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Sechy? You... You okay, lad? *I cautiously walked towards him, wrapping my deep purple hoodie around my shoulders.*

He smirked lightly,Running a hand through his black hair
“Sechys not here right now,Call again some other time Yeah”

Jen and Colin being scheduled to appear at all these cons together on the same day says to me that there is going to be some major CS development this season and that they’ll be there to promote the fuck out of it.  

So, don’t mind me.  I’ll just be getting nice and comfortable in the “CS is getting engaged/married” camp.  If anyone else is feeling cautiously optimistic, feel free to join me.

Iridescence - V/B Fanfic

Summary: Come into my world. Take my hand. Show me even a flicker of your light. And I will give you everything. Post Namek Setting (Rated M)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Vegeta stormed though the door without a second thought…

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Hi can I make a request for Chris Evans and playing with kids together ? Because you've totally spoiled me with the idea of him and kids!

Originally posted by sheisraging

‘It’s just a couple of hours. You guys can handle it, right?’ 

Your sister had deposited her toddler twins off at your place for the afternoon, after explaining in excruciatingly boring detail her fiscal meeting with the board of Directors. You’d still snickered at the word fiscal, despite her irritated expression. 

The twins- Emily and Lucy- had never met your fiance Chris before, and you’d hoped that he could have some bonding time with his future nieces. As though he had some kind of magnet in his stomach, he sought the attention of children everywhere, always a big fan of tiny people. 

As the twins walked shyly into the living room, Dodger bounded up to them and began sniffing their feet, determined to work out who these new strangers. They stood, a little cautiously, away from the dog, as Chris leapt up from the couch and sauntered over to the small group, smiling. 

‘Afternoon, ladies,’ Chris grinned, crouching down to their height so he could talk properly to them, ‘This is Dodger.’

‘Hi Dodger,’ they chorused. Chris grinned.

‘Go ahead and pet him. He really likes it when you scratch behind his ears,’ he prompted softly. Their little hands stretched out and began to gingerly stroke Dodger’s fur. He lay down on his side, lavishing in the attention. 

‘So, what’s on the agenda this afternoon?’ Chris asked, a question directed at you more than the two girls in front of him. Emily began jumping and down enthusiastically, her hand raised high in the air. You nudged her, prompting her to speak. 

‘Auntie Y/N said we could make cookies for Daddy,’ she said matter-of-factly, whispering something to her sister before the pair of them ran off towards the kitchen, Dodger following hot on their heels. 

‘He’s been working in New York for the last few days and gets back tonight. I figured it’d keep them busy,’ you smiled as he got to his feet, pulling him closer to you by the sleeves of his check shirt, ‘Wanna help?’ 

‘Sure. I’ve been known to cook,’ he grinned, wrapping his arms around your middle. You pressed your fingers against the shirt.

‘I like this. You look like a lumberjack.’

‘A sexy lumberjack?’

‘If you were only wearing the shirt, then maybe,’ you smiled, leaning in for a kiss. You stayed there for a few moments, your hand pressed against the nape of his neck, until a loud, disgusted sound echoed from the hallway. 

‘They were kissing!’ Emily shouted, before the pair of you turned and they scarpered, giggling to themselves. 

‘Right. Four year olds,’ Chris reminded himself softly, ‘Hey- why don’t you go and catch up on that paperwork you wanted to do, and I’ll take care of these two.’ 

‘Are you sure?’

‘Positive. I’ve got nieces and nephews. I think I can handle twins.’

He gave you another quick peck on the lips before disappearing off into the kitchen, grandly announcing himself to the delighted girls. 

Walking into the office, and bringing a slightly worried Dodger with you, you locked the door and began sorting through the paperwork for your next big project. You hadn’t got into movie producing for the filing, but it seemed to be all that you did these days.

A few hours later you emerged, hungry and desperate for coffee. There was a little noise coming from the kitchen- far less than you’d expected. You paused when the doorbell rang, opening it to your sister. 

‘You’re not a mess,’ she said, without even saying hello. 

‘Am I normally?’

