What my charr would look like as a human i guess

Age: Mid to late 40s. He never bothered with birthdays.

Markings/Scars: He is badly burned on most of his body. As a charr he has leopard markings so I thought they could translate onto his human self as well.

Hair color: dark reddish blond

Hulking in size, he uses it to his advantage in battles. Never knew his father, but heard of him and was always judged harshly because of it. He grew up trying to prove himself to everyone around him.

Horribly clumsy when jumping on natural terrain like mountains and rocks. He will miss and fall on his face. It’s a given.

In my headcanon, he met all his Sylvari buddies on a trek through the Ascalonian Catacombs and have been running missions together since. 

His personality is to be practical and so he can be gruff or insensitive. He has trouble thinking beyond his own morals which are very black and white. Sometimes he confuses duty with what is actually right and that can frustrate his more open-minded friends.

Tour is about to wind down here in a few days. This has been one of the best travels I have ever been a part of with #LYED. Thank you everyone who has been part of the shows and the support. Here’s a pic of our battle set in Montclair, NJ with our touring buddies AKA pit warriors #CAUST 📷: @in_vape_we_trust

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My apartment is infested with fruit flies. It’s pretty ridiculous considering I was gone for 2 weeks and left 0 food here, also I took out the trash minutes before leaving so no food there either. My only conclusion is that they got in before I left but had to become cannibals to keep surviving. Also they bite, so maybe they’re carnivores and cannibals. I found the horde (maybe it’s a nest? do they nest?) of larvae (300+) and got rid of them, so now I just have to wait out the adults. I left out a bowl of vinegar but they don’t give a shit, apparently cannibalistic “fruit” flies don’t fall for that. I just have to hope they die of depression because I killed all their cannibalistic babies.

Welcome to Drosophila-caust 2015

The Mass Animal Slave-o-caust

If I told you that in the span of 33 minutes and 20 seconds, 6 million human beings were murdered for their race, religion, sexual orientation, and other arbitrary markers for discrimination, what would you call that? What might you compare it to in terms of previous historical events?

If the term “Holocaust” didn’t come to mind already, it should have. The number of deaths is the same, the arbitrary and unjustifiable bigotry is the same, the only difference here is that in this case, the rate of death is much faster.

Now let’s say that the victims were not human beings, but instead farmed land animals being slaughtered for food (because that is actually the approximate rate at which they are killed, and this is not counting aquatic animals, honeybees, other animals used for food purposes, or any of the animals killed in other industries).

If human beings were being kidnapped and traded from their homeland, forced to spend most of their life in a cage, beaten and abused into learning tricks, and then forced to perform for the entertainment of others while unconsenting and unpaid, what would you call that? Would it not be slavery, plain and simple?

Now what if I told you that I just described the life of a circus elephant, tiger, or monkey? Does the change of species also alter what type of oppression it is? Are we really bound by political correctness to avoid making such a glaringly obvious comparison, so as not to offend the demographic groups affected by the oppression we’re comparing animal suffering to?

What if many of people within those demographic groups (as with almost all of humanity) are active and willful oppressors of animals themselves, shouldn’t they be shown the folly of repeating the same abuses against others that their ancestors fought so hard to endure, survive, and overcome? Isn’t it spitting on the graves of the oppressed to perpetuate the same kind of cruelty that they were afflicted by? Isn’t that what’s truly offensive here?

As for those facing continual and modern-day human-against-human oppression in the form of racism, homophobia, religious bigotry, etc, the same principle applies. To fight for social justice on one front while paying for the enslavement, rape, and murder of animals (the most oppressed and defenseless group on the planet) is blatant and inexcusable hypocrisy.

Nazis referred to Jews as rats, white supremacists refer to Blacks as apes and monkeys, and the Hutus called the Tutsis cockroaches. Since humans are generally sociable animals, it is often necessary for them to alienate their targeted victims by describing them as animals, because that which is not human is deemed subhuman, inferior, and unworthy of any moral consideration.

Humans compare other humans to animals when they are about to do something horrifically violent and awful to them, indicating that humans know that the way we treat animals is a great example of how not to be treated. As long as people feel superior to their victims, human or otherwise, the floodgates to atrocities are held wide open.

If oppressors purposefully and outspokenly treat subcategories of humans the same way that nearly all humans treat animals, what is the problem with pointing out the oppressor/oppressed dynamic as it relates to animals and drawing parallels to human-against-human atrocities?

The only possible explanation is that the humans worried about being offended or offending other people are placing humans on an arbitrarily-earned pedestal of supremacy above nonhuman animals where our suffering is an untouchable (metaphorical) Sacred Cow. This is clearly degrading to animals, an insult to all the oppressed, and an irreconcilable hypocrisy within our movement that must be expunged.

There is nothing degrading to human groups, or the history of their tragedies, about pointing out the wrongfulness of all supremacism and oppression. If anything, to compare and condemn all injustice and oppression collectively is a major stride forward for all social justice causes.

If questioned on these points, however, one of the trend-speak battle cries that intersectionalists wield is, “It’s not my job to educate you.” How very convenient for them.