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{PART 3} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Thinking that you’re about to be fired, you start panicking about how you’ll survive with no job. Jungkook still can’t answer the many questions he has about you - and he questions himself in turn.

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Part Thirteen: The Roots of Friendship

Keeping with our theme of generally good relations, we’re going to start talking about friends, today, before we dive into, well, less friendly relations. This is a huge topic, so I’ll do my best to cover as much as I can in terms of how friends can be used in stories as active participants in plot and development.

The common denominator in what brings two (or more) people together into a friendship is each party’s willingness to reach out. While one-sided friendships are certainly possible, the most healthy, viable, and long-lasting friendships are the ones where communication happens on a semi-regular basis. The willingness to reach out is a personality trait, so some personalities will be more apt to forming friendships than others.


While it feels like friends just come out of the metaphorical woodwork, the pool of potentials begins with where characters go. Those locations may be physical or electronic depending on your setting and available technology, and they’re more likely to go to places where there are others of like-mind. Extroverts are likely to go to locations simply because there are people there, but feeling comfortable and having an interest in the location helps, too. The motivation for introverts to get out and about is significantly more tied to the location and intent of the event. If it aligns with their interests–thereby increasing the likelihood that people present may be similar to themselves–they may be more apt to go. We can only interact and become friends with the people who are present around us, and who those people are and where we meet them is on us, our lifestyles, and societal expectation.

This means that while we’re more likely to want to go to places with like-minded people, that’s not always the case. Sometimes we wind up in places we would really rather not be, like schools and offices and weddings and other social functions we are expected to attend. This pushes us with people, and some of those people will not want to be there either, and some solidarity can be found even in places we didn’t really elect to go and with people we didn’t really elect to be around.

All of this adds up to this: Friends can come from anywhere we go. The circumstances in which we meet these individuals will help determine what kind of relationship is born. People meeting under unforced circumstances–where the character chose to go to an event because they wanted to–are likely to become surface friends at first. Yes, they have lots in common, but there’s probably plenty of other people in the area who also have those things in common, so first impressions and how the personalities jive with each other will be more crucial in determining whether the relationship will burgeon past acquaintance. People meeting under forced circumstances are more likely to come together faster and stronger–solidarity in the face of dissimilar people–but whether the relationship lasts outside of the circumstances that brought them together depends on each person’s willingness to reach out.


Age plays a big factor in whether or not individuals may become friends, but not as big as perhaps we might think. What spawns from individuals of varying ages may range anywhere from simple friendship and considered grandparents. How these relationships form and whether they form at all depends on how comfortable your character(s) is with individuals of different generations and in different life stages. Some folks naturally get along better with older individuals, while others tend toward younger people. Evaluate your own characters on their perspectives of other-aged people, setting aside what their culture says about them and really digging in to how your character feels.

There’s a few years in teenage-hood when characters may feel uncomfortable around particularly elderly people, not knowing how to talk with them, or about what. They know from their interactions with their parents how to talk with people of that generation, and they can still easily remember what it felt like to be the younger ages, but they run against a wall with the elderly. The level of appropriate respect, the topics that are still relevant to both people at that age, and what the elderly person’s motives are toward the teen character can cause great discomfort if they haven’t had frequent contact with a grandparent or great-grandparent of their own.

Maturity comes with age, they say, and so too does the insignificance of time. A three year age gap is huge in younger years and doesn’t really start to lose its power until the age of 22 or so. At that point, the ages of people likely to become friends with a character opens up, as they’re more willing to overlook the age and see the other person as just another individual who’s struggling/struggled with similar things, a resource, guide, help, and comfort.


Perhaps more instrumental than age in the formation of friendships is distance. Part of what makes distance such an influencing factor is the respective parties’ willingness to reach out, again. The internet has become an integral bridge of distances, connecting those from across the world with each other through our screens, with time zones as the only thing in our way. Social media lets us see what our friends are up to without having, necessarily, to reach out except for the initial “friending.” It maintains the illusion of contact without actually having any, and the friendships that rely on it as their only means of communication are often a stranger, more ethereal, vaguely false kind of friendship. That true, conversational communication is the key to keeping those friendships at viable, real friendships, something more than simply observation–interaction.

That interaction, whether face-to-face or in a chat log, text message, or letter is what keeps a friendship together, the acknowledgement that the other is out there and that each party is invested in remaining involved, however remotely. The “closer” people can be in terms of distance, the more likely their friendship is to continue. This translates to long-distance friendships as the frequency of correspondence. Letting communication languish metaphorically widens the gap, even online, which lets the friendship drift, too. Of course, there are plenty of occasions in which friends may be apart for a time without communication and fall into old patterns comfortably, however usually for this to happen, the characters must have been very close friends previously, and they must make the continued effort to remain in contact. A lapse in communication again could put that ability and that friendship into jeopardy.

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Let it out

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Pairing: Amber x reader

Genre/Warnings: Light angst. Heavy Fluff.

Summary: could you do an imagine where you’re super insecure and Amber doesn’t know until you have a breakdown in front of her and she just lists the many reasons why she loves you and just fLUFF

(gif credit to original owner)

(Thank you for my first Non BTS Request Fam I hope you enjoy it!)

There was nothing Amber loved more than spoiling you and taking you shopping. However, it wasn’t your favorite thing to do. It meant being in the public eye while she bought you things. She was so used to it that she just stopped noticing things like paparazzi, fans that would follow and people who would just stare. It always caused you great discomfort and it never helped that the next day there would be plenty of articles about you and Amber, they would never hold back as they would wither compliment you or completely bash your relationship. She never noticed though and you were always far too nervous to tell her.