‘No, you’ve just been around kids all afternoon, so I assumed,’ she grinned, stepping inside, ‘How have they been?’

‘I wouldn’t know. Chris volunteered to watch them.’ 

As if on cue, the door to the kitchen opened and the twins came rocketing out, each running to one of your sister’s legs and clutching tightly. 

Steve emerged, half of the shirt you’d praised covered in a mixture of flour, icing sugar, and what you were pretty certain was pink frosting and sprinkles, carrying a box of freshly made cookies. 

‘What do you say to Uncle Chris?’ your sister asked as the girls detached themselves for their mother’s legs. He knelt down and they both leaned over and kissed one cheek each, taking the box of cookies from him as they chorused a slightly creeping sounding thanks.

As the girls ran rabid, their mother now in charge of them, Chris wrapped his arms around your middle, pressing a sweet kiss to your cheek. 

‘I want one,’ he murmured. You smiled, cupping your hands over his. 

‘Me too.’ 


I, cautiously, dream about the future: the milestones, the theme of her first birthday party, her first pair of pink ballet shoes, but the reality of foster care weighs heavy on my mind.  There’s lots up in the air and I don’t know what’s going to happen, but what I do know is everyday, I love her more.  

Pearlapis Bomb Day 2: Firsts/Healing

“It doesn’t have to be about fusion,” Pearl assured Lapis, arm still patiently outstretched toward the wary Homeworld gem. “A dance can just be a dance. It would pain me so to know that after all you’ve endured, you haven’t the means to work through it. If dancing was therapeutic for you before, perhaps it will prove so again?” Lapis considered Pearl’s words, eyes locked on to the fingers gently curled upward, awaiting the curve of a willing palm.

“No fusion?” Lapis asked, dark blue eyes flitting up to seek the sincerity in Pearl’s.

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Small story of how Norway found Iceland ?


