching porn. It send jolts through my body causing me to be extra turned on. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to know what that dick tasted like. I skipped his abs and went straight to his pubic hairs which like mine were short lavishing in the musk they produced. I licked his dick from the base along the underside to the tip where I licked around the head tasting the pheromones produced. I experimented sticking my tongue in the entrance and he jumped.

“That was intense!” he smiled

I continued taking his head in my throat and he rewarded me with another deep moan. I continued my assault down the shaft attempting to go as far as I could. I made it as far as about 3 inches when ii felt my teeth hit his skin and I pulled back thinking about how much that hurt.

“Easy with the teeth baby”

Baby? If I wasn’t black I’m sure my face would be an apple right now. I tried again, this time opening my mouth as wide as I could and I made it down 5 inches of his eleven before I started to choke and retreat for air. He moaned again and that made me determined to get to the base. I went for it again this time holding my breath and swallowing as I went down fighting hard to resist the urge to cough. I think I made it as far as 9 inches that time but it was as far as I could possibly go. He let out another deep moan lasting longer than any of the predecessors.

“Damn baby no girl ever committed to going that far down.”

I was happy to satisfy him but after that I went up and down taking in only what I could manage, slobbering all over that sexy tool of his. After a few minutes, he pulled my head up and lead me in another intense kiss.

“I want to make love to you baby.” He stared intimately at me.


“I want to fuck you.”

“You gotta let me fuck you too”

“No way I’m letting you anywhere near my ass with that thing.” He protested

“And I’m supposed to let you in mine?”

“Yeah but I love you and I want to prove it to you by taking your virginity.”

“I love you too and you can prove your love by letting me fuck you and take your virginity as well”

“I’m not a virgin.”

“Your ass is.”

“You always did have a smart mouth. It’s one of your most attractive qualities.”

“Well, the ball is in your court”

“Ugh….Okay, just go easy on me please.”

“I could say the same.”

“Okay turn over.”

“Umm no. We need to do a couple things to prepare first”

“We? Things like what?”

“Yes we! Come on, I’ll show you”

I went in my bedroom and grabbed my fleet. It’s a good thing I got two new bottles just in case a miracle happened. Didn’t think I’d get to use them so soon. I researched online how to prepare a long time ago and even practiced a couple of times. I taught Kevin what to do and after a while we were ready. We returned to his bedroom and turned his desk lamp on dimly. The patter of the rain was the only sound for a brief moment.

“That felt wierd,” he complained.

“Well there’s one more step we have to take,” I handed him the tube of lube.

“Hold on no need to rush just yet, I want to taste that ass first,” He kissed me intently then moved both of my legs up and attacking my asshole like it was his last meal. I don’t know which was better, that blowjob or the other level he was sending me to while he ate me. I felt his tongue go places that I didn’t know anything could. All of a sudden, I had this epileptic episode I couldn’t control. I was so weak after he finally finished with me. He grabbed the lube and inserted a finger inside my hole to open me up. He worked his second finger in there. and was about to enter.

“You better go up to 4 fingers, that thing is huge”

The third finger hurt like pins and needles. and the fourth was even worse. I really thought I was bleeding. He waited until I was comfortable, somehow managing to remain hard during the entire exercise. I guess he was as horny as I was. He entered me in the missionary position and I felt a sudden sharp pain as he passed my sphincter that sent kilojoules of electricity through my body. I cried and wanted to stop but he held me down and comforted me,

“Relax baby, just relax.”

I took slow deep breaths until the pain eased and he did not move. He waited until I was comfortable before he continued penetrating me at a steady pace. He didn’t go all the way in but he started a slow rhythm with about three inches of his massive meat. He only went further when I was in agreement. I stopped the rhythm and pushed him on his back without severing our connection. Gently I lowered myself onto his rod taking inch by inch until to my surprise, I fit the whole thing in there. I was so proud I almost didn’t notice the euphoric look on Kevin’s face.

“Damn baby, you sexy as f***,” he complimented.

I began a steady rhythm on him and I could feel him hitting my spot every time. Our session went on for a while. We went in every position we could imagine possible until he had me on my belly leaning against the edge of the bed drilling me.

“Hold on baby, you’re going to make me come,” I warned.

“That’s the plan baby,” he smirked.