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What I Hate Love You was all about

While reading all the posts concerning I Hate Love You I noticed that a lot of people said something like this – “I haven’t even read the fic, but what you are saying is horrible…” And, honestly, if I had read only those posts but not the actual fic itself and wouldn’t know how it ends I might be feeling the same way. That’s why I want to explain what was I Hate Love You is all about.  

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How about a scenario where the chocobros help blind ignis choose his new glasses! (The ones he wears after the time skip) they're probably the ones who chose it for him since the poor guy can't see but still wants to wear something that'd fit his appearance

I hope you enjoy it! I wrote it in a bit of a different style than usual. Hope that’s alright with you! <3

Side note: I actually did a bit of research on blindness to find out why sunglasses were such a necessity to them. Apparently, a lot of blind people still are very sensitive to light. This sensitivity can cause headaches and dizziness. Just a little fun fact. You learn something new everyday.


FFXV Fanfiction

Word Count: 891

Seeing in the Dark

No one lost more on their journey than Ignis.
Noctis was gone. The one he had been sworn to protect and look after. He didn’t know when or if he ever going to return.
He lost his eyesight. This, of course, was the cause of loss of so many other things.

His ability to drive.
His ability to cook.
His ability to walk without some sort of assistance.
No longer could he even admire the photographs that Prompto took during the journey.

His entire life has been flipped upside down only in a number of weeks.

The pain from his wound had died down immensely. He was adapting rather well, but being blind was still a great struggle. It would always be a struggle.

Gladiolus and Prompto were of great assistance to him.
The helped with menial tasks. Whether it be helping him up a set of stairs, or something as simple has handing him his cane. They wanted to assist him in anyway they could. Though Ignis assured his friends that he could manage on his own, he always quietly accepted their help.

Once the young men were able to settle into Cape Caem and process the end of their journey, Ignis began to complain of intense dizziness. Though he was blind, his clouded eye remained sensitive to light to a degree. It caused him great amounts discomfort and disorientation. When such symptoms began to deprive Ignis of some much needed sleep, Prompto began to search for an answer.

“Dude, you just need better shades!” Prompto assured Ignis after he concluded his research. “The big guy and I can totally help you out with that. We’ll make sure they fit your style too. Being blind doesn’t mean your out of the game with the ladies.”


Gladiolus became the next designated driver. He disliked the job due to the lack of leg room the drivers seat offered, but he disliked the thought of Prompto driving all the way from Caem to Hammerhead even more.

When told of their predicament to Cindy, she was almost hesitant to help.

“I don’t know… I can fix up yer new car, but makin’ new glasses? I don’t know,” she bit her lip and glanced to Ignis. Poor guy.

It looked to her as if all the life had been drained from him.

“You know what? I’ll give it a good ol’ country try,” she winked to Prompto. “Y’all don’t mind staying the night in the caravan, right?”

“Yeah, no problem Cindy. Thanks for helping us out,” Gladio nodded to her graciously. “Let us know if there’s anything you need us to get.”

“Will do, boys. Take care now. I’ll call ya when they’re ready.”


It was their first night in the Hammerhead caravan with out Noctis.

Never once did the three men utter a word to each other. Only a mutual feeling of sorrow and understand hung over them like a rain cloud.

The same feeling of silence remained until morning when Prompto’s cell phone began to ring.

“Hello?” Prompto yawned as he answered the call.
“Hope I didn’t wake, y’all,” Cindy’s sweet accented voice answered. “Spec’s new specs are ready. Meet me in the garage. I think y’all will like em’.”
Cindy’s news was enough to completely awaken Prompto.

Excitedly, Prompto awakened Gladio and Ignis from the slumber and hurried out from the caravan, leaving his two friends behind. Ignis and Gladio took there time preparing for the day until the expelled themselves from the caravan and met Cindy at the garage.

“So, whatcha think? I just thought of the glasses like a windshield for your eyes. It all came to me after that,” Cindy explained placing her hands on her hips.

“Wow, Cindy these are great!” Prompto exclaimed.
“Yeah, thanks for the help,” Gladio added.
Ignis, however remained silent.

“Don’t thank me yet. Go on, Ignis. Put ‘em on. Lemme know if they help ya some.”

Prompto pressed the pair of sunglasses into Ignis’s palm. Carefully, Ignis studied the pair  with his fingers.

The felt much thicker than his current sunglasses.

“They’ve got gray frames,” Prompto began to describe. “They’re a really cool shape too. Don’t know how to explain them, but just take my word for it. Try them on!”

Using his free hand, he slid his current glasses off and handed them to Gladio.
He carefully opened the hedges of the new glasses and slid them onto his face. He pressed the bridge of glasses up his nose until the glasses sat properly against his face. It was a perfect fit.

“How they feel?” Cindy asked curiously.

Within a single instant, the disorienting dizziness Ignis had been feeling began to dissipate. He felt the tension within his head slowly become to subside.

“Delightful,” Ignis answered. “I’m feeling better already.”

“Hah! Good to hear, Iggy! Look at you! I haven’t seen ya smile like that since ya first left for Altissa!”

Cindy noticed Ignis’s grin before he himself did.

“Glad I could help! If y’all ever need anything else, y’all know where to find me!”

“Dude! They look awesome! Totally brings out your features just perfect. They ladies are going to be all over you. Just like I promised!” Prompto announced enthusiastically.

“I think he’s happier at the fact that he’s feeling better.”

“Indeed,” Ignis nodded. “I am anxious to get sufficient sleep tonight. And it is all thanks to Cindy.”