Norway cautiously stepped off of the deck and onto the rock that lined the bay.
He looked around at the landscape- a place not filled with ice as the name would suggest but instead with greenery and paths worn down by animals over the many years.
It was a volcanic island from what Norway had seen from a distance, most likely surrounded on all sides by water. It wasn’t as cold as he imagined it would be, but it was still far from warm.
He watched as the rest of his people filed off of the boat, setting their belongings on the ground and immediately beginning to explore. The excitement was understandable- they seemed to be the first settlers here so there were no threats or territorial wars…
He informed a few others that he was going for a walk and would be back soon, before following one of the paths through the rocks. The ocean air still bit at his skin so he pulled the furs encasing him tighter, savouring the warmth they maintained.
He walked for over an hour, surveying his new territory with great interest. The place was quite pretty, as far as islands could be pretty. It was undamaged and apparently uninhabited, which kept the rocks smooth and the vegetation healthy.
It was then that he heard a strange noise. He paused and tilted his head slightly- trying to decide on the direction it was coming from. It was like a low hum which he could feel even beneath his feet- more of a low squawk rather than a buzz.
Birds…? He thought, frowning slightly and then heading in the direction of the cliffs. As he scaled the rocks and plants the squawking and flapping got louder, until he peered over the rocks and saw what was making this strange noise.
What looked like a least a thousand birds, coloured primarily black and white, were huddled in groups around the cliffs edge. Norway watched them in wonder as they all danced around each other, some squabbling over fish, some perching on the rocks, others flying around… It was quite a sight.
It was then that Norway noticed a particularly large group of these birds in the middle of all this chaos. They seemed to be surrounding something, but not pecking or squawking. It was almost like they were protecting something valuable.
Was it eggs, perhaps? Norway wondered, before climbing over the rocks and exposing himself to the strange birds.
The effect was almost instantaneous- there was a loud squabbling sound and a good majority of the birds took off, frantically flying away either out to sea or further down the cliff face. The large group of birds remained however, all looking frightened yet determined to stay where they were. The determination began to dissipate as Norway got closer, until the flock began to fly away one by one.
When Norway was barely ten meters away, the last of the overconfident birds had gone. Nonetheless, one of these birds remained, ineffective by this new creature. It had stood up to its full height and was flapping its wings in an effort to be intimidating, but Norway was a Viking after all and a small bird wasn’t going to deter him.
Yet, as he had drawn closer he noticed what the birds were guarding. It wasn’t eggs, nor baby birds or even a supply of food…
It was a child.
A child who was staring up at him with large, fearful eyes- as skittish as the birds that protected him. He was dressed in a large and filthy nightgown, with almost snow coloured hair and pinkish eyes.
Norway frowned and squatted- showing both the young boy and the annoyingly aggressive bird that he meant no harm. This boy… Could he perhaps be the representative of this island? Could he be Iceland itself? It seemed very likely- giving how he was dressed and how there seemed to be no one else. He recognised the clothing from when he was small- and it wasn’t that dissimilar from what Sweden and Finland had been wearing when they’d found them.
“Hello,” Norway began in Norwegian, seeing if the boy understood. “Are you alone?”
The bird began to squawk more frantically and even looked like he was going to bite Norway, when the child mumbled something quietly. The bird stopped immediately and instead retreated, standing closer to the boy now but with a suspicious glint in its eye.
The child was staring up at Norway with a mixture of fear and curiosity.
Norway tried again. “What’s your name?”
There was a pause, then the boy swallowed thickly and unmistakably said; “Iceland.”
So this child was a nation after all. He seemed to understand Norwegian, so Norway continued. “My name is Norway,” he said as gently as he could. “I will not harm you.”
Iceland blinked hugely, giving no indication whether he understood or not. Norway chewed his lower lip. “I have a settlement near here. Would you like to come with me?”
Iceland blinked again, before looking at the bird. The bird shifted its feet and ruffled its feathers, before rubbing its beak against Iceland’s hand. The boy seemed to understand though and slowly got to his feet, looking minuscule compared to the Norwegian.
Norway edged closer and then cautiously picked up the boy, holding him against his chest. “Are you cold?”
The Icelander wet his lips and then nodded, so Norway undid one of the many furs and wrapped it around him. A joyful sigh came from the Icelander and he snuggled into the fur, enjoying the warmth that came from it.
Norway gave him a small smile before turning round, however as he was about to walk off the bird let out a squawk.
“Puffin!” Iceland said, pointing desperately at the boy.
“Puffin?” Norway repeated and then looked at the bird. “Is that what they’re called?”
He assumed so even when the boy didn’t answer. Norway stared at the puffin for a few seconds before he sighed and crouched down again.
Immediately the puffin flew over and sat on Norway’s shoulder by Iceland, to which the boy buried his nose in its feathers.
“If you bite me you will be walking,” Norway told the bird, knowing that it wouldn’t understand but the threat would be evident.
The puffin settled down and instead just seemed content with glaring at the Norwegian. Iceland seemed blissfully unaware and had closed his eyes.
Norway’s lips curled into a smile again. The boy was very cute; barely three years of age.
As Norway walked back he made a silent pact- to take care of this small boy. This child, Iceland, had trusted him enough to go back with him… And Norway didn’t plan on breaking the naïve but sweet bond that had unknowingly formed between the two.


Day 2 - Scars

Haven’t had much time to post lately but I at least wanted to contribute something to this sinful week. I wrote it very quickly due to time restrictions so it could have been better but I hope you enjoy regardless.

Rated T

She stepped cautiously along the stone floor, mind filled with doubt. What was she doing? Why was she going to him? She had pondered this every step of the way and yet she kept walking towards his wooden door at the end of the hall.

The grounds of Winterfell were chilly on this evening as winter began to settle over them in a dark haze. Sansa feared what this winter would bring as her brother wanted to march into war and dark creatures were to rise from the night. Only the warm glow of torches on the wall gave her any sense of strength now. They reminded her of a summer that would follow after.

Everyone was asleep, or they should have been at the hour that it was. She couldn’t. Something inside of her screamed for her to be awake, to go to him. He would be sleeping though, wouldn’t he? She couldn’t recall a time she had witnessed him fatigued. She figured his nights were filled with plotting and manipulating just as his days were.

