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AN: Hours later and I’m still reeling from that episode. it was so raw and emotional. Truthful. This is my attempt to process that.

(Set somewhere post 5x17)

Oliver sat on the cot in front of her, arms supporting his weight on his knees, head hung low. He knew she was there, he always did. Still, he refused to look up at her, to meet her gaze.

It had been this way for weeks. He’d shut himself off, emotionally, physically, much more that he had ever done before, in the times she’d known him. Then, he would always glance up, make sure that she knew that she mattered to him, in some small way.

Now, he stiller than a statue, frozen in misery.

“Oliver.” Felicity whispered, stepping towards him. Still he refused to move.

Cautiously, she approached him, her heels sounding a knell with each stiletto strike. As though every step was another scar on his skin. She settled on the floor in front of him, kneeling at his feet. This way, she could peer up at him, find his eyes and see what he was thinking.

If she knew what the wound was, she could heal him. It was deep, and unseen, but had broken Oliver to the point that he didn’t spring back by his own power or the encouragement of her or John.

Still, he didn’t move. He gave the illusion that she wasn’t really there, that perhaps she was an illusion of his mind. An echo of his mistakes.

Felicity reached out and grasped his hands, his fingers between her palms. They were cold, dry and brittle, smooth as a stone. Ridges of calluses mapped a pattern of hardship and toil, orators of his heroic acts. The same scars that revealed the instrument of darkness he held tightly to.

The instant her hands made contact with his, he shuddered, pulling away. Quickly, she reclaimed her grip.

“Don’t.” He whispered, voice hoarse from disuse.

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Leonard peered cautiously over the bench and smiled broadly.
“Ah! Happily, we appear to have achieved coffee,” he said.
Leonard walked over to the table and pulled a small lever on the device. A light brown foam cascaded into a waiting cup with a noise like a clogged drain.
Different coffee,” he said. “Very fast coffee. I rather think you will like it. I’m calling this the Very-Fast-Coffee machine.”
“And that’s today’s invention, is it?” said Vetinari.
“Well, yes. It would have been a scale model of a device for reaching the moon and other celestial bodies, but I was thirsty.”

– the drive of invention | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

Healing Hands

Request: “If you were Kylo Ren’s apprentice, I’m sure his methods of training would be incredibly harsh & violent, so much that you can barely stand up at the end of it. It’s always a relief when you’re allowed stagger back to your shared quarters to sleep. The latter is large enough that you have your own room. Later on, you wake up to see a hulking black figure at your bedside, one large hand resting on your head. Kylo? You realize that he is healing you with the Force, and you’re shocked by the gesture”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1456

Warnings: Violence

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Your dominant hand ached. The shake had begun to set in, your wrist faltering slightly as you manoeuvred your feet cautiously. His eyes darted from your face down to you hand, from which a brilliant white light radiated. The corner of his lips upturned slightly as your shake intensified under his gaze. You cleared your throat, gripping the hilt of your weapon more sturdily. He knew you were tiring, and his expression foretold the victorious smile that would paint his face, his eyes brightening prematurely. But today, you had told yourself, you would finally beat him. You had mastered his technique like the back of your hand, and after succumbing to failure countless times, you were finally sure this was the moment you would catch him off guard.

When it came to Kylo Ren, he was never predictable. It was just in his nature, you could never tell what he was going to do next. But you had found that this fact was just about the only predictable thing about him. You were now circling each other, eyes linked in a battle for emotional dominance. Kylo’s tongue jutted out for half a second, leaving his bottom lip wet as it retreated. He loved toying with you, he knew you found him attractive. But as you continued the tantalizing dance you made sure to stride in a way that would leave the tops of your breasts exposed. His eyes flickered uneasily. He found you attractive too.

Then he struck. That was the worst thing he could have done, for he had managed to make his lightsaber a conduit for all his negative energy. Once he struck he seldom failed to nail a blow, either to unarm his enemy, or chance a stab into their body. But you had done this many times before, and although a drop of sweat had fallen from your brow into your eye, leaving a sharp salty sting, you refused to lose concentration. He was unpredictable, but you were. But, little did he know, that you held the ace up your sleeve, for you had the one thing he could never have. 