How would piper react to sole dying?

Hey, if you don’t want your heart broken I recommend you don’t read this. But otherwise, please.. enjoy :,)) //

Piper fought like hell, trying to keep the damn ferals away, gunning them down one by one. While shooting the last demonic being down she hears a blood-curdling cry coming from behind her. Sole was fighting the ferals off on the opposite side of piper while she was doing her own thing.

Panic rushed through pipers body as she runs towards the scream, running into a rooms she comes to meet a feral sitting facing away from piper, in a pool of blood, beside it piper recognized a familiar face frozen with wide dead eyes, furrowed eyebrows and an ajar mouth wet with the colour red.

those terrified eyes stared at piper while the feral made them its meal.
The world around Piper spun painfully. She couldn’t move, her hands were shaking, her eyes stung like hell.
It felt like someone had reached down her throat and gripped onto her heart tightly.
The monster in front of her finally noticed pipers presence and rose up from the pool of death it sat in then spun towards her.

A scream ascended out of pipers throat as she lifted her gun and shot the feral between its putrid dark eyes. She rushed to her friend, streams of tears running down her face.

Piper broke down while holding her bestfriend in her arms, she felt her heart twist and pull causing piper great discomfort. She was overwhelmed with regret and pain as her eyes drifted down to where soles stomach was supposed to be, but now it’s been replaced with a gaping bloody pit of flesh and guts surrounded with bruised teeth marks.

“I’m so- I’m so sorry, blue” pipers voice broke with pure agony.
“I could have saved you” she grieved, while bringing soles head up to her shoulder.
“I could have saved you”
She repeats herself quietly while hugging her companion for the last time…
I’m gonna go cry in a corner now.

All Hallows' Eve Request #7!! Dick Grayson/ Nightwing X Reader

You read the invitation over and over again until you realized that you had to go. It was not because you wanted to, but it was because that your best friend, Stephanie, would not let you miss this ‘wonderful opportunity to get out of sweatpants and t-shirts.’

“What if I don’t want to get out of sweatpants?” you questioned

“Do you really want to miss the opportunity of dressing up in a gorgeous gown? I know that this isn’t your style, but I’m begging you to come,” Steph pleaded.

You sighed and looked back at the invitation. The party was only two days away and you definitely did not have the money for the gown and mask the dress code required.

“How am I supposed to pay for all of this, Steph? I really don’t want to be leeching money off of you and-”

“I already have it picked out,” Steph interrupted, “and you’re going to love it.”

You pinched the bridge of your nose, “How much was it?”

“Nope!! You’re not going to pay me back! I’m the reason you’re going, so I’m paying for the dress. I mean Bruce paid for it-”

You groaned and put your head on your table, “Why do you do this to me? You know I don’t want to look like the money leech.”

“It’s fine, (Y/N)! Bruce offered and Dick invited you before I could,” she explained.

A faint blush graced its presence on your face and you thanked whoever was out there that your face was still overdramatically placed on the table. You and Dick had been best buds ever since you first arrived in Gotham Academy, but puberty decided to ruin that for you. He had so many girlfriends that were introduced to you and so many aftermaths he came to you about. It broke your heart that he was constantly tormented like this, but you knew that making a move would highly likely ruin your friendship. You lifted your head off the table and glared at her.

“Fine, but I’m returning the dress to Bruce after the party.”

Steph squealed and pulled you in for a hug. You put an annoyed look on your face and slightly returned the hug.


You yawned and rubbed your eyes as you made your way to your apartment door. It was about nine in the morning and you were not a functioning person before eleven. You opened it and found an energetic Dick Grayson rushing into your apartment. You looked at him, the door, back at him, and closed the door. You walked to the kitchen and found him pulling out his stash of Lucky Charms he keeps in your apartment. You rubbed your eyes once again and quickly took a swig of your drink you made just a few minutes prior.

“So, I was thinking that you could come with me to the masquerade party Bruce is throwing,” Dick said.

You yawned and said tiredly, “Steph invited me. I’ll find you during the party if she ever lets me out of her clutches.”

“How will you know it’s me?”

“I’ll notice that awful humor anywhere,” you said with a small smirk.

“That hurt!”

“Yeah, hurt your ego.”

He grabbed your drink and took a huge gulp. Your eyes widened and you pounced.

“Give it to me! You know I can’t function without it!! Give me the damn precious!!”

He chuckled and gave it to you, “You’re going to ditch your long-time best friend for your other best friend?”

“I told you I will find you,” you repeated.

“How am I supposed to do that when you’re going to be wearing a mask?” He questioned.

“Do you want to meet somewhere?” you asked.

“Sure. Maybe we could-”

He was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. He groaned and plucked the device out of his pocket. He looked at the text and sighed.

“Duty calls.”

You have him a sad smile and hugged him, “Be careful out there, Officer.“

“As you wish.”


You flinched once more when the hot curling iron could be heard singeing your hair.

“Is it supposed to make that sound?” you asked Stephanie.

“Yes and stop fussing. I know how to operate this,” she responded.

You stopped worrying and allowed your friend to style your hair in silence. Once she was finished, she immediately moved on to your makeup. Thankfully you persuaded her to not put ten pounds of makeup on your face. When she was done, she showed you the gown Bruce bought for you. Your eyes widened at the sight. It was a bright baby blue dress that glowed in the light with long sleeves and beautiful designs laced into the soft fabric. The mask also was silver, but instead of the usual eye covering mask you were expecting, the mask covered everything except your mouth. The mask matched the intricate designs of the dress and had small crystals interpreted into it.