As she approached the end of the hall, she noticed no knights of the Vale were posted outside his room. It was strange, she thought, just how much faith he had in anyone not plotting to kill him up here. How easily he felt at home in a place so far from home.

Nevertheless, she pushed the door open slowly, revealing a dim glow in the room. The door wasn’t bolted which Sansa found even stranger. She stepped into the room, pushing the door shut behind her as she did not want to be caught sneaking into Petyr Baelish’s room at an ungodly hour.

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  He stares down at the baby, looking at the little girl cautiously but keeping enough distance from her and the baby. It took a lot of convincing from Glenn for him to even come back to the prison. Shane had no desire to see the people he had happily and sadly kept his distance from after the farm fell. He had his own thing, his own place. It was a hotel, temporary, it would protect them from walkers while they planned their trek to Virginia for another fort. 

   “She’s beautiful.” He spoke lowly, gruffly, as he smiled at her. Shane reached out and touched the top of the baby’s forehead before he took another step back. His eyes studying the people around them, the people he had pretended never existed. It was overwhelming. “Can’t stay long.” 

He honestly hadn’t been paying attention to who entered and left the guild hall the last couple of moments, concentrating on mixing and serving the drinks that were required. But really, it was not a bad surprise at all to hear this very familiar voice all of a sudden and then look into those stunningly orange eyes after he detached his gaze from the bottle he was holding. Laxus!

Freed blinked right before an unmistakable wave of happiness and relief flooded him though he attempted not to let it show too much, not yet. God, he had missed him! Of course he had!

                                     “A… What drink would you like?

The rune mage wanted to try and play along, at least for a bit, and he cautiously put the bottle down to concentrate on his fiancé who had just returned and looked safe and sound yet exhausted for the most part.

However, a different urge gained the upper hand quickly enough and before he knew it he was leaning over the counter in order to cup the blond’s face and pressed his lips against his in a kiss, totally forgetting where he was at the moment.

@laxusthelightning // cont. [x]

i had a doctors review today and he gave me codeine to take when my pain is at its worst so hopefully i’ll be able to work a bit more without feeling like death after the shifts soon :o i am actually feeling cautiously optimistic…..?? amazing

Oh Glory

Tomlinson looks Harry and Liam over, tilting his head. “Are you a swimmer as well?”

“Yeah,” Liam says, a little cautiously. Harry wonders if it’s Tomlinson’s fame or the unimpressed eyebrow that’s making Liam wary. “Distance, I’m doing the 1500m. Harry here’s a sprinter.”

“Ah,” says Tomlinson, turning his glinting eyes back to Harry. “So you’re not an endurance man.” A beat passes, and his grin grows, wide and filthy. “Shame.”

Harry Styles is Team Great Britain’s newest swimmer, and has spent his whole life training for this moment, a chance at the gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics. All his training, hard work, and dedication to no distractions is tested when he’s assigned to the same Rio apartment as Louis Tomlinson, British gymnast and Harry’s childhood crush. 

20k | explicit | complete | read it here

Zodiac Caricatures

Aries: Shows up wearing Armour, throws everything about and slams things down like a heavy metal drumming solo, turns into the hulk at one point.

Taurus: Never gets out of bed. Eats in bed. Eats a LOT in bed. Snuggles up to a designer handbag then falls asleep again.

Gemini: They are never still, bouncing this way and that leaving pranks everywhere. They speak so fast that it just becomes one long hum of trivia, insight and sometimes nonsense. Telling which is which can be difficult.

Cancer: Someone says hello and t’ey dive behind the sofa, peering out cautiously. They are approached so they burst into tears, then laughter, then tears again. 

Leo: They only communicate in lines from famous theater productions, especially Lion King. By the end of the day, people are sick of hearing about how they just cannot wait to be King. 

Virgo: They show up in a full bio-hazard body suit with a gas mask, and clean film the chair before they take a seat. When asked if they are feeling a little uptight, they respond with “not at all.”

Libra: They wander in as light and graceful as air, daintily using their limbs like that of a ballet. They smell like sugar and vanilla and by the end of the day, everyone is in love with them.