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Tbh it's sad how to some people, choosing to be closeted or never dating someone of the same sex erases your identity, because seriously??? For some ppl it just isn't safe to do those things yet it doesn't take away who they are. (This is totally unrelated to your harry anons, just felt like having a go)

People forget that Adam Lambert didn’t come out until after American Idol was over, probably because he didn’t want it to affect the results. Does that make him weak? Fuck no. You can be cautiously coy about your sexuality when your career is threatened by homophobia. It’s common fucking sense.

[liam voice] SING IT

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Buttered toast

The package has arrived, albeit completely soaked in butter. Toby frowns as he holds the slimy thing, cautiously removing the contents in fear of a prank. Instead, he is greeted with slightly-old toast soaked through and through with butter, to which he responds with a guttural “blegh” sound. Before he can question why the heck the anon thought this was a good idea, Estrella snaps the toast from his claws and gobbles it down.

i know im my own worst sabateur bc today i had to recover a password and when it came time for me to answer my security question, apparently i had just set it to the words “new phone” so i stared at that a while trying to figure out how tf that was a question and wondering why i’d Do something like that.  then i had an idea and very cautiously typed in “who dis” and that was the right answer

I am...

Aries rising/sun: Intensely/Self-Centered

Taurus rising/sun: Stubbornly/Possessive

Gemini rising/sun: Vocally/Talkative

Cancer rising/sun: Cautiously/Caring

Leo rising/sun: Dramatically/Proud

Virgo rising/sun: Logically/Critical

Libra rising/sun: Anxiously/Agreeable

Scorpio rising/sun: Obsessively/Passionate

Sagittarius rising/sun: Excessively/Optimistic

Capricorn rising/sun: Deliberately/Goal-oriented

Aquarius rising/sun: Seemingly/Opinionated

Pisces rising/sun: Deceptively/Manipulative

Examples- Leo rising/Cancer sun: I am dramatically caring; Virgo rising/Aquarius sun: I am logically opinionated; Taurus rising/Sagittarius sun: I am stubbornly optimistic; Gemini rising/Capricorn sun: I am vocally goal-oriented.

Negative Expressions of the Signs
  • ♈ Aries: Aggressive, forceful, inconsiderate. Immature, offensive and spontaneous tantrums with no apology. Egocentric, boastful and feels entitled. The ram has an ill temper and a hard head; they believe their way is The Way.
  • ♉ Taurus: An affair with greed and sloth. Roots embedded and wrapped around the brain, suggesting unchangeable ways. Clingy of things and people, and little patience when bothered. Too proud to admit faults. The bull has their hooves dug underneath the ground, becoming immovable and unyielding for willful reasons.
  • ♊ Gemini: Contradictory, superficial, and an erratic chatterbox. The nerves are easily irritated, causing a sharp and offensive tongue and volatile emotions. Flightiness; The butterfly that flits from one thing to the next seeks connection coldly from the mind, but not warmly from the heart.
  • ♋ Cancer: Needy, teary, moody and repetitive of unhealthy habits. Cautiousness and hidden paranoia; the crab is scared and selfish, only thinking of their own safety. Conflicting emotions. "I'm so lonely" cries the crab, yet is the one who withdraws into their shell and into the internal womb, never to be seen again.
  • ♌ Leo: Emotional flares, spoiled tantrums, and dramatization of trivial events to play the role of the martyred victim. The ego is self-centered; they must be the king of their domain, to have everything their way. "Hear me roar I am the king" says the mere cub, attempting to be a lion.
  • ♍ Virgo: Magnification of the faults of others, yet doesn't see that their judgment, fault-finding and criticism towards others is merely a reflection of the flaws they see in themselves. Shrewd, easily bothered, a fickle & nervous mind, worrisome and bluntly opinionated. "Well, I think..." starts the mercurial maiden, ready to impose their unwanted opinion on another.
  • ♎ Libra: Indecisive, eager to please for personal gain, and forced pleasantness. Characteristically neutral that shows as a form of passiveness to avoid confrontation. Isn't quite sure of what they want. Superficial and dependent on the company of others to avoid loneliness. The instability of the scales reflects moodiness, irritability and inconsistency.
  • ♏ Scorpio: Actions driven by irrational and emotional impulses. Thinks highly of oneself and holds an all-or-nothing attitude. Controlling behavior, underlying paranoia, and internal anger manifesting as visible irritability and frustration. "No one understands me" says the Scorpion, who actively isolates themselves from others.
  • ♐ Sagittarius: Laziness, offensive humor and reckless behavior. Forceful of views & attacks and critically questions the views of others. Boastful, temperamental and self-centered; believes they can never be wrong. Escapism through indulgence. The Ego is inflated and judgment is poor. The centaur preaches and claims to have wisdom, yet through actions show an irresponsible fool.
  • ♑ Capricorn: Superficially concerned with status. Criticizing, selfish and cold. Takes oneself too seriously. Gloomy, worrisome, lethargic, and emit an unwelcoming presence. The saturnian seagoat sees the world as against them, as a mountain blocking their way. "I am unlucky" they sigh, when it is only their consuming pessimism and self-doubt acting as the mountain.
  • ♒ Aquarius: Detached, arrogant, unsympathetic, frigid and erratic in action. Preaches open-mindedness yet expresses opinions in a dogmatic manner. Minimizes serious situations, breaks rules that do not make sense by their flawed standards, and fights for pointless causes. "I seek belonging" says the water-bearer, who purposefully tries to not belong for the sake of individualism.
  • ♓ Pisces: Overly sensitive, teary, and a habit of lying. An open display of indulgence in one's sorrows and misfortunes that reflect a victim complex. Unreliable, lazy and avoids responsibilities through escapism. "I sacrifice so much and get nothing" weeps the fish, who must know that it is not sacrifice if there is reward.