“Steph this is-”

“Beautiful, I know!” She interrupted, “It’s supposed to be a Cinderella design but it seems more like a Belle dress in blue.”

You rolled your eyes and grabbed the dress off of her bed. You walked towards her bathroom door and shut it. You took your robe off and placed it near the sink. You then put the dress on and opened the door.

“Can you zip it up Steph?” you requested.


She slowly zipped the dress and stepped back.

“Ok. Turn around! I want to see how good you look!!”

You turned around and she squealed. You flinched at the high pitched sound that came out of your friend’s mouth and waited for her to calm down. She grabbed the mask and handed it to you.

“Put it on and let’s go! We have a party to attend!!”


You entered the huge ballroom and took in every detail you could. There were over five chandeliers illuminating the room, causing the metal in the room to glisten. Rich men and women were scattered across the room, some hanging on the young bachelors and bachelorettes, probably hoping to get some later. Steph nudged you into the crowd, causing you to bump into someone.

“I’m sorry! My friend over there is a little excited,” you apologized while gesturing the bouncy female.

“It’s fine,” the black haired man smiled, “but I was wondering if I could have this dance.”

You looked back at Steph and received a thumbs up.

“Sure,” you responded and took his hand.

He guided you to the dance floor and rested one hand on your hip. You followed his example and placed your free hand on his shoulder. He smiled and started dancing. You glided across the dance floor and got lost in the music.

“So do I have to worry about any angry boyfriend?” He asked.

“Nope. I’m single and not extroverted enough to mingle,” you responded. “I wasn’t going to show up, but my friend that probably set us up begged me.”

“Wait, (Y/N)?” the man asked.

“How did you know- Never mind, I know it’s you Dick.”

“I guess Stephanie knew it was me,” he chuckled, “and nice dress by the way.”

“Thanks. Bruce bought it and I really don’t want to know the price,” you commented.

“You know Bruce will never tell you, but now that I have found do you know what you want to do?” Dick asked.

“I don’t know,” you said, “but I really don’t feel comfortable with the people staring at us.”

Dick followed your eyes at all of the people staring at the two of you and squeezed your hand. He pulled you to the sidelines and guided you to the edge of the party.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“Getting away from the eyes,” he replied.

Dick brought you to the garden and sat down on the bench. You sighed and kicked off your heels from hell, which were causing great discomfort for your feet. The heels landed a few feet away from you by a patch of azaleas that were slightly overgrown. You stretched your legs and pulled the dress up so that it wouldn’t get grass stains. You looked over to Dick and noticed that he was staring at you.

“What? Do the baggy sweatpants and T-shirts hide my true form?” you asked.

“I just thinks it’s hilarious you’re wearing a Cinderella themed costume and I already know who you are and you haven’t lost a shoe,” Dick answered.

“I just lost two,” you corrected.

“Smart ass,” he retorted.

“Great ass,” you stated while winking.

There was a long pause until the two of you erupted into laughter. You laughed for a couple minutes and wiped the tears from your eyes.



Your laughter once again echoed throughout the garden. Dick sat up and gave you an apologetic look.

“I better go check on them. You know that someone is bound to get hurt, especially Tim if he tries to break it up,” he confessed. “Stay right here, it’ll only take a second.”

“It’s fine. Go make sure your brothers don’t murder each other,” you said.

You watched as he speed walked to the door and ducked when a pumpkin came soaring his way. He ducked in time, but that didn’t stop you from letting out a snort. He looked back to you and smiled before running down the hall. You looked away from the door and walked over to the azaleas where your shoes were. You frowned when they weren’t there. You hiked the dress up and gently shifted the flowers to see if you accidently flung them inside the flowers. You saw a glimpse of them and grabbed them, but they didn’t budge. You shrieked when a vine wrapped around your arm painfully and attempted to pry it off.

“Dick! Stephanie! Someone!!” you shouted while pulling at the plant.

It continued to weaved around your arm until it wrapped around your neck and mouth. Dick and Stephanie bolted out of the door and saw you being dragged away by a plant.

“(Y/N)!!” the two friends shouted and started running after you.

Your muffled shouts were all that could be heard when your body disappeared. Dick collapsed and looked at the drag marks etched into the grass. It was then the rest of the Bat Family decided to make an appearance.

“What happened?” Bruce questioned.

“She’s gone,” Dick muttered.

His gaze shifted from the drag marks to your lone shoe. He picked it up and held it to his chest.

“I will find you (Y/N)…..”

Excuse me, ma’am.

Haven’t written smut in a while, so forgive me my friends.

SecurityGuard!Cas x Reader

“Excuse me, ma'am.”

The handsome stern looking security guard waves you over, after you walk through the metal detector.

“Sir, is something wrong?” You frown, setting your bag down on the search table.

“You’ve been picked for a random pat down.” His blue eyes darken as they give your body a once over.

“Okay, but can we do this in private?” You could feel several eyes on you, causing a great discomfort to flush over you, along with a sudden arousal as the man bit his lip and nodded.

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Corkscrew Esophagus

No one knows exactly why this happens, but it occurs when instead of muscles of the esophagus contracting segment by segment to move the food down, it contracts all at the same time resulting in this twist. 

As you can imagine it causes great discomfort, digestive problems, and of malnutrition. Although it is a rare occurrence and most physicians will never see one, Vanderbilt university has a GI clinic that sees patients like this everyday. 

They have tried many different things, but one temporary fix is using botox. Any good ideas out there?

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How do you think a Slytherin would found one of their Hufflepuff friends being teased or bullied for what house their in

How would they react?

