So I’ve been sitting at work, reading comic books, tapping my wand against the desk and wracking my brain on how to take down the other 4 competitors. So with that, I have devised the Token Olympics:

1. Harry Pottered - each contestant must correctly get 3 spells correct while riding a broom and trying out for the Quidditch Cup World Finals.

2. Thrones - each contestant must wage war against another faction, tearing down the walls of their castle.

3. Pin the One Ring on the Sauron - roll through Middle Earth, trying to reach that one eyed fuckstick.

4. Star Wars Trivia - you’re all going down, motherfuckers. I’ve spent summers in my parents basement just for this moment.

5. Superhero reenactment - big battle scene in the Avengers, Green Lantern, 1987 Batman, Heroes, and the Dark Knight (line by line).

6. Dr Who Freestyle Rap Battle - bring it.

7. Big Bangin - name all the figurines that Sheldon owns.

8. Comic books - the debate broadcast on TV.

9. Hungry, bitch? - End it all with a Hunger Games style finale.

Challenge Extended.

I finally placed my order right. It’s been a hell of a day. The kids are worn out, I’m worn out….not a good combination. I’m not looking forward to four days on the road. But I an looking forward to the few days I have kid free after those four days.

My sister has had a rough day too. Hugs sis!

One thing makes me cringe----every time

There isn’t much that makes me cringe that I see online, but this does it every time.

It’s Ms. Annie Wilkes hitting that foot with the sledgehammer, the gif from Misery. 

Not only does it make me cringe, but it hits my head repeats like a bad song does as an earworm. 

Thanks Matt for posting that.  (not really….no thanks whatsoever)

causticgrip-deactivated20130520 asked:

You obviously know good beer, what is your default go to beer?

Well that’s a little more complicated to answer than it should be, for the simple fact that the beer I would “go to” isn’t available in Mississippi because of bad beer laws.  

I like lighter-bodied, fruity IPAs like Ballast Point’s Sculpin, Russian River’s Blind Pig or Green Flash’s West Coast IPA.  I can’t get those unless I mail order them, though.

As far as beer I can get here, I guess my go-to would be Sierra Nevada’s pale ale.


I found some of these hidden in my drafts from the past week or two…  

so for Smile Friday, here are some of the people who make me smile on a daily basis. xoxoxoxo

Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

anonymous asked:

Its SUPER hard to single out people and say i have a crush on them. But there are so many great faces on my dash that i adore. caustikgrip always makes me smile. callmetimber is super cute. emergentpattern and his magical beard/photog skills makes him totally crush worthy. thetravelinggentleman is a sweetheart. see, the list goes on and on and i haven't even started on the girls! Kaonicks, Uless, Stillticking, titsandsass, them all!

LOOK, JESS!!! I love you every day, but the tumblr algorithm finally recognized it. please continue to be fantastic and wonderful, as always. that goes for all of you, whether or not you’re in this square. ♥♥♥ xoxoxoxo

Tumblr Crushes:

anonymous asked:

Caustikgrip (Matt) is amazing. He has a great personality and fantastic looks yet he's so modest. I love how he is always true to himself. I think he's single but I can't believe no one has snatched him up yet. Plus, Nall. It just doesn't get any better.