#FitPic Time! It’s been a day “off” of fitness besides my client session this morning, painting, music, finding creative balance…but now I’m back! Headed to “work” aka. The Gym and feeling tired, but gonna hit it regardless of “not feeling like it.” I got sleep, and even got a cat nap in. #noexcuses! The rainy weather not only makes you want to cuddle, it will trick you out of your winter fitness goals. No way my friends. This is when we make it count for the months ahead. These months of training are going to pay off when summer rolls around. I may see small results now, but the real transformation happens slowly. If you don’t put the work in now, you’ll never get to your goals. “Little by little, a little becomes a LOT!” Now get to the gym! Your coach will still be there when you get back. I promise. See you there! ;) #causefitness

I eat #pancakes all the time! 😍
▶️1/2 c gluten-free Old Fash­ioned Oats (nor­mally, oats are gluten free, but be sure to check)
▶️5–6 egg whites
▶️1/2 large banana
▶️1 tsp pure vanilla extract
▶️1–2 tsp bak­ing powder
Find recipe at:❤️
Happy Saturday! #fitfam #healthyrecipe #cleaneating #CauseFitness #turkeybacon

10 Clean Brown-bag Lunches

10 Clean Brown-bag Lunches

10 Clean Eating Brown-bag Lunches

Man, you really can’t trust the media’s advice at first glance!

I was just reading an article on “healthy brown-bag lunch options” I found published online by a very well known, mass marketed health and lifestyle magazine (I know you’ve heard of it but I won’t mention the name). I read it because I was interested, and hopeful that they were sharing clean,…

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Going from running to weight lifting was a #GameChanger for me. Lifting made me feel so strong! Not just strong on the outside, but strong and confident inside-out! Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to sharing my knowledge and empowering others. I want them to know they have that confidence, strength and power inside them too. Thanks to @DegreeWomen for collaborating and asking me to share! #CauseFitness

Finally! A magic-pill for #weightloss!!! Just take 1-2 daily with 3-4L fresh water, a MULTI vitamin and eat a clean, #realfood diet with lean protein in every meal. HEY! NO one said it would be easy. But I can promise you it’s worth it. #causefitness

“‘Champion’ isn’t a destination. It’s a step. It’s a step that can be reached at the end of every single day—every day that you make up your mind that you re gonna give your best; that you won’t succumb to laziness and lethargy. Yea, champions rest too, and they rest hard, but they earn it. Let’s be champions today. Let’s #CauseFitness.©”-🍞 #RachelElizabethMurray

"Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more…" #Lombardi

I just got out of an AMAZING audition for a show that was one of the main reasons I moved to LA, to find an email about a call back for a national commercial. I may not book either of them, but the fact that I got the opportunity speaks volumes. To me, today is a win. I started this passionate pursuit of fitness and entertainment (modeling/acting) in 2007. My path has zigzagged a bit the the purpose was always the same. I’m not afraid of rejection or failure because I know the real wins are in the journey when you go longer, work harder, and give more, and stay grateful for where you are and what you have RIGHT NOW. That is truly a gift. #GodisFaithful #causefitness #causegratitude

Nana's Chicken

Nana’s Chicken

You’re in for a treat.

Not only is this recipe for Nana’s Chicken easy, healthy and delicious, but it’s also a childhood memory, sentimental, and a family favorite. I actually asked my Mama’s permission to share it with you, because it’s her mama’s (my Nana’s) recipe.

If you want a go-to recipe for flavorful chicken that will serve a family quickly (and happily) or you want to make a whole bunch…

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Love the pump I get after my upper body workout! Did circuits today to glycogen deplete for a booking tomorrow. Those high reps get the blood flowing!😍 Ps. Post lift is the only time I look this jacked, so of course I had to document. 😏😜😁 What did you lift today?? #rachelelizabeth #causefitness #datpump #swoldier

In celebration of all you hard workers out there, happy #LaborDay weekend!

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"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see." (Hebrews 1:1) Have faith! Leap and the net will appear. Don’t worry away your life in inactivity and wonder ‘what if’. Nothing is impossible. Make it happen and then you’ll know how it feels to fly! #motivationmonday #monday #motivation #causefitness #skydiving


Love this different sort of pre-workout meal: spinach/asparagus sautéed with coconut oil, half an avocado, and 5 egg whites cooked like a crepe with cinnamon and stevia, then rolled….and black @toms roasting co. brew… ☕️❤️

More quick meal ideas like this at
‼️‼️where we’re about getting fit to give back. Cause Fitness is Fitness for Effect!™ #causefitness

I woke up SO excited: today is #1weekout! #7daysout from my next #npcbikini show and I am SO ready to rock! God has blessed me far more than I can express in health and strength and conditioning and strong through my workouts even while I was sick…I can’t wait to shine on that stage for HIM! For HIS glory! I feel SO good! Hungry but not starving; tired, but I can do this! I love my suit, my “trouble spots” are ON-POINT, and my coach is amazing! Love you @jasonphillipsfitness! Thank you for all your encouragement and support! Thanks for posing coaching @diannadahlgren! One week left! Lets DO THIS! Thanks for all the love: @amandajarstad @derekjameson @spreebee @ig_fitness_freaks @girlswithmuscle @brockohurn @natediesel35 @zachdeal (FOLLOW THESE AMAZING PEOPLE/ACCOUNTS FOR INSANE MOTIVATION!) they know how to support your dreams, encourage you, and #causefitness! 💢BOOM💢