They would probably be very upset, but able to control themselves into concocting a master plan to cause great discomfort and trouble for the one doing the bullying. They would (hopefully) remember to affirm their Hufflepuff and remind them how cool they are.

And as for the one who was bullying?

The Slytherin would go far out of their way to make sure they never, ever considered doing it again.

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Yaaaaaaay Ryoma birthday bash!! :D How about some fluff where Ryoma gets jealous of Corrin constantly being surrounded by guys (and certain butlers)?

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Ryoma was not an inherently jealous person. In fact, he prided himself on the fact that he was fair, just, and humble. It wasn’t ever a thought that crossed his mind, the idea of being jealous. 

Yet he couldn’t quite explain why he felt this burning rage boiling in the bottom of his chest. It was a feeling that only rose when you were with other men. And it happened at the most inconvenient of times.

As in now, for example, while he was training with Takumi, and you were having a riveting conversation with your butler.

The butler that seemed to be spending more time than he did with you, at all hours of the day. Call him crazy, but Ryoma wasn’t exactly fond of seeing you two together so often. Especially when he made you laugh; it made him bristle.

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What is and is not miasmic?

It seems like one of the absolute hardest things about Hellenismos to truly understand for new (and experienced) practitioners is miasma. As I have said many times before: within Hellenic practice, miasma describes the lingering aura of uncleanliness in regards to a person or space through which contact is made with the Gods.

Miasma occurs whenever the space or person comes into contact with death, sickness, birth, sex, excessive negative emotions and bodily fluids. It also comes from a lack of contact with the Hellenic Gods. Not the actual acts of dying, sex and birth cause miasma but the opening up of the way to the Underworld (with births and deaths) as well as contact with sweat, blood, semen, menstrual blood and urine pollutes us. Miasma is an incredibly complicated and involved practice and it’s often misunderstood. The most important things to remember about miasma is that it holds no judgment from the Gods, and that everyone attracts miasma. It’s a mortal, human, thing. The ancient Hellenes washed their hands as a precaution before ritual and then attended rites every single day.

After a lot of research into the workings of miasma, I have come to the conclusion that true, practice stopping, miasma is linked to distraction. Anything that takes your mind off of the Gods during ritual can be considered miasmic. For example, the ancient Hellenes agreed that murder causes miasma (when not committed as part of a war, soldiers were not tainted with miasma for killing their enemies), but only once other people became aware of the fact that you had committed an act of murder. As such, if you were exiled and you travelled to another town where no one knew what you had done, in essence, you were not miamic to the rites and people around you.

Many people seem to read and consider this valid but find the translation into their own lives and hard to make. So I am going to give you a rule of thumb that you can go by in whatever situation you find yourself concerned about practicing because of miasma. The rule of thumb is as follows:

“If you were practicing in a large group of people, would either they or you be distracted by your perceived source of miasma to the point where practicing with full concentration becomes impossible?”

If the answer is ‘no’, you’re most likely not miasmic. If they answer is ‘yes’, you might be. And by ‘distracted’ I don’t mean a glance and move on, I mean the full on high school awkward hushed whispers, secret glances, moving away from you, paying more attention to you than the rite treatment. I mean distraction to the point where you would be very uncomfortable attending. If whatever you think is miasmic would cause that feeling, then don’t do ritual.

Some ancient examples that you will see hold true to this day. Picture the scene: a large temple square, a lit sacred fire, oxen moo in the distance, ready to be slaughtered and then a person comes into the square who has/has committed this:

- murder: naturally everyone who knows becomes uncomfortable—you wouldn’t feel safe, you would want to get away. This fear is miasma.

- given birth very recently: the first few days after giving birth, every mom looks (and feels) run over by a donkey cart. It’s a reminder that the baby might still die (newborns often did in ancient Hellas). On the other hand, everyone would want to congratulate the new mom and see/touch the baby. This fear as well as the joy is miasma. Both distract from the ritual at hand.

- a close relation that has passed: everyone is aware they are grieving. They probably haven’t seen them yet and want to console them. This sympathy is miasma.

- just had sex: unless they were really loud in the next alleyway or are wearing stained and crumpled clothing, no one would know and as such, sex is not miasmic. But the lovers would know. And they might be more interested in enjoying the afterglow together than attending the ritual. This personal distraction means they are miasmic and they might cause distraction (miasma) for others by giggling, touching and generally being in their own private world.

- a (mental) illness that is currently actively present: being sick is not miasmic. Coughing all over the place, ranting about being Zeus or having recently tried to (publicly) commit suicide are. Now, a broken leg that everyone knows about is not miasmic, a chronic illness that everyone knows about is not miasmic, even a mental illness that everyone knows about is not miasmic—unless they manifest in a way that causes the high school reaction described above. Someone in a deep depression or a psychosis might find it hard to impossible to experience the rites, for example. I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone struggling with a chronic illness or who is struggling psychologically when I write this. This is why I say miasma is human, it holds no judgement and it is part of daily life: it happens. It could happen to anyone.

- their period: cis ladies only, of course, but because of the men. Men in ancient Hellas were scared of women. They considered them wild and unpredictable and the whole ‘should-not-leave-the-house’-thing was a direct attempt to ‘tame’ women and make sure they did not run off with their kids. Nothing screams ‘wild’ and ‘dangerous’ more than someone who once a month loses the inner linings of their uterus during a bloody, messy, smelly week long (on average) affair that causes her great discomfort. Men in ancient Hellas (and, admit it, modern culture) were scared absolutely shitless by a woman’s menstrual cycle. So if anyone knew a woman was on her period and she attended ritual, there was no way they would be able to keep their attention on the rite. None. Today, it’s easy to make sure no one knows a woman is on her period and the act as such is not miasmic anymore, but the discomfort of the whole affair might be a distraction to the women themselves and as such, they can be miasmic for themselves and a distraction to others.

