caustic cause

Could you do a tutorial on how to recreate the look of light refracting in water like this?

Sure, caustics, it’s not like it’s the most complicated effect known to CG graphics… Okay, so the first thing is that light effects never work in isolation: you need to be spot on with colors and other effects to make it work. So we first need to recreate the suroundings a bit.

We set up something simple with gradients. Some radial, some linear. The eraser mode works with gradients as well, so use that to your advantage!

We create a simple smudge brush by taking smudge_soft and adding scattering to it, as well as an s-curve on the smudge length.

And then we build up a quick base:

Note how the smudge brush here is used not just to mix areas, but also to create definition of borders by lowering the scatter.(If you reverse the pressure curve on the scatter, this’ll be easily done by increasing the pressure on the stylus)

Now for the real magic. Caustics are a bit hairy, which means it’s a good candidate for the sketch brush engine.

Take sketch_ink_big, and add pressure to the ‘line-width’ while setting ‘density’ under the brush-size to 100%. This makes it extra hairy.

Set the brush blending mode to ‘Color Dodge’, and select the color of our caustics. Color dodge will cause a move towards white by applying special dodge color maths to our brush dabs instead of the ‘normal’ avaraging color maths.

Outside of pressure for making varying strokes, glowiness for the light and extra density, we also want to have the size of the line decrease the further away it is…

Then, use the assistant editor tool to add a perspective grid. It doesn’t need to be perfectly in perspective, because we’ll only use it for the perspective sensor.

This will cause the brush to give smaller lines the further it registers on the perspective assistant.(It only works per single perspective assistant, making it not very good for chaining, but for our purpose this is good.)

Then you start slowly building up your lines. (Make sure to make a copy of the layer)(The color dodge blending doesn’t work well on a seperate layer, so do it on one that also has the ground on it).

Make sure to try and follow the shapes you made.(I failed at this) The great thing about the sketch brush is that it causes those little ‘melt-togethers’ where two lines cross. This is only per stroke, so make a lot of long ongoing strokes with this brush to make use of it.

Then take the gradient tool, and set the blending mode to color and the paint tool to a light blue, so we can get in the bluish atmospheric effect.

Then use the airbrush_pressure with the line tool to make some light-shafts of different sizes on a separate layer. (Don’t forget you can use the eraser mode to for subtle erasing with the line-tool as well)

Set the blending mode to color dodge and lower the opacity.

Finally, polush the piece with the airbush tool and some local color picking.

I hope this helps.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a smut fic about all 6 of the Council Member Ricks fucking a normal Council Rick, or maybe the other way around?

Oh anon, I love your dirty mind! When I saw this message this morning I knew I had to write this!

Filthy Rickcest Fic - High Council Initiation

Rookie Council Officer Rick x High Council of Ricks

Fic is under the cut, hope you like it, I wanted to make this longer, but couldn’t find the time, still, it’s about 1,200 words. 

Usual warnings - NSFW - domination, force, submission, oral, anal, humiliation.

Council Initiation 

As Rookie Rick approach the Council of Ricks Citadel Chambers he took a deep breath and smoothed down his new and carefully pressed uniform. After months of grueling training it was finally time to meet the High Council members and complete his indoctrination as a fully-fledged member of the Council and take up his position as a foot solider. Joining the Council had been a difficult decision, but the job paid well and frankly he needed the money. Jesus, he didn’t even have the replacement parts necessary to repair his portal gun.

As he pushed the heavy doors to the chamber open he was greeted by the sight of four High Council members, all dressed immaculately, standing in a line with their hands held behind their backs, smiling with welcoming warmth. The Council Leader Riq IV walked towards him with an extended hand. His hand shake was sweaty and clawing and held for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Rookie Rick hastily withdrew his hand and bowed to Riq as a mark of respect.

“I…I believe you are here to complete the last step of your initiation recruit.” Riq stated coldly.

“Yes Sir.” Rookie Rick replied solemnly, the word “initiation” somewhat unsettling him.

“Take off your clothes.” One of the other High Council members commanded flatly.


“He said remove your clothing.” Riq repeated whilst allowing his eyes to drift over Rookie Rick as if inspecting the quality of a freshly skinned animal pelt.


Riq jabbed a pointed finger into the soft chest of the Rookie. “Are you questioning the High Council?”

“No Sir.”

Slowly Rookie Rick removed his uniform, carefully folding each garment and stacking them into a neat pile.

One of the High Council members, the one with the rickdiculous beard, slowly wheeled out a set of stockades.

“What…what the hell are those?” Rookie Rick stammered, now standing stark naked in the centre of the chamber visibly sweating and trembling.

“It’s all in the handbook.” Bearded Rick sighed.

