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Part(1)I'm not trying to put down ayato (not at all!), but did people really forget the flashback where he kicked hinami(and that was in his best moments, cause he was trying to protect her)? Cause god only knows what happened between them before ayato changed(cause I'm pretty sure ayato wasn't the type to shy away from these things *cough*kaneki*cough*his sister*cough*). It's not the first time ayato casually beat people up. but eventually, and gladly, he learned his lesson and grew up.

Part(2) in my opinion, I think ayahina is supposed to be the early, much more functioning version of touken. It’s supposed to be the kiddy pure pic(but gender swapped), cause they can deal better with their problems despite their own share of flaws.

I get what you mean, but I think there are many things the fandom needs to understand first. Ghouls aren’t human. They have human feelings, human body, but they’re not humans. They’re ghouls. Not every ghoul has the chance to grow up in a human environment like Hinami did, being able to do more human stuff, like reading (many ghouls don’t know how to read, Banjou was one of them), and have a loving family and not having to kill people in order to eat. Many ghouls did have that at first (Touka and Ayato) but it was taken away from them, forcing them to live on the streets, running away from the CCG (and ghouls too), killing others in order to survive, being a ghoul isn’t easy.

Violence is something very present in a ghoul’s lifestyle, some of them will just kick your ass like Ayato and others will torture you until you become mad, something Eto would do quite often. Is that okay? Is that morally correct? Maybe it’s not, but it’s the only way they can survive. The powerful you are, the more respected you will become among ghouls, you will have certain privileges like running a ward or having other ghouls working with/for you, and that can grant you the possibility to exist a while longer. It’s when ghouls have the chance to experience the human life that they change this violent vision they have of how society/the world works, because for the first time they’re having a different perspective, that you can fix things without being violent. All of the members of Anteiku were violent ghouls until Yoshimura rescued them and taught them a different way to deal with life. But the thing is, sometimes it doesn’t work for ghouls. Sometimes it’s a matter of nature. Aogiri was an extremely dangerous place, like a battlefield. You can’t be a softie in war, you can’t just receive a hug from your superior saying that everything is going to be okay if you don’t want to kill someone by an order.

Hinami had to kill someone and she wasn’t feeling ready for that, Tatara was probably going to punish her for disobeying and it wasn’t going to be a nice punishment. Ayato kicking Hinami wasn’t just a way to punish her himself in a soft way so that Tatara wouldn’t have to interfere in the worst way, but it was also trying to make her stronger. You can’t be like Hinami in the ghoul world and expect to survive. You have to go through a lot of shit to become stronger and be able to handle bad situations, sadly, you have to be a tough one. You have to adapt to the circumstances (good or not) in order to survive, especially in war (Aogiri, CCG, it’s all a war). Now, when you are Touka and you’re not fighting for your life while arguing with Kaneki and you smack him just because you’re angry… that’s different, because you can choose to talk instead of using your violence. Ayato didn’t have a choice, sometimes you just don’t have a choice as a ghoul and violence is the only way out. I don’t want to compare ghouls with animals but a ghoul’s lifestyle is basically very similar to how animals have to fight for food, for territory, for their own survival, they don’t talk, if you are getting in my way I’m going to bite you and that’s not my problem. 

Leons sometimes fight with the cubs in a very aggressive way to help them become stronger, so when they grow up they know how to defend themselves from the enemies. It’s not just about overcoming problems, it’s about the context of the scene, you’re not gonna be treated nicely in this world, Eto was a piece of shit with Hinami and at some point I think she was trying to make her stronger, if you’re going to cry for every punch or evil comment against you then you’re not going to survive in this world, especially if you are a ghoul acting like a human, like Hinami did. Like I said, it’s all about the context, and I think Ayato was doing her a huge favor, and he wasn’t kicking her for fun or because he wanted to hurt her, he went to ask her if she was okay after that, and he knew that she understood that it wasn’t intentional, she knew what he was trying to do, that’s why she said that she was weak, that she wanted to become strong… because she knew she wasn’t tough enough for all this. And what did Ayato said in response? did he said “you’re a fucking weak little girl and now I’m gonna beat the shit out of you to teach you how this works” … no, he didn’t. Even knowing Hinami wasn’t the strongest one, being aware of her insecurities… he said “you’re not weak.” Ayato was probably one of the few people inside Aogiri who treated Hinami with kindness despite his aggressive personality, and Hinami could probably still be alive thanks to him. If he interfered with Tatara to help her, I wonder how many more times he interfered to save her ass from crazy people like Eto or Noro. 

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Do you hate the changes the BlazBlue wiki is going through with regards to the name changes? Cause I certainly do. I wanted to look up something on the NOL and I find its now changed for whatever reason to the "World Void Information Controlling Organization".

I fully understand why they’re doing the changes. The localisation has gone massively downhill from CP onwards.

However, I don’t think they fully understand the position they’re in. Whether or not they want to admit it, they’re still the first point of call for the majority of casual players, and they get many more visitors than other BlazBlue sites will. Once they adopt those terms, everyone in the community is going to have to get used to them, all because they decided that these terms were better. 

This makes my job, and the job of others, much more difficult. If I get someone new coming over here after having visited the wiki, we’re going to be using two different sets of terms and that’s not beneficial to either of us.

Not just this, but they’re explicitly going against official terms set down by Arc themselves even in the original Japanese games. Amatsumugi brought this to my attention here: 

Instead of “Magic Element”, it’s directly translated as “Seithr” by Arc Systems Works THEMSELVES. We’ve gone nearly a whole decade with the terms: Seithr, Ars Magus, Nox Nyctores, Dark War, Ikaruga War, Prime Field Device, Azure, Azure Grimoire, Cauldron, and many more that are too numerous to list.

