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how do you choose colors?

weep i assume you’re referring to how i choose colours for pixel art???

im not really good at explaining things so here goes, first you gotta decide what type of feel??? you want like what your main colours r gonna b

External image

1. i pick the darkest colour and one midtone (like a middle colour that’s going to be used a lot, mostly to anti-alias the darker colours)

2. i pick a colour inbetween the first two colours to make it look a little less harsh??

3. um i just add another midtone because i didnt want a monotone image, like i literally said oh hey i want a green scarf, picks green???

4. um i didnt want it to be completely monotone-ish so i play it up with picking a warm colour, oh and i added a darker green because i felt like it needed more colours the pink looked a little too harsh again so i wanted a inbetween colour, i went with a lighter pink cos yeah logical choise right!! its inbetween pink and white!

6. i didnt really like going straight from blue to pink so i changed the light pink to yellow instead (its kinda inbetween blue and pink hue-wise or really between pink and green, u feel me???)

anyway because i probably make zero sense here is a sequence, that i just realised is 1 step late ughhh im hopeless help