Scorpio: The coffin lid creaks open, and they let out a shriek that could only come from the innards of hell itself. The Sunlight burns their skin like that of a vampire. 

Sagittarius: They wander from town to town with only a sleeping bag and the stars above them. They don’t even have to eat, gaining nutrition through knowledge and laughter. 

Capricorn: Their reply to everything is a slightly disgruntled grumble and sarcastic comment. Even when people comment on how nice their cheekbones are, they look suspiciously at them and tut. 

Aquarius: Everyone else is asleep on Sunday morning, but Aquarius have signaled to the grays and been beamed up. Why gather rest when they can be part of an alien invasion, especially because this is unique and differs from everyone else. 

Pisces: They lounge about smoking Pot, wondering and coming out with synonysmously interesting but vague statements while looking like they haven’t slept in three days.  

Space: the scariest frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise that can crash anytime and nobody will be able to help. Its horrific, almost suicidal five-year mission: to explore strange, dangerous and unsafe worlds, to seek out new life that will possibly kill you and new civilizations that can declare a war or simply destroy us all, to boldly but cautiously go where no man has gone before
—  Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, probably
Worried!Joker x Hurt!Reader

Warnings: Torture, Gore

A/N: So if you watch The Walking Dead, there’s a ‘little’ Easter egg in here.

Y/N sighed as she looked out the window. J was out there, he could be dead or worse. He didn’t want her to go, claiming she’d ‘get in the way’. Bullshit. He just didn’t want to admit he didn’t want to see her get hurt. Today he was visiting another mob boss who thought he could question Mr. J’s authority. It was either going to end in a gunfight or torture. It always does. Nothing is ever civil. But why would it be when you can have chaos? Sighing, Y/N got up and grabbed a gun. He didn’t really expect her to stay put, did he?

When she got there she already heard gunfire. She cautiously walked in and tried to stay out of sight as much as possible. Got to keep the element of surprise. Suddenly she heard J’s beautifully psychotic laughter. Smiling, she started walking faster towards the noise. She walked in the room to see J practically on some guys lap. He was laughing as he taunted the poor guy. Her smile disappeared as soon as she saw a guy behind J, entering from another door. Before he could shoot, Y/N raised her gun and shot three times, hitting him in the chest. She remembers when J taught her how to shoot. Since she wasn’t very good at it, he told her to aim for the largest part of the person and to shoot more than once so you have a chance at hitting something. J’s henchmen aimed their guns at her, only to relax when they noticed who she was. J looked at her with surprise, anger, and then pride. Butterflies stirred  in her tummy. J stood up and opened his arms. Muttering a “C’mon baby”.  Before she could run to him, she felt pressure against the side of her skull. She tried moving her legs but they didn’t budge. Did she hear a gunshot? She wasn’t sure. Suddenly half her vision was gone and there was a ringing noise in her left ear. She felt numb and… confused. Looking at J for some sort of explanation, all she found was a shocked look on his face. All she could manage was a garbled “J-” before the ground rushed up to meet her face.


J was enjoying scaring the poor man beneath him when he heard a gunshot behind him. He turned, shocked to see Y/N aiming at the door behind him. He was angry she didn’t listen and made a mental note to punish her later. Little minx. Her aim improved. Feeling the sudden need to kiss her, he opened his arms.

“C’mon baby.” Her face lights up with a beautiful smile. Before she could run to him a gunshot went off, the bullet grazing the side of her face, taking her eye and a piece of her ear with it. She remained standing for a few seconds, looking at him with confusion.

“J-J?” She whispered before falling. He lunged forward, catching her before she hit the ground. His men turned to shoot the culprit, stopping  when he growled,

“No! Don’t shoot. He’s mine.” He cradled Y/N in his arms, and fell to his knees.  His breathing came out in short, angry breaths and he was shaking so bad he almost didn’t notice the tiny figure in his arms breathing. He stopped looking at her chest, letting out a breath of relief when he saw it fall up and down. Still alive. Barely, but it counts.

