Doesn’t really mean much because I just have an OCD about things having to be even. It’s really bad. Odd numbers scare me. It’s in no particular order but basically a list of blogs that made my dash badass and amazing throughout 2011 and expect to even be more badass come 2012. If you’re not following them already, You should. You’re insane not to.

causticremarks / stillnotgillan / nightingaless / thegryffindorseeker / the-redwaterfall / asimplemuggle / ravenclawinthetardis / planets-bend-between-us / gwainesexual / pruehalliwels / dunderklumpen / baudelaired

and then some special mention:

mydearreckless / wicked-fate / clockworkknight / cattermoles / wayland-jace / yankeescap / darkdaysarefalling / mattsmithsexual / therightgirl / odairandcresta


At first you don’t succeed, try until you at least draw blood D:

(This is kind of a very late birthday present for CausticRemarks, who was interested a little in my process and who also makes really wonderful and beautiful things. You should follow her :3)

Now you’ve all seen previously, that I do horrible things in photoshop, but this particular one was more about me just not being able to produce the concept I had in my mind. I really wanted to do a ‘poster’ set for AC (what else do I do..?) that only featured the Modern Assassins (again, what else do I make seriously?). I had this idea of telling the story of each game through pictures sort of, tunnelling into the centre. 

It wasn’t working, and it was really frustrating me as in my head it was awesome xD After a while I kept removing more and more elements, changing the size of it over and over again, until I just had the background and a face left.

I then used my 'emergency’ noise/grain, darken and lighten blend modes and the others just fell into place. Not going to lie, the Revelations one is probably one of my favourite things I’ve made :3

(Also, congrats to TotallyNot!Desmond for kindly reprising his role as Desmond in my graphics. We haven’t seen him since Sequence Five.)

Sorry that this is such a lame present (if you can call it that), but just another look at the crap that goes through my Photoshop. I usually spend way too much time on my graphics, and this is why xD If anything, don’t get disheartened if it’s not working. Sometimes you just have to get out all the bad, ugly and cliched ideas out before you can come up with something you really like.

Final graphics here [1] [2] [3] [4] [all]

causticremarks replied to your post: causticremarks replied to your post:…

duh, that’s why i gonna tell, i’m helping you here! sure itll hurt but as you said it will be amazing! LOL. I know you’re like in lesbians with that gif. for your information, i’ve hit homerun with ezio. i mean. :D i’ve mastered the language of love.

THANKS, WOMAN!! even though i’m not so sure if you wanna see me happy. or hurt.

and who the fuck cares? it’s tongue gif, IT’S RELEVANT!



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i didn’t get pottermore email… yet… I’M JUST FOR SLYTHERIN. CAUSE THEY’RE WINNING. HAHAHAHAHA. and plus as you said, ravenclaw has the bigger population and yet they’re behind you by like 100 points… :D

you shall be with us! we’re dark, we’re winning, and we’re sexy…. hawt!!! lol 

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i don’t hear it everyday unless you count my mom. :D i’m surprised that you’re surprised that i’m surprised that you don’t get love everyday. and when i love i mean CREEPER love. :D

of course i’m counting your mom as well!! if she says something good about you, then it has to be true! if she doesn’t, it means deep down she does feel that way but she’ll say crappy things about you cause she doesn’t know how to express her love. like mine does XDD

guurl!! i’m so surprised that you’re surprised that i’m surprised that you were surprised that i don’t get love everyday!

restarks asked:

bam. you meet benedict cumberbatch. what do you say or do? :D

I would NEVER approach him! I would be too intimidated and amazed by his presence. I’d probably just stare at him with my mouth open, looking like an idiot XD

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true, true… GREAT DIRTY MINDS THINK ALIKE. :D lalalalallala

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No, Charizze, it’s great minds. It’s a Dair quote!!! :))


YEAH i better use this killer hug

how am i supposed to tell charizze if our child Dair will be a girl or a boy if the fucking ask box won’t receive my message??

hmm.. i think it could go both ways, dear.. not the child, the name XDD though i’ll totally support our child’s sexual orientation ^^