So what, CP and CF got some terms wrong and mixed up, and granted it was bad and unprofessional, that does not grant the wiki the power to enforce their translations over every official translation.

The thing is, the people who visit the wiki are not the people who need these translations. They’re usually casual players or those who are a little into the story - it’s just going to confuse them even more. The people who “need” those translations are already well aware of the differences and don’t necessarily need the wiki.

I understand that some terms need to be translated differently. Observer is used to represent both the Observers and Onlookers (which I understand they translate as Bystander) by localisation.

I think it’s a very bad idea and from what I gather, it has been largely frowned upon by many people in the community.

I’m more than sure there are other negatives, but it’s late and I can’t be asked to list them all. This may gain the ire of the people running it, but I’m allowed to list my opinions.

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ElGang's reaction to Apostasia

Elsword is shocked and surprised to find Ain like this. He throught it looked cool when Ain showed himself to the Elgang. But the boy wonders what had actually happened to Ain when he accepted Henir as his life source. He is sorry, too, that Ishmael abandoned him, and steps up to give Ain a long hug. 

Aisha is speechless as she stares at Ain’s changed form. What caused him to change? She tries to examine the corruption by going close to Ain, but she steps back when finds the point of his scythe near her throat. 

Rena tries to heal Ain with Airelinna, but is quietly rejected by Ain. She thought it would heal the corruption on his body, and it did no such thing. It only brought Ain more pain. She could only stay by his side and cry over how much he fallen. 

Raven first tried to attack Ain when he shows himself radiating with Henir’s Aura. He thought that Ain was sent by Henir to kill the Elgang from where they stand. It takes Elsword a while to convince Raven that Ain was not there to fight anyone, but just to show how he changed. Raven later apologizes to the silent Ain but wonders how he had fallen in the first place. 

Eve stares at Ain with an cold gaze and she orders Moby and Remy to do body scans of Ain and his corruption. When the screens flash red with errors, Eve knows that there is nothing that can help Ain anymore.

Chung becomes surprised and shocked, just like Elsword. He ask Ain many times of how he changed and what caused him to change. When Ain doesn’t reply, Chung tries to grab his arms, but Ain apparates away from him, fearing that it might stain the Guardian’s armor.

Ara is terrified. How can someone so pure become corrupted like this? She was afraid that Ain might become what her brother turned into, but when Ain quietly tells her that it is him, she sighs in immense relief.

Elesis doesn’t believe what she is seeing. Ain becoming one with Henir and she becoming the next Lady of El. She can feel him glare at her with the utmost hatred since she stands with Ishmael and he stands with Henir. There is nothing that she can do since they now stand as enemies.

Add really doesn’t give a fuck of how Ain changed. But he is interested about the corruption that spreads throughout Ain’s body.

Lu wouldn’t give a care in the world. She remembers how Ain made her confused and angry as he curses about her status as a demon. So what he becomes one with Henir? He can go and suffer!

Ciel is the opposite of Lu. He ask Ain if he is ok with this kind of a change and comforts him the best he can. He often bakes cookies for Ain to eat when in the midst of comforting the Celestial. 

Rose never seen Ain in her life before, but when she notices an evil aura radiating from Ain, she tries to snipe him down. It never works and Rose continues on with her mission. As long as Ain does not interfere with what she is doing, than Rose is fine. 

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Your gifs are always so perfect and I was wondering if you could tell what contrast settings do you use?

Awww thank you so much :*

I don’t use brightness/contrast to build contrast (tho I do use brightness to lighten up the gif!), I use exposure!

I can’t give you the exact settings I use cause I change them with every scene and what works for one won’t work for another (usually depending on how light/dark the scene is to begin with, you’re gonna need to up these numbers)

What you wanna change are the exposure arrow, moving it towards the right to add light and brightness (I usually stay between 0,33 to 1,50, but it really depends on the scene)

and by moving the gamma correction arrow towards the right, you add contrast! I usually stay around 0,97 or 0,85, depending on how bright the scene is (you can go below these numbers if your scene is too bright!)

Little trick here, if you’re scene is way too dark, you can brighten it up without adding pixels by upping the gamma correction (so moving the arrow to the left!)

Hope this helps :D

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I guess you're the best person to ask since you studied chemistry, but do you think it's wrong for someone to accept climate change as fact, while questioning to what extent humans have influenced it? I definitely accept it, and that humans have played a part, but I question just how much influence was our fault and I feel like people label me as a denier for that.

It’s definitely not wrong to question the extent that humans have contributed to it. There is overwhelming evidence pointing to both the human contributions and natural causes of climate change. In order to solve the problem, society needs to take an objective view of the issue, and stop letting Huffington Post try and explain scientific data to a general audience.


Outerswap bros!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

I did this design awhile ago and decided to change/add some things and t be honest they could always change again. For example I inverted OS!Pap’s hoodie colors from original OT!Sans colors and gave him one stripe (whereas I gave OF!Sans 3 stripes and OT!Sans has 2).. But kept the pants relatively the same except darker. Some fluffy booties!!! HE IS SO FLUFFY MUCH FLUFF!!!
I like the thought of the scarf drapes being really long and dragging on the floor as OS!Sans walks.

Please imagine: OS!Pap lazily walking but then proceeds to trip and fall over from his untied boot tassels. Also sparkly space smokes.


here you go anon! thank you for your kind words, ily ♥~ i feel like each MC has a different dynamic with each mysmes boy man?

personally i ship MC1 with Jumin because that means FLUFFY JUMIN and i live for that shit


RWBY x PASWG Part II! Made in a rush but I liked how these turned out ( ◎▽◎)

Back in Uni..