I could go on and on and on with examples, but I think the gist of it should be clear now: does whatever it is put the attention on you instead of the Gods? Miasmic. Does it distract you to the point where you can’t fully participate? Miasmic. Doesn’t it do either? Not miasmic. Wash your hands, maybe wash your face, get in the spirit of things and enjoy.

In the cases where a person was/is miasmic to the point where they should not be participating in the rite, there were two things that could be done and it depended greatly upon the circumstances. For anything but committing murder (or any other type of crime, I suspect), time is the healer. Sit this rite out, wait a week, re-evaluate.

A new mother was considered miasmic for ten days, by that time the baby would probably live and her wounds would have recovered to the point of being able to function again. Everyone will have seen the baby. Life has returned to normal. The miasma on grief over a close family member like a mother, son, or grandparent was considered to lift in a month. A woman’s period passes. Illnesses can be treated or will go in remission/become manageable. People will get used to chronic illnesses. Just give it time. And when the person whose waiting period was up got ready to practice again, a thorough cleansing by means of a bath and a small ceremony was held privately prior to it, I suspect mostly for the person themselves, to get in the right mindset again.

Murder and crime, by the way, had specialized midnight rites which cleansed the person of their act. Truthfully, I think it was more helpful to the public when the person’d had their day in court and I suspect the cleansing rite took place after the trial and punishment were over, just like with all other instances of miasma. It closed a chapter and put everyone at ease.

Miasma is not a bad thing, it is a human thing. We live, things happen, we move on. Miasma is not something that should stop you from practicing. What is does is ask of you to be mindful of when you should and should not be practicing.

Practice when you are your best, when you can practice arête: the act of living up to one’s full potential. Practice when you can give full attention to the rites despite of your distractions. What matters is that you practice, because the Theoi want you to. Stop only when you feel what you can give is not up to par to the Gods. Only then. Those instances are very, very rare and you will know it when they happen.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if there are any poisonous plants out in the wild that a person might get mixed up with a non-poisonous plant that looks similar?

Hi there Nonny!

First of a general warning and word of advice: don’t go out and eat random plants that aren’t advertised as edible by a credible source you can trust. Don’t eat them when you aren’t a 100% certain either. Don’t dare other people to eat plants. Just don’t. They could be allergic, you could be allergic, it could be poisonous. It could be all kinds of awful.

This is Daucus carota, also known as wild carrot, bird’s nest, bishop’s lace or Queen Anne’s lace. It’s edible!

This is its lookalike Conium maculatum, also known as (poison) hemlock, spotted parsley or bad man’s oatmeal. In ancient Greece it was used to execute prisoners. It’s also poisonous to animals. The plants contain an alkaloid called coniine which causes stomach pains, vomiting and progressive paralysis, and it can be fatal.

Vitis labrusca or fox grape, would be perfectly harmless.

However this is Menispermum canadense, also known as canadian moonseed, common moonseed or yellow parilla. It can be easily mistaken for common grapes to the untrained eye. The fruits and seeds of this plant are poisonous, causing nausea and vomiting, they’re often fatal.

Morchella, or the true morel. Is an edible, very harmless mushroom.

However it has a potentially deadly (if eaten raw) twin called Gyromitra esculenta which falls into the category of the false morels. (There’s several species which belong to the false morels.)

A few common foods that also contain poisons:

  • The seeds of cherries, peaches, plums, almonds and apricots are poisonous. They contain amygdalin, a cyanogenic glycoside. It’s highly toxic.
  • Four or five kidney beans eaten raw can cause nausea vomiting and diarrhea, and if cooked too low (80°C or 176°F) they’re even five times as toxic as raw.
  • Mango leaves, stems, peel and sap contain urushiol, which is the same allergen as in poison ivy. It causes a condition called urushiol-induced contact dermatitis. A previous allergic reaction is more likely to cause another.
  • Raw nutmeg, is like really freaky. It contains a naturally occuring insecticide (against insects) and acaricide (against 8-legged crawlies/spiders) called myristicin and it’s possibly neurotoxic. High doses have psychoactive and hallucigenic effects. You’re somewhere in a state between waking and dreaming all while euphoric and feelling nauseaus. Also include bloodshot eyes and impared memory. “Nutmeg intoxication has an extremely long delay before peak is reached, sometimes taking up to seven hours, and effects can be felt for 24 hours, with lingering effects lasting up to 72 hours.”
  • Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family (Solanaceae) which makes their stems and leaves toxic due to solanine (who would eat those though? don’t cook them!) It upsets your digestive system and your nerves. Tomatine which can be found in leaves, stems and unripe green tomatoes is also toxic, though it’s never present in sufficient amount,

I’m sure you noticed, but none of them are definitely fatal, which is because as a whole the term poisonous applies to plants that cause us humans great discomfort. And in fact a lot of plants are poisonous, even a great range of them that looks particularly harmless. Though nature is rather diligent in coding red berries as bad™. I’ve also listed a mushroom, even though there’s a technical difference between them and plants, but for the sake of your ask – if you want to accidentally eat something deadly you always have good chances with a mushroom.

There’s a lot of poisonous plants, however the key is that you have to eat them in many cases. Touch alone in many cases isn’t enough.

On another note: Allergies combined with plants that are highly severe can be deadly. For example Hedera helix (common ivy) is harmless to the general public, unless you’re severely allergic.

I hope you found something to help you with your writing.