in our silent moments
you ask me
what i’m thinking

i grasp for words
often remaining silent
as my tongue gets tied
into shy
and playful knots
begin to wander
and i cautiously ponder
yet all i can give
are mere glimpses
of the dream that exists
when my eyes are closed

let me try to convey
all i long to say…

i imagine walking the rooms
inside my mind
with you
who understands
my every weakness
seeing them as strength
i look upon you
who fills the quantum
celestial gap
the black hole
within my heart
a universe
this niche missing
from reality
i envision a home
and complete
with all the facets
of an unblemished love
and displayed
within each photo
that is hung on the walls
love thrives inside
the pages of every book
that rests
upon the dusty shelves
for us to read
letter by letter
i imagine that
on our darkest days
when lost in life’s maze
and one may not feel like reading
the other will speak
the words aloud
so very slowly
with compassion
the sound will resonate
and saturate
our home
this love will linger about
in the air we breathe
and swirling
captured under blankets
in-between the bedsheets
it will be piling high
on the harvest table
the vital nourishment placed
bountifully upon each plate
the sustenance
in abundance
that will feed our body
heart and soul
i clearly see you
and vulnerable
yet holding inside
the courage of lion heart
within your own wounds
your weakness
your greatest
i see you
who requires to be loved
as deeply you love
who looks into my eyes
and desires not to remedy
one single thing
what is yours
i see only you
the man who is willing
as i am willing
to cross even the most
treacherous valleys
climb the highest mountains
that we might enjoy the view
both together

in the depths
of your eyes
i see sheer beauty
within every scar
they hide
i see brilliance
in the divine plan
of the past
that lead you here

i am left looking into us
reveling in the perfection
that is chaotically scattered
like diamonds among the stones
that lay upon the path
we walked
before finding



im not cautiously optimistic, im anxiously optimistic

I hope and believe that everything will go well but am constantly pursued by the fear that at any moment everything could go horribly wrong

At the very of the very last Fantastic Beasts film they make, I want there to be a cut scene in the credits of Platform 9 ¾. There’s a young Remus Lupin nervously trying to figure out what to do with his luggage. Sirius Black is off to one side being lectured one last time about how he’d better maintain the family tradition of being sorted into Slytherin. Peter Petigrew trips over his own feet and falls flat on his face. Then Lily Evans comes barreling through the crowd dragging Severus Snape by the arm behind her. She is SO excited. Even Severus seems cautiously optimistic. Then Lily runs into James Potter and falls over his trunk. James makes some snotty, snide comment about how she and her greasy friend ought to watch where they’re going. Then Lily stands up and punches James in the face, blackening one of his eyes.