I realized what he was trying to do and used every will power I had to stop myself from coming and resist him, ending that part of our session.

“You think you’re slick. I’m f***ing your ass tonight.” I retaliated.

He had a look of disappointment on his face but he lie back, removed his condom and succumbed to my wishes. He lie on his back rolling his eyes and pulled his leg up to reveal the prettiest pink spot I’ve ever seen in my life (only one I saw in person but it didn’t compare to anything in porn). I had to treat something so precious with the utmost care. I gently licked it for a few minutes before I let my tongue explore every delicious crevice of his ass it could reach. I imagine his ass would taste like ass but his was surprisingly sweet. I stuck my tongue inside and was shocked when I heard a deep moan escape his lips. I guess he was enjoying this as much as I was. I continued until I tasted something extra sweet and when I looked at it, it was a white fluid. I think he came from his ass. Damn I made him cream from eating him. I couldn’t believe it. His ass was moister than my tongue and I tasted as much as I could before grabbing the bottle of lube. I didn’t think I’d need it but I did not want to hurt him nor did I want him to chicken out. I inserted 2 of my fingers and they went in without a struggle. I had to fight with the third and fourth because his ass had a constant death grip on them. I positioned myself for entry and took it slow with him, exercising as much care as he did me. Like myself, he seemed to experience discomfort with the infiltration of the head. So I repeated the process and let him get used to it. After a while, he told me to go ahead. I started a slow rhythm  and carefully eased inch by inch into him until i was working 5 inches inside him. Without warning, he reversed the situation and put himself on top like I did. He started riding me. I was speechless but it felt so good when he slammed all the way down onto my dick taking all of it. He looked so sexy, I watched as his pecks vibrated and his ass jiggled moving up and down on me. He was so sexy I wanted to cry at the beauty I was beholding. His mouth was wide open and his eyes closed with his head tilted back moaning. He was enjoying this as much as I was. Once again we had another session with multiple positions until I was backshotting him. He creamed on my dick again throughout the experience. It felt so good, I knew I would climax soon.  He tried to run but I managed to pull him back every time. He said it was too intense and he couldn’t take much more, begging me to cum.

“What’s my name?”


“Wrong!” I violently pounded him.

“What’s my name?”

“I don’t know.” He cried.

“Yea you do,” I pounded harder, “what’s my name?”

“Supreme (moan) Overlord (moan) Towers,” he cried out in pleasure. With those words, 2 weeks of tension building erupted into the condom flooding it with life fluid. I came for a minute straight. I didn’t even know that was possible. The condom had the most cum I’ve ever seen in my life inside and I have know idea how all that fit in there. I looked down to see that Kevin came too. His sheets were soaked in his liquid release. There was so much I was sure he produced more than I did. We struggled to catch our breaths for bout five minutes. It was still raining and we took a shower together and had another make out session. We dried off and went to my room in our birthday suits. He spooned me and we had a long intense discussion even though it was now 3 in the morning.

“I wanted to do that for a long time,” he admitted.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I was afraid.”

“Of what? I’m your best friend.”

“I don’t know. I panicked that day you told me and the reason I freaked out is because I didn’t know how to react. I developed feelings for you and didn’t know how to express myself.”

“All these years and you wait until now to tell me. So what now?”


Disclaimer: Persons in the images used are not necessarily as the story describes do not reflect their character or sexuality. They are a mere depiction of each character’s features. However if there is a problem, please write me and they will be replaced by similar entities

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I have an unidentified skull for you! Here’s some comparison shots with a 16 cm long red fox. The mystery fox is 14 cm long and 7,5 cm wide from the widest point. Narrow zygomatic arches, relatively long palate, short canines and tiny teeth. I bought the skull from an English seller via Ebay, but he didn’t know the origins or species of the fox. Any ideas what he might be?

anonymous asked:

Can you improve my outlook on life and write a very drunk draco clinging to Harry please?

(LOL, I love the way you phrased that and also, I love drunk Draco.)

Potter sat there, leaning back in the booth with his arm slung across the back of the faux-leather seat, his shoulders shaking as he threw his head back and laughed at something the Weasel said. Granger shook her head with a smile of fond exasperation and leaned up to kiss her husband’s cheek. The weird blonde (”Loony Lovegood,” his booze-soaked brain provided) was waving her wand over the she-Weasel’s head in circles - ‘cause that’s normal behaviour for her.

