Online wholesale shopping

I’m really fond of liking asian fashion rtw across facebooks. Some of my favorite are Closet Goddess and Style Hub. Yet i really feel guilty coz i find it too pricey; The clothe itself plus shipping fee. And looking at the albums makes me wanna reserve everything and buy them haha too spoiled me.. Then there’s this, an asian wholesale fashion based in Hongkong, were they sell clothes at cheap price. And i find the shipping rate a reasonable price. But when i finally made up my mind to shop online and my cart was ready, i was very disappointed as i read reviews about them… I felt sad about it seriously. Then i search for similar to them, and this yfmart was the first hit! I immediately browse their products, and adding to cart for me became an easy choice! Haha So shopaholic of me. I never knew that my total amount reached 71$ so i have to remove some coz my budget was really up to 50$ only. Plus shipping fee around 25$. Not bad for 8 items, to think that i order pants and wool dress. Suddenly, my hesitant to checkout my order since i am married now, my hubby should know about this first… I was really nervous to tell him because knowing him that i’ll go shopping? Nah! He easily annoys me! Hahaha After some good conversation and laughing moments, i kid about checking out my cart…. He ask me, how much is the total, how many pcs, when is the eta, and can i see it…. After answering those, voila! He said, “OK”! Hahahaha i was really happy! I felt like i propose a marriage to him and saying yes..!! Hahaha so exaggerating… Well, i’m so so so excited to received my items.. And i know, this will be the start of my Asian wholesale shopping online! ☺