ttonguetied asked:

1) you and the other person who do the ask johndave blog are amazing and adorable and i ove you guys <3 (sorry for not remembering their name :'c) 2) is there any chance you could draw johndave chilling on a boat? :3

Thank you! C: Mer is the Dave to my John <3 And yes I can, but it’s going to take me some time! I have a handful of other requests to get through first, but I’ll get to yours soon enough if you don’t mind waiting a bit!

ttonguetied asked:


Opening Credits: Beat It - FallOutBoy feat. John Mayer
Waking Up: Hide - Red
First Day At School: Untitled - Simple Plan
Falling In Love: Victims of Love - Good Charlotte
Fight Song: For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert
Breaking Up: Because Of You - Jesse McCartney
Life’s OK: Running Away - Three Days Grace
Getting Back Together: Lie To Me (Denial) - Red
Wedding:  Double Rainbow - The Gregory Brothers
Birth of Child: Our Time Now - The Plain White T’s
Final Battle: Grow Up - Simple Plan
Death Scene: Remnants - Disturbed
Funeral Song: American Idiot - Green Day
End Credits: Until You Leave - Permanent ME