Draco supposed that the thought of going over there ought to feel intimidating - he was completely outnumbered. But perhaps it was because of the eight or so shots of tequila Pansy had dared him into guzzling, or because he was randy as fuck.

Or because he’d just stood there hiding behind the cloak stand by the door and gazing at Potter like a lovesick halfwit far too long - he was no coward. Not anymore.

So he squared his shoulders and marched across the bar, tripping only twice, the second time because of that swaying oaf who’d nearly knocked him over.

Potter blinked up at him with his mouth slightly open.

“Potter.” Draco felt vaguely triumphant that his voice came out steady and calm - and Potter’s form was only very slightly blurry. “Potter,” he repeated, blinking slowly.

“Malfoy,” Potter replied cautiously, one eyebrow sliding up the scarred forehead. “What’re you doing here?”

“I can be here if I want to be here ‘cause I want to be here–” Draco was being very loud - his ears rang a little. Potter scrambled out of his seat, throwing a hasty glance at his friends before coming up to Draco and grabbing his elbow hard. Draco scowled around at the group - Weasley was scowling back, Granger looked thoughtful, she-Weasley looked completely bewildered and Loony, well Loony hadn’t noticed him yet; she was peering into she-Weasley’s ear as though she’d lost something in there.

Potter dragged him away a few paces. “What the hell?”

Draco tried to yank his arm out of his grip but nearly ended up overbalancing and falling onto his arse instead - Potter’s grip tightened.

“Let me go!” Draco slurred, stepping closer to Potter.

“What’re you doing here?” Potter repeated softly.

“I like you,” Draco proclaimed boldly. “I’ve always liked you. You never noticed. You have terrible eyesight.”

Potter pursed his lips, a faint line appearing between his thick brows. “I know I do,” he said, indicating to his smudged glasses.

“I like you,” Draco said once more, his voice decidedly breathy now - ugh. He stepped closer and, oh Merlin, rubbed their noses together. “So much,” he sighed, pressing their cheeks together for a swift second.

“Oh?” Potter didn’t seem put out at all. After staring steadily at him with his stupid green eyes twinkling merrily, Potter asked, “What d’you want, Draco?”

“To go home with you.” Oh shit, he was going to kill Pansy.

Potter simply continued to twinkle at him. “Well, I’m not going to say no to that,” he said very seriously, finally releasing Draco’s elbow to slide both his arms around Draco’s waist and tug him closer.

Draco gasped as he was pressed flush against Potter. He could caught a whiff of spicy aftershave, Firewhiskey and mint; he pushed both hands into the mess on Potter’s head and leaned forward to whisper, “I want you to fuck me.” He pressed his face into the crook of Potter’s neck.

Potter’s arms tightened, the world closed in around him until he was being squeezed almost to the point of pain, and then he was being pulled through dense blackness.

Everything ached. His stomach ached, his back ached, his toenails ached - his eyelashes ached. His head felt like it had exploded and had been put back together before exploding again; even his hair hurt.

He was too close to the sun, his retinas were on fire. The sheets below him were softer than a cloud and smelt pleasantly flowery - his stomach twisted.

He kicked himself out of bed, fell over onto his hands and knees and then half-crawled, half-ran to the bathroom until he was heaving into the toilet. It was another ten minutes before he was able to make himself stand, piss, gargle with half a bottle of mouthwash and wash his face - which also hurt.

Clad only in his boxers he stumbled through the house, following the horrible sound quality of the Wireless and the utterly heavenly scent of fresh coffee.

“Coffee!” he croaked, throwing himself into a chair so heavily that he slipped off the polished wood and landed on his bum. Potter turned around, a spatula with a bright red handle in one hand, took one look at him and nearly fell down laughing.

“Good morning!” he virtually screamed. Draco rested his cheek on the chair and groaned hoarsely, feebly pressing his hands to his ears.

“Coffee,” he whimpered. “What happened to my head? Coffee,” he pleaded once more.

Grinning widely, Potter poured him a large mugful. Shaking his head slightly as he walked over to the table, he set the steaming mug on the table, reached down and nearly lifted Draco off his feet as he helped him onto the chair he’d aimed for. “Let me guess - tequila?”

