causes of nephrotic syndrome

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Nobody is saying that you can't have control over your body. The argument is that a trained professional who has studied various illnesses extensively probably knows better than someone who did a quick google search. Part 1

A lot of illnesses have similar symptoms so to jump to a conclusion like that is probably not a good idea of you want to get the help you actually need. Doctors spend years studying these things and actually know how to tell the difference. Part 2

Hey there, as you may or may not know I have a sister called Charlotte, she is an incredible awesome person who has multiple chronic illnesses

When she first fell ill when she was 14 she went to the doctor multiple times and was told every time she was ‘faking’ and 'just being a teenager’

so she believed them, because we;re taught to trust doctors and kept on struggling, then her face started swelling

so she went to a different doctor, who told she had hayfever and left it at that

it wasn;t until the swelling sprained her ankle and she had to go to A&E that somebody believed her and realised something was wrong

so she was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome, which is generally caused by one of two things, minimal change or FSGS

the doctors didn;t know which one it was, so instead of doing a biopsy, they made a guess and put her on steroids which is used to treat minimal change

she has FSGS, the steroids they put her on caused her adrenal glands to fail and she is now dependent on them

Then there’s me, hi I’m Alice. Since I was young I have struggled with social interaction, speech, routines, noises and change, reading back on my primary school reports is like reading the DSM criteria for ASD

I wasn;t diagnosed for 16 years, my doctors failed to notice anything and eventually other people recommended I go see a psychologist who realised I was Autistic

Since then, I have also been diagnosed with mental illnesses and spent months being bounced around mental health services each time being told 'sorry, we don;t know how to treat Autistic people’

When I finally got a psychiatrist she literally googled stuff in front of me when I asked her questons

So what do these two stories teach us?

Doctors get shit wrong, very wrong, and it has far more dire consequences than when a layperson misdiagnoses

People know when something is wrong, and doctors using their power to gaslight patients causes a lot of harm

Some people need accomodations but because of their gender, race, social class etc will be missed because although they fit the diagnostic criteria people never consider they could be disabled and so they are often left without an official diagnosis

Many doctors admit they literally do not have any idea about certain conditions, including the people they are supposed to treat, if they are getting their info from google how the fuck are they doing anything different to self diagnosers

Doctor’s aren;t shit