“Frost, get a doctor.” Frost looked at J like he was crazy. Usually it never showed on his face, if it did it would probably get him killed. Still, he did what he was told to do. Like a good little errand boy.

When  the doctor arrived, they laid Y/N on a table and he started stitching up her up. J held her hand the whole time, taking the moment to assess the damage. Along with the missing eye, the bullet scraped a deep gash in the side of her head, exposing the bone where the eyebrow should’ve been. It grazed her ear too, taking half of the flesh there. He sighed. They’d have to get her something to wear over that. He could barely stand looking at it now.

As soon as she was stitched up J took her home. He laid her on the bed and didn’t leave her side, not even to eat. Sometimes he noticed her stop breathing and he called the doctor. Most of the time it was false alarms but he made the doctor stay just in case he needed him again. A few times Joker went off the deep end, killing some of his henchmen or smashing everything in his house. He had to get two new doctors because he killed the previous ones for suggesting she might not make it. It’s been a day and she still hasn’t woke up. A bandage now covered the left side of her face, originally white but he drew smiley faces and HA HA HA’s on it. That and the blood seeping through it blocked out the white and smudged most of his art causing him to growl. He drew a smile over her lips and gave himself a matching one. As soon as he completed his smile he gave her a kiss, smudging the ink around their mouths. He laid his head on her chest, her breathing giving him some comfort. He started singing to her, nuzzling her whenever a song mentioned the word ‘love’.

Two days and she still hasn’t awoken. He figured smiling was the best medicine, so he brought out some cards. Facing the cards towards her, he picked up her hand and pointed at one. Shuffling the deck, he pulled her card out and said.

“Is this your card?” She didn’t answer, of course. Not even a smile, except for the smudge of ink around her mouth. He scoffed. As if that counted. He pulled a Joker card out of the deck and placed it in her pocket after giving it a kiss for good luck. J puts a hand under her back and props her up with a pillow. He deals the cards, putting her cards in her hand. Her hand falls over, flashing her cards at him. He jerks his head away and lifts her hand back up.

“Ah ah ah, no cheating” He playfully scolded. The match went on, him craning his head to peek at her cards despite his rule earlier. Somehow being unconscious didn’t stop her from losing. He always let her win though, just to see her happy.

“You’re a natural, baby. Here, you get to have your prize.” Pulling out a tattoo gun, he puts it in her hand. He grabs her hand in his and writes her name on his arm. The letters are sloppy and shaky from him having to hold onto her hand while tattooing himself. He gives her a reassuring smile.

“It’s beautiful, pumpkin”

Frost came into the room, his eyes widening as he took in the scene in front of him. J glared and snapped,


“I-uh just wanted to let you know we have the guy who…” Frost trailed off, knowing what happened to the others who mentioned the Queen’s situation. J’s eyes darkened and he stood up. He put his cards away and tucked Y/N in, placing a kiss on her forehead when Frost left the room.

“I have some business to attend to, baby. Don’t wait up.”  J goes to wash off his ‘smile’ and follows Frost to where the guy is.                                                                                          Y/N POV:

Y/N woke up with a horrible headache. She struggled to sit up when a slightly nervous voice suggested she should relax.

“The boss will be back any minute.” Frost debated on saying anything, thinking J would be upset for his voice not being the first Y/N hears. But seeing at how she was only going to injure herself, he figured J would be far more upset if he didn’t stop the latter from happening. Y/N looked at him and brought a hand up to her face.

“How do you feel?” He knew she was more sane than J so he didn’t have to worry about getting killed.

“Like I just got shot in the face.” A small smile appeared on his face. At least she’s not taking this badly.

“What happened?” As soon as the smile appeared it was gone. Oh shit.

“Um-I-” A panicked look flashed across her face as she felt the bandage.

“W-what happened to my eye?”


“Where’s J?” She made a move to get off the bed.

“He’ll be right back.” She managed to stand but didn’t get far and her legs collapsed. Pulling herself up with the help of the bed, she sends a glare at Frost that isn’t as threatening as she wants it to be.

“Where is he?”