“I hate Pansy.” Draco wrapped both hands around his jade green mug with the gold polka dots and drew the drink of the Gods closer to him. “I hate tequila. I hate drinking. I hate bars. I hate going out.”

“But you like me.” Potter’s completely deadpan expression made Draco scowl - aarrgh, his face hurt dammit.

“What?” He took a huge gulp and moaned a long, gurgling moan as the gorgeous bitterness spread over his tongue.

“You like me,” Potter said again, leaning a hip against the counter with his arms crossed - he looked on the verge of another bout of laughter.

Draco stared blearily at him for several seconds before fuzzy memories started leaking into his aching brain. Then he let his head thump onto the table with another groan as Potter burst out laughing again.

“I hate everything!” Draco stated miserably. “Stop laughing at me!” His head throbbed when he raised his voice so he promptly shut up.

Potter, still laughing by the way, was loading up a plate with eggs, sausages and strips of bacon fried to crisp perfection - Draco’s stomach rolled and he clamped his mouth shut firmly as the food was set down before him.

Then Draco’s husband cupped his face with both hands, turned his face up and kissed him firmly. “I like you too,” Potter informed Draco.

“I will vomit on you,” Draco threatened.

Potter grinned, kissed his nose and went to get himself a plate of breakfast.

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Child/teen Lance is one of my favorite tropes, so I was really happy to get a prompt like this. In fact, there was so much that I’m going to have to split this into two or three parts. Enjoy! (Also, I’m going to try to have most Spanish dialogue described, not spoken, so I don’t mess up as much. Please correct me on any mistakes!)

Part 1

The mission had begun without a hitch. Lance and Keith were to fly down and inspect the seemingly empty planet; the radar had shown that there were rare alloys used for repair found in the caves beneath the surface. They had flown in cautiously and gone exploring among the jungle-esque environment.

“There’s probably not even anything here,” Lance complained as the duo forced their way through the thick foliage. “We should have just gotten the metal or whatever and booked it. I must have gotten at least three types of bug bites since we landed, and I-” 

“Shut up,” Keith snapped. “We still don’t know if it’s empty, so I’d really appreciate some peace and quiet until we’re in the clear.” 

“That’s my point, mullet, I’m absolutely certain that there’s-”

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Shadow Moon is just so pure and unequivocally good, and I’m just in awe of him. He’s confused and unable to grasp what’s going on around him. He’s in denial. Sure, he’s seen all these ridiculous and illogical things but he’s still unwilling to believe what he’s seeing. He still wants to hold on to his long-held philosophy, and can we blame him? I know some people think it’s odd that he’s still unable to believe what he’s seeing, but it’s realistic. No one really wants to believe in something that challenges everything they already believe in, even if they’re seeing it with their own two eyes. Once you start believing in the impossible, you can’t go back and your entire life changes. That’s when it becomes real. You’re more comfortable gravitating towards what you know, even if evidence says otherwise. The unknown is terrifying; no one wants to venture into the unknown because there’s a lack of predictability that comes with it.

When something’s familiar and predictable, it’s safe. When it’s not, it’s not. You know what to expect from the familiar, but you don’t know what to expect from the unknown and that makes some people hesitant to move forward. I’m just happy that we’re finally able to get this take on this strange new world from the perspective of a Black man. In Abbie Mills, we were able to get the perspective of a strange new world where weird things happened through the eyes of a Black woman. As short-lived as that win was, it was still a win. I wish we could have seen a world where Shadow Moon & Abbie Mills existed at the same time, because the possibilities would have been endless. It would have been amazing inspiration for some thought-provoking, abstract meta.The comparisons would have sparked quite a few things that we probably wouldn’t have thought about before. Abbie, just like Shadow, saw something impossible happen too but she refused to believe what she saw. Even though there was evidence of what happened to her, she blocked it out and refused to believe it. Abbie & Shadow are so much alike, and it’s a shame they couldn’t exist at the same time.

With all that being said, I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate how groundbreaking Shadow Moon is and how different he is from the other Black male characters we’ve been exposed to in the last few years. He’s so different, and I don’t think we give the writers & Ricky enough credit for bringing Shadow Moon to life and creating a character you genuinely want to see win.