Riq fixed the Rookie with an accusatory stare. “You have read the handbook, haven’t you recruit?”

“Umm…I…yes, of course Sir, but I don’t remember…”

“He hasn’t read the handbook, no lubrication!” The High Council member with the long limp hair shouted with glee.

Rookie Rick gulped, if he wasn’t sure what was going on, the mention of lubrication had certainly clarified things for him.

Riq gripped his bony fingers around the Rookie’s arm and guided him towards the stocks. Wrapping his hand firmly around the back of his head he pushed it down so it would slide into the curved wood designed for his throat to rest against.

Rookie Rick felt a wave of sickness as each of his arms were placed into position and the stockades closed shut with a nauseatingly secure click. The panic had rendered him immobile, his need to be accepted by them now holding dominance over his fear.

Riq brought his sneering disdainful face closer. “Now recruit, if you had read the Council handbook as instructed, you would know what you were supposed to say at the moment, wouldn’t you?”

Rookie Rick nodded mutely. His entire body had tensed up and his stomach lurched with every word Riq spoke.

Riq maneuvered himself to the rear of the Rookie Councilman.

“Repeat after me, I pledge my allegiance to the Council.”

Rookie Rick repeated the words, shivering as he felt Riq’s slim hands latch themselves onto his quivering hips.

“I promise to obey the -urp- High Council and hold its members in the highest regard.”

Rookie Rick got half way through the sentence before being forced to release a panicked moan as he felt Riq part his ass cheeks and spit vehemently between them.

“I will submit to the will of the Council and carry out my duties faithfully and with honour.”

“I will submit…”

That was as far as the Rookie got, his train of thought interrupted by the feeling of Riq’s huge dry cock sliding into him, thoroughly filling him to the point where he thought his very seams might split. He moaned with the pain, a long sliver of his own drool falling gracelessly from between his lips to land onto the cold shining floor.

The other High Council members laughed sadistically.

Riq continued to violently impale him, again and again until the pain had subsided to be replaced with a cold numbness, both mentally and physically. To an extent he was able to block it out; that was until another member of the High Council, with hair curled and piled up on his head, presumably to hide his bald spot, moved to the front of Rookie Rick and gestured for him to open his mouth.

He closed his eyes in an attempt to imagine something else, anything else, but as he heard the unmistakable sound of trousers dropping and felt the fleshy head of the High Council members cock slide between his drool drenched lips it was impossible not admit to himself what was really happening.

He took it as best as he could, opening widely, keeping his tongue down in an attempt to deep-throat comfortably, but none of this was comfortable. It was the lack of tenderness that was most upsetting; the two of them were ploughing into him at each end as if he wasn’t even a Rick, abusing his body like he was nothing more than a Jerry.

The Rick in his mouth started to buck his hips slower now, clearly about to climax. Rookie Rick kept his eyes shut as he felt cum shoot into the back of his mouth, dripping warm and faintly caustic down his throat causing him to retch. His distressed sounds were greeted by malicious laughter from the remaining two High Council members.

Riq however was still going and didn’t seem to be slowing pace, only stopping every now and again to slap viciously at his wobbling buttocks.

Suddenly the towering chamber doors opened and two more High Council members entered the chamber.

They both stopped in their tracks, surveying the sordid scene before them.

One of them, sporting a huge spiral of hair, raised his arms up into the air with exasperation.

“J-J-Jesus Christ guys, again, seriously?”

Rookie Rick felt Riq IV slowly withdraw from his ass, with an audible sucking noise.

The two who had just entered kneeled before Rookie Rick.

“So what, they, they tell you this was all in the handbook?”

Rookie Rick nodded, he could feel hot tears streaming down his face from the retching and knew cum was still dripping from the crevices of his mouth. His cheeks were flushed from embarrassment and his throat burned.

The two High Council Rick’s worked to release him from the stocks.

“Seriously Riq, you’ve got to stop this shit man, that, that’s five of them this week alone!”

Riq folded his arms like a surly child who had been scolded, not even bothering to argue back, due to his clear guilt and filthy looking erection.

The one with the huge hair handed Rookie Rick his clothes. “You better get out of here recruit.”

The Rookie took the pile of clothes with thankful eyes and stumbled towards the chamber doors on painfully tense aching limbs.

Just as he was about to exit he turned back towards them all.

“I…I…I tell you something y-y-you better have a fucking amazing pension plan!”

Pushing the doors open, he cursed them under his breath and left the salacious stench of the chamber behind him.


dippers vs vapers seems like itd actually make for a good fight like the dippers have a caustic spit attack that causes a lot of damage but vapers are very mobile and agile due to practicing smoke tricks but also dippers seem more likely to carry guns on them which might put them on top