Cut to black. The credits continue to roll.

Newt Scamander Headcanons

After seeing the movie, I decided that I simply must do some Newt headcanons! He’s so adorable!

• Newt quickly becomes flustered whenever you call him. He’d reply with a choppy “yes” before hurrying over to your side.

• He also gets rather embarrassed when you compliment him. When you first met him you mentioned that you liked his coat…his cheeks flushed a bright red for a solid two minutes.

• When he give you a compliment, he becomes equally as flustered. His compliments usually turn out to be a string of stutters and falters, but you still find that adorable. “You look very…love–er–nice.”

• He’s very excitable. Once you bring up his creatures, he gets this goofy grin on his face as he dives into facts and stories of his creatures.

• He also gets very excited when he’s made a discovery. His face lights up as he cautiously creeps towards the creature. “Y/N, come look at this….it–it’s marvelous.”

• You are quick to notice the many faint scars that adorn his body, and you’re rather curious as to the story behind them. Newt absolutely loves telling you stories about his creatures, so he feels comfortable explaining the marks.       "T-they’re just scared sometimes. They’d never hurt anyone….they’re not dangerous.“ He’s fumbling through his words nervously. All he ever wanted to do was protect his creatures. “People get scared of…of what they don’t know. They’re just trying to protect themselves.”

• Imagine him reading you his incomplete book or telling you stories when you’re tired. You’re leaning on Newt and he’s completely over-analyzing your every movement. Your close proximity causes him to falter on more than a few words. You eventually fall asleep to the sound of his soothing voice; your head slides down to his shoulder causing Newt to become flustered even though you’re asleep. Newt, in a very cautious fashion, leans down and presses a light kiss to your forehead. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

• Imagine mentioning that you’re cold during one of your many adventures with Newt. Instantly, Newt begins fumbling with his scarf in order to take it off. You notice his actions and are quick to object. However, with a shaky “I-I insist,” you allow him to carefully drape his warm scarf around your neck. You can’t help but notice that it smells like him.

• Oddly enough, you think he always smells good. He smells faintly of cinnamon and vanilla and you always wonder why…

• Newt’s always extremely warm. It might be because of the many layers he wears on a daily basis. But even when he isn’t wearing his coat and scarf, he’s still unnaturally warm.

Let me know if you want more!!

The Ascendant

The ascendant is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the exact moment that we were born. Also known as the rising sign, it is our persona and operates as a mask that we reach for when we’re entering new situations, meeting new people, etc. It is the set of behaviors that we learned growing up that could help us navigate the world, and the lens through which we greet others. Often times it is related to the type of child our parents wished us to be.

Aries ascendant – The learned behavior is fiery and take-charge, the native was taught to lead with their passion.

Taurus ascendant – The learned behavior is steady and serene, the native was taught to remain calm in all circumstances.

Gemini ascendant – The learned behavior is bubbly and energetic, the native was taught to engage with their environment in order learn about their surroundings.

Cancer ascendant – The learned behavior is protective and emotional, the native was taught to enter cautiously and trust their instincts.

Leo ascendant – The learned behavior is boisterous and warm, the native was taught to lead with a smile and their ego.

Virgo ascendant – The learned behavior is cool and analytical, the native was taught to dissect their environment in order to learn about their surroundings.

Libra ascendant – The learned behavior is charming and approachable, the native was taught to engage by being inquisitive and lighthearted.

Scorpio ascendant – The learned behavior is calculated and intense, the native was taught to read between the lines in any situation.

Sagittarius ascendant – The learned behavior is positive and upfront, the native was taught to be forthright and believe in themselves.

Capricorn ascendant – The learned behavior is careful and considered, the native was taught to put their best face forward in all situations, and to be wary of showing undesirable traits.

Aquarius ascendant – The learned behavior is erratic and intelligent, the native was taught to shake up their surroundings to get a feel for what’s genuine.

Pisces ascendant – The learned behavior is nebulous and changeable, the native was taught to adapt to any environment in order to fit in.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.
—  J.K. Rowling