caution stripes

Chapter Three

Life with Milo was certainly interesting, with the many disasters and destruction that Murphy’s Law involved. Luckily their landlord, Mr. ‘I didn’t fight in five wars to have to deal with you’ Phillips, absolutely adored Milo.

They had told Mr. Phillips what they knew of Murphy’s Law, and how Milo’s family had been forced by, an as of yet unknown pressure, to leave Milo in their care. Mr. Phillips had sworn that he wouldn’t allow anyone to so much as harm a hair of Milo’s head if he could help it.

Cavendish and Dakota took turns selling pistachios from their cart, one of them always staying with Milo to take care of him the best they could. Mr. Phillips’ great granddaughter, Veronica occasionally babysat for Milo on weekends. She proved a very able baby sitter, seemingly prepared for anything, and Milo absolutely adored her.

Veronica was quick to give Cavendish and Dakota a brown backpack with caution stripes on an outside pocket. 'This will be very useful in emergencies, keep it close by.’

The backpack soon proved invaluable, often holding exactly the item needed in any emergency.

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