I made this comic a while ago, I kind of forget to post it on here  

There’s a theory going around about Bill being Dipper from the future
At first it didn’t cauth my attention until someone point out that the Stans twins have names so silimar and that Dippper name will probably be something similar to Mabel, like Gable, name that actually exists and means the generally triangular portion of a wall between the edges of a dual-pitched roof.
Althougt it does have some problems but I still think it will be a cool Alternative Universe

thesxmmersword  asked:

❤️ GO ON THEN uwu

meme: let me love you ❤️ | @thesxmmersword | accepting


Ok, I said it and I would say it more on this post ( basically making it just that ), but I have more stuff to say. I DON’T REMEMBER ANYMORE HOW WE STARTED TALKING but I TOTALLY blame you for creating my Anora and for letting ALL OF MY SALT FLOW. I love to scream at you about our babies, be it Maxima and Ves, be it Anora and Cauth, Anora and Gareth just actual screams. You are an actual lovely person, you deserve so many great things. I wish that I started conversations more often because you are SUCH A WONDER TO TALK TO, also?? you are always inviting me to interact wth other people, you are really such a wonder to have on this website Erran AND YOU SAID THAT I AM ONE OF YOUR FAVOURITE PEOPLE. 

I. WANT THIS ON A DIPLOMAT TYPE OF PRINT, put it up MY WALL AND START INTRODUCING MYSELF LIKe: ‘I’m Skells, I’m not an actual skeleton, and I am one of Erran’s favourite people’. Now, I don’t know what that might actually mean about your choices in people Erran buT. I could literally gush over you until the end of time, thank you for writing with me, I just feel so lucky just, screams

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I remembered when u first followed me and I yelled and cried a lot on twitter and was all HOLY SHIT A REALLY GOOD CAUTHRIEN FOLLOWED ME and then I was a nervous bean for five minutes like wtf do I do they're so popular BUT YOU'RE ALSO NICE????? You're so cool and not because your fc is a polar bear


‘a really good cauthrien’ I’M THE ONLY CAUTHRIEN U CAN’T KNOW IF I’M GOOD!!! But golly gosh thats real sweet of you I’m!! yELLS!! I can’t imagine people doing that when I follow them XD

 I’m always a little anxious whenever I follow a Loghain for some reason I just wANNA HAVE THOSE MMM GOOD LOGHAIN/CAUTH INTERACTIONS and I always feel a lil desperate ;v; Now I wanna see this twitter crying… ANYWAY… I’m not cool bc I have a polar bear fc… It’s because… I AM a Polar Bear nYEHEHE I’ll stop..

You’re as sweet as honey pie and you’re all just trying to see how much positivity u can cram into me till I burst SPOILER ALERT it’s not much