- Mod Jana

Sources: Wikipedia, (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)


the last thing she knew; or even could comprehend, she was in a cage like some animal; wrists and ankles chained. Then again; she did cut the ear off one of the men that carried her. He shouldn’t have touched her. she didn’t like to be touched. memories of ropes, a silver hook, and a boat came over her. a heavy sigh leaving her lips.she always did get captured. but peter wouldn’t be there this time. no… he was the reason she had come to the Mainland. He had left with HER and she wanted to bring him back. she had wasted so many nights waiting for him.

the sudden drop to the ground of a grand ballroom had her falling forward.

your highness. a gift.

the larger capture spoke.

a native. possibly from the Americas. we are unsure.she was in the village; stealing and wandering. the savage caused great discomfort.’

SAVAGE? nope. Not gonna let that one stand.

Call me Savage again and I’ll do your TONGUE like your friend's ear...”

the french left her lips fluently; shocking her captures. she just snorted.

“surprised. I speak many languages. I learn when I hear.”

(a set of bnha ocs I have no clue what to do with, but am pretty proud of? they’re a weird bunch based on Japanese writers. I realize this super long, but I didn’t want to make a separate post for each character.)

Yokohagi Sakurō (age: 25)

A melancholy young man with a deep, borderline obsessive love for poetry. Unfortunately, his best works are motivated by the morose and macabre and he is willing to cause himself great discomfort and anxiety to write a good poem. He is always frustrated with his work and frequently (and dramatically) declares he is giving up poetry for good (though he never does).

  • Quirk: “Literary Creation”
  • a quirk that allows the user to manifest spoken verses of poetry in the real world. it can create inanimate and animate objects. it can’t alter existing objects, people, or the environment.
  • flaws: 
  • the creations won’t attack their creator, but have their own will and won’t distinguish between friend and foe
  • the verse has to be an original work of the user and be a verse of ‘worth’ or ‘value’ (basically, he has to be proud of it and actually consider it poetry, so things he’s forced to write have no worth; and he has high standards so…)
  • the longer the poem, the more energy it takes; technically can work with any literary work, but reading a short story would likely make him pass out (and he has only one short story about cats lol)

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Protecting Scorpius

Draco had walked in through the fireplace to his home, brushing of the ash from his coat as he hung it on the coat rack.

“I’m home” he called, marginally bracing himself for the tackle to his legs from his eldest son. But instead, Scorpius wandered from the living room, his arm wrapped in a white graffiti sleeve as he looked rather disgruntled, his grey eyes staring up at him like his wife did when she wanted something desperately. “Hey son.. What’s wrong?”

Scorpius lifted his arm, his bottom lip wavering as he picked him up to kiss his head. Taking a closer look at whatever idea his wife had concocted today. Her understanding of the muggle world was far greater than his own, often finding their children playing with some toys from a store she ‘came across’ whilst out. Rotating it in his fingers as the texture of it confused him and it seemed to be causing him great discomfort. He tried to tickle him, make him laugh but when him bottom lip stuck further out he eventually placing his son down.

“Where’s your sister?” He asked as his blonde haired son pointed to the living room, not usually the chatter-box he wasn’t surprised by his son’s silence. Eventually surrendering and going in search of his wife, following his nose to find her as he smelt something rather delicious coming from the kitchen.

Upon entering, a spoon stirring the large cooking pot by magic, a knife preparing a salad on the chopping board. Her use of wandless magic was even far more impressive today than usual. As he looked around finding her entering the room from the dining room.

“Oh hello Stranger” she said with one of her glorious smiles, “I didn’t hear you come home.”

Moving over as he placed one hand on her waist as he brought her closer to him, “I did call out, but it is only Scorp who listens out for me I fear.”

“You cook dinner and keep an eye on two little monsters and see how much you tune out” she smirked as she pecked his lips. A smell coming from her of flowers and freshness.

Draco dared not ask what his son had gotten up to but curiosity urged him to ask, “why has a particular monster got what can only be described as a graffiti sleeve that he seems particularly distressed about.”

That’s when Draco noticed the wicked smile on his wife’s face, in these moments he questions whether the sorting hat chose correctly as he was sure she was a Slytherin.

“Well, you know how he has this wonder to climb bookcases, trees, fences?” That he did, nodding knowing better than to interrupt her. “Well I caught him again mid fall from the one in the lounge. I usually as you know, heal his bruises and then ensure his bones aren’t broken. I mean in the last four weeks he’s broke his arm twice. Twice!

“What did you do?” Not really wishing to know any more if her devious face was anything to go by.

“Draco, he’s not learning. So I took him to a muggle hospital -” his hand going up to rub his face as his wife turned to check the bubbling pot. “- he’s in a cast for four weeks and then he will have it removed.”

“For merlins sake..”

“You can ‘merlins sake’ me when you stay home with him and get him to listen. I know, I know, he’s a five he’s meant to be mischievous. But Draco he’s turning into a devious little bugger and I do not want what Harry and Ginny have with James and Al” she said as she shut the fridge. She had him there. “I already caught him making your ‘little not-so-angelic angel’ enter your office. Plus it doesn’t harm him, if anything it keeps him from climbing so it’s doing a better job that we’re doing.”

“Well if it’s any conciliation, I think you’re winning, he has the most miserable face —”

“— Good” she said as she swished her wand as four plates appeared before her. He looked at her hoping for her to waver, but who was he kidding. She was more stubborn than his mother. “Don’t give me that look Draco, if he climbs one more thing and falls onto the coffee table, the floor without a protection charm he’ll be dead. He can be miserable, if it keeps him alive.”

