What my charr would look like as a human i guess

Age: Mid to late 40s. He never bothered with birthdays.

Markings/Scars: He is badly burned on most of his body. As a charr he has leopard markings so I thought they could translate onto his human self as well.

Hair color: dark reddish blond

Hulking in size, he uses it to his advantage in battles. Never knew his father, but heard of him and was always judged harshly because of it. He grew up trying to prove himself to everyone around him.

Horribly clumsy when jumping on natural terrain like mountains and rocks. He will miss and fall on his face. It’s a given.

In my headcanon, he met all his Sylvari buddies on a trek through the Ascalonian Catacombs and have been running missions together since. 

His personality is to be practical and so he can be gruff or insensitive. He has trouble thinking beyond his own morals which are very black and white. Sometimes he confuses duty with what is actually right and that can frustrate his more open-minded friends.