She wasn’t threatening, but her boyfriend was. So pissing her off meant you had to deal with him too. Thankfully she managed to get walking, more like staggering, under control. God knows he wasn’t going to help her, that would be signing his death certificate. When they got down to the room screams were coming from, he held the door open for her. Her eye widened in shock. There was a man strapped to a chair, a spoon sticking out of his eye socket. Not to mention he was missing half his ear, his eyebrow and the skin there were peeled off, and there was a chunk of flesh missing beside the eye socket containing the spoon. J obviously did it slower than hers, savoring the moment and his screams. She expected to see J smiling or laughing, proud of his work. Instead he looked pissed, his chest heaving up and down as he looked at the man. Looking like he wished he could do their little session all over again.

“J?” He looked at her, his face softening. He held out his arms.

“C’mon baby.”  She stumbled over to him and literally tripped into his arms. He felt tears wet his neck.

“You’re not suppose to be out of bed.” He sent a pointed glare at Frost, who in turn replied,

“She wouldn’t listen, boss.” J made a ‘tsk tsk’ noise and pried her away from him, tilting her chin up. She still had the smudged ink around her mouth, her tears only making it worse. He gave a little chuckle and covered her mouth with his hand tattoo. That’s better.

“Well that doesn’t surprise me.” She tried to put her head down in shame, but the hand over her mouth didn’t allow it. Suddenly she smiled, surprising him.

“Were you worried?” He snorted.

“No.” Her smile grew. She grabbed his hand and traced her name with her finger.

“What’s this then?” He kept his face blank and raised his non-existent eyebrows at her.

“Well honey, that’s a tattoo.” He said it as if she had a screw loose. Her smile faded a bit.

“So you  really weren’t worried?” Ignoring the voice in his head that said stop being an ass, he replied,

“The world doesn’t revolve around you, sweets.” Her eyes dimmed and the smile faded completely. But what she didn’t know was he would now have guards posted by her door whenever he left for a mission. Or that he was going to take some time off to be with her and help her adjust. That he had a complete mental breakdown just hearing the possibility that she might not wake up.That he was going to propose to her next week, or tomorrow, or whenever he finally gained enough courage.

But she didn’t know that yet.

Closed Starter

A twenty year old Frisk was taking a jog at night, since it was much cooler than during the day, and spotted a small black kitten. She cautiously approached the feline, before checking to see if they have any tags. When she figured that the cat must’ve been a stray, a smile spread across her face. “Hey buddy, would you like to come home with me?” she asked in a quiet voice.



MMMMMMM Okay so–

Supanova, a pop culture expo in Australia, is happening in my city in November, and I’ve considered booking an artist table for Undertale, Yugioh, Kingdom Hearts and other miscellaneous fanarts – if I end up going, I’d most likely be selling posters/charms/bookmarks/keychains (I have designs for the charms/keychains already, and the posters (including those for Reapertale!) are in progress! And hopefully, I’ll be able to sell some original illustrations too aaaaa)

The only thing that’s making me nervous is that this will be the first really big convention I’m going to, and all by myself hahahahahahaha. I’ve only been to one other convention before where I sold art, and that was with three other people, two of whom were convention veterans, and the convention place was really very small and intimate. (Plus, it was in a whole other COUNTRY so what do I know of how Aussie conventions are actually like???? What if Undertale isn’t so popular in Australia? SO MANY QUESTIONS) So if I decide to go to Supanova, I really don’t want to go in alone? //nervously sweats

So if another artist out there is willing to come with me, make merchandise/sell them, and split the table costs, we can share the table and idk– support each other through the whole process of being art sellers? BWAHAHAHA – I am a complete noob ;A;;

I can always just bring a non-artist friend with me to help tending, but I’m just afraid that I won’t have enough merchandise to disaplay for the whole table //RIPPP – if this ends up happening, it’s gonna be a lot of work on my own, and really– two artists per table sounds like the ideal for me?

So yes, please contact me through private messaging if you’re interested, and maybe we can work something out?? Otherwise I’m gonna have to muster up some courage/confidence/backbone from somewhere to go diving into the deep end of conventioning BWAHAHAHA