“You’re not going to budge are you?”

“Not in this lifetime” she snarled. “So stand with me, or against me like usual. But I warn you, if you take him to St Mungo’s you’ll feel my wrath. I am not being the bad guy by myself.”

“So you’re going to withhold sex from me?”

“Oh no” she smirked. “Why would I cut my own nose of to spite my face?”

“What?” He said with confusion.

Another devious smirk appeared, “IF you take him I will go on strike and you can look after them. I’ll go to work full time, see how you like running after your prodigy quidditch player and your little angel.. Trust me, the children you see at night when you come home change in the day, it’s something in the air I swear on it.” Moving past him as she took the plates into the dining room. “So.. Make your move Ferret the Quaffle is in your hands..”

5sos Preference 30: You're Sore


“What is (Y/N) doing?” you heard Calum ask Ashton in a hushed voice. You continued whimpering as you slowly, very slowly, lifted your arms in an attempt to get the Nutella from the cabinet.

“I’m not sure, actually.” Ashton whispered back, and you dropped your arms limply to your sides with a sigh.

“I’m sore.” You pouted, flopping down onto a stool and looking up at your boyfriend with your bottom lip jutting out. “My arms hurt so bad, Ash." 

"Why do your arms hurt, (Y/N)?” Calum asked, a small smirk on his face as he obviously thought some perverted thought.

“Ashton tried to give me drumming lessons… It’s so hard…”


“Get me some ice!” You moaned loudly, laying on the couch with great difficulty. Your legs and back were screaming in pain as you flopped down, the muscles and tendons pulling tightly and causing you great discomfort.

“What’s wrong with her?” Luke asked Calum, curious as always. You only grunted, growing impatient as Calum took too long to get the ice.

“She’s sore.” Calum called back, smirking as he shuffled into the room with a bag of ice and two ice-packs. He placed them on your thighs and your back, making you sigh with relief.

“Why? You guys have a wild night?” Michael asked with a cheeky grin.

“No, I kicked her ass in football.” Calum stated proudly, only laughing when you stuck your tongue out at him childishly.


“Why are you carrying (Y/N)?” Michael asked as Luke shuffled into his house with you on his back. You whimpered as his grip shifted on your thighs, but you kept your face void of expression.

“She can’t really walk right now.” He mumbled, fiddling with his lip ring as he placed you on the couch before sitting beside you and placing his hand on his leg. You bit your tongue to keep from crying out in pain. “She’s sore.”

“Did you over-do it at the gym or something, (Y/N)?” Ashton asked you, his normal innocence showing through. 

“Something like that…” You mumbled, making Luke’s cheeks flush deeply. Michael, Calum, and Ashton all burst into laughter suddenly and you knew they’d figured it out.

“Holy shit, Luke! I didn’t know you had it in you!” Michael shouted, clapping a hand on both of your backs. He only laughed harder when you grunted in pain.


“Why did you try to lift that much, (Y/N)?” Michael sighed, gently laying you on your bed. You whimpered, the pain in your muscles flaring up from the movement. “You knew you couldn’t do it.”

“I need to push myself, Mikey.” You replied, closing your eyes tightly and wishing you could just go to sleep. “I didn’t think it’d hurt that bad.” You sighed yourself, remembering the extreme pain you’d felt as you’d pulled your muscles while lifting too much weight.

“You need to slow down, (Y/N). You’re just going to hurt yourself more if you push too hard.” He told you, laying down beside you and cuddling close to your side. “Don’t scare me like that again.” He mumbled, his breath fanning over your neck which helped you to relax a little..

Minions (2015) Movie Review

Love them or hate them, there is little doubt that 2015 is the Year of the Minion. The unexpected stars of the Despicable Me series have become so popular that they’ve earned their own movie and the internet has been going crazy ever since. The loveable yellow goofballs may have taken over the internet but memes aside, is the movie any good?

For those who don’t know, the Minions are small yellow creatures who live only to serve history’s most despicable masters. This is shown in the movie’s hilarious opening monologue which shows the Minions ineptly serving histories greatest monsters. The Hitler/Nazi Germany scenes in the opening were a particular comedy highlight.

The Minions talk almost entirely in gibberish, with occasional English words such as ‘banana’ thrown in but despite this, each one has their own bubbly personality! The exception to this rule is new Minion “Screechy” who is mostly silent except for the occasional horribly loud screeching sound and awful cry of pain. Bound to be a new fan favourite.

The movie shows the yellow mischief makers stealing the Crown Jewels from Queen Elizabeth II for their master Scarlet Overkill. The Minions manage to escape from police by using a experimental shrink/growth ray which can change the size of anything. In one scene highlight, the shrink ray malfunctions and accidentally sends one of the Minions to actual Hell where he is subject to vile tortures for all of eternity (or in the movie’s case, 10 minutes of screen time). The amount of kids (and some adults) crying during these gruesome torture scenes shows the Minions movie is more than just a goofball comedy, it’s also capable of drawing out emotions.

As fun as this movie was to watch, there were perhaps a bit of room to trim the fat, the Minon sex scene was over-long and far, far too detailed, Scarlet Overkill long nihilistic monologue about the pointless of life was a little dry for my tastes (but her suicide scene was excellently handled) and at times Screechy’s trademark screech was so loud it caused great discomfort to the audience and slight bleeding of the ears.

But asides from a few hiccups, the Minion movie is a great comedy and a lot of fun for the whole family. It has charm and humour topped off excellent soundtrack (comprised mostly of loud static and animal noises). If you’re in the mood for a fun family flick you could do worse than go see Minions.